Wow! I haven’t blogged since June! Life sure has changed since then!

I was just going to say a quick blurp but instead I think I’ll actually blog (I have like 20minutes before I want to attempt going to ‘bed’…more on that later).

My energy truely has returned! Praise the Lord! So much so I decided to do a fall cleaning of our house. I haven’t done a ‘true’ fall (or spring) cleaning in…well…. since the first cleaning when we moved in! Sure I’ve cleaned everything overtime but never a ‘lets do this’ cleaning where you do it all quickly and get it done…. well that was the plan anyway! I started in October, I had two weeks left before November and wanted to get the fall cleaning done before the new month….. I’m now trying to finish it this week (so it’s done before December). I only have half the Kitchen and the master bedroom left…can I do it? I hope so, although delay after delay keep coming up. And it’s not that I don’t have the energy to do the cleaning, I just don’t have the time!

I am homeschooling Joy (Grade 1) and Olivia (Pre-K). Olivia begs to do school work, Joy begs NOT to do it! They are both doing great though and we are looking to change up a few things to make it more fun etc, so over the month of December we will be taking a bit of a break to re-vamp things. To do all their school work, with all their fightings and distractions it takes us between 2-3 hours (we do 45min work, 15min break, repeat). So we are done by lunch time, sometimes (as we are slow in the morning) we eat lunch at 1pm.

Then there is the basic upkeep of a house hold. As well as squeezing in the fall cleaning, crafts and outdoor time (what is that?! I’m so bad at not getting them out!).

By the time I’m done the house chores it’s time to make dinner and Orlund is home. After dinner is cleaned up we have family time, bath time, or just play time. Often times I try and fit in MY crafts in this time when the kids are more than happy to play on their own. (you know crocheting, sewing, cross stitching, etc etc).

Before we know it it’s time for the kids bedtime routine and they are down at 7pm. Then it’s Orlund and my time to do OUR school work! Yup, Orlund and I are taking online courses. (different courses). I’ve decided I’d like to be a ‘Medical Laboratory Assistant’ (as my friend calls them ‘lab ladies’, we collect samples etc). There are 4 courses in the program, plus a 4 day work shop (hands on training) then a 6wk full time (unpaid) practicum. I’ve been given a promise of a practicum placement at the hospital. I want to work at the hospital ~ I know I’m crazy πŸ˜‰

After we do an hour to two of our school work we watch a tv show to unwind before bed.

Yup. busy.

Saturday night we went out for dinner with my dad. It was so good to see him, although we only live 45min away (and he’s in town every week day) we hardly see him. He does swing by and see the girls in their gymnastics class as it’s at the University (where he teaches), but that’s just a quick “hello” on his lunch break. So we had a dinner out with him, and planned to have him over Tuesday for his Birthday dinner (that’s tonight, his Bday is tomorrow). But Saturday night………….”Mommy! I threw up!” Joy calls…. she was sick until we went to bed at 11pm, and then it was still a restless night. She kept getting better. Last night, 2am “Mommy!! Olivia’s throwing up!” Joy calls, I answer “give her your bucket!!!”. Too late.. change of bedding….She was up every 45min or so…. I couldn’t sleep in between either. Long night.

Tonight…. Tonight I sleep on Jacob’s floor. Orlund came home from work sick, and he did get sick too. Olivia and Daddy are sharing our bed. I don’t want their germs. I changed Olivia’s bedding, but I still don’t want to sleep in their room, I haven’t fully disinfected it yet. Joy’s sleeping in there, she’s already had it and is back to normal. I’m not sleeping in the living room, too bright/cold. I’m not sleeping with the sicko’s, nope. Jacob and I are the only ones showing NO signs… Please pray we don’t get it. We are sticking together…. maybe him eating his boogers has protected him? I’m not going to start!

Pray for a good night, Pray for health. Much love!

ps~ sorry for any bad spelling, or grammar. I’m always bad, but I’m on Orlund’s comp and he has spell check off! (my computer is in the shop, for the 3rd time!).

June 17th… in remembrance

Today is June 17th. Today I can’t help but looking back at what has transgressed in one full year.

June 17th my Mom came over to help me and my best friend Ashley came for a visit. Ashley was the one that got me to first go see the Dr, and her visits were wonderful in keeping me going. I remember sitting on the couch nursing Jacob. Ashley was next to me and Mom was in the Kitchen. I needed to be sick. I wanted to finish nursing first. Little did I know that would be my last time nursing my baby boy, my last time nursing any baby. I ran to the washroom and lost the contents of my stomach. Really the contents of my small intestine. Gross. I knew then and there I could no longer do this. I could no longer pick myself off the floor and pretend I was just a little sick. I needed help, my body wasn’t my own. The pain consumed me, the medications only took the edge off. My pain tolerance is very high, but this, this was beyond pain. I called for my mom. I need to get help, call 911. It blurs. I remember anytime I moved I would vomit. The paramedics carried me down the stairs. Even though I knew I needed this, the pain of knowing that my kids were scared washed over me. Here was their mommy being carried out of the house and was too sick to move without vomiting. I found relief in believing I’d be home soon, they would forget all about this, and they were in very safe hands. I remember thinking they should put the sirens on in the ambulance, and knowing that my mom was following behind. We arrived at the hospital. One of the paramedics asked me if I thought I could walk a few steps. If I was able to get off the stretcher and walk the few steps to the chair in the waiting room I could go through streaming, meaning the wait would be much less. I sat up and heaved into the bucket I hugged close. I swung my feet over the edge and again was sick. The nurse noticed at this point and yelled at us all that I was to sick to be in streaming and to stay on the stretcher. Once settled back in I felt a bit better knowing I was going to get help. Orlund had arrived about the time that the ambulance had so I was content having him and my mom with me. Anyone that asked any question my mom would drill into them that they’d better ‘fix’ me, I wasn’t going to go home until I was fixed. We later found out that there is a ‘saying’ in emergency ‘if mom say’s something is wrong, something is wrong’. I was finally admitted.

We all figured this would be a quick fix. Now that I was at the hospital under surveillance, with proper medication and all the tests readily available I would be home soon.
I’m not going to say everything that happened. However I was discharged from the hospital August 24, 2013. I stayed in the hospital for a total of 68 days. That is not including all the time I spent there before being admitted, Chemo day’s, follow up tests or my re-attachment surgery. I still have many tests and visits to the hospital I will be making but hopefully never in this kind of pain. I’m now going to include a transcript that one of my Dr’s wrote close to my admittance ~

This 29-year-old woman, mother of three was seen for assessment of abdominal pain possibly due to a small bowel obstruction.
Jennifer was a somewhat vague historian. Essentially she describes a two month history of abdominal pain which has been exacerbated since late May, 2013. It appears to be primarily central which will radiate into both flanks. It is aggravated by eating, changes in position and just about anything. In the last week it has been associated with nausea and vomiting and she has virtually stopped eating. Her stools have a slight tendency to be loose and she has noted a paucity of bowel movements and flatus in the last five days. Over the last three weeks Jennifer has undergone a number of investigations including
1. A CT scan of the abdomen May 30,2013 – small amount of free fluid nil else.
2. Ultrasound of pelvis, June 4,2013 negative.
3. Ultrasound upper abdomen June 6, 2013. The gallbladder and bile ducts were normal, multiple loops of peristalsing bowel.
4. HIDA scan June 13,2013; gallbladder promptly fills but does not respond to CCK stimulation, 29% ejection.
5. MRCP June 21, 2013; no evidence of biliary pathology, small amount of free fluid and pleural fluid; multiple dilated loops of small bowel, query small bowel obstruction versus ileus.
Jennifer has had no previous abdominal surgery.
Physical examination~
Pale young woman who is lying on her side with a bucket close to her mouth. She stated that she had been vomiting earlier and is quite intolerant to taking anything by mouth. She has been requiring large doses of narcotics to mange the pain. On examination the abdomen is protuberant. There are no scars. Bowel sounds are hyperactive. Soft to percussion and palpation. There is some tenderness which is maximum in the upper abdomen. There is no associated significant guarding or peritoneal irritation. No masses are palpable.
This 29 year old woman presents with a 4 week history of abdominal pain which was exacerbated over the last 5 days. An MRCP performed earlier today was suggestive of a small bowel obstruction versus an ileus. CT scan of the abdomen performed May 30 was entirely negative. As there may be some progression of her illness I do think it would be prudent to repeat the CT scan of the abdomen.

Although I was in the battle of my life I was unaware of just how serious it was. I still want to write a book about my story, I don’t know where to start, and it pulls me down into this dark place. One I don’t like. I take it slow. I’m starting to think it’s time I visit that place just once in a while before I let it slip completely from memory. Thank you Jesus for deciding I needed to stick it out on earth for a bit longer.

The truth about homeschooling…

I’m just a regular 30 year old mother of 3. Nothing makes me stand above the rest or special (other than being God’s daughter, but you get the point). I like to dress up and do my nails. Being able to do my make up is special and something I do on special occasions, and yes Church is a special occasion.
I was never very good in school, averaging C+’s through most my high school years. So why would I want to home school my kids?

When Orlund and I first got married we discussed casually about what kind of schooling we would like our kids to do. He started school at the ‘church school’. It was a classroom setting however basically a home school idea, then after a number of years the church decided to close the school and he finished school in the Christian school. I always attended public school. I didn’t want my kids in the Christian school. He didn’t want them in public school, he then suggested that perhaps we could home school them…..HOME SCHOOL? Like I have to TEACH them? This idea was so foreign to me, weren’t home schooled kids weird? I don’t want weird kids (weirder than they will already be from being MY offspring that is). I completely dismissed the idea.

Fast forward to expecting Joy. I made a new friend, Rosanne, she was home schooled and not weird. That helped me believe not all home schooled kids are weird. But still that’s a LOT of responsibility on ME, especially since I wasn’t good in school. Orlund made it sound so easy “just read ahead of them, you can do it”… I started to open up to the idea, but it was still very frightening to me. However we had attended some small groups via our Church and I started to realize that a lot of what public schools teach kids is NOT ok with me. So I agreed the kids could go to the Christian school. Problem? It’s a private school so costs a lot of money.

Joy was 4years old. Preschool age. NO WAY was I going to put her IN a preschool. That was never a question, however I realized that I needed to start making decisions about what exactly we wanted to DO for her schooling. I set up at time to go and visit a (homeschooling) mom from our Church whose kids are all in the upper elementary grades and high school. That meeting completely opened my eyes! I found out that there are actually SET UP curriculum’s so that you don’t have to ‘wing’ it, unless you want to. You can ‘enroll’ under a school which provides you with funding and a ‘teacher’ who you email weekly and they come to your house meet with your child, write report cards etc. You can ask them questions, find resources, and all that wonderful jazz! There was someone to make sure we were on track and it wouldn’t ALL be up to me (or at least I wont find out later I screwed her up for life!).

Now we’d decided to home school. Originally back when I was a doubter my mom was too. she was very much against it at the time. However her life changed drastically since then (moving to Thailand and whatnot). I ordered Preschool for Joy in January of her preschool year, then found out mom was going to home school her kids and use the same curriculum as I! (and I didn’t suggest it to her, another missionary did!). It was fun for us to learn about it together. Now she was on board but that doesn’t mean everyone is.

It’s really no bodies business how we choose to raise our children or the decisions we make for them. However that doesn’t stop people from asking or voicing their opinions. My brother for one is completely against us homeschooling. And he voiced it very clearly to me one night when he took me out for a special ‘date’. I was crushed that he thought (or thinks) I’m doing something wrong for my children, however he’s not going to pursued me otherwise. He doesn’t have children, he doesn’t have the beliefs I have, and he doesn’t honestly know anything about homeschooling. He’s one of the people who think my kids wont be socialized. Socializing is dependent on the child (extrovert or introvert), on the way the parents raise said child and other factors. It has NOTHING to do with weather they attend school with other kids or not, or get to go on field trips with other kids (we do cool stuff with the homeschooling group!).Β  There are many p0eople who don’t agree with home schooling, but those are usually the people who are ignorant to what homeschooling is actually like and about.

We decided to home school all of our children until Jacob is starting Grade 1. I know I’d love to home school them right through, however financially isn’t possible. So I’ll take all I can. This year Joy was in Kindergarten. I went through Chemo treatments/surgery and numerous dr’s apts. She will be finishing the Kindergarten curriculum in the middle of July. Which is fine be me as then we will continue learning through the summer. I was able to do school throughout it all! How wonderful!

Want to know what our day is like?
8am-9am breakfast/chores
9am -11:30am School (break down after this)
11:30-noon make lunch
noon – 1pm eat lunch/clean up
1-2pm free play
2pm Jacob nap, girls play (mommy chores etc)
4pm Jacob up, kids play, mommy makes dinner
blah blah blah evening

School ~ go downstairs, if beautiful out set up table outside in backyard. (this order changes~) Read read-a-loud stories. Read, answer questions science (do experiments). Math, play with blocks and write in math book (she’s good at math!). Writing; she practices writing. we work on phonics and she reads some simple sentences/words to me. PE; we go and play outside (different games etc). We do crafts and games when we feel like it. Teach them new life skills.
I said we spend from 9am-11:30am doing school. In fact other than the extra’s (experiments, games, PE stuff) school will usually take 30min-1hour. The rest is just play time.

Homeschooling is a challenge. Some days I just want to pull my hair out and scream! (sometimes I do!). Then some days you are just bursting at the seams with pride! You get so excited at some new accomplishment they just achieved. I wont lie, it can be very difficult some days. Other days it feels like you could go on forever. I enjoy this challenge, and I truly LOVE teaching my kids. Homeschooling isn’t for everyone, I believe all children could be home schooled, but it isn’t always the right ‘cup of tea’ for some people. I respect that. I respect that you send your child to the Christian school, or the public school. Just please respect my decision as well. I guess I get tired of hearing bashing on facebook all the time, and usually it’s about stuff that isn’t anyone else’s business ~ is your son circumcised or not. Do you spank your children or not. It’s honestly no one else’s business!

Spring time!

Sorry I’m so incredibly behind on blogging…. to you very few people who read this…. Is that crickets I hear?

Chemo finished the last week of February. So incredibly thankful for that to be OVER! Since then I had some CT scan’s and blood tests etc. They were worried as some of my blood tests came back showing high liver counts (if colon cancer is to return it often shows up in the Liver or Lungs ~ and yes it’s still called Colon cancer!). However after the CT and Xray they deemed it a side effect of Chemo.

My mom returned from Thailand to help me out during my last treatment, sure is nice having her home!

My re-attachment surgery was April 1st. That’s right! My intestines are now reattached and I no longer have a baggy!! Woop woop!! I also asked them to ‘fix’ up my scar as it was very large, so they made it smaller and in doing so they also fixed my stomach muscles as they had gotten stretched out when I bloatedΒ  (first sick). So now they are back to being straight and I’ll be able to tone them unlike before. So it was almost like a little tummy tuck! Gotta love that!

Since Chemo and Surgery life has been slowly returning to normal. My fingers and feet are still numb, but I’m getting more and more feeling everyday. I tried doing an exercise program, I did day one and now one week later I’m still sore πŸ™ guess I should listen to the Dr and start off with walking! lol.

My mom and I went to Kelowna to the homeschooling conference, wow! learned so much and it got me so excited for homeschooling! It made it not feel like a chore, but as something to look forward to and enjoy πŸ™‚ always nice to have the flame of passion reignited! Since then Mom and I have cleaned up the disastrous toy room, and converted it into the ‘school’ room. moved all the books down there and set it up so that I’m able to teach more easily. and since it still houses many toys the littles play around us happily.

Next on the list? sew seat covers for my dining room chairs ~ doing that tomorrow. I almost had my entire office cleaned out, however with the arrival of Joy’s 6th Birthday party it got overloaded with the ‘still sorting’ stuff. Mom heads home on Sunday so I’ll be going the office alone. But if she can help me sew then I’ll be good to go πŸ™‚

Since my last post we’ve had all 3 kids birthday parties. Jacob’s was monster truck theme, Olivia’s was Periwinkle theme and Joy’s was supposed to be Dora, but got converted to Candy Land/fun colours. We had planned Joy’s to be outside, however the weather decided to not co-operate. Oh well!

I cannot believe it is May already…. It’s almost been 1 full year since I first realized I was sick. I find myself thinking about that time a lot right now, how we thought there was just something simple wrong and it’d be an easy fix. When really we had no idea what kind of curve ball we were getting thrown. So thankful that God knew and was prepared, He’s never caught off guard!

I’m going to try and blog once a week…..wish me luck! LOL. And I’ll be sure to post more pictures as we go πŸ™‚


Today I had treatment #10! I almost didn’t have it due to my blood being low, but Praise God, it came up in time to receive treatment. I was delayed last treatment, by almost a week. I now have to take injections of some miracle drug that makes my blood produce more to bring up my blood counts. VERY expensive meds! But I feel wonderful! Even though my blood was down yesterday I’ve really noticed a change. I hadn’t realized just how sluggish I’d gotten. I was wondering why I couldn’t get going, or get off the couch! Now I know, low blood.

Homeschooling is going great! I took the week off over Christmas and it set us behind a bit, but we are getting back into the swing of things. Before I had Chemo on Wednesday’s so would cram all of Joy’s schooling for that week into 2 days, but now Chemo is on Tuesdays so I do half the work on Monday and I’ll space it out through the week (more like Thursday/Friday), which is nice for her and me. She also had read 2 words all on her own (sounding out etc), bat and cat. Joy is so excited that she’s learning to read. She knows her letters and their sounds, just has a hard time figuring out what the sounds are saying.

I’m going to be doing a blog post of photo’s. I was looking through our cell phone at all the photo’s we have from this past year. It’s going to be a post letting the photo’s tell the story of our summer. Just gotta get Orlund to make something to display them easier (there are a lot).

We are also in the Birthday season! Already had Hazel and Orlund’s birthday’s. February luckily is the slower month (since I still have Chemo) with just Hugh’s birthday. The girls have already placed their ‘orders’ for birthday cakes and themes. Jacob is having a monster truck theme (girls picked) his Birthday along with cousin Ava’s is in March. April is a bunch of friends birthday’s along with Olivia’s (and my 30th), Olivia wants a Periwinkle birthday theme (Joy had that last year) so I have lots of decorations already organized and I bought a bunch over Christmas (snow theme basically), she also want’s a surprise cake, but I’m listening to everything she’s said. she wants Periwinkle on it, along with a rainbow and hearts, and sparkles… I’m going to have to get creative! May brings Joy’s birthday and Virden’s. Joy wants a Dora theme……. I don’t know where she came up with that as they don’t watch Dora… But I’ll have fun with that, I’ll have a pinata that Swipper swipes and they will have to follow the Maps directions, going down the street, playing hop scotch and a few other things then coming back to find the pinata in the back yard. I think it’ll be loads of fun for a 6year olds birthday. Oh and her cake? Not Dora, nope she wants it to look like the Candy Land board game. I actually have a recipe and directions from a magazine! It’ll be fun except the cake has to be decorated with the candy the day OF the party… so I guess I’ll be busy! But it’ll be loads of fun! And that’s the birthday season, there are 3 birthday’s all in July but that’s the only other really busy month.

Bought Orlund a wii for Christmas, and bought him the wii fit for his Birthday. It actually works out great because with me having a cold sensitivity and low energy the girls aren’t getting much exercise.. but with the wii fit we have them running every night! I don’t like so much technology but for now it’s working out perfectly! They get their exercise and I don’t have to bundle up 3 kids! LOL.

Well I think that’s it for this blog post! I’ll be sure to get those pictures up as soon as I can πŸ™‚

God Bless!!


So sorry I’m behind on the blog πŸ™

Today I had Chemo round #6. So I officially only have 6 left to go πŸ™‚ It’s exciting and tiring thinking that I’m half way…
The Chemo I’m on is a ‘less harsh’ kind, I’m so thankful it’s not a harsh kind! Chemo is not fun. Plain and simple. If you saw me on the 9 days that I feel good you wouldn’t know it’s as hard as it is. But the other 5 days (this is every 14day cycle) you might not even recognize me. You can feel Chemo cursing through your body, like a poison, a heavy weight weighing you down. I have cold sensitivity which makes drinking water difficult, it gets colder as I drink (and due to Chemo and my Ostomy I HAVE to drink at Minimum 8glasses a day). It feels like crystals forming in your throat. This also makes my tongue go ‘lazy’ making me talk funny and slur my words. My hands and feet go numb and tingly when cool, actually any part of my body does. My hands also feel like they are seizing up, or getting lazy as well, making writing almost impossible (luckily they are working right now). nightly Orlund and I play dominos, I fumble the tiles and have to shake my hands out regularly to try to get them to ‘wake up’. I also have what is referred to as “Chemo fog”, it’s like I’m in a fog and have a hard time connecting things like I normally would (took me like 15 times watching those ‘don’t be a luger’ adds to figure out what they mean). I also have apparently short term memory loss, which is a side effect of Chemo, and from the Coma/trauma I endured. So we try to play games and keep my mind active. I’m very tired and some times I can’t physically lift myself up to get going. I call Thursday and Friday ‘movie days’ because when Jacob is napping I put a movie on for the girls so I can nap too.

Chemo makes homeschooling a bit more difficult as well. I don’t have the energy I wished I did to make it more fun, but I do the best I can (and hey, it’s Kindergarten). I basically do the regular schooling on my ‘non-Chemo’ weeks and then cram the other weeks into 2 days! Luckily Orlund is doing math with Joy so he can do that every evening easing the load for me (I just discovered it’s a seperate curriculum so we are a bit behind! lol).

That is basically what is going on in our lives. Our lives are broken up into 2 week segments, chemo-week and non-chemo week. Just like our weekends, making Christmas shopping more scheduled than usual! November 30th we are celebrating Christmas with my family, so had to do all that shopping last weekend. Just like there is only one other weekend that is a non-chemo weekend before Christmas with Orlund’s family! Gotta get their lists!!

Through all of this I have to keep Praising God. He is just so wonderful to undeserving me. Honestly. As I think back on all that’s happened He had everything scheduled and timed out perfectly! And He continues to Bless me, my Hemaglobin is staying nice and high (actually went up a little again), so I’m able to stay on track with my Chemo. (Which keeps Christmas as a non-chemo week!). Thank you God for loving me so much to send your precious Son Jesus to make a way for us all!! And as Christmas approaches we celebrate His birth!

God Bless you all!


Things have changed!

Reading my last blog entry makes me realize just how much my life has changed since then. To recap quickly (who am I kidding? I’m never quick!). After my blog I ended up in emergency instead of the Dr’s appointment. I ended up there a lot. I had more tests done. I had two hyperventilating experiences where my body seized up. More ultrasounds, CT scans etc. Everyone admitted I was in pain but no real answers. On my second trip to the hospital via ambulance my mom demanded that they ‘fix me’. She told every nurse, doctor and anyone that would listen (or not listen) that we wern’t leaving until I was better. I got admitted June 17th, 2013. I got sicker, had more tests and bloated up like a balloon. (I got bigger in my tummy than I ever did when pregnant… talk about stretch marks!). At this time my dad came down with phemonia (sp?), he was also bright yellow! He got admitted as well. My mom was able to get us moved onto the same floor/wing so at least it was easier on her for visiting. My dad had a rough go, but got better and went home. The doctors thought they had a diagnosis… They figured I had Crohn’s disease. But they weren’t sure so didn’t want to do a surgery incase it could be fixed other ways. One Doctor figured I was just having abdominal migraines….. I watched the Canada Day fireworks from the 5th floor of the hospital. I was doing ‘better’ on the strong meds and steroids. July 4th I was scheduled for a Colonostopy (sp? I’m on Orlund’s laptop and spell check is off, sorry). I don’t remember July 4th other than texting my mom and best friend, they’d both asked how I was ~ to mom I just wrote ‘hell’, and to Leah I wrote ‘terrible’…

I don’t remember the rest, it’s been told to me. I wasn’t doing good, they thought perhaps I had a blood clot in my lungs as I was having a hard time breathing. They took an X-ray (at my bed) and started to take me down to ICU. One Doctor then grabbed my mom and Orlund (and Leah) to ride in the elevator and informed them that no I wasn’t going to ICU, but into emergency surgery!

My bowl had ‘erupted’, I was septic! (My mom later heard there is only a 20% survival rate). They went in and tried to ‘clean’ me up, they discovered a huge mass in my large intestine, the surgeons thought it might be cancer so followed proceedure and removed it all. They removed approx 1/3 of my Colon, and had to remove some of my stomach as the mass was attached. I might be stating some of this in the wrong order, however at some point they had to do a tracheotomy (thing in your throat to help you breathe – also prevents you from talking). They told my family I would wake up the next day. July 5th, my mom’s birthday. But I didn’t wake up, instead I was put in an induced coma ~ for 2 weeks. There were many issues due to the infection from going septic, my blood pressure, body temperature etc were hard for them to maintain. While my fa.mily was going through the scare of their lives I was having the most horrific hallucinations. The nurses were trying to kill me, so I thought, thank goodness they weren’t actually! My mom had her Ipod playing Christian worship music 24/7 for me. During one hallucination a worship song broke through and I could feel God saying “come on Jenn, it’s time to pick yourself up. I’m here to help. Now go help others”. I was able to get up and fight out of it. I had one more full hallucination, it wasn’t scary like the rest. I still saw odd things after for a few days but no more full hallucinations. Praise God. The Doctors told my family many people hallucinate for weeks or months after the strong drugs I was on.

When I came to it was scary. I couldn’t speak, and I was strapped down with lots of machines attached to me. I couldn’t sleep at night. It was horrible trying to communicate. luckily one nurse finally decided to unstrap my arms, he made me promise not to pull the tube out of my nose (so tempting). I promised. Everytime I went to reach for the tube I’d remember my promise and left it alone. I tried to write notes to everyone so they could know what I wanted etc… I couldn’t write! I just scribbled like my 3 year old. It was frustrating but my family got pretty good at reading my hand/eye gestures. writing came first, what a relief when it did. I could communicate!

I don’t know how long I was in ICU before I got moved to Step-down (a part of ICU but not one-on-one care). In Step-down I got to watch free TV on a giant flat screen TV! (could have in ICU but wasn’t facing the TV). First news I watched? Train crash. Prince George was born. And then I switched to watching HGTV. I noticed my body was different. I was skinny, really skinny (lost over 35lbs). I had a large incision down my abdomen (had a special machine/bandage called a VAC dressing ~ amazing invention). Had a Cathetor (not fun), an illiostomy, PICC lines, Trach…. slowly I got the Trach removed and was able to talk!! HOW WONDERFUL! I also had to start physio it was scary trying to learn to walk again, luckily my physiotherapist was amazing and really worked with me.

I finally got moved to ‘the ward’… I was on the post-surgical ward… basically where all the abdominal patients are ~ who were mostly over 70years old… and smelly…. Oh the stories I could tell, and probably will. just not right now.

Oh I forgot to mention my diagnosis. While in ICU the doctor and a bunch of nurses, social workers etc came in to explain it all to my family and I. It was Colon Cancer. Stage 3. Sounds scarier than it is. They removed ALL of the cancer! They tested 37 lymph nodes, only one (that was against the cancer) showed a little cancer in it. The only reason it’s stage 3 is because it had attached to my stomach. They want me to do Chemo as a precaution. This also increases the risk for my kids to get it, they will have to be tested when older, but I believe they will never have to deal with this.

My infection took a long time to clear. August 24th I finally got to come home. That following week I was at the Dr’s almost every day, or at the Nursing clinic to change bandages. I now have no bandages on me :). Tomorrow I go for yet another CT scan, I had one small sign of infection left, I’m believing it’s gone now so we can get going on Chemo. Then on the 10th of Sept I have day surgery to put a port-a-cath in (it’s like a PICC line but under my skin so I can have showers etc with no issues). Then Sept 11th, Orlund and my 9 year anniversary, I will be starting Chemo. I will have treatments every 2 weeks for 12 rounds (approx 6months). After Chemo is done, in a couple months after (provided everything is clear – which it will be) then I get my intestines re-attached (that’ll be nice).

It is so wonderful to be home. I was honestly scared to come home as I thought it might set me back, but the Doctor was right and it’s made me stronger (and the fact that I can stand our food helps!). My mom has moved in with us to help me out with day to day living. taking care of the kids, house and me. It’s wonderfu to have her here! Orlund has been amazing!!! He’s still working on his courses, and working full time (this week he’s been off), helping with the kids, house and me as well.

Even though I’ve been through a lot these past few months I feel blessed beyond measure! So many people prayed for me, and blessed us with meals, gifts etc. God is SO good!! My cousin gave me a ‘plack’ (for lack of a better word) that inspired me along the way and helped me stay strong it reads “Believe with God all things are possible”.


Saturday night as we left our cousin’s beautiful wedding we headed to our Bed and Breakfast in Surrey. I wasn’t feeling so good. my stomach was upset, my boob was inflated (12hours without nursing will do that) and most off all my head was pounding. I slept on the way, waking just in time to give Orlund the last directions to the front door. My headache was finally gone. We went for a soak in the hot tub, it was so nice to be able to chat alone. After our soak I was finally feeling better. It was a wonderful evening away.
Sunday we spent a few hours hunting around IKEA and headed home. At this point all I could think about was getting home to nurse my baby boy! ouch! After we picked the kids up from my parents we got home, had dinner and sent the kids to bed. I didn’t feel so good while eating dinner, I suddenly realized I hadn’t felt good for the past week (or two) whenever I ate. And it was progressively getting worse. Sunday night as I tried to sleep I curled in pain and once again brought out my handy tried and true ‘contraction breathing’. No sleep.
I survived Monday with just some pain, mostly after I ate. Night time was horrible again, I took a couple extra strength Tylenol’s.

Wednesday arrived and I wasn’t doing so good. It was now 3 nights without any sleep and everything just kept getting worse. My stomach was ripping with pain. I wanted to vomit, or use the washroom (just as at other times), however nothing was happening. I had planned to spend the day helping my girlfriend Ashley finish the last of her packing and get her house washed down ready for her Saturday moving day. Instead she insisted I go to the Clinic while she watched the monsters children.

3hours later I had no answers other than I wasn’t pregnant. I already knew that. The Dr tried to give me some medication, however once I reminded him I’m breastfeeding he took back the prescription. He did however give me paperwork to get tested for Celiac disease and Lactose Tolerance.
Ashley convinced me to take 1/2 a T3. I did with little effect, although as the day wore on I felt a bit better.

Thursday, I had my 2 daycare kids here. I had to be tough. Okay so it was basically a free play day. I supervised and only moved to change diapers, wipe bums, make food etc. My parents were coming home from Vancouver. I called my mom “I want my mommy” I whined. At 3:30pm they showed up at my door. by 3:45pm my mom was helping me out to the car to head to the hospital.

5hours~ I had blood tests, urine tests, pelvic test, pap test, poke my belly test, and a CT scan. again the only thing they came up with was ~ Not Pregnant. No Kidney issues. Good white blood cells. Oh, and Yeah, you’re in a LOT of pain. When I was talking to the Triage nurse I’d mentioned taking a 1/2 T3 earlier in the day. She pretty much laughed in my face and said that so long as you have pain then the T3 will only take the pain away, it wont make you high etc….. sure lady… I took 2 T3’s once the Dr decided I needed something. By the time we were heading home I was flying high! It was the first time I could walk more than 2steps without having to stop and breath through the pain, although the pain still washed over me.

Friday I stayed on the couch all day. I slept. High on T3’s. Jacob was starting to show effects of the T3’s ~ he looked a bit out of it. I called my mom in the evening as I thought I’d have to go back to the hospital. She spent the night taking care of me. Well, until I went to bed. I was now taking 2 T3’s every 4hours. Jacob and I both slept through the night!! woohoo! needed that. Saturday I told my mom I could put my big girl panties on and let her head home.

Saturday I don’t think I left the couch either. every 4 hours I popped another 2 T3’s. Orlund took all 3 kids out to McDonald’s to give me an extra break. I was feeling good, so long as I didn’t miss my dosage and didn’t move. Moving, eating, drinking is what hurt. I was upset that I couldn’t help Ashley on moving day, we’d planned it months ago. I really hate not being able to make my commitments. Sunday Orlund took all 3 kids to Church by himself as well. I was finally feeling better. I didn’t take a T3 until around 3pm.

Today, Monday. I had made an appointment for those allergy tests. (apparently you have to book for these ones). My appointment was for 8:30am. I got there at 8am, so I sat in the car until 8:10am. Then headed in. Finally I got into a room, waited another chapter in my book and by the time they started my test it was 9:40am! The lactose test is a breath test, so you breath into a tube thingy. Then drink a horrible drink. Then after an hour breath again, then again after an hour breath again. I had figured I would be out of there by 10:30am. I got out of there JUST before Noon. Grabbed some groceries, got the kids from Orlund’s parents and came home. I took a T3, I was in pain, over did it. I then passed out (Jacob too). at 3:30 his mom called *Bless her* to say they would pick Orlund up and bring him home. I was just going to call her and see if she could as I couldn’t open my eyes so figured I wasn’t fit to drive. I was up by the time he got home and had dinner started.

Tomorrow I have another test, an Ultrasound to check out all the stuff the CT scan couldn’t see. (I think the Dr is leaning towards a cyst in my ovaries). So yippee more time in waiting rooms and with Dr’s. At least I’m enjoying the kid free time and am now able to at least read a book!

I hate that I’m not 100% for my kids or husband. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I think as mom’s it’s natural (right?). The house is keeping up pretty good surprisingly. The laundry will keep me busy for weeks though! I just feel bad that I’m more snappy at the kids, and because it’s my ‘core’ that’s hurting I can’t just scoop them up for snuggles or tickles. They come and gently lay next to me for snuggle time, which is fine so long as they don’t touch my stomach (which is so bloated I look 4months pregnant), or let Jacob see (he doesn’t like to share me much).

So I am getting better, slowly but surely. I’m praying that I get some answers, and soon. I also am praying it’s nothing major. I guess my Dr will call me if there is anything. I tried to book an appointment with him, the soonest I can get in to see him is Wednesday NEXT week (I booked last week, thank goodness). By then he should have all the results, and hopefully I’m 100% better!

Well that’s what’s been going on around here lately, hope you and yours are all doing better!
My God is greater!!

Happy Mother’s Day

My blog is lacking. Orlund is going to help me re-design it. I have 3 birthday parties to blog about (with photo’s). However today is Mother’s day ~ Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mom’s out there. I thank God that He blessed me with being a Mom. What an amazing privilege! Being a mom is the hardest, most tiring, humbling, amazing, blessing… I can’t even find the words to describe Mother hood. I always thought being a mom would be so easy, smooth sailing. I’d be a mom, like my mom, master house keeper, crafty, playful and energetic… oh and don’t forget patient! (okay, that’s the wrong patient but I can’t for the life of me remember how to spell it). I’m not like my mom, well I am and I’m not. I’m Me. I’ve discovered that I need the Grace of God and to rely on His strength to get me through. I’ve been trying to rely on my own strength, now I’m relying on His and it’s going so much better πŸ™‚

A little update, Jacob is over a year old now, and with that comes a new ‘balance’. For the first year of a child’s life they need Mommy, they cling to you it seems. I love being the person they want most, however that first year is a juggling act of emotions, attention, and life. This past week I realized my baby boy is changing quickly. He’s walking (almost running). He can climb up and down the stairs unassisted, although after his loving sister tossed a toy down at him during a decent, last week, that ended up with his bloody lip he seems less keen on climbing down.Β  I can leave the baby gate open if I so choose and he doesn’t care. I can now leave the bathroom door open, he no longer chews on toilet paper or rummages through the garbage, and he knows he’s not allowed to open the toilet lid to play in the water. (although if the lid is left up it’s another story). Often times I find him in the bathroom watching the wash spinning. He can pull things out of the toy box, climb onto furniture, and best of all ~ bug his big sisters!! He doesn’t talk however communicates very well in letting me know what he wants. With his new independence comes a new ‘freedom’ to me. I can do dishes without him clinging to me (although he still likes to help with the dishwasher). Cooking, cleaning and tending to his sisters needs don’t put him off like they used to. He’s fun. Really fun, loves to have fun and get you laughing. The girls include him in play and he attempts to play with them. Tonight my mom and sister were driving home from Edmonton, my mom called and mentioned they might need to spend the night here. Usually that would mean clearing a spot in the living room from the toys. cleaning kitchen, and a general ‘tidy up’. I looked around after I got off the phone with her, and you know what? I didn’t do a thing! NOT ONE THING! The house is clean! Sure I spent much of my day cleaning earlier (apparently 1 hour without kids gets lots of cleaning done! happy Mother’s day to me :). ) but it just shows how much more I feel I can accomplish in a day. He’s also starting to finally sleep longer which really helps the energy levels. I’m going to miss the baby stage when I see new babies, but I’m excited to be moving on into the next stage of our lives πŸ™‚

Princess Party!

Yesterday My baby boy turned 1 year old!!! CRAZY CATS! His party was postponed until this coming Sunday (unfortunately now I realize that’s ‘time change’ day..oh well). Anyhow, this all got me thinking about stuff I had on my list that got pushed off my list with pre-birthday preparations. I haven’t blogged about our Princess day!! oops! so here it is πŸ™‚

January 24th, 2013 I decided to not do any house chores and spend the day making it special for my 3 kids. It was a fabulous day that started off with a ‘princess’ breakfast (Jacob doesn’t mind doing princessy stuff, any good prince doesn’t mind ;). ). Toast cut into little flowers, flavoured with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (yummy!). Grapes on the side and as the flower center. It was scrumptious!

breakfast of princesses (complete with Juice)

We of course had to then dress like princesses! (don’t forget it’s January..brr). Here are some pics of them all ‘purdied’ up! (I chose a skirt and shirt, much easier for nursing in!). I did their hair and they did mine, Joy took the pics of my hair ~ aren’t we so cute?

Prince Charming.

Then of course it was time for tea! can’t have a princess party without tea….

I asked the girls what they wanted to do, and they wanted to go feed the ducks. so we loaded up the stroller and headed out…. Poor Jacob… Mommy didn’t want to waste the money on a snow suit he’d wear for one year, so he got a hand-me-down from the girls… sorry honey… It was fun! We got a few strange looks but I could careless it was a day all about my kids πŸ™‚

feeding the ducks.
yup, he's adorable!

I can’t recall what we had for lunch (probably KD their favorite!) but it was fun, we had another special snack ~ Peanut butter, marshmallows and apple. And the girls played princess/tea party stuff for the rest of the day.
It was one of the most wonderful day’s we’ve had in a long time. I get so bogged down with chores, teaching preschool and with life in general that sometimes I forget that we just need to have fun! I sometimes feel like I’m failing as a mom because I have such a hard time staying on top of everything that I feel like I’m not having enough fun with the kids. I’m going to make a personal goal this month (to get into a habit) that we will have MORE fun! Chores can wait for a little longer in the day, or until they are in bed. I only have them for such a short time before they are in school etc. I want to enjoy it. I want to look back on this time of my life and remember having tea parties, doing crafts, having tickle wars, being silly, teaching them through fun, not look back and see wasted time on chores. Chores need to be done, yes unfortunately they do, however they aren’t going anywhere….. my kids will be eventually.


So you can track how many people view your blog… and see where abouts (City) they live…. I regularly have 3 visitors. I’m pretty sure I can guess all 3 of your names πŸ˜‰ Yup YOU!
Thanks for being my faithful 3…. and yes I will post the princess day pics, they are now on my computer, but it’s 11pm and we gotta get up early for Church. Good night you 3!


Hi, I’m here. I’m alive. And I’m thriving!!!
Sorry I’ve fallen short in blogging, been busy busy. Lots of work (daycare and house). My girlfriend Ashley has been stopping in almost every Monday and Wednesday, her eldest daughter is in preschool so instead of her heading home and us chatting on the phone she’s been coming over. I don’t know if she even realizes how much her visits have helped lift my spirits πŸ™‚ Some days we just sit and sip coffee and talk about house hunting (for her), or house organizing (for both), and all about our wonderful kids. Her eldest is 8days older than Joy, and her youngest is 9days older than Jacob (although celebrated 8days apart 3 of every 4 years). So it’s kind of fun to see them playing. And for naps it works out perfect as Jacob gets up from his morning nap when she arrives, after lunch Reegan (her youngest) goes for her nap, and when she wakes up and they leave Jacob goes for his second (if he has a second). This past Thursday she kept her eldest home from school and came over for the entire day. We got to purging/cleaning the girls room and the toy room! (we recently switched the girls to bunk beds and well…. lets just say the toy room got dumped on! lol). She’s the help I’ve been needing for purging! I’ve actually really got into the swing of it again and am enjoying the purge!! This coming week she’s going to come over and help me finish it off. The only stuff that will be left to purge is our storage boxes (but that’s for whenever).
I also have a fabulous group of mom’s on facebook. Mom’s from all across Canada who were due in March 2012. I love them and all their advise, however I found to much of my time was wasted on line. So now I only go on in the evenings once the kids are in bed and the house is picked up. I feel so much freer! I have my morning devotions with the Lord as well and I feel as though He’s telling me to step back and he’s given me a disinterest in facebook.
So all in all I’m feeling good! Loving my life! One day last week I even took the entire day and completely devoted it to playing with the kids ~ no chores! I made sure the house was good the night before and once they were in bed I tidied up from the day. It was a ‘princess’ party (with one prince), I have pics and I’ll post them perhaps tomorrow night. It was a fabulous day, and although a chore free day isn’t always possible I’m enjoying taking the time to just ‘hang out’ with the kids more and devoteΒ  (more) undivided attention to them.

Our prince charming πŸ™‚


I keep going back and forth on my decision on what to do/not do about Jacob’s sleep patterns. A friend of mine who has a baby just 9days older just went through this. she decided to go the route of CIO (Cry it out), this can seem harsh to some, however not to long ago we did it with Jacob as well. It worked. Then it didn’t, teeth arrived and we were back to sleepless nights.
Last night I decided to try the CIO method again, his crying sounded like the world was crashing in on him. It broke my heart. after 5minutes I went in, nursed him and had a little cry. Nope. I’ve made up my mind this time. He’s my last baby… A baby that is almost 1 year already! Olivia started sleeping through the night around 2years old. so that gives me approximately one more year of this. This is my take on it ~
I miss sleep. I think if I slept better I wouldn’t be in this fuzzy state of mind. I would be able to refocus and possibly actually focus.. However in a years time I will no longer get to go in and snuggle my baby in the stillness, silence of the night. He wont reach up and play with my hair, or caress my cheeks with his soft hand. He wont be a little baby anymore, he’s growing. every second he’s growing. I know I’ll miss these times once they are gone. I want to enjoy every sleepless minute of it. He’s my baby, my last baby. I want to soak in every second of his babyness. So there will be no sleep training here, none. I’ve finally made up my mind. I have the rest of my life for good night sleeps, for this next yearish I can make due with what Jacob gives me. The Lord will provide the rest I need.
Oh and you might wonder how my house is going? another 15minutes or so and I’m done purging our master bedroom!! Then it’s onto the office and toy room. feeling good!

Who wouldn't want to soak all this in?

January 17th

Some days the pain swells inside you and overflows into tears. The pain for me is no where near the pain they must feel, unfathomable pain, for the loss of their dear sweet baby girl.
It’s been one year since Miss Charlotte joined Jesus in Heaven.
I think of her daily, usually while I nurse Jacob to sleep. In the stillness while I pray for my Children’s health she comes to mind. I pray she’s having fun with Jesus. I know she’s surrounded by love. I pray for her big sister and parents who are left here missing her, longing for one more snuggle. One more kiss. One more giggle. One more. Just one more. I always snuggle Jacob in closer at this point in my prayers. Sometimes he even stops nursing to gently touch my cheek.Β  I don’t know what else there is to say, she is loved, she is with Jesus. we miss her and will never forget her.
After people hear about the passing of a child they tell you to hug your kids tight tonight. I do every night. But sometimes you just want to remind people, don’t forget to snuggle with them, love them and be in their presence.
Today I say extra prayers for all the family. I’m taking even more time to pause and embrace my kids, kiss their cheeks, tickle their sides and visit with them. I hope you do too. Please Jesus give her an extra squeeze from me today.

Good Morning Wednesday!

If you’ve followed my blog for any amount of time, or know me personally, you know I’m a list person. I LOVE lists. I feel like they keep me on track. I do sometimes however use them as an excuse. Orlund will mention to me something that needs to be done (clean out fridge) I’ll answer “it’s on my list”. because, well frankly just about everything is on one list or another. I’m doing much better at just doing what he asks of me right then and there, or at least bumping it to the top of the list.
Last week I wrote out my lists a bit differently, this week I follow the same ‘game plan’ just don’t write it out. I wrote out IN order what I was to do that day. I didn’t write out caring for the kids as I did that in there as well however I wanted to try to establish a routine that works.
This is how my mornings look ~ wake, crawl out of bed use the washroom, brush my teeth/hair put on D.O., get dressed, put pj’s away (under pillow), make bed. Empty dishwasher while making breakfast, eat, clear table. Put load of laundry to wash, Bible devotions with cup of coffee. Change laundry over. do exercises (on days I don’t have daycare kids). That’s the morning routine, I didn’t include all the kid stuff in there but believe me it’s ‘there’. That takes us to roughly snack time depending on when we got started. So while the kids snack I read 2 stories to them, from Joy’s preschool curriculum. I clean as I go so that the main living area maintains a certain level of clean. I’m back to following Flylady as well. Every chance I get I head into our bedroom and spend 15minutes purging, cleaning, organizing. If we decide to play downstairs I take 15minutes to do the same in our office area. I think I’m doing good!
This morning things are going to be a bit different as Jacob just had an explosion so the kids will get their baths. He’s just finishing breakfast.
Hope your January is a productive one ~ or relaxing whatever it is YOU wish it to be.
I leave you with one last thought, a friend and I were chatting about this ~ Everything you do, or don’t do it’s not a matter of having enough time, it’s a matter of what’s priority to you. If it’s a priority you’ll get it done.

Happy New year!

So what if we are 7days in already? Happy New Year! And that’s what it is πŸ™‚

I don’t do resolutions because well…I find resolutions are for breaking! LOL. I did however ponder what all has happened in this last year and what I look forward to in this year.
Last year I had my First baby boy, and while he’s my first he’s also my last baby. *pout*. My girls grew up. *double pout* I went through times of depression and hatefullness towards myself. Times of triumph and sorrow. I almost feel as though I witnessed this year as a memory, I wasn’t really there and yet I was. And please don’t worry I did have wonderful times, mostly brought on by my fabulous family! I’ve tried my hardest to enjoy and breath in all that I can of my babies, but in regards to me, myself and I, I feel as though I’m missing something. I was lost in a world of clutter, loneliness and feeling blah. (sorry to sound so down, but this is the honest truth of my year).

HOWEVER “In princess stories there’s always a however” ~ sorry random quote from a Veggie Tales movie, and hey I’m God’s Princess! I’m turning things around. A dear friend of mine asked me recently if I have a hard time tossing things (which I always have), I said yes. However I was wrong. I should have said “I have had a hard time in the past, but I’m doing good with it now”. I’m purging. I’m purging my house of unnecessary clutter, I’m purging my body of unnecessary fat (exercise and eating good), I’m purging my thoughts of doubt/hate/martyr like thinking, I’m turning my eyes to Jesus and spending daily time in His word and am LOVING IT!Β  Last week was spent cleaning from New years and getting ready for Hazel’s Birthday party. This week is all about maintaining the peace of my house and getting back to purging the office! I’m LOVING IT and feeling great about this new year! All the things I’ve wanted to accomplish in the past few years I’m going to do ~ and I’m going to enjoy it! I’m taking time to take care of myself and not just my family. I’m being who God wants me to be this Year.

Hope you all had wonderful holidays and are looking forward with excitement at this new year! God Bless!


I’ve had a number of posts brewing in my mind.. I just don’t have time right now to post them.
That being said I thought (for fun) I’d share our ‘other’ baby names. We have decided we are done growing our family (unless the Lord decides to surprise us), so I figure it’s safe to share our names.

Originally we figured we would have 4-5kids (I was aiming for 5). We figured this was the order they would arrive and their names would be as follows~
Gideon Hugh
Ethan David
Joy Jubilee
Natalia Margaret
Jacob Schluter

That’s right. Then low and behold we had a girl first! We went back and forth on naming her Joy or Natalia. The deciding factor? Orlund kept saying Natalie not Natalia ~ BIG difference to me! So Joy it was.

We got pregnant again, So we reviewed the names.
boy~ Isaac Hugh
girl ~ Olivia Margaret
those are our middle names so wanted to pass them along. We had Olivia.

Pregnancy #3. Time to review again.
boy~ Jacob Hugh
girl ~ Lucy Jean
Jacob won. LOL. Lucy was the first girl name that Orlund had come up with. I still LOVE that name and sometimes wish we could have another girl so I could have my little Lucy. Maybe we’ll have to use it for a pets name?

There you have it! All the changes and thoughts along the way. We had originally wanted to name our kids with easy to say/spell names that were NOT the most popular. Orlund is always having to pronounce his name and spell it for people, so he didn’t want that for the kids. And I always had 3+ other girls with the same name in my class growing up, didn’t want that either…. turns out Olivia and Jacob are BOTH top of the list, guess Joy is the only one that completely stuck to the ‘rules’.

What were other names you had picked out for your kids?

My Blessings

I love my life

Sure my life can feel hectic and crazy. But I love it. I love my kids and I love my husband. I love that I am able to stay home and take care of my family.

A friend wrote me an email late last week, and although I don’t believe she was trying to insult me, she did. She was inviting me out to an event that was to be child free. She invited me by saying that she knows I love to get out without the kids…… doesn’t sound like an insult but it did hurt a bit.

I’m a mom. I’m a mom that loves getting OUT, and I love getting out WITH my children. You may think ‘but you are always so excited to go to mom’s night out without the kids’. It’s not so much that I’m without my children that gets me excited for the evening out. It’s the fact that I get to visit with a bunch of fabulous ladies. I get to attempt to have adult conversation, and lets face it, having to only feed yourself is kinda special on occasion.Β  If I could take my kids I most likely would take one of them along.Β  Everyone needs alone time. Mom’s night out is the closest I get to alone time.

Do you see how she accidentally insulted me? I’m not a lady who hates my life and is just itching to get away from my children. The opposite is true, I want to BE WITH my Children. I think the thing I dislike most about they way she invited me is that she has the impression I want to be without my kids. Mom’s night out is really the only time I like to be without the kids where I’m not alone. I enjoy grocery shopping (once a year) without the kids, I space out and take 2 hours to buy 3 things. It’s alone time, and I think every mom can appreciate the rare moment when you get to have ‘alone time’.

I’m alive…sort of.

Sorry to you my handful ofΒ  ‘followers’… I’ve been bad at blogging.

I’m busy, just kinda πŸ˜‰

I have a new daycare girl that I watch 2days , 4hours each, a week. She’s 2 ~ busy.
I have a crawling ,almost, 7month old ~ busy.
My mom is in town (Yippee) ~ busy.
I have 2 toddler girls who are fighting for my attention ~ busy.
I still watch Sol ~ busy.
I’m still a house wife (Phew!) ~ busy.
I still suck at house chores……….working on it ~ as always.
I’m doing crafts, to many crafts ~ busy.

I really need to update this blog. However for now this is all you get, sorry. But Jacob was up last night A LOT, I think I may have gotten 4hours ~interrupted~ sleep last night. We can’t see any teeth, his 6month shots were a week ago so they shouldn’t be bothering him still. I just don’t know. But it’s 10:40pm so I’d best be hitting the pillow in case he decides to repeat last night.

My mom is heading back to Thailand tomorrow (well to Vancouver) so I’m heading out to her house to help her pack (I always pack her bag ~ it’s tradition). It’ll be a sad day for me, I’ll miss my morning phone calls to her and my random phone calls throughout the day. She calls me with Revelations the Lord has shown her, and I call her with random questions ~ sewing, cleaning, child rearing. She has so much knowledge I wish I could tap into it more often. Sure we have Skype and email but it’s not the same. I have to remember my questions and hope she has time to answer them. But she is doing the Lord’s work and I think it’s amazing. I’m so proud of her and my dad.

Okay, going to bed.

nighty night.


Do you ever just feel like screaming? not atΒ  anyone or anything, just screaming at the top of your lungs letting go of your frustrations? That’s what I feel like doing today, actually I kind of did do it already (oops). I also wish I could curl up with a giant bowl of chocolate ice cream, watch some action romance movie, cry my eyes out, not gain weight and then have a good solid nights sleep……………………………………………..perhaps in another 2 years…. as for now I get to try and manage a moody 4year old, a test my limits teething 2year old and a ‘I feel like fussing’ 5month old. Have a husband working 2 jobs (they need him) so hardly see him, a house I can’t seem to get under control, a fish tank needing a good cleaning, shall I go on? nah, I think that’s enough complaining… time to get out of this funk!

Finally a mom

Last night as Orlund was brushing the girls teeth I was examining how their play dresses were constructed. I sewed Joy a dress, a Cinderella dress, it ended up being easier than I thought. That got my creative juices flowing. I have all this wonderful material to use just need to figure out what I want to make with it. Back to looking at how the play dresses were constructed, Orlund turns to me and say’s “you’re finally a mom”, I looked at him and replied “what?”,
“well you are all into sewing, and cooking and all that stuff”.
“I think I became a mom a long time ago honey”
“well, yeah… ummm” *foot in mouth pause*”you know what I mean… I mean…..”
“you mean I’m finally becoming an ‘all out mom’?”
“Yeah, that’s it!” *saved by the wife sigh*

I know what he’s saying. I’ve really started to enjoy doing ‘mom’ things. I’m trying to play and be more involved with the kids (not that I haven’t been but just stepping it up some). I’m trying to have the house clean everyday. I’m trying to get us outside more. I’m sewing. I’m crafting. I’m enjoying it. Orlund suggested that I stop trying to do the kids scrapbooks because I can do scrapbooking whenever, when they are older. But I wont be able to sew them clothes, play or craft with them forever so why not do those things now. It’s given me a new sense of freedom. Before, whenever I’d start a new project Orlund would remind me/tease me about not completing the scrapbooks. But now, now that he suggested not to, I feel free to pursue the other interests. Now if I could get Jacob to stop waking every 45min-hour at night so I could have the energy to do all this fun stuff!

change of plans

For weeks one of Orlund’s coworkers/friends wanted to get together with us to teach me how to sew ballet body suits for the girls (her daughter is in gymnastics). We had finally agreed to go to her house Sunday afternoon, the men would watch the kids while we tackled the outfits. Orlund called me Thursday (or Friday) to ask if it would be alright if she came over here instead. Sure I said. SURE! Orlund figured we could sew at the dining room table therefore I wouldn’t need to clean out the office ~ however we have a bar height table. Which means you can’t sew there because you can’t reach the floor to use the pedal! My desk is not quite big enough to be cutting patterns on. That’s right I needed to clean the entire house, the office thru to the dining room (which is our entire house).

Our weekend was spent cleaning the house between kids/nursing etc. But we did it!! sure I would have liked to have been able to scrub some stuff down more but it was clean enough… to keep it up!

Orlund is starting to purge/sort his things and I can’t wait until I’m able to start doing that again. Right now though my time is spent with the 3 kids and that’s about it!

I’m happy our house is clean, and am excited to try and keep it that way.

oh, and the outfits we sewed turned out awesome! I’ll have to post some pics once Orlund gets the photo’s off his camera.


I’ve been on a roller coaster of emotions lately. We found a house we would like to buy. If we could get it for $40K less than asking price and get a good amount for our place we would do it. We (Orlund and I in the thought process) have gone back and forth 100 times. That does a lot to a person emotionally. I’m drained. We have decided to NOT go for it. We are going to wait a year. One more year squished in here, but where we have some financial freedom. We will save, pay down the house while doing some minor upgrades. Then re-evaluate next year.

Jacob has hit the 3 month mark. The age when infants become babies (in my eyes at least). They smile regularly, giggle and colic subsides. Jacob changed over night it seemed. Then he did again. He used to have bad gas and was colic.He pooped once every 4 days. He slept from 9pm to 5am without waking. Then usually slept after feeding until 7/8am. He also took at least one nap without me holding him. Now he knows how to pass gas, and the colic is mostly gone. He poops once a day (he has a hard time leading up to it. and overflows his diaper everyday). He goes to bed at 11pm, wakes to feed at 3am, 5am, 7am, and gets up sometime before 9am. He wont nap during the day unless on me, and even then he fights sleep like you wouldn’t believe.

Happy dimple boy

With all the changes in regard to Jacob and the emotional exhaustion my house has fallen to pieces. As I was nursing Jacob (he’s now napping on my chest) I decided to read through a few of my old posts… I read the ones about nesting…wish I had that gusto now! I will admit it did inspire me to get this house back in shape. It helps me feel so much better when the house is clean and I feel like I’ve at least accomplished something during the day.

Well now Jacob is screaming, the kids are fighting. Guess computer time is over. Wish me luck ~ I need it!


Joy Bday pt3

The party. This is going to be mostly pictures. Enjoy!

Kerry visiting with Jacob
Grandma, Grandpa, Uncle Jay and Poppa
Joy seeing her cake πŸ™‚
Olivia enjoying all the goodies
Joy's friends. Lilly, Rebecca, Kylie and Ava
Checking out some gifts.

It was a fun day and we actually finished ON TIME πŸ™‚ If only all the parties could run so smoothly!

Joy’s party pt2

It’s been almost a month since Joy’s birthday, figure it’s time to finish these posts.

Pt 2, the stuff~
The two nights leading up to the party Jacob switched his routine and stayed up until midnight. Orlund ended up taking care of him as I’d planned to use the evenings for party prep. Friday night I had planned to decorate the cake and finish all the other tasks I had not gotten to, as well as finish any cleaning. I stayed up until 11pm working on the cake. Didn’t get to bed until midnight as Jacob wanted to stay up. Thankfully Jacob slept good allowing me to feel rested in the morning. I got up early, finished the last cleaning (clearing tables and moving baby toys), decorate the living room and ensure everything else was ready.

It was the first time we have been ready for the party BEFORE the party started! Kids were dressed with hair done. House was clean and set up. Food was prepped and ready to be cooked. We even had time to sit down and visit before people arrived! Here are some pictures of all the stuff I prepared etc ~

Happy Birthday banner
Joy's tutu
2 of the 6 wands I made.

I wish I would have remembered to take a picture of all 6 of the wands they were each unique. I wrapped 6 dowels in ribbon (I used two colors ~ as seen here). Then made tulle poms, and strung ribbon/sequins etc and glue them all together. Time consuming but fun! These were handed out in the goodie bags.

one of the flower balls.. it's only half done

I never finished this project. This ball is only half done. I ran out of time and figured this was something I could sacrifice not completing. I still plan to complete it just for fun/decorating.

The decorated table and punch.

The Punch ~ I got the recipe from one of Orlund’s cook books. I made the ice cube as directed with cut up Orange, Lemon, Lime and maraschino cherries. Then I made the punch ~ Gingerale, limeade, lemonade. It looked like swamp water. After thinking on it I realized why would they have you put Orange pieces in the ice cube if there is no orange in the punch. Sure enough there was also supposed to be Orange Pineapple juice! I didn’t have any, so I added just plain Orange juice to it. It helped the colour, and the taste. Turned out not to bad.


Here it is! The cake. I was a bit disappointed as it didn’t turn out exactly how I’d pictured it. but it turned out pretty good considering how short of time I actually got to spend on decorating it. (between nursing/cuddling Jacob).

Joy’s Birthday pt.1

This is part talking about the party prep.
I always try to make the girls birthdays extra special, my mom always did that for my brother and I. My birthday was something I always looked forward to, I want that for the girls too.

Supply’s ~ Thank goodness for the dollar store! I purchased (all matching Princess theme) plates, cups, cutlery, birthday banner, centerpiece and goodie bags. As well as all the princess goodies to go in those bags.
Cake ~ I am making a doll cake. Yup the cake is the dress with a doll’s upper body out the top of the cake. I’ve baked the cake and will be decorating it tonight.
Punch~ I’ve purchased the punch fixings, and now am doing something ‘fun’. I’m cutting up citrus fruit (lime,lemon and oranges) to freeze into a giant ice cube to put in the punch bowl. Still have to do that….
Wands~ I came across a tutu wand on a blog and thought it would be so much fun.. it is fun, but not when I’m down to crunch time. I was supposed to do all these crafts last week…uh huh. I hope I can get them done in time. I’ll take pics.
Tutu ~ I decided to make Joy a tutu for her birthday… I cut the elastic to big, so I just need to fix that and it’s done.
Present ~ her gift has been purchased just have to wrap it…well stuff it in a gift bag as we are out of wrapping paper.
Flower balls ~ I have a cake pop book. I decided to attempt one, NOT for eating…no no for decoration… silly me! I’ve cut close to 200 flowers in each of three colours (Pink, yellow and blue). I’m going to glue them onto Styrofoam balls I’ve painted light green. Oh and stick them onto a stick, tie a bow on each stick and put them in a vase for decoration. I’ll post pics. I’ve cut the flowers and painted the balls..that’s it so far. Have to do the stick and glue the flowers on as well as their ‘pearl’ centers. I’m doing these last so if I run out of time oh well.

I’m also currently blogging instead of cleaning, wand making, ball doing etc etc..

Oh and my brother turned 30 at the end of April so I decided to make him his own cake (gluten free, cupcakes actually), it’s baked and I’ll decorate it tonight when I do Joy’s cake (his will be simple).

Guess I should get my butt in gear. I’ll post pics of all the prep work/finished work next. Here is a picture of the flowers made out of fondant I did ~

can we slow down for a bit?

I’ve been itching to do a blog post, one on each of my children actually. However it is something I want to put some thought into…. I don’t have that time! Here is a quick update on our lives ~ all typed one handed as I have a sleeping baby on me (don’t dare and try to put him down).

Jacob~ He’s my little chunker. He was supposed to have his 8week check up last week but the Dr. cancelled so we go in on Tuesday. He’s a gassy baby. He only poops once every 4ish days, and generally is fussier after. I’ve got him on some probiotics to help, will see. When he is not screaming in pain from gas he’s full of smiles and very content. This morning he laid in the crib cooing at the mobile for a good half hour! He’s also a very warm baby, spends his day in nothing more than a short sleeved onsie ~ if that.

Olivia ~ she’s decided she’s going to be sassy like her sister… fun… Actually she does everything her sister does, she’s like a mirror. Even if she sees Joy do something that gets her disciplined she does it right after. Her 3 favoriteΒ  things are bugging/mirroring Joy, ‘snuggling’ Jacob, and pretending she’s a puppy dog!

Joy turns 4 in just 9 sleeps! We are having her party the Saturday before, I decided to make some tutu pom wands… silly me. It’ll be a fun princess theme. Where did the time go? I just had her! She’s grown up so much. We also have her in speech therapy, what a smartie! Every new sound we learn she figures out how to say in the first 2 minutes of class then does it perfectly for the rest of the hour! I catch her at home forgetting to say them properly but she’s doing great! Next class is also our last and she’ll be learning SH, which is the hardest for her.

Some fun things Joys said recently ~ “Daddy, fome time I need you to leave me alone” (that was before she learned the s sound), Orlund asked her where his baby went and she replied “I ran away”, And on Sunday Grandma said she couldn’t keep up because she’s old and Joy said “Poppa’s old too”.

Orlund and I are doing good, trying to get stuff done around the house. Life is just so busy. I’m also trying to work out every week day, doing pretty good. I’m also watching what I eat. Week 1 was good, dropped 3lbs and 1″ off my waist. Week 2 not so good, ate out 2 days and missed 2 days working out. I didn’t lose anything. I’m not really to concerned about my weight, I can lose that later. I want to ensure I can still Breast feed Jacob for as long as he needs. That being said I find I have more energy if I work out and therefore get way more done πŸ™‚

Our lives

Guess it’s about time to update you on our lives since my last post. (the last post I wrote Mar 3 not 4th like it say’s).

March 4th 2am I woke up with contractions and we were headed to the hospital by 4am. We arrived and I was already 8cm with a bulging bag of waters. Due to my quick delivery with Olivia everyone assumed that baby would arrive 30minutes after my water broke. The Dr arrived right away (we were all shocked) and broke my water. He had to jump out of the way as my water shot out at him ~ Orlund said it was like a fire hose! lol.Β  My labour was going great and I was able to talk and joke between contractions and just breath through them when they hit. The nurse and Dr commented on how this was exactly the kind of labour they wouldn’t want teenagers to see (they’d think it easy). Eventually I laid down on my side to see if baby would be able to drop lower without catching on any cervix that was left. I asked for the laughing gas as I knew contractions are worse laying down. That stuff is crazy! The nurse mentioned that she’d never seen it work before, right as I took my first breath of it… Now she’s seen it work. She asked if I take much medication, which I don’t, so she figures that’s why it works for me. Orlund again had a wonderful time laughing at me and the nurse joined in as well. My pinky fingers would go numb and so did my face. It was weird, and so me being ‘high’ and trying to feel my face made for many laughs by all. Sometime around 7am they had me kneel on the bed leaning over the back of it (raised like a chair). That kick started the real pain! It felt like an eternity and I was exhausted. Shift change happened and my Dr also came in. Finally I’d had enough and jumped around and announced “I’m done! I’m pushing!”. Luckily baby dropped that exact same time so I really was ready to push. His head was already crowning with the first push. 12minutes of pushing, small episiotomy and baby arrived!

Jacob Hugh Norstrom
8lbs 7oz 20″long
March 4, 2012 @ 7:50am

He had the cord wrapped around his neck 3 times so he came out a very dark purple. However once the cord was unwrapped he let out a hearty cry which was followed by a big sigh from all the nurses/Dr. Apparently Jacob’s heart rate had also dropped to 50bpm so they were all figuring he’d need some assistance upon delivery. He didn’t. He was perfect!

We were discharged the following evening, I pretty much told the Dr to get me out of there.
Life has been crazy since. and I’ve learned so much ~ for example ~ boys can get yeast infections, and I learned how to treat that. How to change a diaper without getting peed on. That just because your last two didn’t spit up or need burping doesn’t mean your 3rd wont!

People always ask me if he’s a good baby. I always say yes. He cry’s most the day, spits up often, doesn’t let me put him down during the day and doesn’t sleep longer than the odd 5 hours at night ~ but he’s not ‘bad’, not like he’s doing it on purpose. Orlund tells me that’s not what people mean, they mean is he easy. But I just can’t bring myself to say he’s not good. If they want to know if he’s an easy baby I’d say “not really” but he’s not bad.

The girls? Well. They are adjusting. It’s been hard on them, to outsiders you’d think they’ve adjusted well. However at home they act like hormonal teenagers going through PMS. Lots of sass and attitude. But we are working together and trying to get more one on one time so they don’t feel like mommy is all about the baby.

I’ve found having #3 to be the most difficult adjustment. Just that the delivery wasn’t as easy as I’d figured it would be, and the recovery also took longer. I’m getting older and I could sure tell this time. Orlund say’s it’s been the easiest for him, however I do everything for Jacob (mostly) and he’s a very needy baby which just wears me down. I love him and wouldn’t change the fact we had him, just being honest. I find it more difficult this time sitting and nursing him when I see all that needs to be done. I’d gotten so good at keeping the house clean before he arrived that now it drives me nuts that I can’t get it all done, and I just sit nursing and see all that needs to be done, which is frustrating at times. It’s a lot different this time. Orlund is great and I honestly couldn’t do it without him.

Well there’s been a lot more that’s happened since he’s arrived. Many good things too. But this is all the time I have to write as the kids are loosing it. I’ll leave you with another picture of my adorable little man (just a few days ago).

Pregnancy updated…

Figure since I have not much else to do I’d do an update on my pregnancy…

How far along? 40weeks + 5days (Sunday)
Total weight gain/loss: Up 20ish pounds. (total)
Maternity clothes? Don’t even fit anymore…. my belly is just SO big!
Stretch marks? *crying* Yes… With the girls I got ones just very low, and very few. Now I’m getting them all around my belly button.
Sleep not happening, except for an hour a day at nap time (if I’m lucky). Baby seems to have decided that he now likes to be awake at night instead of daytime…. And when he moves he gives me contractions so my nights are filled with me trying to determine if he’s just being a stinker or if he’s on his way out.
Best moment this week Losing my Plug (ooo, yummy). But it means something *could* happen soon.
Movement He has slowed down in his movements actually, well so far as kicking. He likes to prop his feet on my ribs then push his head down into my bladder and well…’delivery’ location. *hence all the contractions.
Food cravings nothing really… I wouldn’t feel like eating except I get really nauseous if I don’t.
Gender Boy πŸ™‚
Labor Signs Just the plug and random contractions.
Belly Button in or out? starting to make it’s way out, although I don’t know how it could there’s no skin left to go out
What I miss sleeping on my belly. Not having to pee every 5 minutes.
What I am looking forward to What do you think??? Baby to arrive!
Milestones I’ve yet again made it past my due date without going completely insane…. just a little insane.

There… that’s it…
I have come to the realization that baby is coming soon, and sooner by the minute. It’s a bit scary to think of it all, so I don’t.. well lets be honest a pregnant woman can forget things easily so as long as I don’t (see just forgot what I was saying) dwell on it I forget about what’s all to come… (that wasn’t exactly it but close enough). LOL.
***Oh and I’m officially done work now!! March 1st was my last day. I’m sure with the teachers going on strike they wish I was still working…but nope I’m enjoying being “off”.

Happy Leap day.

I would prefer to be leaping in joy over the arrival of my little monkey…. but that is yet to happen.

One of my friends just delivered her second daughter this past Friday. I am arranging meals for her, I called her yesterday to review just when she wanted the meals brought to her. She’s having a bit of a rough time. Baby is cluster feeding and not letting her put her down at night. There is a lot more but basically it reminded me of just what I’m headed into! Babies are babies for such a very short time you really do forget about all that goes with having a newborn.

Still no real signs of labour and the Dr said even though baby is engaged he’s still really high so he doesn’t expect much to be happening soon. I have another apt booked for Monday and at that appointment we’ll talk about when to schedule the induction…. I’m not planning on being induced! No thank you… gotta get this show on the road. Orlund’s brother is heading to Las Vegas today for 5 days. my goal is to have this baby before he’s back! Come on baby!

I really want to just walk walk walk. But it’s snowing outside so I need to just walk inside. It’s do-able, just hard to get motivated to do it. I’m feeling so sluggish and slow I’m having a hard time getting going… I’m also watching my daycare boy today and tomorrow. My mom and Orlund think I’m nuts to be watching him… maybe I am, but heck I haven’t had the baby yet so it does help me get off my butt and do at least something around here!


I wish I could nest ALL the time! I never experienced the so-called ‘nesting’ phase of pregnancy. Nope I went from ‘puking my brains out’ to ‘pleasantly plump’ to ‘is this over yet?’ to having my baby in my arms. At the beginning of this pregnancy I had a bit of a drive to clean. Figured Nesting was happening and that was that. I wasn’t as ill as I was with the girls but still took my Diclectin as I just didn’t want to chance it. Well.. I’m 39weeks on Tuesday. This past week I started nesting. I’ve had an urge to get the house clean for a while now, and had the odd nesting urge surge enough I’d get something done (like freezing enough meals our freezer is too full). But I’d get maybe one thing done and be out of energy. Not this week. On Thursday I decided to get off my computer and just ‘try’ to get something done. I was behind on my weekly chores so picked up with them. Water the plants. Put a load of laundry on. Windex the mirrors. That’s it! Windex!! Apparently I just needed Windex. Let me explain. I decided to clean the main bathroom mirror. I ended up windexing the ENTIRE bathroom! scrubbed it from top to bottom (other than the shower/tub as it’s just to awkward). I even washed the base of the toilet (a job I always put off). I ended up doing our ensuite as well. Then figured I might as well scrub the lower cabinets of our Kitchen (with a tooth brush ~ just the doors). I also scrubbed the stove and the outside of the oven (windex works great for getting grease off!). I did a few other odd chores but that was the most of it.

When Orlund got home I figured he’d be so excited by my progress. (I’d also made dinner). He took the girls out to play in the beautiful white stuff that’d fallen all day long (snow).Β  He didn’t really notice my work. He was tired, heck it wore me out watching them play in the snow! But I was a bit sad he didn’t notice (or didn’t say anything).

Friday I decided 1) I’m going to go with this ‘nesting’ urge and 2) I was going to make the house shine so he wouldn’t be able to not notice. WOW. I like nesting! I scrubbed our Kitchen spotless! Windex works great for getting that gunk off the top of your fridge ~ you know what I’m talking about, no matter how much you wipe it just doesn’t really come off… One wipe with Windex and it’s GONE! Also works great on the top of the pantry’s to get that greasy gunk off. I washed all the doors, counters, sinks, even Windex’d the top of our spice containers (boy do they gleam now!). yes. I used a lot of Windex, I’m actually out now.Β  I put the girls in the bath after lunch and scrubbed the kitchen floor ~ on my pregnant hands and knees! It felt good to get down there and really scrub it! (I can see the kids from the Kitchen when they are in the bath). I re-tidied the bathrooms (after a bath it needs it!). I cleaned baby’s room yet again (girls love to play in there and it keeps them happy so I let them). I cleaned the Girls room, the Entrance, Vacuumed the stairs (and all the carpets). Cleaned the Dining room, living room and even tackled our bedroom! I didn’t have time to do the toy room and office, but there’s still time…right? I also made double baked potatoes as Orlund’s parents were coming for dinner. He made the rest when he got home. He noticed the house πŸ™‚

Today, Saturday, Orlund wanted to know if I’d like to go to McDonald’s for Breakfast ~ OH YEAH! It was great, we relaxed while the girls played. Other than that not a whole lot was done. I did wash the walls and hand rail in the stairwell. I also meal planned the week and wrote out the grocery list for Monday. But really I took the day off… although I have taken note of a bunch more walls that need a good scrub down (unfortunately our walls are a Matte finish so you can see my wipe marks…which sucks when I can’t reach all the way to the ceiling). My brother Jay is over. He’s spending the night here and I’ll be dropping him off at the airport in the morning. My mom arrives in Vancouver tomorrow night. She’s on the airplane right now (or on a layover don’t really know). I’m so excited for her to be here. I keep feeling like baby wants to come out, but I would be too stressed if my mom wasn’t here so he’s holding out… at least I hope that’s the plan. Once she’s here, COME ON OUT buddy… lol.

Although I took the day off, did take a little nap and slept great last night (as great as a 9month pregnant lady can) I can hardly keep my eyes open. So good night! (sorry about spelling/grammar. I’m never very good at it, but now I’m too tired to even read over what I’ve written).

What? Already?!?

I keep counting the sleeps that are left until Grams (my mom) comes home on my fingers with Joy. She has fun as she’s learning to count and loves my mom.
Sunday morning during Breakfast Joy started counting down on her fingers (random numbers as she can’t count down yet), then she got to 1 and held up her one finger and said “One sleep and Grams home. Yup”. Orlund and I had a good little giggle over her seriousness. I told her she was right we were getting closer, and that NEXT Sunday was when Grams would be home. Orlund’s eyes went as big as an owls and said “REALLY? already?”. I asked him about it to find out that my mom coming makes it so much more real that baby is coming soon too. That’s right, baby is coming.
I’ve noticed that my body is getting ready for baby’s arrival with the ‘increase’ in aches and pains that are only experienced at the end of a pregnancy. Fun. but exciting all the same.

I decided that I needed more room in the baby’s room so sorted through all the girls outgrown boxes and was able to get rid of just over half of the amount of boxes. Yes there are still many boxes but a whole lot less than there was. I also started to sort through all the stuff that has just been shoved into his room to be organized. It looked like an explosion had gone off. When Orlund first saw in the room he said “I sure hope the girls didn’t do that”. Nope, just me. After he found out that baby is indeed coming soon he asked me to hurry and get the room set up. I told him it would take me 30minutes to do. Today I put myself to the test and sorted through the remainder of stuff, set up the change table and just finished the room off. It took me 30minutes + a quick vacuum. I think that’s pretty impressive. so now all I need to do is fold some receiving blankets that I just finished washing and put them away (spot all ready), and change the bedding on the crib, I didn’t change it as the girls were playing in the crib and I figured might as well leave it so it’ll stay fresh.

Today once Olivia goes for her nap I’m going to tackle Orlund and my room. I figure it should only take me 30minutes as well to get all my piles off the floor (laundry and some stuff to run downstairs, as well as clearing off my dresser/vanity and night stand). Once that is done I will either take a little nap too or finish packing my hospital bag (baby stuff is in there, just nothing for me).

For those of you without Facebook I am doing a ‘poll’ to guess when baby arrives. He is due Feb 28/29, he’s already head down but not ‘engaged’. Joy was born 10days late at 8lbs 6oz and Olivia was born 7days late at 8lbs. If you’d like a chance to win a little gift give a guess at his birth date and birth weight (actually I’ll allow you to make 2 guesses).Β  You can make your guesses up until my due date or I go into labour.

Another ‘thing’. My Daycare boy’s dad asked me when dropping him off last time if Sol hits a lot while here. I said no. he went on to tell me about a trip the family had just taken. I guess whenever Sol was with other kids he was hitting them and hitting his parents/brother. They had to get a room in the back corner of the hotel because he was so noisy, and they even had people complain because of his noise. I guess he was also jumping off the beds, getting into everything (coffee etc) and unrolling all the toilet paper. And both the boys wake up so early (5am) that their mom took them and drove around trying to find somewhere to buy a cup of coffee. That’s just crazy to me. His dad said he wished he could see what he’s like when he’s here.Β  Got me to thinking. They must not have strict rules at home, or at least don’t enforce them. I have set rules, they don’t change. No jumping on/off furniture. It’s our rule at home, at friends and pretty much anywhere. I know the boys are allowed to do that at home, so why wouldn’t they when out? makes me realize just how important having the same rules when at home and when out are to have. Our kids always know what’s expected of them, it never changes (of course it adapts to different situations). They try to stretch the limits, test us and are just kids, but they know when not to push and when to stop it. When we go to a hotel, go out of town, we want to relax. I can’t imagine that Sol’s dad or mom got much relaxing in (especially not together).Β  Sol knows my rules and honestly behaves just like one of my kids would. Sure sometimes he doesn’t like the rule so will ask for his mom/dad or to go home, but all daycare kids do that once in a while. He plays with them without hitting or hurting the girls (of course the occasional scrap arises but that’s to be expected). I honestly think his dad would be beyond shocked to see how calm, rule abiding he is when he’s here. And honestly it’s not like I did anything special, I was just always consistent. If I told him/reminded him of the rules and he chose to break them again (within a reasonable time frame) I’d put him in time out or if he hurt someone I might give his hand a smack. But really it was usually just a matter of reminding him of the rules and making sure I stuck to the same ones I always have. And the rules are the same for all the kids.

Well that’s my update for now. Oh and also Orlund told me to stop making/freezing meals because we don’t have enough room in the freezer anymore πŸ™‚ Never thought that day would come. LOL. Well I’d better get Livi down for her nap.

Ning Ning Happy.

Olivia calls her blanket “Ning Ning”. Just a few minutes ago she came up to me and said “Ning Ning”
“you want your blanket, where is it?”
“I dunno”
“It’s downstairs in your bed, you want to go get it?”
“uh huh”
“okay well the gate is open, go down and get it”
“No, Daddy”
“Daddy’s at work”
“Oh, Doy”
“Joy do you want to get Olivia’s blanket for her?”
“Olivia, Joy doesn’t want to go get it”
“No, you go get it”
A few minutes later Olivia came back upstairs with her blanket, we clapped and cheered that she went and got it. She then told me “Ning Ning Happy”
“Your blanket is happy? Because you went and got it?”
“uh huh”.

Olivia with her "Ning Ning"

Okay it’s official my kids melt my heart. And light up my life.
I think God gives us children to teach us. Teach us of His love He has for us (His Children), Teach us about true Faith and purity. Teach us to pray with all our hearts for another. And to teach us that we really do need to rely on Him.

Getting better…

After those first few nights of endless trips up and down the stairs I’m happy to say the girls have started sleeping through the night! Which isn’t just a first for their new room, it’s a first EVER! For both of them on the same night anyway.. Olivia has woken up a couple times for another bottle around 11pm, which is normal for her and we are usually just settling in for the night anyway.

I love waking up to hearing the girls greeting one another “Good morning baby-eyah” Joy shouts “Hi” Olivia answers. With that their door creaks open and they make their way upstairs, I’m usually still in bed and pretend to be asleep. Soon I feel a cold little hand touch my arm, I open my eyes to see Olivia with her crazy morning hair smiling at me “Hi” she whispers “Good morning Love, did you have a good sleep?” I ask “yup….. poop” she responds pointing to her bum (which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s pooped, just that her diaper is full). Joy waits by the door, “Good morning Joy” I say glancing over at her “Good morning Mommy!” she excitedly answers then starts rambling on and on about whatever. It truly is a great way to wake up πŸ™‚

I’m finally getting the itch to get all the baby stuff together and organized. Actually it’s past my bedtime at the moment however I need to wait until the dryer is done before going to bed. I like to sleep with the dishwasher going (soothing) but not the dryer. Once the buzzer goes I will have washed/dried 2 loads of new born baby clothing. Actually it’s all the newborn, 0-3month and 3 month clothing we have. I’ve been very blessed in receiving many items of clothing for a boy (mostly in those 3 sizes). I’m part of a mom group (privately) on facebook with mom’s that are all due in March (or like me and just before March). There have been 5 babies born already! (2 sets of twins). Makes me realize I really don’t have much time left to get organized!! I’m considered ‘full term’ on Tuesday! But this baby has to hold on until mom comes home, she arrives home on Feb 19th (pm)…. that’s just 15sleeps away πŸ™‚

Well I think that’s it for this post…. Have a wonderful night!

to tired?

The girls moved downstairs on Friday night. I have since gotten more exercise (in the 4 nights) than I have my entire pregnancy. Stairs are not fun in the middle of the night. Last night was the worst. Orlund and I have gotten into the habit of reading in bed before going to sleep, it’s nice snuggled up reading in bed together. Last night we watched TV a bit later so therefore reading took us to a short time after 11pm. I don’t know exactly when the girls started getting up, but I believe they (one or the other) woke up around midnight, and just a few times until around 3am. 3am it got worse, much worse. Joy had to go potty, she was having nightmares. Olivia was I dunno whating.. Orlund did most the trips up and down the stairs, however I was still unable to sleep, even once he returned to bed (just to jump up again 5-10minutes later) I couldn’t sleep. 6am was when I did my last trip to their room. I gave Olivia her bottle and said go to sleep. Orlund left for work around 8am. The girls got me up around 8:19am.
Okay… I can do this… I have Solomon here today, but I can do this. I’ll just nap when the kids nap, no biggie. I even had a little umph and got a tiny bit of organizing done in the office. (I mean TINY bit). Nap time rolled around ~ Yipee! 4 phone calls, 3 interruptions from Joy (more snack, potty etc etc), and a baby in my belly who had major hiccups = NO SLEEP. I got up and did some book keeping and other mindless tasks. It’s now 5pm, I’m starting to cook dinner. I can’t keep my eyes open… literally. I’m exhausted. (I might also add that yesterday I cleaned the entire upstairs of our house ~ it’s spotless. That also wears me out).

Here we go..

Update on our lives~
~ I’m still pregnant. Yup. Imagine that… 4ish more weeks to go, I like the sound of baby arriving Feb 20th πŸ˜‰
~ Had our furnace checked out today. We will probably be getting a new one in the next month or so, depending on the quote they give us.
~ I discovered how messy our house is. I’ve been doing lots of cleaning, so it’s mainly just toys and stuff we are still moving around. I probably wouldn’t have noticed except I needed to ‘clear a path’ for the furnace guy before he got here and realized just how much work there is left to get done.
~ My best friend’s mom lent me a book. It’s a cookbook. “The big cook”. I’m in LOVE. The recipes are made for you to get together with some girlfriends and make lots, you cut up the meat, make the sauce put it all into a ziplock bag and freeze it. So no cooking involved for now. The book also gives suggestions for side dishes (I always need help with those). You pull the food out to thaw overnight then cook it up the next day for dinner ~ many of the recipes are cookable in the oven, slow cooker or BBQ. I have made 8 meals so far, we ate one so I have 7 frozen meals. I also have all the ingredients and most of them prepared (cut up etc) for another 2 meals, however I miscalculated how much meat I’d need so need to buy a bit more. Darn Kg to Lbs! I know the math but apparently can’t do it!
~ Orlund and I have both been making many different meals from various cookbooks we’ve bought or were given. We are finding out what’s yummy and easy. I’ve got to start making a list of the recipes so we can remember later! LOL
~ We are FINALLY going to move the girls downstairs TONIGHT! *gasp* got lots still to do, but I’m going to work on it today after Olivia is down for her nap (well I have stuff to take out of their room first..). I’m excited it’s finally happening because that means I can start getting ready for our new addition.
~ Joy went to Sunday school last Sunday! This was a big step, she didn’t like to go as the kids were too loud and all over the place. however on Saturday we went to a birthday party with some of these kids and she decided since they were nice there she’d go to Sunday school with them again. She loved it! (now the rowdy kids I noticed weren’t there, and the new teacher is more strict ~ which is good for some kids like Joy, but not all kids). She say’s she’s going to go again this Sunday. Poor Olivia, she really wants to go! 1 more year πŸ™
~ Olivia is completely a Daddy’s girl. If I discipline her she runs to daddy for hugs. If Orlund disciplines her she runs a full circle, towards me then back to him for hugs. During the day if she gets really frustrated and I don’t know why, she points out the front window and cry’s “Daaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyyy”. I remind her Daddy is at work, but she just cry’s and cry’s for him. The only other thing that will sooth her is her Blankie.
~ Both the girls are so smart it blows us away sometimes the things they come up with! They sure are listening.
~ Joy loves to say something to you (not understandable) and then when you ask her what it is she said she replies “oh, never mind” while waving her hand. She is also using the word “pardon” now instead of always saying “what”. It makes her seem so much more grown up.
~ Joy is excited at the thought of having a baby brother to play with… I’m worried she’ll be upset when she realizes he wont be much of a ‘play’ buddy for a while. At least all the baby toys will keep them busy πŸ™‚
~ Orlund is LOVING his new job. Much less stress and it’s doing stuff that he loves.
~ I accidentally killed Nemo (our Gold fish). Yup somehow the temperature in our fish tank got so high he died and our other ‘fish’ (more like a snake/eel) was jumping out of the water because it was too hot! We cleaned the tank and cooled it off for them (slowly as to not shock them). Joy and Daddy went on a special trip to buy more fish, they bought 2 Pleco’s (the fish that clean the algae) and 4 little neon tetra’s. We are hoping to get on track with cleaning on a regular basis (it doesn’t take long, but remembering is the issue), then we would like to get guppies again. I love guppies. Just before we’d moved into this house I’d gotten into the routine of cleaning the tank, and our guppies were having babies. Unfortunately guppies are very sensitive fish and didn’t survive the move.
~ My pregnancy is going good. I have very low blood pressure still, the Dr suggested I use pressure stockings to help, I just gotta go buy them! My back has been killing me the last few days, but I think I know why. I dusted all our ceilings and walls on Monday (or was it Tuesday? lol), I think I just over did it and must have strained something.
~ well it’s time to get lunch going and some stuff cleared out the girls current room before Olivia goes down..

Hope all is well with your family. God bless you.


If you hadn’t guessed it, or read my facebook status. Little Charlotte has gone to be with Jesus.
Her mom updated their blog to fill us in on her passing ~
It’s beautifully written and hard to read with dry eyes.

Last night as I lay in bed thinking about Charlotte I realized she was Olivia’s age when first Diagnosed with Cancer (21months approx). then I realized it was on Olivia’s birthday that Charlotte had her first brain surgery. translation, she was 21months when she started this fight, and she fought hard and tough for 21months before going to Heaven skipping and jumping.

Today I felt unmotivated, perhaps because we found out no one from my family (Orlund, myself, My mom, dad or brother) are going to be able to attend the funeral (it’s cheaper to fly to Thailand and back then to Cranbrook), And I also received a new book I’d ordered in the mail. Heaven is for Real. Have you read it? I suggest you do. It’s the true story of a little boy (Charlotte’s age) who went to Heaven and came back. One particular part struck me hard and I had to stop to take a break ~ There was an elderly man (a believer)about to depart to heaven, the little boy and his dad (a pastor) went to visit and pray for him. After the father had prayed the little boy went back to the man and said “It’s going to be okay. The first person you’re going to see is Jesus.”.

Hug your kids tight. Thank God for your life and your loved ones.

Pray NOW

Please Pray for my cousin’s Daughter Charlotte. I’ve asked before, and Prayer works. She needs her 100% miracle and she needs it now. Cancer/tumors be gone from her head you do not belong there! Bumps on her head disappear God did not place you there, Charlotte is God’s child! Eyes return to the way God designed you and let her see again, Strength return to her body. Let her wake up in the morning with a hunger for food and a strength to eat. May her body function the way God so designed and purposed it. Praise you Jesus, Thank you for being our Healer and our Strength. Amen.


Last night (while I forced Orlund to stay in the living room) I baked his Birthday cake… Yeah, didn’t get a chance during the day so I did it once the kids were in bed. For someone like me, it was a complicated process. I got the idea off another blog, kinda wish I’d looked at their pictures better as it would have helped me not make such a mess… But I got it done, put in the oven. Cooked. Cooled and now it’s sitting hidden in our fridge. I took pictures along the way..I can’t post them yet as Orlund’s birthday isn’t until Saturday.

Today I’m icing the cake. I was going to make the icing this morning as my girlfriend Leah coming to help me later and I wanted the icing ready to go ~ oops left the butter in the fridge so it’s now out ‘softening’. My plans on just exactly what I’m going to do keep changing. I’m hoping Leah has some ideas. My experiences with Icing cakes is not good. I’m not all that talented at it, but I’m going to give it a try again. I pray I can make the icing thin enough to do a ‘crumb’ layer (where you ice a thin layer on to keep the cake from crumbing into your decorating), I just heard about this crumb layer for the first time today… wish me luck. I usually give up on decorating when my cake starts crumbing, and Orlund finishes it off… NOT today. Today I’m going to do it..

Wish me luck! I’ll be sure to take pictures of it at all steps along the way and post, probably, on Sunday..

Lets try again…

My last post was a downer, but even now rereading it the post didn’t even capture the essence of what I was feeling. Thank you to those that read and commented. It really did help to know that I’m not alone in my frustrations.

I finally was able to talk to Orlund and we were both able to discuss our frustrations and clear the air some. Since then he’s been awesome. He tells me to ask him when I need help (I’m bad at that), especially when I’m doing something I shouldn’t be doing in my pregnant state. And I feel like we are moving forward and that makes me much happier. We are even wanting to go to bed early just to lay there and talk for hours, something we haven’t done in a long time. This year is starting to look up.

I honestly can’t remember what all I’ve blogged about or not. Sorry if I’m repeating myself (I’m to lazy to look back). Orlund finished building a part wall that has a built in desk on the other side (MY desk). We cleared out the old ‘tv room’ and it’s been transformed into our new office. We spent the last week after Christmas before Orlund started his new job busting our butts to try and get the office ready to move all our crap stuff in. Orlund bought some shelving units and put them together, as well as dismantling his desk, moving it then reassembling it. We only have a few remaining odds and ends in the old office (as well as the closet that is full of my material and sewing stuff). I hope to move all the remainder of my stuff over tomorrow (although I may need more boxes). After Orlund finishes moving the last few things of his over then the old office is ready for it’s make over. It’s going to be the girls new bedroom. They are very excited about it. Especially since they will both be getting ‘new’ beds! I’m very excited to set up their new room and finally move them downstairs (although it’d be nice if they slept through the night on a regular basis!).

My mom gave me a hand and we were able to get the toy room finally organized and cleaned up. It felt so good to get it decluttered and organized. I don’t know if you’ll understand this, but to me, whenever an area that hasn’t been cleaned in a while is finally cleaned and cleared out it’s so quiet. Like the clutter and mess were noise to my eyes.

Well I think that’s all I have to share at the moment πŸ™‚
Hope you all have a wonderful week! Oh and if any of you have any recipes that are good for freezing I would greatly appreciate them… trying to stock up, unfortunately I don’t have many ideas…Thanks in advance πŸ™‚


Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, or how hard you try, nothing will ever be good enough?

Perhaps it’s due to pregnancy hormones, but I don’t think so. Baby boy is doing great ~ Praise God. I’m so exhausted, worn down and I feel like the one person I want to understand is so far away from ever understanding I just don’ t know what to do.Β  Guess it’s another downer day, since the beginning of the new year I think I’ve had 2 up days… pretty sad start. I have loads that I am thankful for, just wish……… I just don’t even know what to wish anymore. I think today is going to need to be a ‘in my bible’ kind of day, although I do have to work too, and be a mom, and a house wife, Oh yeah, and a 8month pregnant lady (can’t forget that one).


This past week has been….an interesting one…
Saturday night Olivia was up all night with a fever. Actually she was up then down then up, just all over. We spent most the night snuggling her and worried about another seizure.
Sunday morning she woke with a horrible cough and a lot of flem in her chest. But she seemed to do better through the day.
Monday Solomon got dropped off, he had the exact same cough as Olivia, he also napped almost the entire day. Olivia was more snuggly than usual and we went through a lot of Kleenex between the two of them. Monday night, I didn’t feel so great.
Tuesday Solomon got dropped off again. I also now had the same cough as the two little ones. Not fun, whenever you cough the pain spreads throughout your chest and back and, well, it’s painful! Tuesday night Olivia was doing a bit better, I was a bit sicker, and Orlund spent over an hour in the washroom.
Wednesday morning Orlund had another bout in the washroom just as we were getting up (he’d figured he’d stay home to recover as he wasn’t feeling well). This time however there was a lot of blood. So I got the girls dressed and we took him to emergency. After we dropped him off we went grocery shopping and then went to take him a few things before coming home. After 4hours of not hearing from him I was worried and tried to call him numerous times (he’d turned his phone off). Finally I couldn’t take it and wanted to know what was going on so called Leah over to watch the girls so I could zip over and find out for myself what was up (Thanks Leah!). I talked to a volunteer to see if I could get in to see him and she found out he was on his way down. Okay I’ll wait. Turns out his mom was with him all day (Thanks Hazel), although apparently because she was with him he just forgot to call and update me? dunno. Not important. So we came home to some girls that were happy Daddy was home. (he had to have a CT scan and they have more tests to run as they don’t know what it could be). Joy also seems to have picked up Olivia and my wonderful cough.
Thursday (Dec 1st), Today. Orlund stayed home as he’s still not well. He slept the entire morning. I of course had taken the other days as not cleaning days… well there is only so long you can go before you need to do some cleaning. So I picked my worn out, painful, exhausted self up and got a little cleaning done. *yeah me!*. Both the girls are exhausted and….well….sick. I took a nap when Olivia did, I don’t know if it helped or not. I feel even more ready for bed. Oh well, no rest for a mommy! Our little bean I’m cooking seems to be just fine, he’s rather set in his waking/sleeping routine and doesn’t much move off of it (unless I wake him with my excessive, painful coughing).

But you know what? we’ll make it through. I might have even more grey hair after, but we’ll make it! Well I’d better go get dinner cooking. Hope you and yours are feeling better than we are! God bless!


Faith like these (Children)

I’ve mentioned that I would be posting about Joy’s faith…Here it finally is~

Many of us (I hope) have heard the story ~ Matthew 19:13-14. Some children came to Jesus but the disciples told them to go as He needed to rest, but Jesus said “Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.”

I always figured I knew just what that means. I’ve had my eyes opened.
We always wonder if we are teaching the girls enough about Jesus and God. They will eventually need to make their own decision on following God or not. However while they are still under our covering we will teach them all we can and pray it touches their hearts. There is no way to really tell if they understand anything we are teaching them or not. Until Joy showed us her unshakable faith. Whenever the girls get hurt we always give them a kiss and say a prayer for no pain. The first time Joy showed me her faith was when I was in the hospital with Olivia in February(her UTI). Joy had joined in saying Amen after anyone prayed for Olivia, however one day I started to have a Migraine due to the dry conditions of the hospital and not drinking enough water. When I came out of the bathroom Joy asked me what was wrong, then she grabbed my hand and prayed for no more head hurt. Melted my heart.

After that she started praying more and more. She loves to say grace before our meals and loves to pray for us when we are hurting. I don’t know if you believe in the Healing power of the Lord, however WE do. Often I’ll pray for my own healing if I’m getting sick, sore etc, however as an adult I find I often question my own prayers. Joy doesn’t do that. If she prays for you, then you are healed! End of story. To her Jesus can do anything. Which He can. We often feel silly praying over little things, but really if we need help why wouldn’t He help us?

One day while leaving Walmart (recently) I was feeling weak (low BP) so had purchased a bottle of water… Well for the life of me I couldn’t get the silly lid off! I got a bit flustered and put the bottle in the cup holder. Joy asked from the back seat “Mommy, what wrong?” I told her I couldn’t open the lid, without hesitation she prayed “Jesus help mommy lid no open. Amen”. I figured I might as well give the lid another shot. It opened without any effort.

Olivia needed to get her 18month shots last month so we parked and went to pay, at the pay station was a mom with her child. She was explaining to her son that the machine was broken and wasn’t taking her money. Joy asked me what was wrong, I explained we would have to use a different machine since this one was broken. “Oh” she said “Jesus no work, help please. Amen” “Oh, it’s working now!” the other mom said to her son. The machine worked just fine for us as well. The other mom hadn’t heard Joy pray but I sure did.

She prayed for our baby before our second ultrasound, and everything is fine. I wish I could just put out the thoughts that make me doubt. Joy doesn’t question, she just believes, trusts and has Faith. Such a pure belief in Jesus. That’s what Jesus was saying, undoubting Faith.

Blogging again.

I haven’t blogged in a while and figured I might as well since I have a chance.

I just thought I’d share about all the wonderful fun I’ve been having running my daycare.
Solomon is potty training. Okay, rewind. Running a dayhome I knew at some point I’d have to come to grips with the fact that I’d be helping someone else’s child learn to use the potty. I don’t like accidents (potty accidents). When Joy was potty training we started with keeping her diaper on and just putting her on when she said she needed to go, or every few hours (she can hold her bladder for longer than I can when not pregnant). Once she got used to actually using the potty we removed the diaper. Sure she had a couple times when she was playing and realized a little too late she had to go, but most the accidents were in the bathroom. If she did have an accident she’d come tell me (or cry).

Solomon has been doing great potty training at home (so I’m told). Day 1 here potty training. He asked to go on the potty but didn’t do anything. After 3 attempts I decided he needed to go just wasn’t able to so I put him in a diaper. Come nap time. I decided to let Sol stay up a bit later, while I put Olivia down (maybe 10 minutes). I heard him go into his diaper bag and figured he was looking for his teddy. I was wrong. After I had Olivia tucked in all nice I received a surprise I just never expected.

I walked into the living room. Sol sat in the middle of the carpet wearing his underwear sitting on a clean diaper (I think he was trying to figure out how to put it on). Next to him sat a poop filled diaper with about half a package of wipes inside. Poop smears encircling him and the diaper. He changed himself. Thank goodness we’d just done a toy cleanup or else it could have been worse. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it’s worse than anything I expected. I stopped and counted in my head so I wouldn’t explode. I picked him up and set him down in the bathroom, I told him not to move a muscle (he didn’t). I told Joy to stay away from the living room and picked up the diaper (tossed it). I then went into the bathroom and cleaned Sol up (poop on shirt, unders and bum). I didn’t exactly know what I should do… I know what I’d do with my own kids, but he’s not mine. So I grabbed out the spot remover and told him he had to sit there and watch me scrub the carpet. He did, and Thank goodness it was ‘fresh’ enough the spot remover worked great!

Day 2 (4days later), again he comes not in a diaper. He has a small pee on the living room carpet. Again I put him in a diaper. He did end up peeing again later on the potty even though he was in a diaper.

I’ve decided he can wear a diaper here. I’ll ask him if he needs to use the potty, and he seems okay at telling me when he needs to. I just don’t enjoy potty training. I think I’ll keep him in a diaper until Christmas (I watch him 2-3 times a week), then after the Christmas break (if I get one) he’ll probably be ready to not need a diaper. He’s my first experience in potty training a child that’s not mine. WhenΒ  I watched Grace they took 2 weeks off on holidays and she came back potty trained (1 accidental pee when playing), Gabe came already potty trained (although I did have to get used to the ‘standing to pee’ thing ~ eww!). I’m also not used to little boys peeing. I know 100% my son will sit to pee at home, because that’s just gross (especially when I have to sit and clean). I hope I can train Sol to always sit while here….

Well that’s my fun πŸ™‚ Thinking about running a day home? I could talk you out of it, or into it πŸ˜‰

Pregnancy update

I did a couple of these when pregnant with Olivia, although apparently my blog has deleted them πŸ™ But here is one for this pregnancy!

How far along? 26 weeks Tomorrow
Total weight gain/loss: Up 5lbs
Maternity clothes? Oh yeah! Have been since around 7weeks!
Stretch marks? No new ones that I know of.
Sleep What’s that? Joking. I actually sleep okay besides the Pelvis pain and the girls waking.
Best moment this week We (think) we’ve finally decided on a name (no we aren’t sharing it)
Movement He’s already trying to dig his little feet between my ribs and skin (oh the joys)
Food cravings Eggnog and Grapes (not together).
Gender Boy πŸ™‚
Labor Signs None
Belly Button in or out? Flat. (well still a bit in, but mostly flat)
What I miss Having no pelvis pain, eating sushi and being able to easily lift Joy. (and I’m sure Olivia misses me not dropping her into her crib because I can’t bend that far).
What I am looking forward to My mom coming to my next Dr’s apt and getting to hear our little guys heartbeat.
Milestones I realized just how big I am, can’t see my feet, can’t paint my toe nails, and just feel BIG.

Prayers for Charlotte

If you don’t know Charlotte, or her story, or even just want to have an update on this precious little girl please read her parent’s blog ~

Please pray with me~

Lord we lift Charlotte up to you. You are our healer and deliverer. We pray for complete healing and restoration in Charlotte’s body, from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes. Your healing to heal all parts in between extending to every limb. We pray that any tumors/cancer to be demolished and everything be restored as You originally designed it to be. You designed us in Your image before we were conceived and there is no room for any sickness or disease. Any toll the disease, medications have taken on her little body we pray to be restored to Your Glory. Praise you Jesus and Thank You for the healing only You can provide. We praise you and believe un-doubting in Your healing and strength. Amen


Catch up

With all this business with our baby boy I haven’t really blogged much about the girls, so today is about our girls πŸ™‚

Joy is “Mommy’s helper”. when I’m having a rougher day, or I just need a break she seems to be able to pick up on that and helps me out without hesitation. The other day I asked her if she could grab a diaper from their bedroom for Olivia’s diaper change, she said “Okay” and went and got one. As soon as I sat on the floor to change Olivia she took off running down the hall, I turned to Joy and asked if she would mind bringing Olivia to me. Sure enough Joy gently guided Olivia down the hallway and within arms reach (Olivia likes to do as her sister wants). Joy is having a bit harder of a time now that Olivia can reach on top of the fish tank and the counter tops (Joy’s hiding spot for toys), and often she gets frustrated with having to share. Olivia follows Joy around because she’d hate to miss out on anything, and I think Joy sometimes misses her private, alone play time. Joy is completely potty trained (although she sleeps in a diaper she rarely uses it). Joy still loves to sing and dance, and spin Olivia too fast so they fall down. She’s really gotten into praying and loves to talk about Jesus (I’ll blog later about that). All in all she’s just growing up too fast!

Olivia has spunk! She is going through what many refer too as the ”terrible two’s”. she’s 18months old but she’s always been a bit strong willed. Now she knows how to talk so she tells us what she thinks. When I say she talks it’s not full sentences but she sure can repeat words and her favorite is “NO”. If she doesn’t want to do what you ask, she’ll reply firmly “No” then the bottom lip extends and her chin tucks in turning into two. It’s really cute, but sassy. She also likes to ‘help’ me however it usually ends up being more work for me. She likes to stand her ground and not give Joy that toy she’s playing with, however if Joy breaks down into tears, Olivia is quick to hand over whatever will make her happy again. Olivia loves to please people. She still loves to snuggle. We are trying to get her off of drinking her bottle at night. We would brush her teeth then give her her bottle (felt like a waste) so we now try to get her to drink her bottle before we brush, and during the night when she wakes we try to get her back to sleep without drinking anything (usually she would just suckle anyway). She is wearing size 2 clothing, which means some of the clothes Joy still remembers wearing as she was just wearing them this past year. It takes a bit of explaining to Joy that she’s to big for the clothes, and after a few tears, she understands.

Currently both the girls (and myself) are fighting off colds, which means our gentle princess Joy becomes more violent. She’ll smack Olivia if she gets in her way, it’s weird to see her hitting like that (she spanked Olivia the other day for climbing onto her chair!). Olivia becomes more whinny, which is really not like her either. She usually will tell you what she thinks then run away shouting “No” (then circles back for a snuggle) but now she just tosses herself onto the floor crying (very dramatic). I find we let Olivia get away with a lot more ‘drama’ then we ever let Joy get away with, but I hear each child gets away with more and more. We are trying to deal with the screaming run Olivia does but that all takes time (and age understanding). Joy went through this phase as well, however she was never as strong willed as Olivia.

Well that’s the just of it πŸ˜‰

A whole lot less stress.

If you have followed my blog for some time you know about my ‘little secret’. The one that I’m not a good housekeeper. It’s my personal struggle, personal stress when people are coming over.

Well It’s not a stress in my life anymore. Not so long as I stick to my ‘plan’. I write a list, every morning. I actually get the entire list done, if not that day (due to unforeseen circumstances) then I do my best to at least get it all done that week (I keep the list to a minimal, and have a master list of ‘bigger’ projects). Before when Orlund would ask me to do something I’d reply “it’s on the list”, chances were it was. However if that list ever had any hope of being completed was the bigger question, often he would re-ask me over and over until I did do it. NOT anymore, now when I tell him “it’s on the list”, it means it’ll be done as soon as I can get too it (or on the particular day I’ve scheduled it). I think this relieves Orlund’s stress as well as my own.

Every day of the week I do the exact same things, plus anything else needing to be done. (this is again all thanks to Flylady who helped me establish routines and stick too them, she’ s also my personal cheerleader).
Monday; Home blessing~
Girls laundry (sheets included).Β  De-cat hair furniture (Vac). Empty Trash from all rooms. Vacuum all rooms. Clean Mirrors + doors. Mop Kitchen + Bath.
Tuesday; Towel laundry. Scoop Kitty Litter. Water + fertilize plants. 15 Min current zone.
Wednesday; Mom + dad laundry. Clean fridge. Menu plan + grocery list for next week. Remainder weekly cleaning. Write thank you cards. Write letters + cards.
Thursday; Errand day (switch to whichever day I can go).
Bedding Laundry. Menu’s planned before shopping. Double check list + take. Grocery Day Buy + put away.
Friday; Date night!
Any Extra laundry. File papers. Mend Clothes + polish shoes. Clean out car + check fluids. Move food to fridge freezer for week. Clean out purse. Clean fish tank. Clean laundry room.

I do that every week no matter what. I keep the list on my fridge in a clear sheet protector and with a dry erase pen I check off the items as I go, if I miss an item I do it the next day. I have to admit I’m still not so good at doing Friday’s jobs.
Flylady also has a ‘Zone’ we do every week. This week had 1 day from last month and the rest from this month (resulting in 2 zones this week). These are the jobs I do~
Monday~ Detail dust living room
Tuesday ~ Porch, entry, Dining room, put out hot spots (clean up piles of junk)
Wednesday ~ Walls/ Windows in Dining room (finger prints etc)
Thursday ~ Entry pick up jackets/shoes etc and put away.
Friday ~ Dining/Entry dust window sills/ light/ fans etc.

Also the Monthly goal to learn to do is Menu Plan. I’m bad at menu planning, especially since Orlund does most the cooking (for dinner). Although I do plan to try to do it for next week as since I’m only working 1-2 days a week I figure I can pitch in and do more cooking.

Doing these as well as the ‘do it now’ principal have really helped me out. Everyday there are the usual chores of cleaning the kitchen, picking up toys and just picking up after ourselves. However if I stick to my list and the picking up after myself (which for someone like me is difficult) the house is always 15minutes away from company ready. This got put to the test on Saturday. I was out at a girlfriends baby shower with Joy. Orlund was staying home with Olivia as it was her nap time. I’d left some dishes to be done, and he had agreed to do them. Well I guess his parents called, they were in the neighborhood and wanted to stop in. I came home to find them here, they left shortly after I arrived to continue their day. I asked Orlund “so, how was it getting ready for your parents to come over”. (now before Flylady he would have 1~ told them not to come or 2~ he wouldn’t know where to begin to clean so wouldn’t have done anything.. which would lead to major embarrassment for me!). “it wasn’t bad” he said. After we talked about it, I guess it only took him 15minutes to get ready, and that’s including getting Olivia up from her nap and finishing the dishes!! Of course I would have quickly run the vacuum through, but really it’d been vacuumed 2 days before. It made me SO happy that he had time to get the house tidied up and had the coffee made for when his parents got here. Sure the house isn’t perfect, but heck, we LIVE here!

Of course our dryer stopped working last week, found out it mysteriously got unplugged. We can’t reach the plug in so are trying a bunch of different things to get it plugged in. This has made me skip a few loads of laundry, but since I do it regularly it wont be hard to catch up on. I’m also feeling under the weather. So other than the kitchen and picking up after myself I’ve put the rest on hold (other than things that have to be done ~ like water the plants). I figure if my house is 15minutes from company ready then it wont take me long to catch up.


Hi Danica, Yes I’m blogging about you… πŸ™‚
I was wondering if you would be able to send me that link to those Maraschino Cherry Chocolate cookies you had blogged about last year. I made them once, but forgot to write down the recipe, and since you closed your blog I can’t look back on it. ~ Oh I miss your blog… You are such a beautiful writer.
Thanks a million in advance πŸ™‚

The results are in….

We drove to Vancouver and spent the night at a friends house.Β  Once arriving Orlund was upset he hadn’t thought about taking half of Wednesday off so we could spend some actual time visiting! Oh well. We had a wonderful visit and a good sleep. The girls stayed here at the house with Orlund’s mom watching them ~ she unfortunately didn’t get a good sleep! (teething Olivia). I guess right after we pulled out of view, while I was tearing up, Joy turned to Grandma and said “everybody happy! Joy happy, Grandma happy..” she then stretched Olivia’s face into a ‘smile’ “Baby Olivia happy too”. lol.

Thursday morning Orlund and I headed in for our appointment. We stopped for a breakfast at White spot. Yummy. Weird without kids, quiet. Then jumped into the van and headed to the hospital. We arrived an hour early! Yup. Gotta beat that Vancouver traffic! (better early than late, and since we are used to traveling with kids~ if they had of been with us we would have JUST made We looked through their gift shop after checking in, there was a REALLY cute baby blanket, unfortunately the price wasn’t so cute. No purchase from us.

Finally we got to go in and have the ultrasound. Orlund got to come in right away, and we got to watch the entire ultrasound on a big screen TV. The technician pointed out what all it was we were looking at (I pretty much new). Got to see the two parts of the brain and all the fun little parts you don’t notice on a regular ultrasound. Then came the question “do you know what you are having?” “Nope””Do you want to know??”…lets just say there was a lot of discussion going on. We found out!! We are having a………………….lol. yes I’m going to make you wait a bit longer! I’ll post a pic later revealing the gender. After she was done getting all the measurements etc she had to go clear it all with a Doctor and make sure she had gotten all the shots she needed. After a wait that seemed to take forever (5minutes) she returned and said we were done. “Baby does have a 2 vessel umbilical cord, but otherwise is completely healthy”. “What about the cyst on the Placenta?” I asked, I hadn’t even seen her look at the placenta. “the placenta? let me see” she looks back through our paper work. Apparently my Dr misinformed me, Baby had some cysts on the spongy thing in the brain (it’s between the two halves and makes spinal/brain fluid). However the cysts were GONE πŸ™‚

Then we had an hour and half wait until our ‘Genetic counseling’. We went to the cafeteria and paid way to much for some, not overly exciting food. But it filled us up. It was close to the time we were to head upstairs (figured we’d just go early). Upstairs we went. Apparently they make you wait an hour so that they have time to get the results. So we figured we would be waiting about 1/2 hour. Well that time came and went. Orlund and I read all the information they had on the walls (about genetics etc). Interesting, but not that interesting. I finally decided I was to tired to just sit there, so I took a snooze. I had just gotten into a good deep sleep when the counselors came in. She asked me if I was okay… lol.. what else is a pregnant woman who for once doesn’t have kids with her supposed to do while waiting an hour and a half? NAP.

We went into the room with the two counselors (one was in training). Boy do they ever beat around the bush! Sure if there was a major complication it would have been perfect. However as we found out, Baby is good. First we talked about the umbilical cord (as the two things are NOT related at all). Orlund asked the question on both our minds “so what could happen to our baby? what does it mean?” Apparently the only thing that could happen is we could have a small baby….although by the measurements on the ultrasound we have a big baby ~ so they aren’t worried.

Then we came to the cysts. Apparently these cysts are common (same as the cord), and it is common for them to come and go, so we will get another ultrasound around 32weeks to see if they are back. The only reason they are even looking at them again (or looked at them again) is because there were two ‘markers’ even if unrelated. We asked the same question about what the cysts could mean. Apparently they can be an indication of a very serious genetic disease. One that they didn’t tell us exactly what it is. However usually if a baby has this disease then they will have other issues, ie~ missing limbs, brain issues, heart issues etc. And our baby only has the cysts. They also said that we could have an Amnio (forget how to spell the full name) if we wished to know 100%, and we could have it performed RIGHT THEN! I luckily know a bit about Amnio’s. There is a 1 in 200 chance of miscarriage, and we would need to spend another night in Vancouver. I said no. I have Faith that God has taken care of this and so there is nothing to worry about. Orlund wanted me to make the decision as he was worried I’d worry and wonder about it the rest of our pregnancy ~ I wont. I said NO, so he told the ladies “we wouldn’t do anything about it anyway, so unless there is a VERY good reason, such as the doctors need to know for delivery or shortly after, then there is no point putting our baby at risk”. The Lady that was training the other said that was a good way to put it, if you wouldn’t do anything anyway why bother.

So with that we were done. On our way out of town we swung by Ikea and hit up the kids section to see if we could find a ‘treat’ for the girls. Unfortunately that stop brought us right into rush hour traffic. THAT is the reason I wouldn’t want to live in Vancouver! It took us well over an hour to go a very short distance! We stopped by Orlund’s Aunt’s house to pick up two bed frames for the girls. THANK YOU! And then headed home with a very full van.

We arrived late at night, Thanked Orlund’s mom and dad and headed to bed.
So glad to be home, but even more so THANKFUL to Jesus for our healthy baby #3.

Thank you for your prayers and I’ll be sure to upload that picture soon πŸ™‚


So, today I anxiously awaited the phone call from ‘Patti’ my Dr’s receptionist. It was 10am, she’d said to call if I hadn’t heard anything by 10/11am. I decided to be patient so took the kids for a walk. It was the ‘first’ real walk I’ve taken in a long time (lazy me!), wow! Talk about baby ‘pressure’ and braxton hicks contractions!

Anyway, we returned from our walk, and Patti hadn’t called. So I called her. She received the Fax while we were on the phone and printed it off. She asked me “are you ready to hear when it is? because it’s soon” “oh yeah” “Thursday Oct 20th”.. Yeah, as in 2 days from now!! So that means we need to drive to Vancouver TOMORROW night! YIKES! Patti had told me before it would be soon, I figured that meant NEXT week soon, not THIS week soon!! So as you can imagine I have Orlund scrambling πŸ˜‰ lol. He’s talking to his mom to see if she can babysit the girls (They don’t sleep through the night so it can be hard, and we don’t want to over tire her), and while on his lunch break he’s driving down to the Dr’s office to pick up the package of information we’ll need. Oh and of course telling his boss that he needs Thursday off!

This is happening quickly! Oh and now we will also need to figure out where to stay for the night.
I’ll keep you updated. God Bless! And thank you for the continued prayers.

Ultrasound update…

I’ve been ‘patiently’ waiting to hear from the Dr’s office if they knew where we would be going for our next Ultrasound (Vancouver or Kelowna). I gave them a week. Today I called, the receptionist said she would look into it and get back to me. By lunch I figured perhaps she knew the answer but hadn’t had a chance to call me. So I called her again. I found out some interesting information I hadn’t thought about… First we are going to go to Vancouver for the ultrasound. She knew that. I guess she called them, and they are usually quick at responding so I should know by the end of the day (thank goodness that’s 4pm!). However the things I learned ~ Apparently this is an ALL day affair! We also don’t get to pick which day it’ll be, Vancouver picks that. The appointment is usually from around 9am to 2pm. First we will meet with some Doctors, then have the detailed ultrasound (hope we get to watch, or at least see some), then we meet with the doctors again (with some counselors) and go over the results right then and there!! Which is nice because we’ll have answers quickly and not have to wait to come home and find out. She will call me sometime today and let me know what day it is that we will need to go. Also they will have a package of information for us to pick up at the office. Makes it sound scary, but I have faith in our God. Heck my little believer Joy prayed for baby to be okay, how can it not be? (I’ll blog about that next).

Here's our baby #3

However…. This means that we will have to leave our girls somewhere over night!! First time EVER! (Joy stayed at our house with my mom when Olivia was born but that’s the ONLY time). Sure we have family in Vancouver, that I’m sure I could ask to watch them for the day, however, Orlund’s Aunt has some beds for the girls that we need to bring home (and in order to fit them into the van we need all the seats out). Orlund had been planning a trip with his mom to go down and get the beds, however now since we will be going we can just pick them up. The receptionist told me that usually people go down the night before due to how early these appointments are (and you wouldn’t want to miss it!). So that is probably what we will be doing. I think this will be hard on me! Leaving my baby girls… I know they will be fine, it’s probably harder on me than anyone else. Guess we just wait for the phone call with the times and then see who is available for babysitting the cutest girls around πŸ˜‰

See ~ such cuties!


Thank you for your prayers. I believe our baby is fine and everything else will be too (although continued prayers are always appreciated). The Doctor started off by saying that the VERY good news is baby is perfect. If something is wrong usually their head will be bigger/smaller than it’s supposed to be. Our baby is perfectly ‘balanced’ and measuring correctly for our dates.

The reason they called me in is because two small things showed up during the Ultrasound. He said if either one had happened on it’s own they probably wouldn’t even have concern. However due to there being two things it just makes them a little more concerned. The two things were 1) On the Ultrasound it showed only 2 blood vessels in the Umbilical cord ~ usually there is 3. and 2) There looked to be a small cyst on the Placenta. So we will be sent to Vancouver or Kelowna for a more ‘detailed’ ultrasound, and I have to get some blood work done.

Over all I’m happy how things are going πŸ™‚ And the Doctor prescribed something for my heartburn.

Prayers please…

Yeah, I’m bad at not finishing my blogging about our trip. however something has come up, and while I’m not willing to share it on such a public place as Facebook I am willing to share it with my readers. Most of you, I believe are Christians and pray, please pray.
Friday we went in and had our 19week Ultrasound. Baby was dancing the entire 45minutes it took for the technician to get all the measurements she needed (both the girls did this as well). Afterwards baby had fallen asleep so we only got to view him/her for 8minutes as we saw all we were going to see. It was exciting and we video taped it as a nice keep sake.
This weekend was Thanksgiving ~ Happy Thanksgiving everyone~ Talk about heart burn! I’ve been ‘sleeping’ on the couch in agony for the past 3 nights.
Tuesday (today)~ I was exhausted and the kids decided to be feisty and Joy ended up with a swollen lip. Olivia doesn’t seem to be feeling well as she’s crying and throwing fits all morning. Olivia has also learned how to say “NO”. Yup she’s at that stage… fun.. Anyway, to the point of my blog. This morning I got a call from our Doctors office, they wanted to call and book an appointment with me to go over the Ultrasound. *gasp*. With both the girls we didn’t have to go over anything! So of course like any pregnant woman I broke down crying and sobbing (and of course praying) there must be something wrong. I got the idea to call the office again and ask if this was going to be an appointment that my husband would need to come to or not.. The receptionist had to ask the Doctor. She told me that they saw something on the Ultrasound that will require more tests to be done (or more lab work?). So this is an informative appointment (no hubby needed). We will be discussing what they saw (or thought they saw), what tests we will need to do etc etc. SO please PRAY for my baby, uterus, placenta all that baby stuff. That everything is normal and natural. I don’t mind doing more tests, and I’m praying and believing that those tests will prove my baby is completely healthy and another miracle of God.
Thank you for your prayers. I’ll keep you updated.


Our next stop was in Brandon.

On our 7hour trip there we stopped in Regina at a McDonald’s to let the girls play for around an hour. They loved it, and it was a nice break for us too.
In Brandon I have an Uncle Richard (whom we stayed with), Cousin Dan (wife Becky, and their two kids) and Orlund has his Baba, as well as an Uncle Nathaniel (wife Thaisa and cousin Danessa). So we had many family members to visit with. The day we arrived at Uncle Richard’s house we were introduced to his Girlfriend Nancy, she was very nice to meet. I haven’t seen my Uncle Richard since our last trip out that way (actually we haven’t seen anyone from Brandon since then) and it was nice to see him. He and my Dad were very close growing up and they look quite similar. We were off to bed at a ‘reasonable’ time that night.
The next day we spent the morning visiting with Richard (he was on holidays) and making plans with the rest of the families. Shortly after dinner we headed out to see Baba. She was over the moon with excitement in getting to meet our girls. They took to her as well. Lots of hugs and loves, and of course in tradition to her Ukrainian nationality she stuffed us with even more food! After our visit with her Joy had many heart felt (tired) tears and kept crying out for Baba. She fell asleep on our way to Orlund’s Aunt and Uncles house and continued with a little snooze while we were there. Olivia didn’t mind soaking up all the attention! It was a wonderful visit. Then after returning to Uncle Richards and getting the girls down we continued our tradition of staying up much to late. (of course really it may have been midnight there but that’s only 10pm our time! lol).
The second day there Orlund went to spend some time alone with his Baba while I stayed at Richards with the girls. Nancy and one of her daughter’s (Jenna) came for brunch. It was nice to visit with Nancy again and to meet her daughter. After brunch we just hung around (played in a playground) and then headed over to Orlund’s Aunt and Uncle’s house for visiting, dinner and well more visiting. We enjoyed a bit of a cooler day (finally) and in the evening even enjoyed a fire in their back yard (in a portable fire pit). It was wonderful and we didn’t want to head home but the girls needed to go to bed.

The next day we headed to Winnipeg. (but don’t worry Brandon isn’t done yet…we come back ;).)



(sorry I haven’t been blogging!) Back to our trip~

We drove to Saskatoon and the girls did fabulous again! This was only a 7hour trip and that seemed like just long/short enough that we didn’t kill one another πŸ˜‰ Funny enough but I wrote out all the directions off Google. Orlund never looked at the map. To be completely honest the only time I felt stress on this wonderful trip was giving him the directions. If he sees a map at least once, he’s okay to boss around….if he doesn’t see that map, lets just say it makes it interesting. We arrived at my Auntie Pat and Uncle Rob’s house in time to enjoy a wonderful dinner, my cousin Stacey was there and cousin Chris, wife Ivy and baby girl Summer (11months) came over for a wonderful visit. It was my first time meeting both Ivy and Summer. Love them both. Auntie Pat is my mom’s little sister. Pat is very similar to both my mom and myself. I found myself watching her, enjoying her company and making me realize just how much she is like my mom. Made me miss mom even more, but at the same time made me feel like she was there with us too.
The next day we mostly hung around at the house, thought we’d go to the zoo. Unfortunately by the time we got there it would close in 2hours. We figured we would go in anyway as our Zoo passes should get us in there too. They said it didn’t. So instead we took the girls to a pet store (they had to see some animals). Did a little shopping and had ice cream. Headed back to the house to enjoy all the family for dinner again. Every night we stayed up much to late visiting with Pat and Rob. We get a long fabulously with them, and the girls went to bed easily.
The following day we decided to go to the zoo earlier in the day. First however we went out for lunch with Chris on his break. It was nice to get to visit with him (we had been close when he and I lived in Thailand). Then we headed over to the zoo. Again they said we had to pay, so we did. It was super hot, but a nice zoo none the less. We had a wonderful time, unfortunately the train wasn’t working (luckily it’s out of sight so Joy didn’t notice! phew!). After that we headed back to the house where I took a nap with Olivia. I had forgotten to take my night diclectin the night before so was feeling a bit queezy.Β  Again the whole family was there for another delicious dinner. We all just hung around visiting after and enjoyed watching the kids play. And of course once everyone had gone home and the girls were in bed we stayed up past all reasonable bedtimes visiting.
The next morning we loaded up and headed to Brandon.
Thank you Auntie Pat and Uncle Rob for letting us stay with you, we had a fabulous time πŸ™‚

ps~ Joy’s eye slowly returned to normal during our Saskatoon visit.
pss~ Once we returned home I sent an email to our Zoo informing them that we were unable to get into the Saskatoon zoo. turns out we should have been able to and our Zoo is willing to reimburse us of the admission! And they are informing their staff at the Saskatoon Zoo to be better aware.


Sept 3rd we finally set off on our family trip. I’d been planning for most of the summer. I’d packed a week early and was happy to leave my house in good standing (clean!), and feel that we had everything we’d need. We sure did! Brought back at least 1/2 of the snacks we’d taken! lol.
It was nice to have all the room in the van. I was able to keep a large bag between Orlund and I which contained our directions, my camera, snacks, drinks, my neck pillow and a blanket for myself. Then just behind the bag was a bin containing the girls toys, a bag next to that contained their DVD player and movies. On the other side of the toy bin was Orlund’s camera. Everything nice and handy!
Just before we headed out on the highway we stopped to gas up. While Orlund ran inside to buy breakfast and coffee (A&W) a truck pulling a horse trailer pulled up. Joy pointed the horses out to me. The trailer pulled out before we did, and for the remainder of our trip, every 20minutes or so, Joy would ask “Daddy where horses? More horses?”. It was cute, and since they can see out the van windows we were able to point out the horses, cows and trains.
The girls did AMAZING traveling. Olivia slept on an off (more off than on), and whenever I could I’d take a nap as well. Whenever I’d finally get into a comfortable position (weird complaint but too much room in the van for easy napping), Joy would ask “mommy nap? Why mommy nap?”. lol. We stopped in Jasper for a quick lunch and stretch of the legs. The girls napped for the rest of Jasper and so did I. Well it’s a 10hour trip to Wetaskiwin, and the girls were getting tired! So we put a movie on for them, they watched it, however once it was over there was many fits had because they wanted to watch another! This was the only movie then ended up watching in the van the entire rest of the trip!

We arrived safe and sound and had a wonderful visit with Auntie Darla and Grandma Norstrom. Their house was as comforting and familiar as it was the last time, this time however with a pretty new floor πŸ˜‰ We settled in quickly and got to visiting. One thing about Orlund’s Grandma that you’d realize after a short 15minute talk with her is she has a memory like I wish I had! She remembers everyone’s name, their spouse’s name, their kids names etc etc. I wish I could remember names like that!! We love listening to her tell us stories of her life, growing up, meeting/dating Grandpa (whom I never got the pleasure of meeting) and all the wonderful things she experienced. It was beautiful weather and we took advantage of it, playing outside in their gorgeous backyard, and going to the park by the lake. Auntie Darla helped show us around and was a great hostess. She also makes the most beautiful bead jewelry! She showed me some of the bare foot sandals she made and some anklets. She even let me choose an anklet to keep! I wore it every single day for our entire trip, and would still be wearing it unfortunately it broke the day we got home. (I told Orlund I guess I’ll have to get into beading now ;). lol). I have all the beads so it wont be too difficult to fix (I hope, or else Auntie Darla will be getting a special package in the mail…). The day we went to the park dusk set in and so did the mosquito’s. Olivia received about 3 bites on her face, they swelled a little but nothing major. Joy got a bite on her right eyebrow, the next morning it was swollen. We didn’t let her sore eye slow us as we went to the Reynold’s museum (old cars/airplanes). That evening Orlund’s Uncle Dallas and Auntie Fay came for dinner. Joy’s eye didn’t seem to be getting better and she was rubbing it (were giving her Benadryl). So Darla, myself and Joy loaded up to head to the hospital. We waiting 2 hours, Joy is such a good girl!! The doctor finally called our name and rushed us through a bunch of hallways, stopping at the end of one (it had a corner cubby with stock). “Sorry, but this is our privacy” he said as he picked Joy up and put her on a metal tray with wheels. He examined her eye told me to put eye drops in and keep giving the Benadryl, and sent us home.
After such a wonderful visit, and learning that our girls aren’t shy and like meeting new family members, it was time to go. Sept 6th time to head to Saskatoon! Joy’s eye was now swollen completely shut (poor girl). Thank you Auntie Darla and Grandma Norstrom forΒ  your hospitality, and wonderful stories. God Bless you both! Hope we can come see you again sometime soon.


871 Km to Wetaskiwin, 498 Km to Saskatoon, 626 Km to Brandon, 212 Km to Winnipeg, 212 Km back to Brandon, 1740 Km home, 16 days, 27 family members visited, 1 wonderful driver, 1 hormonal pregnant woman (me), 1 yr old going through a growth spurt (“I hungry”), 1 teething toddler, 7year anniversary (uncelebrated),Β  loads and loads of fun!! I’ll blog more on it later. I still haven’t finished unpacking ~ of course we did just get home today!

I’m so excited to sleep in my own bed again, I just hope the girls do good tonight!

(Oh and funny enough we missed 3 weeks of Church and people started to think we no longer attended our church! lol. guess we didn’t tell so many people we were going away!)

Here we go…..

Today I tackled the house. As in I cleaned it. I’ve been doing very good at keeping the house clean. However before you leave on a big trip there is always that ‘little’ extra you want to get done. We leave on Saturday. I have had my clothes and the girls clothes packed since Tuesday. Wednesday was running around doing errands (got to hear baby’s heart beat!) so it was pretty much a write off for doing chores. I got everything accomplished, other than Vacuuming (which isn’t exactly a hard job to do). Tonight while sitting on the couch watching TV with Orlund I started to write out a list of all the things I need to do tomorrow…….. WHAT?!?!?!?! How can I have SO much left to do?? Most of it is preparing snacks (like cutting up cheese) and just gathering things together and organizing them into a transportable state, but non the less I think tomorrow will feel like just to short of a day! *Sigh* I was hoping it would be a relaxing day. I think though there is no such thing before a big trip. Today at 5pm I petered out. And after dinner for a few hours I really didn’t feel well, I think I over did it. That’s the last thing I want to do tomorrow, over do things, but like always there is much left to do… deja vu! I’m pretty sure I’ve written that last sentence a few times before….LOL…. And here, like most times I think I’m ahead of the game until the day before/of. Oh well!

So if my blog is quiet for a while, don’t worry I haven’t disappeared completely. I’ll be around πŸ˜‰

Flying high!

I have been (just slightly) stressing over our upcoming holiday. Trying to figure out what to pack, and trying to make it as light of a load as possible! I thought I would wait until Thursday to pack, however strongly feel I need to pack NOW. Don’t know if it’s the pregnancy, or God whispering, but I’m going to listen either way! So tomorrow, I’m going to pack most my clothes that I plan to take (other than the clothes I still need for this week), along with kids toys, movies and some of their clothes. I may have the boys for a few extra hours, or an entire extra day this week that is completely unexpected so perhaps I do need to pack now and stay on top of this just in case!
My belly is growing at a very quick rate! I can’t believe it!! Orlund took some pictures of me standing (ones that were later deleted, so I didn’t stand pretty) and WOW talk about looking pregnant already! I’m hoping Wednesday at my Doctors apt I’ll get to hear the little heart beat! (14weeks!).Well, during all this stressing, We did take some time out to have some fun! Check out Orlund’s latest blog entry for one picture. And here is another (not the best quality, but still fun to take!).

Hovering over Mommy! OH What fun!!

More fun with Gabe

Oh the wonderful questions this 5 year old comes up with during lunch time. Today I answered these questions~
1~ Why are bugs insects?
2~ Why do bees sting?
3~ Why does there have to be a God in heaven?

My answers? haha, he at least figured they were good enough.
1~ Just like there are different kinds of Dogs. There are big, little, medium dogs and they all have their own kinds (insert different breeds here), however they are all called a DOG. So all the different bugs (insert bug names) are all called INSECTS, it’s their ‘scientific’ name.
2~ They only sting to protect themselves. They think you are going to hurt them so they sting you. They don’t do it to be mean, really some bees die after they sting someone. (he then proceeded to ask how bees fight, they sting each other).
3~ If there wasn’t a God we wouldn’t exist (oops, now to explain exist). Finally he kinda got it, I told him we wouldn’t be anywhere. But God created everything from nothing, we can’t do that. He then told me he wanted to be somewhere else….where? Still in him mommy’s tummy…….guess he’s got my pregnancy on his brain too! Earlier somehow I explained that Jesus had God’s blood and Mary’s, but Joseph raised him like he was his own (Gabe kept calling Joseph Jesus’ fake dad!lol). Yeah, well then somehow it got to that Gabe has his daddy and mommy’s blood in him……but then he wanted to know how his daddy’s blood got in him when he’s not in his daddy’s tummy ever…..oops… I told him that Daddy’s have an important role in helping get a baby in the mommy’s tummy ~ He prays for God to put the baby in there….LOL… phew. He dropped it…I sure know how to dig myself into deep holes!! LOL.

I wonder if he asks his mommy and daddy these kinds of questions? I hope so. I explained to him the other week that his new school wont teach him about God. I don’t think he liked that idea, but I told him it would be okay and told him he can help teach his classmates/teacher about Jesus and God πŸ™‚

Van? Van? or Van?

As you know we’ve been looking at vans as of late. With baby #3 arriving in February we needed to keep our eyes open for that perfect deal. We had looked at the Dodge Grand Caravan’s. Two different ones, Canada Value Package and the Stow-n-go. The only thing we didn’t like about the CVPackage was no rear air or tinted windows. The only thing about the SXT (stow-n-go) package was the price.
We met with our financial adviser and discovered we are doing better than we thought and could afford a bit better van (or bit more money). So we looked and discovered the two ‘best’ vans out there are the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. The Honda starts above our budget, so we thought we’d go look at the Toyota. Their websites suck! I like the Dodge one, it shows every van they have in stock, and in transit. And all the different prices, features etc for each van. You can basically shop online, the Toyota and Honda websites aren’t anything in comparison.
Come today… Saturday. We decided it would be a good day to test drive the Toyota (and go look at it for the first time). We dropped the girls off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house at 10:30am. Once at the Toyota dealership a sales lady came out and showed us the van ‘she would want’. uh huh… Rear video, power sliding doors, 8 passenger, you name it, it had it! Yeah, we didn’t even ask the price on that one and asked to see a ‘base’ model. She didn’t have one as low of price as it showed online, however had one similar. We took it for a test drive. Very nice. Very. But once back at the office, the price…..well…. Lets just so not so nice. Once everything was totaled it blew our budget out of the water!!
It was only 20minutes to 12. “Want to go test drive a Dodge again?” Orlund asked. I figured might as well while we have the Toyota fresh in our minds….
Arrive at the Dodge dealer. (opposite side of town so like a 20minute drive). A sales guy comes out and we ask for our sales guy (I’ll call him John for the purpose of it’s easier than calling him ‘the sales guy’ LOL). Orlund mentioned before the sales guy went to get John that we had looked at a Toyota. A few minutes later John came out. I have to say he didn’t look all too impressed. But he started to tell us about the different features, prices etc again, and said they’d just got some new ones in so we started to walk over to look at them. He then mentioned while motioning to a red minivan, that it had just been traded in as the owners were upgrading. it had 67000Km’s on it (the price was under $20,000). It still sounded like an okay deal but he kept telling us about it. I couldn’t figure out why he was so excited about this red van. He then re-told us the information… No it didn’t have 67000Km’s it had 6100Km’s!!!!! GAME CHANGER! It was a 2010 Canada Value Package however with rear tinted windows. The papers were still being signed to hand it over, so we couldn’t even unlock the doors to look. We asked him to check the price with his boss. It was an AMAZING price. We said YES!
We went for lunch (to give them time to transfer the van over to the dealer). Came back and signed the papers…. we might have been silly but we didn’t get to look inside it (unlocked as in) until we were waiting for the insurance guy to come!! Our first test drive was driving it off the lot!!! CRAZY! I know! But even including taxes it didn’t come to $20,000 !! How could we pass it up! I guess another sales guy was taking photo’s while we were away at lunch and sending them to one of his clients trying to get them to buy it before us!! But we got it!!! So now I have a beautiful Red minivan in my driveway πŸ™‚ I couldn’t be happier….Okay I could… read on to find out….

After our purchase, which got us picking up our kids at 3pm. I was ill, I hadn’t planned to be out so long so hadn’t taken my Diclectin (anti-morning sickness pill). So when we got home I laid on the couch while the girls played around me. I awoke to find Joy sitting on the potty yelling she was done, no Orlund to be seen and an Olivia poking at me… Guess I was worn out! So after helping Joy I peaked out the window as Orlund was supposed to show his Civic to a guy at 5pm. I saw him out there showing the guy (I looked out our bathroom window). Then I came back to the living room and in a few minutes watched through the front window and Orlund and this guy took the car for a test drive…… But the guy stopped before even fully backing out. I was wondering why when I noticed that he’d backed into his own car!!! Yup broke our tail light and dented our bumper, he broke his side mirror (driver) and dented the middle of the drivers door!! He’s paying for repairs but not buying the car….him buying would have made me happy… THEN…..
(and John said we were so lucky we should have got a lottery ticket) ~ Orlund was cooking Chicken on the BBQ. I noticed a funny smell. So Orlund took a look outside… sure enough the BBQ was on fire again! He had to push the flaming BBQ away from the house as much as possible (its on our small upstairs deck), there is smoke damage to the side, which with any luck we will be able to scrub off. Orlund turned the propane off and I think just let it die out itself. So I called a Pizza place and got to drive my new fancy van to go pick up a pizza for dinner.
Well Orlund just informed me he IS ushering tomorrow and I need a shower so I’ll have to get up REALLY early. Good night all!

Good night :)

Well it’s 10:32pm… I usually feel so sick at 10:30pm that I crawl gagging into bed and lay there feeling ill until I finally drift into a deep sleep. But I just ate a big bowl of itchy ban noodles so I’m feeling okay (for the moment). The rest of today was wonderful. After I finished blogging Orlund and I visited while the girls played about. Then we went for a walk over to Mac Park to the BG Urban Grill to try their smoothies ~ got a 2 for 1 coupon in the newspaper. YUMMY! And I checked out the rest of the menu as well, very reasonable prices.
After our smoothies and walk we had a quick lunch and then it was nap time. After naps we jumped in the car and headed to the fabric store. Unfortunately they wouldn’t let me return some things I’d purchased, however I got the threads I needed. Olivia stayed with me. Joy went with her Daddy to Princess Auto. Orlund was shocked when Olivia and I came to find him, he thought we’d be in the fabric store all day… nope I just put my head down, ignored the adorable materials screaming my name, and got just what I needed. *Yay Me*. We then decided since we were already in that part of town to go check out the Dodge Grand Caravan’s again. We had gone once before, but the sales guy seemed a bit ‘slimy’. I know, I know, a lot of them are, but this guy we didn’t care for. Luckily when we pulled up another guy came out. We liked him. He gave us some more options and pricing, the other guy we saw as we entered the new guys office. Gave a little smile and pretended we didn’t recognize him. We know who we will be dealing with now at least….now just to meet with our financial adviser. Then we will start the actual wheeling and dealing.. LOL.
Well Orlund is shutting down and it’s now 10:41pm, I’d better hit the sack before I hit the ill…..
Good night all πŸ™‚

Oh and I also learned today (the hard way) that just because your first child never took their diaper off during nap time, doesn’t mean your second child wont….yuck!

Good morning :)

Good morning all you beautiful people! This morning has been a beautiful morning for me. First I got to sleep in until 8:30am, and awoke to coffee brewing (Thanks Honey). Then Orlund took Joy out for a father-daughter breakfast, so Olivia and I had a special one here too. Chocolate milk makes the 1year old happy πŸ™‚ After I was done eating, waiting for Olivia to finish I looked over my to-do list. I’ve been doing good this week and getting a bunch accomplished, however I have fallen behind some. So Olivia and I headed downstairs (she loves to play down there) I dusted the ceilings and walls while she explored the toys. After that I decided we should come back upstairs so I can get some other cleaning done. She found the swiffer to be great fun! I emptied the dishwasher and re-loaded it with our breakfast dishes. Then just as I was about to leave the kitchen a giant white casserole dish caught my eye. It was on the very top of the ‘drying’ dishes (they dried overnight). So I decided to empty the sink as well. Looks nice when all the dishes are away!

Well Orlund and Joy just returned from breakfast, time to get the rest of this day on track πŸ™‚
(Just a side note. Orlund just told me that while he and Joy were standing in line to order Joy looked up at him and said “Daddy I happy” ~ awwww!)

Just a random shot of my messy girl πŸ™‚

Where’s Jesus?

Today I was continuing on with my ‘fall’ cleaning when Joy called me into her room. I went in to see her sitting reading her storybook bible (has about 5 OT stories). She flipped through it quickly and said “Mommy,Β  No Jesus. Where Jesus?” “Oh, Jesus isn’t in there?” “No mommy. No Jesus, why Jesus not in Bible? No whale too”. “oh, No Jesus and No whale?” “Yeah, no Jesus or whale”………I tried explaining that they were just a few Old Testament stories but that’s hard to explain to a 3 year old. I told her that Jesus was in her other Bibles and this one just has a few stories, but not about Jesus or the whale (Jonah). She sure melted my heart though. At 3 asking why Jesus wasn’t in this Bible. SO CUTE!!!

Fun with Gabe

We took Joy in a while ago to have her speech assessed (don’t know if I’ve blogged about that or not?), well either way, she is a bit behind where she should be so we’ve been working with her. The main part is sounding out the first consonant. The other day Joy said “happit” for rabbit. Gabe piped in and said “no Joy it’s not happit, it’s wa wa wabbit” “no Gabe it’s not” “it isn’t?” “No it’s rrr rrr rabbit”. He was very surprised he was saying it wrong. He’s been trying to help Joy with her words as well, however I find often he’s giving the wrong example! LOL

Then yesterday during lunch he said to me “Jenn, tell me if you can hear me when I do this” And lets out a big sigh. “Yes Gabe I can hear you sigh” “WHAT!?!?! You can??” His mouth dropped open in an astonished look “but, but how could you? I was plugging my ears!” LOLΒ  It took a great deal of explaining to get him to understand why I could hear him even though he was plugging his ears….and I still don’t think he fully understands (or perhaps he doesn’t believe me?).

Hair cut

So the other day my beautiful and talented Sister-in-Law came over and trimmed up Orlund’s hair. I also got a hair cut. I wanted the same cut as I’d had before an inverted bob. I really liked the cut on me, however I let it grow out in hopes to donate it to cancer. My hair grows quickly, however apparently not quick enough as my patients ran out and I chopped it off.

My hair looked great after she’d finished cutting. Then I took a shower to get rid of the cut hair that lingered behind. I made the first mistake that I always make when I chop my hair off, I slept with wet hair! No matter how hard I tried to style it the next day nothing worked.

So this morning before the boys arrived I jumped in the shower and set to styling my hair….. apparently it doesn’t like me. Which is usually how it reacts when I get it cut. I looked back at a picture I have with this cut from last time. Wish I could get it to style like that!!Β  I think my hair is a bit longer this time than the last so it’s being a bit sassier or something. I’ll leave you with the picture of last time, lets hope I can tame the hair or perhaps get it trimmed into submission!! lol.

The Original

“Mommy say sorry to Joy!”

The other night while I sat at the table waiting for Joy and Olivia to finish dinner this conversation took place~

Joy had said something that hurt my feelings. So I pretended to be sad and sat there pouting (like she does) and mentioned to her that she hurt my feelings. “Mommy no happy? Mommy be happy”
“But you hurt my feelings”
“Mommy say sorry to Joy”
“I’m not going to say sorry, your hurt MY feelings, you should say sorry to me”
“Mommy say sorry.. Say sorry to Joy or big owies on bum. Say Sorry” She pats her bum making sure I understand
“Oh really? no Joy you say sorry”
“No, Mommy say sorry or big owie on bum! I 3 and them big owies” she holds up 3 fingers. Folds them down then one at a time raises them “One, two three” she counts as fast as she can, Climbs off her chair comes over to me and gives me a smack on the bum. Then climbs back into her chair and continues eating….
Well I couldn’t contain it. Here I should have been explaining to her why she can’t do that, and all the other things that needed to be explained, but I just burst out laughing! What a goof ball!! Can’t tell what I do with her! Orlund then asked about the 1,2,3 thing as we had agreed long ago not to count, but that she should do it when we first ask her too. I use the counting only when it’s not to harsh of an issue and I know she needs time to process the information.
So yes, that was my enjoyment the other evening! I couldn’t get over how well she mimicked me from the words I use to the body language~ they sure do watch everything we do!!!

Mom’s Night out.

I wanted to tell you all about a fabulous event I attend once a month, it’s called “mom’s night out”. It basically is held one night a month at a different restaurant at 6pm. No kids. No husbands. Sound fun? It is!
I’ve had people say to me that this ‘night out’ must consist of a lot of gossip. I mean lets face it, there are usually 5-15 women out for dinner. We must gossip all night right? How about I tell you what Mom’s night out means to me, and you tell me if it’s all about gossip….
First things first, Dinner out at a restaurant. Who doesn’t love that? You get to choose whatever you want to eat/drink. You don’t have to cook it or clean up after it. Dinner out is always fun even with the kids. BUT, when you don’t have kids, it’s even funner! When you are a mom, out for dinner with your kids you have ample to keep you busy ~ Do they have to go potty? (usually just as your food arrives) did they soil their diaper? Are they being to noisy for the other diners? Are they making a mess? Eating nicely? You order fries as your side, but really you’d rather a salad ~ but kids like fries. Our girls are very well behaved, however they can get to be a handful because well….restaurants are boring for kids.
So dinner out without kids is fun. Dinner out with the husband is fun, however really if you are a SAHM like me what do you have to talk to him about? he listens to me every single day. It’s nice to have a fresh set of ears to ramble on to.
We talk about our kids. Yup we do. Is that gossip? I don’t think so… We talk about milestones they made/missed, struggles in school, at home, etc. We all give advise and comfort one another in the decisions we’ve made. It helps to know you aren’t such a bad parent after all. We talk about work, school, housekeeping. I found out I’m not the only person who makes lists to do everyday! Nice to know I’m not as weird as I thought I was πŸ˜‰
Sure you know, I’ll admit it. Sometimes gossip does come up. I think rather rarely. I mean really, can you see 15 ladies sitting out at a restaurant gossiping? Rather hard to do. We are human so gossip pops up, usually though, just if you are carpooling and you need some advise on a relationship.
I’ve heard some ladies say they don’t want to come, just because they figure it will all be gossip. I feel sorry for them. They are missing out on a web of friendships. I find after Mom’s night out I feel uplifted. Alive. Ready to face whatever life throws at me for another month.
I thank Jamie who organizes and reserves the place and time. All the fabulous ladies who attend, and help me with all my life throws at me. And of course my Fabulous husband who takes care of our precious beautiful little girls. Thanks Hunny!
If you are a mom living in my town, you don’t have to attend our Church to attend our Mom’s night out! Just pop me a message and I’ll email you the info (when I have it) for the next one! We love having new ladies to make connections with, it’s a friendly environment and you’re sure to have fun!!

To my blog readers only…..

Thus far, the news has not reached Facebook…. and Once Orlund and I get around to taking the picture we so desire to use to announce the news, you, my (few) blog readers get to hear the news first…………………

Baby #3 is on it’s way!!! Yup. I am in the throws of ‘morning’ sickness (who ever came up with that name wasn’t obviously a pregnant woman). I am taking 4 dicletin a day, wearing pressure bands while riding in the car and all in all couldn’t be happier to be pregnant again!
When are we due? February 28, 2012! Could be a leap baby πŸ˜‰ Hopefully baby is a boy…. but we would be blessed if it turned out to be a baby girl. I usually seem to bake my babies a bit longer so most likely a March baby! Olivia will be exactly the age Joy was when she came along!

ps~ the news will be reaching facebook in a day or two, so please hold off any fb comments until then ~ THANKS! It’s been announced πŸ™‚

#3 !!


I really should post more pictures… unfortunately I can’t find my camera…I should get on that eh?
Today was a good day. I started off not feeling the brightest, but it turned around quickly with a nice walk. The boys arrived at 8:20am, while I was still wishing my AMAZING mom a happy Birthday on Skype. After we signed off and the girls and I ate breakfast I loaded up the strollers… That’s right strollers. I had promised the kids once summer hit we would take a walk to the local 711 for slurpees. So I got the double stroller (picked it instead of the bike trailer as it has cup holders), then strapped an umbrella stroller to the side of it. So I only had to push 1 stroller but I could have 3 kids riding. Joy doesn’t like to walk when it’s really hot out. Strapped the 3 littles in, made sure Gabe held on and we were off. It is a short walk, about 15/20minutes. I then learned a VALUABLE lesson…. little itty bitty slurpee’s cost only about 10cents less than a gigantic huge slurpee. I paid $10 for 4mini slurpee’s, 1 large slurpee and 1 pack of candies. Next time (if there will be a next time) I will bring our own cups, buy 1 huge slurpee pour the slurpee into our cups for the kids and I’ll drink what’s left over. That will cost around $2. I might grab extra straws from 711 but otherwise it’s to expensive for them each to have their own! I told Gabe my plan, and as I started to explain I said that each of the kids would have their own sippy cup (straw kind) and he blurted in “NOT ME”… Yes you too! I told him to listen until I’m done talking, once he finished listening he thought it was a smart idea.
Well I am happy that summer has finally hit. And although it took it’s time getting here, it seems to have hit over night.
Olivia loves pushing limits and is constantly testing me right now. Joy loves talking back…… sigh… Good thing they are so cute eh?


Olivia just wandered over to me showing me her soil covered fingers. The look on her face said it all “please mom, clean this off I don’t like it”. The soil around her mouth told me she didn’t like the taste. Told her to stay out of my plants. Perhaps now that she’s tasted it she might listen. Joy was a child who wouldn’t push the limits, at least not often. Olivia is a child who lives to push the limits. We have fun.

I have a list, rather simple list, but none the less a list. The list is of everything I need to do this week. With the exception of keeping on top of the chores once done ~ example; I have Clean kitchen on list, well I will have to do this about 3/4 times a day, but it’s just written on the list once. I could get the entire list done today. TODAY. Will I? Probably not. My mind is ready to do the list, my body is not. I’m going to have to push through and get at least someΒ  more of the list done. It’s nap time. Nap time slows me down. If I could put the girls down and come out to work on things it would be fine. But I lay on the floor, getting Joy to lay still enough to fall asleep. I usually fall asleep. I wake when she’s asleep, but then I usually have a hard time getting motivated again.

Hard day's work.

Well it’s time to get Joy on the potty and Olivia drinking her bottle. Just felt like sharing my day today. I have the boys every day this week (other than today) from 8-4. Please pray for my sanity….. On a more serious note, but about praying ~ Please pray for Charlotte. She’s going back up to Calgary Children’s for some scheduled tests, but she’s been having a rough few days, please pray it passes quickly and she’s healed!

perhaps less time too?

I was visiting with a girl friend of mine last night at Mom’s night out and she mentioned to me some struggles she deals with (in regards to house and kids, time really). And I told her about how I wish I could just get my house clean, and keep it clean. Why can’t I have what so many other people have? Umph as I call it. You’d think that if I’m not spending the time cleaning than perhaps I’m spending it playing with the kids. You’d think. I do play with them. I do clean. But I don’t feel like either is enough time put towards them. I think I’m spending it online. What a horrible thing. I blog (usually while kids are napping ~ or like now pretending to nap), I go on Facebook (feels like a connection to the world outside my house), I read other blogs (check them daily even 2x’s daily), and I have other websites I visit to read whatnot on. I try to do it all only while kids sleep. But the truth of the matter is, I’m addicted and I come online more often than not. NOT GOOD.
I have one friend who blogs regularly, almost daily. Today I just read that she is now stopping her blog. It’s gone as of tomorrow morning. Danica I will miss you!! You truly inspire me and help me be a better mom. I just wish I could write as beautifully as you do. Although I will miss her stories (even philosophy Fridays), I completely understand the desire to not put so much time into blogging. I have decided I do want to keep blogging. However I’m going to cut down on all my other online endeavors. I’m going to make myself have Umph, get the house the way I want it and spend that time with my kids. They are only little for a short time. I don’t want to look back and feel like I missed out on their childhood because I was online. That’s not why we decided I would stay home with them. We decided for me to stay home to raise them, and I want to raise them right.
So while Danica moves on to other things, I too have decided to move on. I have wanted to be a certain way since I got married. I keep getting there, or almost there, then falling back behind. But I’m going to just keep on trying! Flylady was working to help me reach my goals, and now I need to press on and get back into it. What is something you’ve been putting off doing? Or something you want to do?

To excited?

Oops. I’ll back up before I’ll explain my oops moment.
Today has been one of those, test your patients, drive you nuts, is it over? kind of days. The only thing that helped me through was knowing that tonight is Mom’s night out. A night that mom’s from our Church (and their friends ~ out reach opportunity) get together and enjoy a hot dinner without the hubby or kids. It’s nice. It REALLY is. Well the boys just got picked up so I started to get ready. Well Joy and Olivia started begging for a snack (sad to say it that way, but they sound like they are begging). So I sat them up with some Cucumber and Tomatos to munch on until Orlund gets home and makes them dinner. I also told Joy that once she was done the veggies then she could have some Cheese. Well I went to the bathroom and got myself ready, makeup on, hair done, dressed. Joy came in and showed me she was chewing a cucumber (yummy), so I followed her out to the dining room. Figured she was telling me she was eating it. Well I wish I had of had my camera. I came in to discover OOPS I didn’t buckle Olivia in! She was sitting cross legged in the middle of our dining room table! She had found a pencil and looked like she was looking for a piece of paper to draw on. Guess I was to excited to get ready and get going! She is now happily eating her food, safely strapped into her highchair. Joy is harassing me asking for more cheese….sigh…. 2hours… just 2 more hours…


Ever feel like you just want to read something beautifully written, inspirational, and perhaps a bit random? Following the thoughts of the writer is more fitting than random I’d say. I have only a few people who actually read my blog, and Danica is one of them. I read her post tonight. It’s all I wrote about above. Check it out here. (had my hubby help link that).

ps~ on a slight side note. I must remember to never blog that I’m bored again… The cat got sick 2minutes later on the carpet.. yeah.. gross.

awww :)

If it wasn’t so warm out I would turn the air con off and enjoy the peace and quiet. Instead I have it blasting away above my head. But none the less, it’s quieter than usual. I put Solomon down, then Olivia, put a movie on for Gabe and took a break laying on Joy’s floor while she fell asleep. That’s right I lay on her floor until she falls asleep (its the only way to get her to lay still enough to fall asleep ~ and yes she still needs to nap). I came out once she was asleep. Gabe was happily watching his movie still. I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded up the lunch dishes, all dish-washable so no hands on for me today πŸ˜‰ Then I came into the living room to see if I felt like working on Joy’s scrapbook and noticed Gabe was leaning over funny watching the tv. Then I walked around the couch and realized he was actually asleep! He was sitting cross legged yet he had bent over sideways so far his head was almost touching the couch… Not real comfy looking. So I paused the movie and woke him to go lay down on my bed.

NOW here I am blogging. 4 kids sleeping. No dishes to do. Kitchen is clean. Can’t do laundry. No point trying to clean the fish tank (Olivia usually wakes up sometime soonish and she would be to big of a ‘help’). So here I am. I don’t feel like scrapbooking or doing really much of anything. However I am a bit bored.. I know.. me bored? Guess I’ll email Orlund the grocery list and putt around online for a bit…


So we decided to test drive a minivan today… Just to see. Eventually we would like to purchase one. There is a brand, and kind that we would like(although after today will look at others). The one we test drove doesn’t have as big of an engine as we’d hoped for. However there is a Brand new (that one is used, 1year old) one that isn’t as ‘fancy’ with a bigger engine. Oye! I tell ya… SO much money.. Neither Orlund nor myself are wheeler dealers…. When the time comes to purchase we might take my dad along. The van was beautiful. I love it. I don’t love how much money everything costs. Oh and the guy pretty much slapped us in the face with the STUPID price he wanted to give us for our cars! What an insult! Definitely will be selling those privately. We can see through all his “I don’t normally do this” but we aren’t aggressive people…. sigh.. Oh well.. someday..

On another note, I’m finally getting some progress going on Joy’s scrapbook. I had laid out a ‘plan’ about a year ago of how I wanted to do everything… However whenever I went to work on it, I just couldn’t get it to work. So I finally scrapped the old idea and started fresh, and I like it! I’m getting it done! I would like to get it done this month. I started on Friday. I have 16 14 pages to do. I did one yesterday and one today. Pretty good progress I have to say, and I still feel like doing more πŸ™‚ Yipee! I don’t know why I ever thought doing a scrapbook was a good idea. Oh well. Once I have Joy’s done I’ll start on Olivia’s. Actually I don’t think I’ll really work on hers until October (just with all we have planned for summer). But I will slowly gather the pictures I want and print them off. I also still have my mom’s cross stitch to finish…

I also have this excruciating pain in my left shoulder. Right up on top of my shoulder, and when it flares up the pain is so much I usually end up crying. The pain travels up into my head making me want to vomit. It acted up tonight when I was driving and I almost pulled over, luckily the Lord relieved enough of the pain I could get home. I’m praying for it. Joy prayed for it too. What a cutie. Well It’s past my bedtime so I should head to bed. NIGHT!

Much better…

Well after my last post I should write that today was a much MUCH better day πŸ™‚ Thank you Jesus!
Last night I found I couldn’t sleep. I was wide awake. WIDE awake. I haven’t felt that wide awake since before I got pregnant with Joy!! It felt great…. the only problem was it was after bedtime. I couldn’t make any noise. I couldn’t use this wide awakeness for progress. (yes awakeness is a word in Jenn Land). We went to bed at 11pm. I stayed up wide awake until 1:30am. I made a prayer list (specifically of babies, mommies and pregnancies ~ the devil sure has been attacking). I prayed over the list as a whole and individually. I spent some time with the Lord. Then surprisingly enough I was still wide awake (you know what I mean if you’ve ever tried to pray before falling asleep, you usually fall asleep before you say Amen). So I turned my computer on in hopes mom would be online. Nope. So I emailed her. puttered around online. The girls were up a bunch of times, so they also kept me going. Finally I decided I should try going back to sleep. And I did rather quickly, and slept GREAT!
This morning the girls and I went in the back yard, hoping to play in the pool ~ ice! So we came inside. I thought I had the boys at 10am, but nope, it was 11am. So I baked bread. Today was my day to take a meal to some new parents in our Church (Baby born on Tuesday! He’s so cute!). Once the boys arrived I made lunch while baking a desert (turns out using whole grain flour doesn’t work so good in squares). I gave Sol a bunch of time outs but over all it was a good day with them.
My Dad popped over just as the boys were being picked up. So I scooped his car to drop off the meal, then returned to enjoy dinner with him and the girls. (Orlund went on a hike with buddies until 10pm). Then we enjoyed a coffee and he headed home just as I put the girls down. They went down surprisingly well. Bonus! Then I went to have a bath, and decided the tub REALLY needed a scrub, so I scrubbed it. It was draining slow, so I dug out gunk from the drain. While I was doing that my mom called on the phone! It’s always an extra special treat when she calls. We visited then decided we should Skype as it’s free. So we did that, while I enjoyed a bubble bath (I know weird to do, but whatever. I needed the bath). So after a rather short soak, and a good visit with mom I decided to watch a movie. I didn’t like any of the choices I had, but decided on “how to train your dragon”. It’s a ‘kid’ show. My kids wont watch it until they are like 13, but none the less my brother gave it to me. And I like it! It’s cute! Orlund came home, he’s looking at his hiking pics, and all in all it’s been one of those days that at the end of, you wouldn’t mind repeating tomorrow…..Tomorrow will be even better!

Random, but cute. Our little helpers.

~~ I learned a few new things this week, 1- before promising a meal to someone, make sure you have the car to deliver it. 2- not everyone can be so last minute as me (which is completely okay!). 3- it’s more work than I thought to plan the meals, but I think next time I’ll be better prepared……Wish me luck! I do truly LOVE being able to bless others in this way, it’s just been a BIG learning curve for me these past few days. πŸ™‚

Why bother?

Do you ever feel like no matter how badly you need it, you just can’t get a break?
I need a break. I’m breaking. I really am. I feel myself shattering from the top of my head down to my toes. I need to submerge myself in water and have a good long think… do you ever do that? just sit at the bottom of a pool, listening to the silence? Or wander through the woods with no destination in mind? I used to.Β  I think I just need some ‘me’ time. Some nice silent me time… Completely alone, and NOT at home. I need to drown myself in conversation with God. In those silent times is when I hear Him, when I feel His presence. When I come out of those times I feel like I can do anything!! (With His help of course).

Father’s day.

Happy Father’s day to all you dad’s out there!! I hope you were spoiled rotten.. Orlund was. πŸ˜‰ Before I get to what all we did this past weekend, I wanted to share a little ‘questionnaire’ that I did with Joy. She was SO cute when answering my questions and I hope you get as much of a kick out of it as I did~~

What is Daddy’s Name? Daddy
What is your favorite thing to do with Daddy? Eat eggs
What is Dad’s favorite thing to do? Go for walks with me
What is Dad’s favorite food? Cake
What does daddy always say? Daddy like baby, Daddy like Nemo (Nemo is our goldfish)
What is something special daddy does just with you? Go to Church
What is something you want to do with Daddy? Go for a walk to the park
How old is Daddy? 3
Why did Daddy marry Mommy? Want to so Mommy doesn’t cry
Why did Daddy name you Joy? Because I’m a girl

Isn’t she cute?

So on with our weekend. Saturday Morning I got up put coffee on and then made breakfast. A special breakfast, waffles with Strawberries, blackberries and whipping cream. I have to say, they were yummy! Then I got the girls ready and we went to Solomon’s 2nd Birthday party. Unfortunately it wasn’t the most beautiful day and I had figured it would be inside, oops nope. It was outside. And just as I was leaving the house I forgot to grab their jackets… So they both ended up wearing a sweater of Solomon’s. It was fun, but tiring. We came home for their naps. Once they woke up we headed out for dinner ( all you can eat Sushi!!!). Very yummy, very filling. Headed home for bedtime.
Sunday Morning we got up early and got ready for Church. 9am we got there for the Pancake breakfast~ yummy!! Had Church then headed to Orlund’s parents place for lunch ~ yummy!! Had a good visit and headed home a bit later than planned. We tidied the house and got ready for dinner while the girls napped. My dad arrived for dinner and we had a wonderful visit with him and again, yummy food πŸ˜‰

Well I guess I should get on with my day now… The boys are coming in 1hour and I’ve got lots to do before they arrive.. God Bless you and I hope you had a wonderful weekend as well!

getting ‘er done!

As I sit here typing I am taking my second listen to a beautiful song that is on my friends blog…I don’t know how to do that fancy tagging but her blog is ~ Check it out πŸ™‚

So Today I dropped Olivia off with Grandma Norstrom. It was her first time being left alone without at least one of us (as in Joy, Daddy or myself). She did great. I dropped her off as I had to take Joy to her hearing test. Babies have their hearing tested when they are first born before leaving the hospital. Joy’s test came back fine, however my Dad is deaf in one ear, so they like to retest later on. (9months and 3years ~ although that’s since changed and now it’s just at 3years old). I was so surprised at how grown up my ‘little’ girl is!! She did awesome during the check up. she knew what all the pictures were (they said the name she just pointed them out ~ didn’t know she knew what some of those things were!). Her hearing is awesome and she doesn’t need to go for another check up (Yippee!). Although I am going to take her in to meet with a speech therapist just to make sure she’s on track.

Then we went out for ice cream… which at 9:30am is harder than it sounds! DQ was closed. McDonald’s was cleaning their machines…. Joy wasn’t very happy at that, luckily Shell had some. We even had time to hit up the dollar store. Then Joy had a regular doctors apt (just to check on a funny toe nail she has). Then we went up to Grandma’s house. I still wanted to get some shopping done, so Grandma watched both the girls so I could run out and do the grocery shopping. Thanks Grandma!

Orlund is in Vancouver tonight. hence why I’m still up at 11pm! *Gasp* I find I have a hard time going to bed when he’s not home. I decided to tackle our office/craft room while he’s away (hope he doesn’t read this before coming home, although he rarely reads my blog). I put up a painting I got from my mom’s mom (she was the most talented woman I’ve ever met!). And a crafting shelf thingy (on the wall). I’m pretty proud of myself for doing that. Over the past few weeks I’ve slowly (very slowly) gone through my book shelf and boxed up the books I just really don’t need out. Tonight I took everything that doesn’t belong in that room out and organized in piles (garbage, to go into crawl space etc). I have about an hour of work left before the craft room will be done (on my side, I’m not touching Orlund’s stuff). I think Orlund will be happy to see the progress I’ve made. And of course I want the house all clean for when he gets home… but my time is going to be cut short tomorrow ~ hockey night! And I plan to go to my Dad’s house and watch the game with him and my brother.

I have also taken on a new task. I’m excited about it. Orlund thinks I’m crazy as it’s just something else to add to my to-do list. However it is only once in a while job. At our Church whenever someone has a new baby the mom’s get together and bring them meals for an entire week. It’s a HUGE blessing when you are on the receiving end. The two ladies that have been doing it aren’t wanting to anymore and they have been looking for someone to take it over for a while. I didn’t want to, however then I decided that it’s not that hard of a job, and I like the organizing possibilities. I now have a binder with papers all ready to be filled out~ Who’s baby, allergies, time for meal drop off, etc etc. I love lists and this just falls beautifully into my ‘addiction’ to having to write things out. (I find that if in the evening I don’t write anything down on paper, I feel like I’m missing something. I think it soothes me… weird I know). There are 4 babies I already know of coming to our Church in this year (okay one is at the start of January). I’m excited to give this a go!

Well my kitchen is messy, my laundry is still hanging in the living room, I’m surrounded by all my ‘organizational’ stuff, and I’m headed to bed! lol.Good night!


Well this past week has been a busy one. Worked everyday except Monday. Tuesday and Thursday we even walked Gabe to School…. that’s 1.7Km walk, Google say’s it should take only 21minutes(walking). I timed it. Just walking there with kids, without stopping, would take us 1hour!Β  We took a picnic lunch and had a leisurely time getting there. That was fine. The walk home, not so fine. I had the bike trailer as the stroller. the 3 little kids all weigh roughly 20-30lbs. It can hold 2 children with total weight at 100lbs. I figured I’d stick all 3 in there. NOPE. not going to happen. I figured I’d carry Olivia (lightest) as they were all to tired to walk. Joy refused to go in. We were outside a high school (that I might add was on it’s lunch break ~ so yeah, lots of people watching), Joy was screaming 1- she wanted to go to school with Gabe, 2- she was to tired to walk, 3- didn’t want to go in the stroller. Olivia was screaming, well, because she felt like it? NOT cool! I finally strapped Olivia back in with Solomon, told Joy to hold on or she’d be left behind and walked quickly. It worked, Joy was so busy trying to keep up (while holding on) that she couldn’t cry. Finally she said “mommy no run run. No run run mommy”. awww. Broke my heart. So I carried her. Yup. We had only gone maybe 5minutes before she was to tired to run anymore. So I carried her, once in a while she would throw a fit kicking and screaming. (once in a while is more like 3/4 of the way home). And Olivia was crying/screaming because she was tired but didn’t want to go to sleep. Lets just say I wasn’t very impressed by the time we got home. But they all slept good. Thursday I attached an umbrella stroller to the front of the bike trailer (sure I looked goofy!) but it worked. I convinced Joy to sit in it and get strapped in, and away we went. Unfortunately I didn’t drink enough on this walk, so although we made it home with less effort I was done in. Even zonked out for a couple minutes while the kids were down!

That isn’t all that happened this week, but that was the part that took the most effort! It was a long week, as they all are when I have the boys until 5:30pm. This next week I have 2 days off (in a row!) and they happen to be the days that Orlund is in Vancouver for training. So I have the car. I have WAY to much I want to do. lol. Got a project (or two, or three) at home to do and some much needed shopping (grocery/needs) that I need to do out. Going to have to pick and choose I guess!Β  (I have a few pics of my stroller contraption, I will add later tonight ~ hopefully).

But God

My heart is breaking with sorrow for the Amsing family. Charlotte just had another MRI today, She now has two tumors growing in her precious little head. To catch you up, Charlotte was diagnosed with a brain Tumor April 2010. This little red head has fought harder than you could imagine. she has gone through rounds of Chemo therapy, 3 or 4 Surgeries on her head to remove tumors and gone through radiation aimed at the last tumor. Her last MRI showed something however no one could be sure, and we all prayed it was just scar tissue left behind. Everyone’s, especially the family’s, worst fears came true today when the doctors discovered two new tumors. Rob Posted this on facebook ~ Hello Friends Charlotte just had her MRI there are two tumors back. We are not sure what’s going to happen now. Please keep us in your prayers.

I had a good sob, and my eyes are still leaking.

BUT GOD. This isn’t this little girls final story. God has told me she is healed. I figured that meant we would see it on this MRI, actually a few MRI’s ago, but it’s not in my timing. It’s in God’s timing. I don’t know why she has to go through this, Cancer is NOT of God and He doesn’t want any of His Children to go through this. God is with her and He is protecting her. I believe in God. I believe what God tells me. She IS HEALED. We just have to wait for the natural to catch up to the Supernatural. Please stand in Faith with me that this beautiful family will feel His comfort and His healing power.

Here is a link to their blog;

May Long

Wow, the weekend is over! I got a bunch of stuff accomplished that I hadn’t planned to. And a bunch of stuff NOT done that I had wanted to. I had Friday off work, so I decided to go through the girls dressers and closet. I re-boxed all their clothing (had put in those vacuum bags, however they didn’t stay vacuumed, so had to put back into boxes). A Big job and I did it spontaneously! Hadn’t planned on doing that (although it needed to be done). That was the ‘big’ job I did Friday and I don’t remember most the rest of the day…. although it was productive.
Saturday we went to the Wildlife park. That was a lot of fun! There was a puppet play going on and Olivia thought it was the funniest thing she’d ever seen! She kept looking back at Orlund and I (she was sitting on Orlund’s lap) with a huge grin and would giggle! SO CUTE. Joy found it entertaining, but she just stared. That took up most the day, and I honestly don’t know what I did the rest of the day (geez I’m forgetful).
Sunday we went to Church (1hour early as Orlund was ushering). After Church we headed straight out to Orlund’s Brother’s house to celebrate his birthday. *Happy Birthday Virden*. Enjoyed a fabulous lunch and a good visit. Missed the hockey game (except for a few times we checked the score). I LOVE hockey right now, never really have before. We headed home after a good visit, the girls slept the drive home… as did I. We got home Olivia went for a nap and Joy refused to. I put a movie on for her and decided to take a nap of my own….. well that didn’t last long and I got up and decided to declutter my bedroom. I went through all my dresser drawers, the closet, and even the bin under my bed. I have a laundry basket full of clothes for ‘Sally-Ann’. It felt good to purge all the stuff. (Orlund was working on repairing our fence~ Thanks Honey!).
Today, Monday, I dropped Orlund off at his Dad’s place and went grocery shopping with the girls. Orlund and his dad got more wood for the fence and used their van to haul it. After grocery shopping Olivia took a nap, Joy and I put the groceries away then visited Orlund and Hugh when they arrived at the house. Joy played while I made lunch for us all, and Olivia woke just in time to eat. After lunch I put Joy down for her nap and took Olivia downstairs with me. First I went through the upstairs toys and hauled the unnecessary ones downstairs. Then I went through all the downstairs and crawlspace toys. I gathered some for a garage sale I’m helping out at, in June, and tossed a few others. Then I switched the toys around so the ones from the crawlspace are now out to play with, and vise versa. I also moved the ‘baby’ toys downstairs ~ exersaucer, baby swing etc. Oh I see another toy I forgot to move down, I’ll do it tomorrow.

Well I need to head to bed. It’s after 10pm and I have the boys arriving at 7am tomorrow! yikes. That’s early… I’m usually awake at that time, but not with rambunctious boys! ~Side story, the boys were at Joy’s birthday party and one of the mom’s that was also there asked me the other day “are the boys always like that?” (high energy, rambunctious) “YUP” I replied…. “Wow” she said “that’s a lot of work!”. it sure is. πŸ™‚


This morning Joy walked out of her bedroom speaking in clear full sentences. As she got tired through the day her speech started to slip back to it’s old ways, but to start off Orlund and I were both in Shock. She turned 3 today! Well actually she was born at 11:36pm, it’s only 10:30pm so it’s getting close. She turned 3. wow. We had a fantastic birthday party for her, she was completely spoiled rotten. The house was NOISY! 10 kids, 11 adults! NOISY.
Here are the kids ages~
Girls~ 5, 3, 2, 2, 1, 9months. Boys~ 7?, 4, 2, 2(in June). 4 kids age 2!
Olivia was up coughing for most the night, so she slept through most the party. Which she also slept through most of her own birthday party too… hmmm.. perhaps large loud groups tire her out too? I know they do me!
It was a raining day πŸ™ but over all we had fun! Hotdogs, Hamburgers and salad made the yummy lunch. Frog cupcakes made for tasty desert! Orlund took pics, I’ll post soon! (uh huh, got lots of pics to post!).

Well I’m pooped out, and need to find where I left the diaper bag. So I’m sighing off!
Good night and God bless!

My baby turned 3 today…… I just can’t get over it…. 3….


So I should be heading off to bed right now, and Orlund is just about to shut off his computer. So I’m typing quickly, sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes (although even when not in a rush those pop up!).

So Saturday is my Baby girls 3rd Birthday! Yup. Joy is turning 3!! Where did the time go? I just told her about the party today as she kind of lets things go to her head and I didn’t want it going to her head to soon πŸ˜‰ I’ve been cleaning the house ever since Olivia’s birthday party.. I mean, I’m always cleaning, but I’ve been cleaning keeping in mind I don’t want to be running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off last minute. And I”M NOT GOING TO BE! I worked two days last week, and spent one day doing errands (purchased everything I could early for the party). So every night while Orlund and I watched our TV shows I would write out a list of To-Do’s on my white board I keep on the fridge. And everyday I was sure to check everything off the list (as well as my usual chores). This week I’ve been doing the same thing, however I worked the first 3 days of the week, so kept the to do list at a minimal. Today however I flew at the chores. My plan was to get the house clean so tomorrow I can spend outside getting the yard ready for the outdoor party (although it’s predicting rain…). I found I only needed 5minutes in each room (plus vacuuming) and the rooms were done!** Now I didn’t get the Kitchen or Living rooms done as they are our most lived in areas, so they are for tomorrow (the last minute rooms). I have my list written out for tomorrow and I’m praying I feel motivated so I can get it all accomplished with time to spare. In the evening I will be decorating the cupcakes I baked today ~ SO excited!

Joy’s party starts at 11am. One of our guests and her daughter are coming at 10:30, so if we are needing to do last minute stuff she can keep the kids entertained ~ yipee! I’m hoping that we can have everything done tomorrow so that Saturday morning is spent calmly and with no need to work up a sweat… We will have setting up to do if the weather is nice enough for a back yard party, but all in all that should be about it!

Well my eyes are feeling like they might just close and not reopen here, so I guess I should head to bed!
I will post pics! Just gotta find that silly cord….. Or borrow Orlund’s….

** You might be wondering why if it only took me 5minutes per room why the entire house isn’t done, well I have two kids… two young kids… If you have kids you’ll understand. if you don’t have kids, well then…just you wait! LOL

Our life as of late

While Orlund works on something mysterious downstairs I figured I might as well get to updating the blog. I have a bunch of pictures to post, however I can’t find the cable thingy to download from my camera to the computer. But here are a few snips of our life as of late;

~ Olivia got a cold the day after her 1st birthday. She still has it. The Friday after her birthday she had her 1year shots, two weeks later she had measles bumps as a reaction. We had a bunch of sleepless nights.

~ The week leading up to Olivia’s birthday she started nursing more, adding back in her 10am feeding.And still didn’t sleep through the night with 2-5 feedings.

~ The Thursday night BEFORE her shots she was up all night screaming. She couldn’t breathe due to a stuffy nose. At 4am we realized she was hungry as she hadn’t eaten all night. She couldn’t lay down to nurse, so we gave her the bottle.

~ Olivia didn’t go back to breastfeeding after that…. I was NOT expecting that sudden stop. Shed a bunch of tears. Orlund couldn’t understand why I was upset by this as even I had said she was old enough to wean. It was just so sudden, especially after she’d started nursing again. I felt like a special time with my baby was over, she’s growing up. It takes a bit to get used to.

~ Joy also got the cold the same day Olivia did. And she still has it. She also got Croup in there….fun… She’s over the Croup but still has a bad cough.

~Last night Joy didn’t sleep. So neither did the rest of us.

~ We’ve been looking at all the things around the house we want to do. It’s extensive! But this year we hope to tear down our old fence (on one side of the house) and put a new one up. Put mulch down in the back where Orlund had a garden last year (this will give room for the kids toys that isn’t on the grass). And install a ‘lattice’ like contraption on our back cement wall and plant some vines to crawl up them. I think that will be all we can afford this year. But it’ll make a HUGE difference around here!

~ Our neighbors trimmed our front Junipers (I think that’s what they are called). Completely cleans up the front of the house!

~ A bunch of people I know just had babies. I know a whole bunch more that are pregnant. Sigh. I held a -almost- week old today, he was so adorable! The same weight as Joy was, but 2″ shorter. So cute!

~ Joy is pretty much Potty trained. I say pretty much as she still wears a diaper at nap/bed times but otherwise she’s doing great! Even played at Grandma’s today and didn’t have any accidents. I told her if she goes until her Birthday (1 week away) without accidents then she can go to Sunday School with her friend “Ky”.

~ Joy is obsessed with her friend Ky. She talks none stop about Ky. “Ky nap?””Ky nummies?” “Ky go outside?” etc etc. it’s cute. However whenever we actually get together with Ky Joy just stares at her and is shy! Unless we are at Ky’s house, then Kylie bosses her around and Joy is happy to play along.

~ Joy is getting better and better all the time with her language. She’s saying words I didn’t even realize she knew, and picking up words wonderfully. Sure she still seems behind other kids her age, but she’s doing GREAT.

~ I have a book (like a binder but not, forget what they are called) that is full of my “to do’s and goals” for the year. I have each month written out. Of course I’ve fallen behind, but I’m doing alright. I finished Olivia’s cross stitch and bought the frame today to finish it off completely.

~I also have another book that has other lists in it. Part is organizing for a trip we plan to take to visit our Grandparents, and the other part is organizing for Joy’s Birthday party. The first part isn’t very big yet, just dates and people to contact etc. Joy’s part is big. I have people to invite, time, what to feed everyone, and that sort of stuff. I have grocery lists, cleaning lists, organizing lists, decorating, and general prep work lists. I like my lists. And I’m getting them checked off wonderfully! I have the goodie bags all purchased, and any groceries I could prepurchase purchased, cleaning is on schedule. I actually got ahead on the cleaning, then I noticed and somehow fell a bit behind now….Oh well, it’ll all get done. I plan to have it all done by Thursday, so Friday can be decorating and any outdoor chores (we will be in the back yard). Then her party is Saturday morning, so before the party I don’t want to be running around, I want to be getting the girls dressed, hair done etc. I’m looking forward to it.

~ Have I rambled enough? Once I find my camera/computer cord I’ll upload some pics of Olivia’s birthday. Promise.

Oh I think Orlund is done the ‘mysterious’ business (think perhaps its to do with Mother’s day? Just a thought.). I’m going to go now and spend time with him! God Bless!


My Birthday

When I was younger, on the day of my Birthday everything seemed to be magical and special. My mom would always wake me up at the time I was born (around 7:15am), and the magic would begin. Now that I’m a mom, I realize it’s the Mom’s who make the day special and magical for the kids.
I still wake waiting for my mom’s call (she’s in Thailand so it’s not so doable, but I hope anyway). Then I rise and get the girls going with breakfast and getting dressed. There are so many chores always that even on my birthday I can’t stop. I watched the boys on my Birthday. It felt like there should be something special happening just around the corner. Nothing did. At one point I was laying on the floor and told Gabe I wanted to take a nap too
“No you can’t!” he exclaimed
“Why not?” I asked
“Because you have to put the girls down for their naps and do the dishes” guess he’s learned my routines
“But why do I have to? It’s my Birthday”
“Because you are the grown up”
Sigh. Remind me again why kids want to grow up? I mean really, you have to DO DISHES on your birthday!
Solomon had the runniest nose I’ve ever seen. By the time I’d wipe it, throw the tissue out, wash my hands and return to the kids it would be about ready to drip off his chin!! SO GROSS! One thing I hate is boogers and runny noses!! So yippee just another fun thing to do on my grown up birthday. My birthday’s over the years have just become ‘sadder and sadder’, this year I came to the realization that it’s probably due to the fact that I’m expecting the same Childhood magic I used to receive. I’m still young, only 27years old, however it’s time for me to move on from birthday magic to providing it to my kids.
I did get to chat with my mom in the afternoon, that always brightens my day.
Orlund came home, I made the girls dinner and got myself ready. Orlund was upset at me for not getting ready fast enough (as in me and the girls ready), and I was upset at him for not helping me get us ready…. good way to start the evening eh? It was very nice that our friends volunteered to take the girls, Joy is in love with their daughter so it worked out perfect that Joy got her ‘KyKy” fix.
We went to Storms restaurant, it was their crab and Lobster fest.. Yummy food and we had a good time.
We went and picked the kids up, Joy screamed the entire pick up and drive home… we finally got her calmed down in time for bed.
The rest of the evening…. well… it’s not worth typing about.
Sunday’s party was awesome and a lot of fun. I was spoiled as was Olivia.
Next year I think I’ll, just think of my birthday as the day before Olivia’s magical birthday. The preparation day.

Big belly?

It’s been a couple of crazy days, and I hope tomorrow to fill you in some on them…
However today something happened and I just wanted to share it ~ if you are in need of a laugh…

I was laying on the floor with Olivia giving her tickles and looking at how big she’s gotten. “Wow, where did the time go? I swear you were just in my belly, weren’t you?” I was talking to her, but mostly just thinking out loud to myself. “Did you know” I asked ” that this time last year Mommy had a big tummy, because you were in it?” I motioned the big tummy with my hands. Gabe then jumping into the conversation stated “Well, it looks like you are getting another big tummy”… GASP… kids say the silliest things. I tried to explain to him that that isn’t a good thing since there isn’t a baby in there, he told me it was a good thing because there will be a baby in there.
Due to a previous conversation Gabe is now praying that God puts a baby in my tummy. A baby boy. So that I’ll buy boy toys for him to play with….. LOL… don’t really know what other boy toys I could buy (as we wouldn’t buy guns etc). And we already have trains and cars etc. But it’s cute.

Birthdays a’coming!

Monday is my 27th Birthday.
Tuesday is Olivia’s 1st Birthday.
We decided to have a joint party Sunday. Tomorrow.

I have my house all ship shape and ready to go (minus a bit of cleaning in the downstairs tv room). I do however need to cut out and decorate our birthday cake. When Orlund saw I’d purchased the cake mix he asked me “you’re going to bake your own birthday cake?”. Yup. Didn’t want to ask anyone else to do it, and besides I wanted to bake Olivia’s birthday cake. I baked the cake yesterday, Gabe helped, so it’s cooled off and ready to be cut and decorated. I usually try icing the cake way to soon and it just runs off. I wont have that problem this time. I am planning to cut the cake into the shape of a 1. Then ice it with instant pudding, and decorate. The icing will be interesting as instead of mixing it with cool whip we opted out of buying a big tub, so I’m going to make the icing different. Wish me luck! I’ll need it! Icing a cake is always very VERY messy for me! I don’t get how people do it without having to shower after (okay a bit exaggerated, but not by much).
We are only having family over for our party, so only 10-11 adults and 4 kids. That’s all! crazy!
As I sit here typing, in my nice freshly cleaned living room, Olivia is sitting in the toy box tossing all the toys out into the living room… the opposite of what I just did! At least it’s easy to clean up again.
I’ll post pics. Promise.
I’m also doing a cross stitch for Olivia’s birthday. I was hoping to have it done by the party, but I think I’ll have to give it to her on her actual birthday.

I’m excited for the party. For the pizza (trying something different, hoping it’s easy). For the family visits. And for the wonderful naps the girls will have tomorrow πŸ™‚

God Bless you and hope you have a fabulous day!

So darn cute!

One of my girlfriends makes headbands and hair clips for little girls, she is VERY talented! She asked Orlund to take some pictures for her to show off some of the products. She asked for a few pictures to be taken with Joy wearing the headbands. She has a daughter, same age as Olivia, however wanted to show it off on an older child (with lots of hair). Tonight while Orlund took the pictures of Joy I thought it’d be fun to put a headband on Olivia, sure enough, she’s just so cute! So Orlund snapped a few shots of her as well. Here is a shot we both fell in love with!

Do you ever?

Do you ever just feel like whatever you do is wrong? I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately.
For once it’d be nice to be right. To do things right. And to have other people agree it’s right.
Sigh. For now I guess I am wrong. But tomorrow I strive to be right.

The Girls…

So our Beautiful girls are growing up WAY to FAST! However it sure is fun watching them play together. Olivia is now into exploring toys and trying to play with her sister. They dance and sing together (no Olivia can’t walk yet, but she sure can bounce that bum!). They even let me leave them alone in the basement to play! (only for short times while I cook lunch etc).

Olivia has discovered that it’s loads of fun to toss her food on the floor! We skipped this step with Joy, Joy was always a neat and tidy kind of kid so that would just be to messy! Olivia isn’t like that at all! She is also at the stage where whenever we say “No” she bursts into tears and has a good cry. She is trying to talk, and her words are becoming clearer.

Joy is doing AWESOME potty training. We were at a friends the other day and even though she was in a diaper she asked to go pee on the potty. She did so at Starbucks last night too. She’s only had one successful poop on the potty, but that’s okay, it’s coming. She woke up this morning very upset, if I understand right she had gotten up and while leaving her room she went pee. So she got all upset and went back to bed having a little cry ’cause she went pee. She didn’t come see me or anything, this is just what I figured from what I heard. She was wearing a diaper so it was no big deal, but she sure was upset by it! She is also working on her words. I think it’s in part due to visiting our friend. Her daughter turns two at the end of this month and she speaks more clearly than Joy, I think Joy took notice of that and is working harder (and it’s about time too). Now she seems to pick a word out of every sentence I say to her to repeat back to me. She just said Meat a minute ago. Never heard her say that before! It’s so exciting to hear her clearly repeat a word back to me, especially since I didn’t ask her too! And to top it all off she’s putting more words together, she’s always rattled off sentences but there was only a word here or there that we could understand, now it’s becoming that we understand more of her words and just a few are still her own language.

~~ A little side note ~~
Saturday night Orlund returned from the men’s conference. After he and his dad finished unloading Orlund’s stuff and Hugh headed home I got a big surprise. I was expecting Orlund to be excited about God etc like most of us get after a conference, however what happened next I would have never expected. Orlund gave me a great big hug, and while holding me tight said “I am so Thankful that you are my wife”. SMILE. He’d done a bunch of talking I guess to people with broken families and he was feeling very thankful for our relationship etc. It was truly God’s timing. I was feeling Thankful for everything (read my last post?) and here he was feeling the same way. It made for a special evening of lots of talking and hugging.

Just be Thankful.

Do you ever feel like you think to much about yourself and your own situation? I do. I know I think of myself to much sometimes and sometimes not enough.
The start to this year has been a rough one to say the least(Thankfully not as rough as it could be.). I don’t really remember January, most of it was spent with my family and us fighting off colds and flu bugs. The end of January, start of February, Olivia had her UTI. One week in hospital (bummer). Orlund worked every SINGLE day after that except for two days for the remainder of February. March has swung around. The first week we started to get back into the swing of things (I will post soon about my struggles in that time). Then this Monday Orlund headed to Vancouver for training. He returned at 9:30pm Thursday night. Then Today (Friday) we spent the day as a family as we were both off work, then at 3:00pm his dad picked him up for the Men’s Conference. The conference is supposed to be 24hours, however tack on the 3 hours before it starts that he was with his dad and the at least 1 hour drive back home after the 24hours and we are looking at at least 28hours. Joy has been running a fever over the past week, and Olivia finally popped out another tooth (still working on two more).
Lets just say, it’s been a long week.
Tonight I lost it. ~ Yeah I get the award for worst mom moment here~ I finally got Olivia to sleep and came out to the living room. Then I heard Joy opening the door. She opens it noisily as she can hardly reach the door knob. Olivia woke up. sigh. I went in and calmed Olivia down. Joy then informed me she needed to go pee ~ hence why she wasΒ  trying to escape their room. I rushed her out to the bathroom. rushed? sure. Hard to rush a half sleepy kid. Olivia woke up screaming and Joy wasn’t moving fast enough. We got to the bathroom where I lost it. I screamed “Dam it!”Β  then pulled my hair and just screamed….. yeah…smooth mom…. I try to never lose it like this in front of anyone, but I was feeling exhausted, it wasn’t even really due to what was going on so much as I was feeling sorry for myself that Orlund wasn’t around to help… Poor Joy! She started balling her eyes out!!! I apologized and snuggled her letting her know it wasn’t her fault and I wasn’t mad at her. She then ‘told’ me why she was crying by saying “Dam it”….GREAT! first I screw up royallyΒ  then she learns a bad word from me! The good news she was still able to go potty and soon enough they were both asleep again.
The point of sharing that story is ~ I then went on facebook and complained about wanting our lives to return to normal…. A friend replied saying; “What’s normal? I forget what that feels like.”. Her husband has MS. It has turned their lives upside down and to say the least~ I have nothing to complain about in comparison! It got me thinking. My Cousin’s daughter has had Cancer (Thank you JESUS!) so their lives are anything but normal. They just finished the radiation and are now home waiting until it’s time to take the next MRI. And Japan! Thousands of people wont be able to return to ‘normal’ anytime soon. Who am I to Complain?
THANK YOU JESUS! That although I’m tired and want my husband to be home with us, that we have it a lot easier than so many people around us. THANK YOU GOD for keeping us safe and sound and healthy. There is so much to be Thankful for! I have two beautiful healthy daughters, a wonderful hard working husband (who treats me like a Queen), a wonderful family (and family in law), a roof over our head, a car to drive, work etc etc etc. The list is endless.
How are you doing? Do you see what God has given you to be thankful for?

Potty Training..

So we have decided to try potty training…. The thing with Potty Training, once you start you can’t (shouldn’t) stop! And well I hadn’t really thought about that… I had purchased two ‘panties’ for Joy (the padded ones). Found out we needed more than that, thankfully a friend had given me some previously. Day one was great! I kept reminding her, and asking her, and she only had one oops (and one poop oops). But other than that she was good! We even made a “Joy’s Potty chart” for her to put stickers on every time she’s successful.
Day 2~ Not so good. I had the boys and she’s running a fever. We were only successful twice. sigh.
Day 3~ Today. Again not so good. Again I had the boys and she’s still running that fever. I think we were again only successful two or three times. But I’m sticking to it. She knows what’s what, it’s just a matter of her doing what she’s supposed to do. I kept asking her if she had to go, figured if I asked her then it would get her thinking about it. At one point when I was asking if she had to go, she came over to me, put her hands on my cheeks ~ holding my head so I had to look at her and said “No pee” then went on to explain in her own language that I’m bugging her and she’ll tell me when she needs to pee……..Okay dokay. She didn’t but it was cute that she held my head still to tell me what’s what.
Wish me/her luck for day 4!
Oh and one other thing I just want to share. When Olivia and I were in the hospital Joy started calling Orlund’s mom Didda. Then she called my mom Didda. So we figured that was her word for Grandma, she calls both our dad’s Poppa (although we call my dad Poppa and Orlund’s Grandpa). Then however one night Virden and Kerry were over and Joy called Kerry Didda….hmmm, perhaps it’s a way of talking to a lady…. Now however she calls Solomon Didda on a regular basis and occasionally calls Gabe Didda as well… I don’t know what it’s supposed to mean, someday perhaps she can tell us. Right now however whenever I ask her what Didda means she just starts laughing hysterically!

The Girls

Here is the update on the girls I promised ~
~She is growing up so fast. During my time away in the hospital she’s started to say ‘real’ words more and more. It’s about time too! We’ve been keeping an eye on her speech as it seems a little bit behind.
~She goes pee on the potty every night before bed. And sometimes she’ll randomly ask to be put on the potty to pee. I think she’s ready to be potty trained, however is just to busy to bother. So I’m going to bunker down and work with her on it. (we are now trying to potty train).
~ Joy has always been a child that never got into anything! Until her sister started crawling…. I guess it’s Joy’s way of getting attention? The other day she went into the bathroom and painted her own fingernails (and ONLY got it on her fingers and nails). Then a couple days after she went into the bathroom, found my powder foundation and watered it down, I heard the water and by the time I got there she was trying to dry it off on a towel! And again two days later as we were waiting for the boys to arrive she dug in one of my plants getting soil everywhere!
~She is an instigator! We don’t allow spitting, however she taught Olivia how to ‘spit’ (tongue between lips kind of spitting), and so now she just has to put her tongue between her lips and Olivia will follow suit ~ however Olivia actually spits while Joy just does the motion, so Olivia gets in trouble not Joy…I’ve obviously caught on now.
~ Joy is going through that ‘almost 3’ attitude…..Can’t wait till it’s over!
~ Joy is 33months old!!

Joy trying things out at Walmart

~ Since being in the hospital she learned to nurse when it’s not dark (and not in her bedroom). She also learned to take more than one nap a day. She went from one (or two) naps a day lasting anywhere from 15min-1hour to napping 3 times a day nap1= 1hour, nap2= 2hours, nap3= 20minutes!! LOVING THAT!
~ She’s been having a few rough nights, however now her second tooth has finally popped out! Yup she got her front right upper tooth in… so it matches her front right BOTTOM tooth…….good for chewing I guess?
~ She’s so close to attempting to walk! She walks along furniture, and is starting to let go with one hand (sometimes both hands).
~ Anywhere the action is you’ll find Olivia! She can crawl so fast!
~ Olivia has decided that she wants to eat everything we are eating. So I now feed her off my plate.
~ She has a favorite Blanket. I tried not to get my kids to have a favorite blanket or toy that they always have to pack around, however since being in the hospital she doesn’t like to sleep without her blanket… she is starting to get better, and I now don’t pack it around with us everywhere.
~ Olivia has learned how to clap, it’s a joy to watch her clapping away.
~ She is talking already too, she can say (in her own way) Mama, Dada, More, Down/Done (not sure which), thank you (said 2x only). And she points at what she wants.
~ Olivia is 10months old!

Olivia showing off her 'club' in the hospital.

Getting back on track

Well, January had a sluggish pace to it. And the begining part of February hasn’t fared much better. However, I’m getting back on track. Whenever my mom heads home I automatically go into a gloomy phase. It’s not fun and I really get bogged down. This lasted for the last week she was here, I find I just have no motivation except when it comes to doing things with her. However she is safely home in Thailand now (with my dad). I miss my morning phone call with her ~ yup, we talk everyday as soon as I get up when she’s in Canada~ but I’m pressing onward. I mentioned to my mom about my sluggishness and she helped me pick out some vitamins that should help me out some.
The boys are back from their vacation, today was the first day back to work. Now that the sun is shining I just want to play outside. It’s still to cold to just throw their jackets on though…and well to get 4 kids and myself into snowsuits to go outside but not play in snow isn’t what I call fun! As we played downstairs this morning, I realized I was bored… It’s hard to find things to entertain the age group, no correction, it’s hard to entertain Gabe. He doesn’t do ‘girly’ things or anything he can pretend is girly, and just wants my undivided attention. Today when all the kids were up from their naps and Gabe was at preschool I realized just how easy it is to entertain the 10month, almost 2year and almost 3year olds. I have a bunch of idea’s for summer, but not for this time…. gotta get creative!
I find it is easier to keep on top of the house when I’m busier. I’m even getting some of my “to-do list” checked off! I’m still feeling sluggish, but the sun is definitely helping, And if I just keep going then it seems to help too.
I know I’ve been posting a lot about me, and my laziness sluggishness lately, but I’ll post some new stuff about the girls next time ~ promise! Now it’s off to bed for me. Good night all!


Olivia is done her Antibiotics ~ YIPEE! Her poor bum rash is just about all better too (rash was in turn due to the Antibiotics), My mom told me an old remedy I would have never thought of ~ Corn starch. Olivia is feeling good and back to her old self.

Joy is fighting a cold. I tried to get her into the doctors today or tomorrow, however they are booked full. She has a real rattle when she coughs, but I think it’s loosening up.

I don’t know what days or times I work next week. I just know it’ll be a lot and I hope they call me so I can plan ahead. I like being organized and planned out. Orlund is working like crazy, lots of overtime and by the sounds of it he’ll be working every weekend for the rest of the month…guess I might get some stuff done on the weekends.

My mom and dad are flying back home tomorrow (as in Thailand home). Mom wont be back until around Christmas… I can’t think of it. I know tomorrow will be a long day.

I’m thinking of starting my own business…. It’s not one that would bring in tons of money (or I don’t think it would), but it’s a few crafty things I like to do, and figure why not sell them? I’m not going to reveal them just yet…I need my mom’s help with a little bit so we are doing that tomorrow (nothing like the last minute eh?). I enjoy making the crafts and look forward to experimenting and seeing what all I can create.

I have enough crafts on the go that I shouldn’t be doing this business yet. But then when wont I have crafts on the go? I’m sewing aprons (one for my niece’s birthday next month), still working on Joy’s scrapbook (ugh), Still working on my mom’s cross stitch, I have to start (and then finish) a scrapbook and a cross stitch for Olivia. But all I can think about is the business stuff. I really need to sit down and just get it all done.

My house needs a good cleaning. Mostly just the dusting, vacuuming and removing of fingerprints. But non the less it needs doing. And Orlund’s brother and sister-in-law are hoping to stop in tomorrow, so I really need to get my butt in gear! Wish me luck! I rather play than clean, but we all know ~ the sooner you clean and get it done the sooner you can play… My mom used to always use that line on us when we were kids, never figured it’d be true when you are an adult too!
God bless you all and hope you have a good night!

Our Olivia.

Well My darling 9month old gave us a bit of a scare This past Sunday, well two Sunday’s ago now. Jan 30th.
The day started off basic enough. Went to Church, out for lunch. Orlund got called into work so the girls and I headed out to Logan Lake (45minute drive) to visit with my Mom, Dad and Brother. My Brother was just in for the weekend and my folks are headed back to Thailand at the end of this week. The drive out was BEAUTIFUL. The girls slept most the way, and I enjoyed the sunshine and the chance to spend some time with the Lord. It was an awesome drive out. We hung out for a bit at my Parents place, then when the sun started to go down we realized we hadn’t taken the family photo’s we’d wanted to (would photo shop Orlund in later). We got in position and started shooting away. After a few different poses we stopped to look at the pictures on the computer. While my dad uploaded them my mom worked on dinner. She gave Olivia a string bean to keep her happy until dinner. We all agreed the photos weren’t very good so got back into position, bribed Joy, and started snapping away again.
During the flashing light counting down to what turned out to be our last photo I noticed Olivia was shivering. But we were preoccupied trying to keep Joy happy and looking at the camera. After the picture was taken I realized Olivia was still shaking. I looked down to realize her little arms were purple! I quickly spun her around to realize her face and lips were purple also. “She’s purple” I yelled, my mom grabbed the bean and I looking in Olivia’s mouth. Surely she was choking. Nope. her mouth and airways were clear, she was breathing and making winy noises. I didn’t know what to do so I prayed over her. My mom came and took her from me to take a look. Olivia passed out on my mom. I kept telling them that this wasn’t normal for her, something was wrong with my baby. So my Dad called 911. It took 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, which we spent most that time praying. By the time they got there she was back to her normal colour and in a deep sleep. We had tried to wake her in the 10mintues it took for them to arrive but she would just flutter her eyes at us and keep sleeping.
The paramedics informed us it was more than likely a seizure, as most people have a time that they are ‘passed’ out like Olivia did. They woke her up and checked her out. She had a slight fever but nothing over the top, and that was about it. Everything else was normal. I now had to make the decision, go in to town in the ambulance, or stay over night at my folks and go in in the morning with someone else. Olivia started falling asleep again, this isn’t normal, she’s usually more difficult to get to sleep (have to nurse her to sleep). So I decided to head in, Joy would stay with my parents and come in to town in a few hours.
Bumpy! Yup Ambulances are bumpy. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to ride in one. Now I know. 1hour ride, with a sleeping baby on my chest. We were strapped into the stretcher. She was on my bladder. bumpy. On the ride in the paramedic (Eric) kept checking on her, her fever was rising a bit.
Got to the hospital. Orlund arrived (just in time for me to go to the restroom). They took us in right away, the paramedics waiting with us until the nurses arrived. The doctor arrived after we’d told about 5 nurses our story (I might be exaggerating but it seemed like that many). The doctor said they needed to take blood and urine samples. That means Catheter. OUCH! they tried a bunch of times, then stopped and waited a bit. Came back and tried a bunch more, which they finally succeeded. Poor girl. The doctor ran through all the different reasons she could have seizures and fevers etc etc. Scaring me stiff! The results came back and she had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). “Very common” he said. Gave us a prescription for antibiotics, 2x daily for 7days, and sent us on our way.
We gave Olivia her first dose before putting her to bed. It was a late night. We headed to bed around 10pm. Aprox 10:20pm I awoke to Olivia’s cry. I went in to nurse her. She didn’t latch. That’s not like her. She was shivering. That scared me, but I tried to stay calm, so just tried to comfort her. She’s turning purple. The words ran like a banner across my mind. I ran into our bedroom and turned the touch lamp on. She didn’t look like she was purple but she was still shivering. Orlund woke up, he tried to stay calm. “She’s just shivering” he said “probably from the fever”. We took her temperature it seemed normal. I decided she just wasn’t right and Orlund agreed. He suggested I drive her in to the hospital while he calls/waits for his mom to arrive at our house to stay with Joy and he’d bring her car up.
I threw on a bra and a shirt (kept the pj pants on) grabbed my lip balm and wallet. (don’t know why I grabbed the lip balm but I’m thankful I did hospitals are SO dry!).
Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe on the drive! I only drove like 10km over, but every single light was green and I only saw 2 other cars on the road. The whole way I kept saying to Olivia “you’re okay, I’m okay, we’re okay” over and over again. My heart was screaming out to God but I couldn’t form any other words, I felt He was telling me it was okay.
Again, Thank you Lord. When I arrived at the hospital I ran into the Triage nurses station and our friend Brianne saw me. She was the head nurse this night, and she’d visited us earlier. She came and asked “What’s wrong babe?” “She’s purple and shivering” I answered, I realized I was crying “I’m sorry, My nerves can’t take this”. I hadn’t even looked to see if Olivia was purple or not, however I knew by her wining in the car something was wrong. Brianne took Olivia from me, this is when I noticed she was in fact PURPLE! A deep deep purple. Then I was really scared! Brianne took us straight in and the nurses and a new doctor descended on my little baby. I held a little oxygen mask over her face, they got an IV line in, drew blood etc etc. Olivia’s colour was back to normal by the time Orlund arrived. The new doctor was good. And explained a lot. He scared me at one point when he said “she just bought herself 48hours”…WHAT? I thought, she only has 48hours? just slow down Jenn, let him finish….”in the hospital” he finished. PHEW! He had taken an extra long pause in there, NOT cool! A Pediatrician came and talked with us, and it was all a blur. Basically we would have to wait 48hours to get the cultures back to see what exactly she had, it was all due to the UTI but what kind exactly they wanted to know.
We were settled into our room around 3:30am. Orlund went home and I stayed with Olivia. 6am she got up for the day. As I lay on the bed with her, I realized we only had her blanket to entertain her. Then the nurse came in. She brought in a bag of toys and told us that they are now Olivia’s that she can take home with us after. Starlight Children’s foundation ~ THANK YOU! I teared up a bit at receiving this blessing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say no to those ‘give a dollar’ donations at the til again.
After the 48hours we found out she had Ecoli, which is the most common kind of UTI in girls. So she needed to be on IV antibiotics for 5days and then oral antibiotics at home for another 5 days. She had an Ultrasound to see if there was anything wrong with her kidneys, and Praise God they were fine. We were given a lot of information, and we were VERY well taken care of. Thank you RIH nurses and doctors!
The week went by rather quickly, we really got into a routine and now we have just one day left of antibiotics here at home then she’s done.
The week would have been a lot more difficult if it hadn’t all been in God’s timing. I was off work. My mom is still here, and Orlund’s mom was around as well. Thank you to our families for all they did! A special thanks to our Mom’s, My mom did our laundry and cleaned our house, brought me food and kept me company (as well as watched Joy here and there), and Orlund’s mom who mostly watched Joy (kept her napping on time and eating good). You both are huge blessings in our lives ~ THANK YOU! We love you! And Thank you to the ladies who are bringing us dinners, so Thoughtful of you, what a blessing.


At the moment I am pretending I don’t know Joy is in Olivia’s crib keeping her from sleeping… it’s almost 8pm, they both should be asleep… I’ll go in in a few minutes. Orlund is working late so I can pretend I don’t hear them for a bit longer.

Tonight I had an amusing, weird, strange phone call here it is~
Shortly after Orlund headed off to work, the phone rang. A Woman was on the line “Would Orlund happen to be home?” she asked.
“No, sorry could I take a message?” I thought, perhaps it’s his work calling because he isn’t there yet?.
“Well you see,Do you know Bob Long?”
“yes”Β  I was thinking to myself I do know him, but we haven’t talked in a year or so.
She continued “I’m trying to, well, um….mumble jumble” finally she started making sense (kinda).”If you have Bob’s phone number it would be easiest”.
“Sorry I don’t have it, I haven’t talked to Bob in a few years” I answered.
“The thing is, he sold my son his motor bike and now I need some papers from him for selling it, do you know if he lives on ‘such a such’ street still?”
“I have no idea”
“I have his number from the buy and sell add, and he lived there”
“I really don’t know, you could try the number. I have him on Facebook but that’s about it” I explained.
“Well you see, I looked him up on Facebook when I couldn’t find his number in the phone book, and saw that he was friends with Orlund. I could find Orlund’s number in the phone book so I called you”.
“I’m sorry I don’t know how you could get in touch with him, why don’t you send him a message on Facebook?” I was thinking of anyone I could get his number from, I didn’t want to give out any phone numbers either.
“I don’t know how to do that, do you think you could send him a message for me? Tell him it’s Susie Sue regarding the Motor Bike and my number is…. Thanks”.
That was that, she hung up and was gone. It just so happened she’d called while Joy was napping, so I decided to email Bob right away (if you didn’t guess I made up the names).
A few minutes later she called back “Bob called me, so you don’t need to message him anymore. Thanks”
“I already sent the message”
“Oh, okay, thanks. Bye”
I then tonight I checked my Facebook message. Bob had emailed me back. He was apologizing for me getting dragged into this. Apparently the guy bought the bike from Bob, but never changed it into his name. Poor Bob had the cops knock on his door at 2am one time questioning him about a robbery as the bike was seen at the crime scene. Bob even had to go and sign it out of impound! Then this guy (strung out on drugs) killed a pedestrian crossing the road (while on the bike), so now his mom is trying to sell some of the parts and just needed some more papers or something.
Very Weird. I didn’t mind helping out, it wasn’t like she was knocking at my door. Glad it will finally be over for Bob and his wife too. It makes me think though. I mean she found our number by looking at Bob’s friends on Facebook, then randomly picked someone and checked if they were in the phone book…….

Basic enough…..right?

Well I should be in bed. However I read a few blog updates from my favorite blogs and decided, who needs sleep ~ when you can blog….right? lol.
Anyway, Gabe the 4 year old I watch always informs me that the rules at our house aren’t the same as at his house (of course). So I thought I’d list out and see what the basic rules are, lets take a look;

1) Please respect my house ~ No jumping, standing, hanging or climbing on the couch, glass coffee table or any other furniture that is located upstairs.
2) Be nice to one another ~ no spitting, hitting, pulling, biting, pushing, pulling, ramming, shoving, punching, kicking, slapping (shall I continue?).
3) Table manners ~ No talking with mouth full. Once done eating they must remain at the table (for an understandable amount of time) until everyone is done eating. (and one day I’m sure I’ll have to add No food fights).
4) Common sense ~ If you are not siting at the table then you are to drink/eat in the kitchen.
5) Wash your hands with soap and water after going pee (and before meals).
6) Boogers are to be wiped with Kleenex NOT shirts or hands (I despise boogers).
7) If you harass the cat and she scratches you, it’s your own fault. Leave her ALONE.
8 ) ~ Added just for the boys~ No Kung Fu while the girls are up, and Girls are more fragile than boys so be EXTRA gentle.
9) Outdoor activities are to be done Outside not inside ~ Like throwing balls, kicking balls, playing tag etc…

All in all I think they are pretty basic right? All day everyday I have to remind them of some… #1+2 are the most commonly reminded. Today I had to inform Gabe (hence rule #6) that if he’s a big enough boy to stand to go pee then he’s a big enough boy to use Kleenex not his shirt. OR if he rather he can sit to pee then I’ll allow him to use his shirt instead of Kleenex………He agreed that he’s old enough to start using Kleenex. (mission accomplished!).
Good night all! God bless you!

Missed me?

So I go in spurts ~ for writing on here anyway. Life is always busier when my mom is home, and this time is no different! Every day that I’m not working I’m doing errands with her. It’s fun being able to hang out with her, and the girls LOVE her. They haven’t played shy at all! This past Sunday morning I received a phone call that one of my friends was heading into the hospital Monday morning and they were hoping I could watch their kids while the dad dropped her off/picked up. I agreed, I love to help out friends and it would only be for a few hours. Orlund and I headed to bed late that night. Olivia woke up every 15minutes screaming (teething) and I had to get up at 6am as the kids were getting dropped off at 6:45am. My friends dropped them off and headed out. The boy is a quiet 3year old, and the little girl is about a week older than Olivia (9months). I didn’t know at the time, but she’s teething as well, so needless to say she wasn’t very happy! I also had a migraine. The last time I’d experience a migraine of this magnitude I’d ended up in the hospital (dehydrated). I was shaking and not doing so good holding a screaming baby, which Olivia was up too (doing okay) and thankfully Joy was sleeping. I called my mom and she (and my brother) came and gave me a hand. These kids were going to be getting picked up between 9am-10am. I had the boys arriving at 9am. Right at 9am I vomited (the migraine) right as I exited the washroom the boys arrived. I informed their mom I was ill and luckily she was off so could take them. I got a 3hour nap after the others were picked up and recovered quickly. Thank you JESUS!

This last Friday I drove out to Logan Lake to help mom with fundraiser they were putting on. I again wasn’t feeling the best, sinuses. It was a long and late night. Saturday I awoke and was even worst. I went through an entire box of Kleenex in under 9 hours! Orlund went out and bought me some medication. I’m leery about taking medication while breastfeeding but the regular Tylenol wasn’t cutting it for me. Last night I took some, SMILE, awww, I love meds πŸ™‚ feeling better today, but again, I’m on the meds. I’m taking them sparingly but right now I’m drowsy and I love this feeling…. perhaps that’s weird…. but other than T3’s after having Joy and the Diclectin for morning sickness these are the first ‘REAL’ meds I’ve taken since 2007 when I got pregnant with Joy…….

Well that’s that. I have sat on my butt for all of yesterday and today reading an interesting novel “Boneman’s Daughters” by Ted Dekker. Read the whole thing all 422 pages. Orlund’s turn. Tomorrow I’m back to work. My house needs my attention as well. Please pray I’m up for the challenge of getting this house in order and having 2 extra kids around.
God Bless you all! Good night! ~ hope this all makes sense, as I’ve mentioned…I’m on Meds πŸ˜‰

Pressing Onward

Looking out the window today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining making my body yearn to go outside and sip an iced tea. However outside is actually frightfully cold, with a slight breeze that cuts to your core. I was only outside for a minute at a time today, just putting kids in or out of the car and running back inside. But it’s a cold one. Although sitting here on my couch in my PJ pants and a comfy t-shirt with the sun peaking through the blinds I feel like it’s almost summer. I pray that’s not wishful thinking. I’ve been wanting snow, all winter I’ve been wanting snow. Jan 4th I believe it was, we finally got snow. We live down in a valley so although it’s snowed earlier in the winter, it didn’t do much more than a skiff at our place. Yesterday and Today the sun as been shining beautifully making my house seem so open and fresh (of course taking the Christmas tree out helped open it up too).
I mentioned in my last post about having to lower Olivia’s crib. Well yesterday I set to it. I ended up needing Orlund’s help as I couldn’t undo one of the screws. Other than that he just kept the girls occupied. I lowered the crib, discovering it sits lower than our old crib did so the diaper boxes full of clothes wont fit under it anymore…guess I’ll have to do some more adjusting. I went through Olivia’s drawers and pulled out everything she’s outgrown and packed it all up. I unpacked all her next size, I love unpacking for Olivia. Since all the clothes used to be Joy’s it brings back such wonderful memories. I counted the dresses I unpacked. WOW 27dresses! She has more than that too, as we have received some as gifts and I already had them hanging. It was nice to get that all unpacked and set up. She’s good until the next growth spurt… Luckily dresses last a bit longer so she should be good all summer….it’s just a matter of getting to summer. LOL. Olivia is pulling herself up on the coffee table as I type this. I believe she is demanding I changer her diaper, and from where I sit, a good couple feet away, I can smell what awaits me. (better change her as she’s in all white.brb).
I also changed over the car seats. Olivia has outgrown the infant car seat. So we purchased a new car seat for Joy. One that transfers into a booster for later on. I cleaned out Joy’s “old” one, fixed the base back and turned it to be rear facing (and moved it to the other side of the car). I figured out how to put the new car seat together, and fastened it into Joy’s place. Both the girls were excited to discover their “new” seats when we headed out for our Saturday night coffee. Orlund and I don’t plan on it, however lately every Saturday night we go out to a coffee shop. We take the girls, give Joy a special treat, and we just enjoy one anothers company. It’s nice, relaxing and when we get home the girls are ready for bed.
Well Olivia is now asking to be fed…. so I’m going to go and do that. I love that she’s crawling now too!
God Bless you all, hope you have a fantastic day.
ps~ MY mom is flying home right NOW! Can’t wait to see her! I sure miss her hugs!

My Day

Well… Today was just one of those days…. You know, we all have them. Everything and anything gets under your skin. You’re (or rather I was) moody, grumpy, sluggish, and just want to be alone. That was my day. The problem? I have two kids. One toddler who is only 2.5 years old however by her sass as of late I’d say she’s going on 13. A baby who is not only teething (painfully I might add), crawling, but also just wanting snuggles. Oh, then of course I worked today on top of it all. And a longer day too! So The oldest Gabe, was, well….. Gabe. Talkative, energetic, rather rude (today anyway), Gabe. Sol, was back to his old self ~ pulling hair, hitting, and just generally being a pest (as of late he’s been real good, today however not so much).

I pulled myself through the day relying heavily on prayer. We made it. Don’t know how, but we did. THANK YOU JESUS! However, during this painstaking day a few cute stories developed ~

Olivia was having some major issues napping today. So after administering her ‘nap time’ dose of Tylenol I decided she could get up. Gabe and Sol were both napping in my room (one Victory!). The Tylenol took affect and after a poop Olivia was ready to go back down. I knew I’d find Joy still awake, however I assumed she’d be her usual self and be in bed playing with whatever toy she could reach without climbing out. Boy was I wrong! Upon entering their bedroom I noticed the rocking chair was pulled out away from the wall. The blanket was pulled off the back of it, piled high on the seat. I threw the blanket and seat pillow off the seat, pushed the rocker back to it’s place, took a seat and started nursing Olivia. Joy climbed out of bed and came over to me, she walked to the far side of the rocker and picked something up. She handed me a play cup and mumbled something. I took the cup and told her to go to bed. I figured she wanted me to play with her and pretend to drink from it. That’s when I noticed something strange….. The cup was sticky. It didn’t take but a split second for me to reach down to my ‘baby is teething’ stash. I keep a bucket on the floor next to the rocker, on the lid I have Olivia’s teething gel and baby Tylenol. Sure enough the brand new (just used this once) Tylenol bottle was tipped over, lid off and spilling out onto the bucket lid. I gasped. Please Lord don’t let her have drank any. I asked Joy if she’d taken any, she said no (don’t know how true or not that is). Joy then asked me to wipe her hands, they were sticky. The armrests on the rocking chair I noticed were sticky. YUCK!
After tucking Olivia in, I wiped up Joy’s hands with some baby wipes and told her to go to sleep. I left the room with the Tylenol, bucket and teething gel. Wont be making that mistake again! Later when I went into their bedroom I found all the girls stuffies in Joy’s bed with a baby wipe placed gently over each and everyone as if they were little blankets… Very cute, but very wasteful.

After the boys were picked up, dinner was eaten and the house was calm enough for me to relax the second cute thing happened. Joy and Orlund were playing Hide and seek. Joy would come to me to help her count “One, Two, One” or “Two, One, Two”. While she looked for him she’d call out “Daddy” and he’d answer “Joy”. Then he started counting and she started hiding. He always had a hard time finding her in the same place (what a good daddy!). However while he looked for her if he called out “Joy” she’d answer “hiding”. LOL. it was VERY cute!

Last story; Olivia has learned a new talent today. She did it for the first time today during her ‘nap’. She stood up all on her own in her crib! Wow, she’s just ready to go! Tonight I found her standing 2 times already. I think she’s excited that she can do it so keeps doing it then getting stuck! Kids always do that. She’s cute! Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, lowering the crib.. She’s just so tall! Olivia at (almost) 9months is the same height and one pound lighter than Joy was at 12months! (guess while I lower the crib might as well go through all those boxes that are under there and pull out the next size of clothing).


Our year in review. (of what I can remember).

We had our second Daughter. Olivia Margaret.
I started Or in other words I’ve worked my butt off at trying to get my house in the shape I want it to be in.
I’ve started Blogging more.
We started to go outside more (to the park etc) and I’m really enjoying the time as a family. We plan/hope to do it even more this year.
Orlund planted a garden, and it was beautiful. And the produce from it was scrumptious!
We switched our Mortgage to a different bank and cut off approx 6years!
I switched from looking after one little girl to watching two little boys.
We’ve already started to out grow our house, but we hope to be here for 5 years (2 years down).
We will need a mini van by the time our next child arrives (not pregnant, but we plan to have more kids eventually). Our car is already on the ‘way out’ so to speak so we would love to get a van sooner than later but will wait until we are at least pregnant.

Things I plan to accomplish this year ~

I plan to read my Bible Daily, for myself and also for the girls (aloud for them).
Don’t talk about people. I always try not to talk about others, but I find I get sucked into it and feel bad after. So I’m trying to not. It’s not easy.
I don’t want to think so negatively all the time, I find I’m constantly putting myself down.
Always have my house ready for drop-ins (as in clean).

There are a few others however they are more personal.

So that’s that. good bye 2010 and I am already loving 2011.

New post…

Hi. I have a new post…I’ve even started writing it…I want to post it…

However I have some Christmas shopping to do (Christmas in January with my family as Mom is home! YIPEE).
I still have to finish Olivia’s Christmas gift (just hand stitching)
And a house to get clean…………along with finishing Joy’s Scrapbook….

But I promise ~ I will post soon!

For now I leave you with a cute picture of my littlest squirt.

Merry Christmas!

Well It’s Christmas Eve today, I highly doubt I’ll have time tomorrow to come and post, so MERRY CHRISTMAS! I pray you have a blessed holiday!

I haven’t been online as of late due to me taking on some major sewing projects… I don’t know why 2 weeks before Christmas I decided to sew 3 projects, but I did. And then I was sick for one week! ugh… anyway, I’m almost done! I’ll post pictures of all the projects once they are handed out! Two of the projects are the exact same thing (one for Olivia and one for Lilly). They are a HUGE project….. I broke down last night crying when something didn’t work. I am at a point of exhaustion! I asked Orlund why we didn’t just buy Lilly a gift and me sew this for her birthday? Oh, I know why… I like to take on to much with short amounts of time!!! oh well. Two projects are completed. And Olivia’s is the only one left…. most of it is hand stitching.. so whatever I don’t get completed today I’ll do after Christmas.

Tonight My Dad and brother come over to play games and eat goodies. We will have Christmas (gift exchange) whenever my mom is home next. Then Christmas morning will be just us here at home. After naps we go up to Orlund’s parents to have dinner and exchange gifts with them all. The next morning we head back up there for breaky and to play. Come home for naps then our good friends who live in Kelowna are coming over for a visit. It’s a busy weekend and I work Monday and Tuesday 9:30-5:30! Some time this week we have to fit another visit in with my Brother. Take my dad to the movies (Birthday gift). going to see the remake of ‘True Grit’ ~ my dad and I used to watch the original together, so it’s special. Go to Wildlights, and have some people over I hope….

Well I should run, this house doesn’t clean itself!

God Bless you all! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Operation Party ~ Completed!

Well, it’s done good enough. My house is/was in shape enough to have someone just stop in and want to look through it. I say it WAS because, well it’s in need of some loving right now (mainly vacuum and kitchen).
Saturday night was spent with Joy vomiting. fun. poor girl. I think it’s awful watching your kids in such pain and you can’t do much of anything to help. So Saturday night was a bust, no work accomplished. I did get the house finished from what I’d listed last time (during the day). Except my dining room table.

Taken Saturday morning... just 'cause we're so cute!

Well Sunday we decided to stay home from Church and just take it easy. Joy watched lots of tv and kept asking to go to Church. Poor girl. She would have had so much fun watching the kids put on the Christmas production. Sunday night Joy got sick once more (oops gave her milk!). Monday I had the boys. I tried and tried to call their home to inform them that Joy was still a bit sick…but I couldn’t get through. They arrived I informed them she was sick, and then after 5 minutes they came back and picked the boys up to go play at a friends house. It was a good thing they did. Orlund came home sick. And I started to feel sick as well. Monday night, I was vomiting. Not cool. Orlund was trying to put the kids to bed, and I was nursing Olivia between my visits to the bathroom. So he took his mom up on her offer to come and help out for the night.
I have to say, due to me doing this ‘operation party’ my house was in a good state (especially since I was sick). I was almost tempted to tell Hazel to look in my linen closets. LOL. They are so clean! But at least I wasn’t worrying, on top of being sick, about what my house looked like. She spent the night, and it was awesome that she did. Olivia got up at 4:30am to play…. So Grandma played with her in the living room while I finally got some much needed rest!Β  up until that point I’d spent the night in the bathroom getting sick, or trying not to, nursing Olivia, or sitting in bed trying not to get sick… it wasn’t a fun night, however once Olivia was with Grandma I finally zonked out and slept good.
Tuesday was spent napping, bathing and relaxing for me. Orlund and his mom did up some dishes and kept the girls busy. Joy was still recovering and Orlund was doing much much better.
I took today off work so I could just ensure I’m rested up enough before taking the boys on again. I don’t want to exert to much energy before I’m completely better or it’ll just set me back some. I have tomorrow off then the boys on Friday.

Today I plan to catch up on theΒ  sewing I’ve fallen behind on. What was I thinking sewing Christmas gifts? lol. I have A LOT to do and I’m running out of time!Β  I will also decorate our tree. tomorrow I’ll spend time cleaning up etc. For today it’s catch up on the other stuff πŸ™‚

(on a side note; This sewing, I’m sewing 3 projects. two are the same just for different kids, and the other project is an ‘easy’ weekend job. So to sew the kids projects I figured I’d need to sew 2-3 ‘sections of directions’ every day. that would take me 5 days to do each. and spend the last weekend before Christmas sewing the other project. Due to being sick I’ve missed out on 2 days already.. and then I found out next week I work EVERY day except Christmas Eve! Guess I know what I’ll be doing in the evenings!)

Operation Party ~~

Good morning. Well technically it’s almost 1pm. This day has gone by quickly and yet I haven’t accomplished anything much. We got up late (due to late night out Friday) so 10am was our get up eat breakfast time. Then we got the girls all dressed up and took our Christmas card photo (a bit late?), and a few fun family shots. Now I’m typing while feeding Olivia her lunch. then it’ll be nap time.

I did not get everything done I had hoped to do. I finished writing all our Christmas cards (just need the pic). I finished our bedroom (closet too!) And that’s about it…. so yeah…. I’ve completely fallen off the plan…

HOWEVER ~ Monday I am ACTUALLYΒ  having some people over, and will want to show them my house. So today I tackle the green room…. also I need to clear a spot to put our tv from upstairs to make room for the tree, which Orlund is picking up today! I am also going to tackle and finish the kitchen (there is a hot spot of diaper bags).
I’ve come to the realization that the dining room is 1/2 my stuff 1/2 Orlund’s stuff (in regards to who needs to clean it up). So I will get my stuff out and cleared off. Then bug him to do the same.

My list should be good today, and hopefully I get it all done. Then I can spend this evening decoration the Christmas tree and the remainder of the house.
Sunday morning Orlund ushers so we have to be at Church bright and early. But I plan to spend the rest of Sunday doing any last minute touch ups and cooking/baking for the party. Monday I have the boys so wont have much time for cooking/baking, and after they go home I will have just enough time to clean up from the day before dinner which is followed by the party.
Orlund just informed me that he’s going to invite his folks in for a coffee when they drop off our tree (Orlund will pick it out, buy it and then they cart it around for us in their van). It makes sense, and makes me REALLY stick to my plan of having this place ready. Luckily Olivia doesn’t nap as long as Joy so I can vacuum before they come too. (Joy sleeps through the vacuuming, Olivia does not).

Well I guess I should get at it then eh? I’ll post pictures perhaps on Tuesday of the house all done and pretty for the party πŸ™‚

Operation Party…

So curious how Operation Party ended? well…it hasn’t yet.. lol. I’ve extended it until Friday. I knew I was cramming a lot into a short time. I would have been able to accomplish it to, however our weekend ended up being crazy! We had a conference Friday night 6:30-10:30 was tied up. Saturday Morning Orlund and I got the girls babysat and went Christmas shopping and out for a sushi lunch. Got home put the girls for their naps (I crashed with them). They got up, we ate and headed back to Church. 6:30-10:30pm again. Sunday morning 10am-12:30pm Church, Rushed over to my girlfriends house to have her son’s second birthday party. 2pm headed home. Nap time (for girls not me). I worked some on Operation Party and some on just catching up regular house work. Orlund’s mom came over and babysat the girls while we went back to the Church for the last night of the conference 6:30-11pm. So no work done over the weekend other than the usual work.

I haven’t taken any before photos, however At the end I will post photos of my finished house πŸ™‚ I can’t remember what I’ve told you already that I’ve done… so here it is~
Hallway (closets too), Girls bedroom, All 3 Bathrooms, Toy room, TV room, entry way, under my bed, and at the foot of it. (I was surprised to find only two things under my bed!) I’ve taken apart one of our glass end tables and taken it into storage.

Left I have ~
Our bedroom, and bedroom closet, Green room downstairs (office, craft room), Kitchen (daily + some extra), Dining room (Christmas cards scattered about), Living room (couch cushions and all). that’s all! The Kitchen, Dining and Living rooms are daily jobs however I need to do a more detailed cleaning.

Today I have the boys, however I hope to get all the chores done (maybe with the exception of the Green room) ~ once they leave that is. Tomorrow I have the day off, nothing planned. I would prefer not to have any chores to do, so I can just relax and play with the girls.

I am excited that I will have the house completed by Friday (which I have a busy day of errands and a dinner). I have lots of sewing to do for Christmas presents and really need to concentrate on that. I have a list of 13 things to do on that list and all of them will take a long time to complete (wish me luck!).

How is your house doing?

Operation Party #2

Okay, so I crashed and burned today…. But there is always tomorrow! I did do some work today, but the day just took it’s toll on me. I also have a very sore rib (or rib muscle?) that I pulled when I had a cold. I coughed it into pain…. And apparently I did something today to tick it off again.. So the thought of bending over to clean the toilets didn’t really appeal to me (not that it ever really does, but being in pain at the same time = not fun). I did clean out the Main bathroom cupboard area ~ amazing how much room there is when it’s organized! I wiped down the counters, toilet, walls and baseboards in the ensuite. and that’s where I stopped. Guess I’ll have some catching up to do. I also didn’t get my house into the ‘shape’ I wanted it to be in after the boys left. But I’ll do that in the morning. Tomorrow we are dropping the girls at Grandma’s and going shopping (New Vacuum here I come!). But for now, I need to go to bed, it’s 11pm WAY past my bedtime! Good night!

My Therapy

We all have it. Something we do after a hard days work to relax. To let go of the work day and move into the at home, family mode. For most it is the drive home from work. You shrug off the days frustrations, sort through the troubles, highs and lows of the day and prepare for the evening. Orlund uses the drive home and the time he spends making dinner to do this. It’s our deal. He likes to relax when he gets home as the drive just doesn’t cut it. Cooking relaxes him, provided no little monkeys pester him (to much) ~ I keep the monkeys at bay.

I work from home. There is no car ride home. There is no escaping from the monkeys. I was frustrated, exhausted and over all worn down. Until I started vacuuming. Huh? I can hear you thinking it. Didn’t she vacuum before? Yes I did. However I vacuumed once a week, or before company arrived. Fly lady has taught me to let go of my perfectionism. I don’t have to vacuum under the couches every time I vacuum. My mom also mentioned to me she used to vacuum every day…. it thought that seemed a bit ‘out there’.

I started to vacuum every day. EVERY. DAY. After the boys would get picked up, I would pull out the vacuum and quickly run it through the hall, living room and dining room. Not moving furniture (except once a week). That became my ‘car ride’ home (on days I worked. Other wise I vacuumed every second day). It released all that happened in the day, it caused me to clean the house every day. You can’t vacuum if there are toys tossed across the living room floor. Before vacuuming I’d toss all the toys into the toy bin, throw out any trash and just straighten up. Then vacuum. While vacuuming I can’t hear anything else. It takes me to another land. I relax and can move on with the rest of my day. It cleans up everything, not just the floors but my day and my mood. Since starting to vacuum everyday I’m less moody and less frustrated. I like me a whole lot better, and I think the kids do too.

Well my vacuum broke 3 weeks ago…. I called the manufacturer and they told me it was the filter. I sent Orlund to Walmart that very day. He called me to inform me they didn’t have our filter. I started to cry. I hadn’t vacuumed in a week (talk about procrastination on calling the manufacturer). I NEEDED TO VACUUM! Not just because my floors needed it, but because my SOUL needed it! I could feel the tension.

My wonderful Mother-in-law has lent me her vacuum. She has less traffic. I’ve had it for two weeks and plan to return it on Saturday. We ordered new filters off ebay for our vacuum. Well, I tried a new one, started vacuuming… it still doesn’t work. After I shut if off (after a 3 minute run) smoke crept up the side of the machine…. it’s dead. dead. dead. Guess this Saturday we will be shopping for a new vacuum!

What do you use to relax after work? the ride home? or some other secret?

Operation Party day 1 End.

How was your day today? Mine was a very productive yet fun day. I had the boys that I watch today, started at 7am (I hit Publish as they pulled into the driveway on my previous post).
All day as I played, cooked, diapered, and cleaned I thought about the fact that some people might think of this blog series as ‘airing my dirty laundry’…. perhaps it is. However when I decided to write this blog about being a Mom, I made a decision to be honest. I want to share the ups, downs and triumphs along the way. So although some people may stick up their noses at this, I could care less. I’m getting me, my house, my family and my life where it needs to be. I have always struggled with keeping my house clean, I know this and most my friends know this. I’m embarrassed to put pictures on here of the ‘before’ shots, however, I’m proud to put the after shots. Please be respectful of me in this journey and just be here to cheer me on πŸ™‚

Around 10am, Sol took his nap. Joy, Gabe and Olivia were having fun playing in the ball pit. From the hallway I could keep an eye on them, but decided it was a good time to tackle the linen closet. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would! YIPPEE! I love having a clean and organized linen closet. Here are the before and after shots~

Before + After

I ended up stopping to make lunch, boy was it yummy! Cheese sauce on broccoli, corn and noodles. Kids loved it too! That took us until around noon (we eat at 11:30). I then told stories to the kids (that I made up) while I finished stuffing Olivia full. Gabe got picked up for preschool at 12:30. Joy and Olivia were playing in the kitchen while I did up the lunch dishes. Then 1pm I tucked them both into bed. Sol was still sleeping! So I headed downstairs and tackled the entry way. I didn’t take before shots but here are the after ones. I need to purchase some nice bins for on the upper shelf, but for the time being this box will do~

Like my 'bin'?

Olivia woke up just as I took the garbage from the entry outside. (she’s a quick napper).Β  So I came upstairs and we played for a short bit, Sol woke up at 2:11pm!!! He slept most the day! His dad picked him up at 2:30. So we just had enough time for a diaper change and some ‘poke the baby’ fun. After he got picked up I decided it was a good time to tackle the cleaning supply closet. I set Olivia up in the hall (far enough away) with some toys. And I got the closet organized. So now instead of the cleaning stuff mixed with the medicine they are on their respective shelves.The bottom of the closet just houses the vacuum cleaner so I didn’t take the pic of that as it’s the same before and after, but here is the other part~

I finished off the day with the main part of the hallway. I had to wait until Joy woke up from her nap to get the diapers loaded into their room. While she napped I boxed up the jackets and had them all ready to go. So as soon as she got up I put the remaining items away. I took the after pictures before I vacuumed (oops), and my camera’s battery isn’t doing so good so opted not to retake the photo, but trust you’ll believe me. Here is the hallway~

Before + Before

I love the feeling of accomplishment I have! It helps keep me motivated for the rest of the house. I’m excited to continue on this journey tomorrow. I have the boys again, from 9:30-3:30 so that gives me some time before and after watching them to fly at it! (I like having these done before Orlund gets home so the evening is spent “without” chores). Tomorrow I tackle the Main Bathroom, Ensuite, And downstairs bathroom. I might even throw in cleaning under my bed if it goes as smoothly as today did!

Operation ‘Party’

Today is day #1.
Yesterday I wrote out the lists, today I start executing them.
Today I tackle my hallway. It should be a ‘small’ job you’d think, if you saw the skiff of a hallway we have. However my hallway has taken a beating lately. It has a nifty little nook, in front of the cleaning supply closet, where things can lay without interruption for weeks (if I so decide not to move them). Today I will be removing the hot spot which lays there. In that pile are socks. The girls socks. Clean socks. That nook is where I pile clean and dirty clothes (separately) that need to be taken to the girls room but they are napping or sleeping so I can’t actually go in their room. These socks are the ‘missing my partner’ socks, which in turn really means I need to tackle the girls sock drawer too (but that will have to wait). Also in the pile are some stuffed animals to be returned to their rooms and some extra receiving blankets.
I have two diaper boxes to move from the hall into the girls room. A big box of out grown/seasoned shoes and jackets (also the girls) that I need to properly box up and some how fit into the girls room as well (or perhaps the crawl space).
I will also be going through the linen closet and the cleaning supply closet, they are both in the hallway.

The other room I’m going to do? good question. I’m not sure yet. I am working today so need it to be a room I can do while working (the hallway will have the closets cleaned during nap/preschool time). I think I’ll do the entrance way… I just cleaned this area, however I need to go through the closets shelf and the bench. Mostly they consist of snow stuff etc. Well the boys are here. Off I go!

gloomy Christmas?

I love Christmas. I love the snow, the joy, the family and friends.
Last year I found myself missing out. I didn’t have a work Christmas party, Orlund’s work had theirs during work hours. We weren’t invited to any Christmas parties other than our church banquet (which we had to purchase tickets to).Β  I know why we weren’t invited out, we didn’t have anyone over to our house. And if you don’t invite people over, they don’t invite you either. It’s plain and simple. I came to the realization that we are to self involved. The day’s pass quickly, we are constantly tired, however we need to put in the effort to have friends. I’m not just talking about at Christmas time, I’m talking all year round. Why not have people over for parties? I’m always concerned my house wont be ‘good’ enough, clean enough etc to have guests over. I’m now part of a program called “” she teaches you how to FLY (Finally loving yourself). Sure my house isn’t spotless and I have a long way to go, but she instructs us to let go of our perfectionism and just start enjoying life.

So this year. Today. December 1st. I sat on the cold tile hearth in our living room. The vacuum cleaner which had just been smoking sat next to me. My vacuum is officially dead. I mumbled under my breath “guess I get a Vacuum for Christmas this year”. I started to think of the friends we’ve made this year. How I’d wish to have them over. Orlund has told me that we can’t host a huge party as our house just can’t hold more than a couple couples at a time. I asked Orlund “Do you know if there will be a Christmas party at your work this year?Do you think it’ll be in the evening or at lunch again?”
“I don’t know, why?” he ask
“well I’m hoping it’ll be at night so I get to go to at least one Christmas party this year” I paused “to be completely honest”.
The thought about the fact that this holiday season will be spent at home alone again crept into my mind.I hung my head down, resting on my hands. A cold draft from the fireplace chilled my back, the tears started to well up in my eyes. The negative gloomy thoughts all started to sneak in. What about having a few people over at a time? Who said that? the thought came in, with it a negative response. Orlund said no. Wait, he said no to LARGE parties, what about a few people at a time? I don’t know if I was talking with God or just my inner voice (perhaps one in the same) but I decided to listen.
“what about if we have a few people at a time?” I asked Orlund
He looked up from his computer “sounds good to me! I would love to have people over, I just don’t want to plan it all”

There we go. My Christmas season does not need to be a gloomy one, but one filled with love. And if my house isn’t perfect, my friends wont have a problem with it, if they do… what kind of friends are they? Time to pick myself up and get out of the self pity and do something about it!

So onto “operation party”. First, I clean. I clean, I clean I clean. I have written a list of 13 areas of my home that need to be cleaned (I mean re-vamped cleaning). If I do twoish a day I can have them all done by the time our Church’s Christmas banquet arrives (Dec 7th).Β  I’ll start figuring out who I want to have over, and invite them! Orlund’s given me the Okay, so I can do this. No one is responsible for me being happy except me. So here I go… Ready to follow along on my path? I’ll try to blog a little at the end of each day to keep myself on track and let you know how I’m doing… Need to do some re-vamping too? Jump on in and do it with me. Write out a list of what you need to do and how many tasks a day to complete it by Dec 7th and LETS DO THIS!

So Darn Cute!

I’m a Facebook addict. However I purposely don’t write everything on my Status that goes on in the day 1~ no one really cares that much 2~ people think I’m on there enough already, which I am but just for a minute or two at a time. I never sign out of Facebook so when I need a break from the kids/chores/life I check out what other people are up to.

Well I have two adorably cute kids that do lots of cute things I’d love to tell the world about…. So for today I’ll leave my Blog logged in and just write the cuteness as it happens..

Yesterday ~ Joy points to her one snap that’s come undone on her pj’s “uh oh Hun” she say’s. I start snapping the snap “did you just call me Hun?” I look at her inquisitively. Joy chuckles “uh oh Mommy”. She did it later in the day too, calling me Hun. Guess that’s what Daddy calls me so she might as well too right? LOL.

Joy just found a little pendant that fell off her diaper bag zipper (it’s a honey pot). She came up and showed it to me, asked if she could have it. I said yes but keep it away from baby. She then tried to put it on like an earing. I informed her it’s not for her ear but her pocket. “Oh, Puppa” she said as she placed it in her pocket. Guess I’ll have to start emptying her pockets too before I do the wash.

Joy say’s Puppa for her Poppa, Puppa for pocket. Teeko for Tickle and Pickle. Poots for Boots, Poots for Poop… it’s just a matter of asking her which it is and she say’s Yup or No. She actually calls all Grandparents Poppa, except my mom who is Poppa 2.

Joy’s favorite word at the moment “what”……. ugh… not a word I’d hope she’d learn for a long time. She wanders around the house saying it.
She is sitting next to me at the moment waving “hello” to a vase on the top of our pantry. what a goof!
This morning Olivia woke up at 7am. It had been a long night and I was not willing to get up just yet. After my attempt to nurse her back to sleep failed I surrounded her with pillows on Orlund’s side of the bed and tucked myself back in. She played, I dosed in and out. Around 7:30am Joy decided to get up, I only know this because I awoke to thinking there is a little hand behind me on the bed, sure enough when I rolled over Joy was standing there rubbing her eyes with one hand on the bed. I said Hi, she said Hi and wandered out of the room. About 8am I decided I should get up, just as I sat up Joy came into the room carrying a plastic container. She was wanting me to open the container. She doesn’t know what the container holds so I was able to easily distract her. Icing sugar for breakfast is not a good plan! Once I finally made my way to the kitchen I realized she had gone into the fridge and gotten her milk out, it was set on the little table we have for the kids. She must have been sitting there drinking it ~ SO CUTE! Then when she got bored, or hungry I guess she decided to take a peak in the pantry. She can’t reach all the good stuff (like real food), she can only reach the baking stuff, guess the icing sugar container looked yummiest. She was still looking in the pantry when I got there, she decided the Strawberry syrup looked tasty… that was a little harder to distract her from…

Looks like the chores I had planned to do today wont all be getting done. Some I planned to do while the girls napped. Olivia isn’t usually a big napper, however it would be just enough time for me to get some things done…. Well this morning she first fought going for a nap, finally giving in at 12pm. She slept until 1pm! That’s a long time for her… well now it will be MINIMUM 2 hours before she naps again, so that’s 3pm, right when Joy will be getting up. pout. so much for getting those chores checked off my list. I guess I could do them tonight once they are in bed. Usually by that time though I’m ready for bed, or at least ready to put my feet up and relax.

I love Christmas music, actually I love having music playing softly almost anytime. Today as I sat at the table feeding Olivia her breakfast I noticed the Christmas music playing softly in the background. It took me a moment to realize Joy had turned it on… Guess she likes the music too. A few times today she’s even selected a different cd to listen to, pushed play and everything (our cd player has 4 cd’s to select from).
What a cutie πŸ™‚ She’s currently lassoing Orlund with a big belt I use to close suitcases when traveling. It’s so special to watch them play together, to bad I have to be the meanie and tell them it’s her nap time…

Well the girls are in bed now…who knows how long I have before Olivia starts crying for another ‘snack’. But before I end this post I want to tell you a cute story about Olivia that happened today~
While Joy was napping Olivia had a ‘stay-with-mom-or-cry-like-crazy’ moment so I brought her into the washroom with me. I sat her on the floor next to two ice cream pales (empty and clean). She thought they looked rather fun, so pulled the one out of the other. First she chewed the rim. tasty. Then she flipped it up so she was looking at the bottom, and proceeded to talk into it, giggling at her echo. Then, she went a step further, flipping the bucket onto her head. She proceeded to giggle away at having it over her head. Then flipped it off and continued playing with it. She then grabbed the other bucket, did the same thing, then had fun banging them together. And no it doesn’t take that long for me to use the washroom, but she was so cute so I stayed and watched her play.

Well I hope you enjoyed the stories.

Camping ~ End.

Okay, so it’s been months and months since we were camping. I can’t remember anymore what happened on what day.

Orlund’s parents came out and spent a couple nights in the lot next to use (slept in their van). It was nice for a change, and we got good visiting time in.

Cozy from the rain
sleeping soundly

Orlund enjoyed taking pictures of Joy and all her fun adventures. As well as the girls fun with Grandpa and Grandma Norstrom.

my "teenager"
Big helper

The nights were cool, however the days got much warmer. It rained some and the sun shone bright otherwise. It was a splendid trip that we truly enjoyed! Can’t wait for next yer!

Cozy tent

I have 3 other photo’s I wanted to add, however after trying 5 times I’m giving up….

Camping ~ 3

Well Hello there! I’m getting back to our Camping trip.

So Day 3 camping. We decided to just stick around the camp ground.Β  We wandered over to a walking path and followed it to a beautiful sunny spot. I layed out on the picnic table to soak up the sun. It sure felt nice!

Just above where I was laying was a big tree which housed a hawk (or falcon) nest. Orlund took pictures while I relaxed in the sunshine.

Joy explored the ‘woods’ around the picnic table area, Orlund enjoyed taking pictures of her too.

Olivia sat up for the very first time unassisted on the picnic table. Very exciting! She sat for maybe 20 seconds, just long enough for me to realize what she was doing, call Orlund and him to look before she tipped over into my arms. She really just wants to get going so we ‘attempted’ walking. Can’t wait till Olivia and Joy can play together.

All in All it was a beautiful day.

35 Randoms

1~ I randomly decided to do a post on random info about myself.
2~ I asked Orlund how many I should do- got him to pick the number randomly.
3~ I have a post all ready to go about our camping trip (which was over a month ago) just need to add pictures but I’m procrastinating because pictures take so long to load.
4~ I hate spending time doing my hair. I want to jump out of the shower, brush it and go. I love my hair cut, just not the time it takes to make it look decent.
5~ I love my little girls more than I ever thought possible.
6~ Some days I just want to cry and give up. But then I take a pause, pray and just dive back in.
7~ I hate housework. Yup. Don’t like it one bit.
8~ I love having a clean house. Wish it could clean itself.
9~ I love snow.
10~ I truly enjoy nursing my kids. I love the intimacy and that I am starting them off with the best.
11~ The worst nightmares I have are when something happens to my kids.
12~ I have a very vivid imagination (always have) and still get nightmares or dreams on a regular (almost every night) basis.
13~ When Joy watches Barbie movies (always have Ballet in them) I wish I was still in Pointe. I loved Pointe.
14~ I hated Ballet.
15~ I would really really love for my girls to be in Ballet when they are old enough. However we can’t afford it.
16~ I decided that I will teach my girls Ballet! I have my notes of different dances we did, so I just have to refresh my memory on what all those french words mean.
17~ Orlund and I are hoping to home school the girls. At least until Grade 1.
18~ I worry that because my life consists of kids…even my work is kids. that I bore people when talking to them because that’s all I really have to talk about… So I find, although I’m a talker, I tend to stay quieter during conversations than I used to. Wish I had something interesting to talk about, other than kids….
19~ I have started cooking, and enjoying it! I’ve always cooked, but only like 10 dishes (mostly chicken). Now I am ‘branching’ out and trying new things. Like cooking with Veggie puree’s
20~ The age I was when I got married.
21~ We have decided to do 2 small groups this time around…. One on Sunday night and one Thursday nights. We just couldn’t decide which one to do, so decided to do both!
22~Β  I have so many crafts on the go but need to ‘bunker’ down and just get them done! I have my mom’s cross stitch, Joy’s scrapbook, Christmas presents I want to make, Aprons to sew, chair covers to sew, and a few more I wont list.
23~ The number of things I have listed to do tomorrow (not including lunch, dinner, play time or getting ready for our small group).
24~ I was 24 when I had Joy.
25~ I sometimes miss my old job at Kamloops Tile Works. I miss the people, my bosses, and the job itself. And the getting out of the house to have adult conversation was a perk (not that I had kid conversations at that time). I usually miss it on days that I feel trapped at home.
26~ The age I am….and how old I was/am when I had Olivia. (wish I could figure out the proper grammar).
27~ Sometimes I feel like a milk cow. I get milked. I have my fair share of crap poop. (3 diapers and one 4year old;s poop bum to wipe). And sometimes it feels like I live in a stable.
28~ I love my husband.
29~ I miss my mom every single day. I wish I could call her up and just chat. But there is a 14hour time difference which makes it difficult to do so. I LOVE YOU MOM! + MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!
30~ I am blessed to have good great in-laws. So many people complain about theirs. Sure we are different, I come from a different family (which is good other wise I couldn’t have married Orlund), but we get along fantastic. They are very giving, special people, and I love them.
31~ My dream car is a Mini-van! I want one oh so bad!
32~ There are only 66 Sleeps left until Christmas!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I like to decorate and get the Christmas tree on December 1st. But usually hold off longer because Orlund doesn’t want them so early. Orlund and I already have written out our Christmas lists (did it through the year this year) and would really love our families lists so we can get shopping…..not that we have the money to yet.
33~ I am working 4 days a week for 2 months here (that will help with Christmas money). It’s going to be tiring, but we will get the hang of it and so long as I prepare each night before, I will survive.
34~ My husband has gotten me to start drinking coffee. Actually whenever I’ve been pregnant I enjoy it. This time I’ve continued to enjoy it (as in after Olivia was born). And have even starting making some just for myself in the morning….helps with the daycare kids too…er helps me stay sane I should say. Of course I use just as much ‘french vanilla’ cream as I do coffee…but it’s a start!
35~ I love God.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my random thoughts……

Charlotte update

Hello all you (few) people who read my blog. I have another camping blog ready to go, just need to attach photos. However first some exciting news!

On Tuesday Charlotte’s mom and dad went in to find out about what the MRI showed. The Doctors decided to do another Lumberg Puncture (LP) to see if there was anything in her spine again. They did this procedure on Wednesday and expected the results on Friday. Then the Surgery is scheduled for two weeks from now.

Things to be thankful for ~ The LP went awesome and there were no issues with it (Charlotte had to be under full anesthesia). Then they received the results TODAY, one day early (yeah for not waiting), and the best of all? THEY WERE CLEAR!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!

The surgeon also informed them that he will preform another MRI just before surgery as these ‘things’ have been known to disappear! Meaning surgery gets canceled last minute! We are believing this is the case. She’s healed so when they do that next MRI it shows that she is!

Today is a good day. I Thank You JESUS for this awesome day. PRAISE GOD!


So I’m taking a short break from writing about our Camping trip. I’ll probably finish it up in 2 more posts, unless I get bored with it and finish it in one (problem is I just have to many cute pictures to show!).

I am writing about my Cousin’s Daughter Charlotte. This poor little girl, my heart breaks for her and her family. April 9th she was diagnosed with Cancer. Very shortly after (like April 12th ~ Day Olivia was born) The doctors operated on her brain tumor (size of an ORANGE). They got it all out. She then endured 6 rounds of Chemo therapy. Poor little girl. She Turned 2 in July. She’s the same age as Joy. I can’t imagine watching my daughter go through that pain. I pray every day for this little girl, for her healing and strength. I pray for her parents Rob and Allison, for strength and the knowledge that God is there and is going to work a miracle in Charlotte’s life. He has already. Her spinal tap was clear, the tumor is extremely fast spreading so this was AWESOME. She doesn’t need a hearing aid (which is a 50/50 chance). PRAISE GOD.

The sad news. This Friday Rob and Charlotte drove down to Calgary to have another MRI to ensure the tumor was 100% gone. It’s back. It’s much smaller but it’s back. My heart crumbles to hear this. I question God. I know my brain can’t comprehend what He has in store, so I don’t expect an answer. I EXPECT a MIRACLE. God is our healer, our deliverer. His word say’s so, and I stand on His word whole heartily. Charlotte is His child, He will come through for her and do amazing wonders. I BELIEVE. Please if you believe in God or don’t pray to Him. Ask for her healing. Pray that when the doctors go in to remove this tumor they find nothing. It’s Gone in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year (as every year). Charlotte’s story makes me hug my kids a little tighter every night. I pray for Charlotte’s healing on this Thanksgiving.

Here is their blog if you wish to follow ~ Amsings Blog

~~ Just a quick note I’m adding on~~
Above I mentioned that I question God. I’m not saying that I question Him on why she isn’t healed. I question myself, asking Him, if there is anything missing? Am I just not seeing His ultimate plan? I believe that is the answer. It’s just not for me to see yet. I believe 100% she is Healed. She does not have cancer. I just wanted to clarify so there is no confusion, I don’t blame God or question why there was something on the MRI.

Oh Boys!

Oh the things Boy’s can teach girls…
The other day I wandered into the living room to find Joy laying on the floor. “Mommy Dee, Dee” she said. I looked at Gabe and he explained “She’s pretending to be dead, I shooted her”…..goodie.

I’ve heard it’s a regular 4year old thing to do, shoot, kill etc etc. Joy is really interested in trying to play with other kids. However she’s a gentle little princess, so it’s a bit hard with a boy that just wants to kill everything. Like today, I brought out some plastic animals for them to play with while Sol napped. Joy was happy grabbing a few and having them talk, eat and visit with one another. She wanted them to talk with Gabe’s. But nope. He took all the animals (except the few Joy was able to snatch up), line them up on the coffee table, then proceeded to have two fight each other and one die (to which it fell off the table). A Moose apparently can take on any animal including dinosaurs. Who knew! But it left Joy trying to play with him, but not wanting the animals to die. It’s interesting.

“So she plays with the one year old right?” that’s what you’d think. But no. Apparently Sol and Joy are each others arch enemies or something! He can grunt words. So he grunts “Yes” and Joy grunts “uh uh” (like no), back and forth, back and forth it goes….. tiring… If she has a toy ~ he wants it. If he has a toy ~ she wants it. She puts on more of a drama than he does. but all in all it’s back and forth. all. day. sigh.

Today I learned something new. While an exercauser keeps Olivia happy (and safer than on the floor), a ball pit keeps a 1 year old, 2 year old and even a 4 year old happy for hours. smile. Sure I had balls spread from the living room through the dining room, kitchen and down the hall (surprised none got down the stairs), but my rule? You empty the ball pit, you pick up all the balls. It worked good. and I had tidied up all the other toys before bringing the pit out so needless to say, all in all it was easy to clear up after (and I got the kids to do it).Β  Guess I know what to bring out tomorrow when I need a break πŸ˜‰ ~ I have a picture of all the fun, I’ll upload it later….

Camping ~2

I can’t believe we have been home for over a week already! At least all the camping stuff got put away πŸ™‚

Our first night in the tent was a cool one, but overall not to bad. It was chilly waking up, crawling out of my warm sleeping bag to sit up and nurse Olivia, luckily the fresh air helped her sleep better. Joy would wake, cry, then go back to sleep as soon as we would talk to her. I think she was just checking we were still there.

Our Tent set up

Monday morning we decided we needed to warm the girls (and us) up a bit, so we loaded into the car and headed to the salmon run. It was fun, however not very many salmon to see ~ guess the majority of the salmon have yet to come. The sun came out and oh did it ever feel good. We were even able to take off our jackets, and sweat shirts! It turned into a beautiful day!

"BIG" tree
Joy entertaining herself at the Salmon Run.
Guess she found it boring...

Just after we put the girls to bed Auntie Twyla showed up, so unfortunately they missed seeing her, however we got a good visit in with her. We always have fun with Twy. Our night was a cold one again, but hey, that’s Camping.

Camping ~1

Saturday September 11th, only about half of our camping supplies were packed ~ basically the bins which were packed with our camping stuff to begin with. I went for a late lunch with a couple girlfriends of mine (sushi!) and upon returning home Orlund informed me he wanted to go camping tomorrow (as in SUNDAY) instead of waiting until Monday. It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we got the itch to get moving. The problem? I was only half packed! and it was our 6year Anniversary! (Happy Anniversary honey, thanks for sticking with this crazy gal!). So I spent the next two hours going crazy packing until we headed out for a Sushi dinner (can never have to much Sushi!). We had planned to come home after dinner, nurse Olivia and put the girls down to sleep. My wonderful dad was babysitting for us (Thanks Dad!). Then head out again to go bowling and just hang out. Instead we relieved my dad and got on with packing.

Sunday Morning. It was pouring rain…..pouring…. But we loaded up the utility trailer and car and headed out! (Orlund wasn’t sure if we could fit it all, I told him he should be thankful I packed light!LOL).

Orlund threw up the tent which let us girls get out of the rain. While he set up our other tent (over the picnic table) I set up the two playpens and got the tent organized. It was a fun day, the rain let up eventually. We got all set up and ready for our week long trip. Here is the only picture I have from day 1 ~

Snuggled in sleeping.

You are my Sunshine ~ my version.

You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me happy when sky’s are gray
You’ll never know dear how much I love you
So please don’t take my Sunshine away

My Sunshine Joy ~ 1 day old.

The other night dear
as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I awoke dear
I was so happy
There you were laying right next to me

My Sunshine Olivia ~ 1 day old.

I love the song, and I sing it to the girls however it just sounded to sad… so I changed it just a little πŸ™‚

Watch for our Camping adventures ~ coming soon πŸ˜‰


Have you ever heard of a website that helps you get your house clean? Neither had I! In fact when I was first told about the website I thought it was just to weird. However I read a few things on the website and now I think it’s fabulous! FLYlady helps you learn to FLY (Finally loving yourself). The first step in this long process (takes 28days to form a habit) is Shine your sink. You do this everyday. If your sink is shiny and clean then the rest of the kitchen tends to follow (gets clean) and if your Kitchen is clean it’s only a matter of time before the rest of your house gets clean. I personally have a hard time keeping on top of our house chores. It’s always been a struggle for me. However I cleaned our house good for a party we had here (for Olivia’s baby dedication) and decided I would keep our house in that order until Thanksgiving (by then I figured it’d be habit). I’ve done good… until this week.. The weekends always seem to get ahead of me, and this one is no exception. Actually I should be cleaning instead of blogging (but like I said it’s a fight for me). I love my house being clean. It’s just a matter of keeping it that way. And when there is something that you struggle with everyday you find you love yourself a little less when you fail at it. However this website helps you realize that your house doesn’t get messy over night (although with Kids it doesn’t take long), so you can’t make it completely spotless over night either. And even if you do it’ll just get messy again if you don’t keep on top of it.Β  I’m really enjoying FLYing, It makes me feel good. (sorry about the pun). My living room is chaos, and the kitchen needs tiding but with 15minutes (or less) in each and I’ll have them good as…they can be πŸ™‚

If you feel like you could use a ‘pick-me-up’ in the FLYing department, check out the website. The trick is not to get stuck on the website and not get any FLYing in!

I do

Joy’s new two favorite words “I do”.

“Do you want to go on the potty?” “I do”.

“Do you want some food?” “I do”.

“Do you want to go to bed?” “NO”. lol.

Anything you ask her (that she wants to do) is answered with “I do”. It’s cute, although her manners have been slipping some. That’s more our fault for letting it slide.

Another ‘fun’ adventure is Joy has finally figured out how to climb into the crib. It’s great for in the morning, when Olivia is awake and just needs entertainment (gives me a few more minutes). Joy can’t get out of the crib either so that keeps them both busy. Smile.

Joy had nightmares the other night, and well since then doesn’t seem to want to sleep in her own bed. Poor girl. For nap time yesterday I ended up taking Olivia out (since Joy kept waking her up) and left Joy to sleep in the crib. (Olivia and I got in some good snuggling). Then at night around 11pm I went in to feed Olivia, I had just gotten out of the shower so Orlund had picked her up. I went in nursed her then as I put her in her bed I felt something strange. I was curious what it was as Joy often ‘gives’ things to Olivia (like picture frames, books, shoes, you know ‘fun’ stuff to sleep with). So I pulled the curtain back letting the moon light filter into the bedroom. There curled up with her bum against Olivia’s was Joy. Fast asleep. I was tempted to leave her, but I happen to know Joy moves around enough to worry for Olivia’s safety. I put Joy in her own bed and she slept great! Nap time today, Orlund was able to finally convince Joy she should sleep in her own bed… we will see how it goes tonight.

The end.

No not the end of my blog.I’ve been very busy lately. I not only have Grace and the two little boys (luckily not on the same days) I also have been watching Grace’s big brother Jordan (he’s 5). Grace and Jordan play great together! They leave Joy out a little bit, but Grace is easier to watch with Jordan around. He’s very quiet (unless playing with her), and polite and isn’t a real rowdy boy. I watched them two times already and have one more scheduled (perhaps two? I have to find out), Well on Tuesday when their mom Jen picked them up she informed me that they have decided to put Grace (almost 3) in preschool/daycare at the school that Jordan is attending….. So I wont be watching her anymore. Jen said they love me, and Grace loves coming here however they really want her to go in Preschool as they didn’t put Jordan in it and regret it. So next Tuesday may be my last day with her….. Our adventure has been fun.

I started watching Grace last fall. I was just over 3 months pregnant. I was tired. But we had fun! Everyday (until it got to cold) I would push the girls in the stroller for a short walk. We played indoors mostly, however I did take them out a few times to play in the snow pile at the end of the driveway (we didn’t get much snow, and it’s a lot of work to bundle them up for 5minutes of play). She learned my rules quickly, and I learned she was a bit defiant. She picked on Joy sometimes but Joy learned to stand up for herself too. She taught me that I really have to be aware of what I say, because you just have to say it once and they can pick up on it (no I didn’t teach her bad words). I was lucky as I only had to change 1 poop diaper EVER! (guess she poops at home ~ then she got potty trained). Yes I got to go through the adventure of potty training, well not so much. She was away for two weeks and came back potty trained! That doesn’t mean we didn’t have spills. She forgot one time while watching a movie and peed on the carpet. I also got to experience having her vomit on my floor. (not fun). Really all in all it was a good experience having her, learning how to react and discipline other peoples children. It sounds like we had rough times, and we did. Heck I was pregnant for most of it, then with a new baby for the rest! I only took one week off of work after having Olivia so she was right in the thick of it. This spring we had a bunch more fun, going for walks around Mac Park, playing in the backyard, doing more painting and just having fun! (I have much more energy now not being pregnant!) One thing you could almost always count on was she would eat just as much (if not more) than me at any meal/snack time! She always had a runny nose, and she LOVES her naps! She asks constantly for a nap, and takes a LONG one everyday. It was nice as her nap time was just before Joy’s and usually lasted as long or longer than Joy’s. I am going to miss you Gracie! We had fun. We had our schedule down pat. But now I get to move on, grow again and explore more things with these two boys I have. God Bless you Gracie and I hope we run into you sometime soon.

Boys vs Girls

I now have two more chillins I watch for Daycare. Gabe (4yrs) and Solomon (1yr). They came and played for a couple hours one day, it was fun but not enough time to really do anything. Then Yesterday (Wednesday) I had them for the first full day….. Wow, Boys (at least these ones) are much different and Girls!!

Outside we have a little water table. It has two little sail boats, a bucket and a water wheel (you dump water into another bucket that slowly releases the water over the wheel so it spins). On Tuesday Grace and Joy played with it. Sure they got wet, but most the water stayed in the table and it was as clean as when they started. On Wednesday Joy, Gabe and Solomon took to it….. Well the boys also found her ‘mud pie’ making table, the water, sand and bits of grass ended up all over both ‘stations’ all over them and most the water onto the grass. The boys were coated from the tips of their heads to the bottom of their toes with mud and water! Joy, had a couple drops on her outfit. Gabe at one point even dumped a full bucket of water on Solomons head! Sol didn’t even flinch, Joy would have had a hissy fit and that would have been the end of it!

The boys definitely played rougher on the toys than they had ever been played with before. Joy isΒ  a very gentle girl. Not that the boys were overly rough, just a lot rougher than she is.

We played, then when the little kids took a nap Gabe and I had fun making creatures out of egg cartons. After we played in the living room. Just as I was about to get Gabe to help me clean up their dad showed up, Since Sol was still sleeping he came upstairs. I hadn’t noticed what the living room looked like until then…. GASP!!! Every single toy, kid chair, etc was tipped over on either it’s side or right upside down! The living room has been messy before, but never with the toys in such positions before!! Gabe was helpful straightening the room up, thankfully! I couldn’t believe how the living room had looked so crazy!

I’m sure I’ll come across differences more and more as time passes. I just find it so funny how differently they play with toys.Β  Needless to say I slept good last night! I look forward to our adventures next week πŸ™‚ I hope this smoke clears out so we can walk to the park…

Lessons learned…

Lesson #1 ~ It’s harder than you think to photograph and blog every step of a project!

Lesson #2 ~ Take your time and do it right the first time, because undoing is time consuming!

Lesson #3 ~ If you have a ‘model’ use them. (such as a daughter the same size)

Lesson #4 ~ When measuring your child, measure not only their height, but shoulder width, waist, bust,etc. Because after you sew a dress you don’t want to re-sew an entire new one!

Lesson #5 ~ Button holes are frustrating and even more so when you undo them!

Lesson #6 ~ When attaching Pockets, ensure they are on the right side of the dress!

Lesson #7 ~ Take pictures for your blog before gift wrapping them, because then you notice you sewed those pockets on the wrong side before giving them to the person as a gift! (Luckily this is the step I just did!).

Lesson #8 ~ Practice does make perfect.

Lesson #9 ~ It’s easier to do everything right when you don’t have distractions (such as kids around).

Lesson # 10 ~ Just Sigh. Shrug it off and keep trying πŸ™‚

Ps~ as soon as I unattach and reattach the pockets I will upload pictures.


I’ll start with the sewing. I decided to finally attach the buttons and sew the button holes on Ava’s dress. I am a little sad as every time I look at her dress I see more and more mistakes. I wanted the dress to be perfect. Guess it’s not. I will work even harder on perfecting Lilly’s dress. Wish me luck. Anyway, back to the buttons. I sewed them on no problem. The button holes however, not so good. Apparently my machine needs me to do something else to get it to sew the button holes. I can get it to sew the ends just fine, but the long part….well that’s another story. It’s currently sewing one side as a zigzag and the other a completely different stitch! I don’t know how to get it to do the button stitch properly. Any ideas? I’m hoping my mom will be online tonight so I can ask her.

weird button stitch

Then the sickness. This weekend we kept ourselves busy! Friday Leah and I took the girls to a lake approx 30minutes away. Leah was good at killing the leaches! And Joy had loads of fun playing in the water with all the minnows. Olivia took a nice nap and otherwise was happy to play in the playpen (with a mosquito net to protect her). It was fun, we got eaten alive when we went to the car to leave! (apparently the mosquito’s were waiting till we tried to leave to get us!). Leah and I layed in the sun almost the entire 4hours we were there ~ not much to show for it tan wise though. Then Friday night I took the girls shopping. Saturday our little family went to breakfast at Mcdonald’s with Orlund’s family, then went shopping. The girls were tired so that cut that day short! Sunday we went to Church then in the evening went swimming at the pool. And Monday (also a holiday) we went to the Wild life Park. Lots of fun however only covered half the park before it was bedtime. Lots of fun, but a very LONG, HOT day.

Now today, Tuesday, Both the girls have stuffy noses, fussy attitudes and all round grumpiness! I’m tired. I have a house to clean, Laundry to do, sewing to get done……….ugh…..

Sewing #3

I apparently work rather slow when it comes to sewing! I think I’m scared to make a mistake, however the only part you can’t ‘fix’ if you do screw up is the cutting. And I’ve had the material cut for a week already! I have finished two hats, one for Ava and one for Lilly. The hats are completely reversible. The jean material is what the dresses are made out of, and the other color I will use as an accent on the dress (little pocket or something, haven’t decided yet).

The hats were easy to do, however I did have to google how to do one of the seams. Once I figured that out I was good to go! What do you think?

Ava's hat & Lilly's hat
Inside Ava & Lilly's hats

“Baby Pooh!”

That is one of Joy’s favorite lines. She can mean Baby as in Olivia or Baby as in one of her many dolls. Just now as I was feeding Olivia (and putting her to sleep) Joy announced that “Baby Pooh!” as in her cabbage patch doll. I shushed her out of the room, finished putting Olivia down and came out to help change ‘baby’. Joy laid baby down and we started. I pulled off the sticky part of the diaper (yes Cabbage Patch dolls come with their own diaper now). As I pulled the front part back I was shocked ~ POOH! There was a little turd in the dolls diaper! I took another look, nope not pooh. phew! It was a rock that apparently Joy decided should be what the baby’s pooh would look like! I am happy to say we cleaned out baby’s diaper and she now is as fresh smelling as when we got her (apparently the diaper releases more of the ‘baby powder’ fresh sent. Yes the dolls smell baby powder fresh).

One other little tidbit I have to write about ~ JOY WENT PEE ON THE POTTY!! This is even MORE exciting than the pooh! (when she poohed on the potty that is). She always has known when she needs to pooh, so telling me she had to pee was AMAZING! Yes she said “I pooh”, but she went pee. I had just gotten her out of the tub and was toweling her off when she made the announcement “I pooh” so I rushed her back to the toilet and sat her on it. *tinkle tinkle* I looked at her with BIG eyes! “You pee?” I said “more?” she said/asked with a mischievous look on her face *tinkle tinkle*. I WAS SO EXCITED! she got two stickers as a ‘reward’.


Two, One of Joy’s favorite words. I have two things to post about ~

1~ God said that Women could find a good husband in the four corners of the earth…….Then He made the world round! (I was lucky with one of the few men to escape before that! lol)

2~ Joy went Poop on the potty!!!!!!!!!!! Very exciting! We were in the Kitchen when she looked at me (with that look) and said “I poo!” So I snatched her up, ripped off the diaper and threw her on the potty. A few seconds later we were celebrating her first Poop on the potty πŸ™‚ Yipee!! It’s a start πŸ™‚

Sewing part 2

I have been working diligently on the little dresses for the 4 girls. Well okay on Ava and Lilly’s. I discovered that apparently I don’t know how to read the back of the pattern for how much material is needed. I was able to cut out both Ava and Lilly’s dress and Ava’s hat, and still have HALF the fabric I bought left, out of the amount of fabric I thought I needed for Ava’s dress and hat! I guess I need lessons on how much fabric to buy (now I have lots and lots).

I have sewn the sides on the dresses and sewn the hat together (the two parts just not joined them). Here are a few pictures I’ve taken so far.

Laying out the pattern.
the two dresses pinned. They are pretty BIG for these girls...

Lilly Grace

I am an AUNTIE again!

Virden and Kerry had their second daughter today Lilly Grace Norstrom 6lbs 7oz born July 12,2010 around noon. Mom and baby are going good, she’s another adorable girl. Here are a few pictures of Lilly~

Lilly in Daddy's arms
Daddy's hands make Lilly look small.
Lots of hair.


Tonight we had Orlund’s parents over for coffee. I thought it would be fun to make a special dessert. Well it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped. Here’s the story~

I wanted to make a chocolate pie thingy (supposed to be real easy, the recipe was on the pie crust). So first I took the plastic off of the pie crust, being in the hurry I was (for no reason) I accidentally dumped the plastic lid onto the pie crust. I don’t know if there were crumbs or not, however in my momentary lack of judgment, I decided to dump the crust upside down to ‘shake’ off any crumbs………… I caught all the pieces….. oops. So now my crust isn’t so pretty as I can’t really piece it back together. Then I follow the directions, stir in 1 +1/4 cups of Milk, 2 packs of instant chocolate pudding. Whisk for 1 minute (should be thick), then add half of ‘cool whip’….. So As I’m whisking I realize that my cool whip container is measured in a different measurement than the recipe calls for, I call Orlund in to help…. We decide it should just be a couple scoops. At this time I also realize that the recipe calls for the pudding to be the kind that makes 4 servings, the ones I have make 6 servings. Yet for some reason the mixture seems very thin. Orlund takes over whisking….. then he asks me “are you sure this is instant pudding?” “yes” then I read the package “I give up!!!” Nope it wasn’t instant pudding!!! Here is a picture of our “pie” (of course we had already poured it into the crust when we noticed it wasn’t instant!). Luckily I had some instant pudding on hand so Orlund mixed it up and we still had a yummy dessert. Orlund also tried to fix this one, so placed it in the oven to ‘cook’ it….. So the picture is what the non-instant chocolate pudding pie ended up looking like…………..

Mud Pie anyone?

Sewing is my hat?

No. I’m not very good at sewing. Actually if I actually do try it, I’m usually not to bad. However I sew things that people don’t wear. I don’t sew clothes. I sewed a skirt in high school and after that I didn’t want to try it again. A few (like 4) years ago I bought a bunch of material from a store that was closing out. Great deals. Great fabric. Still not sewn (is that spelled right?). Well I just purchased a bunch more fabric. To try and sew some little girl dresses, for my kids and my nieces. With matching sun hats too. So, would you like to join me on this crazy expedition? I will more than likely enlist my mom’s help (all the way from Thailand), however I plan to take pictures of all the steps as I go. So wish me luck. Tonight after the girls are in bed I will lay out the fabric, pattern and start cutting! YIKES!

ps~ don’t tell my Sister/brother in law as the dresses (if they work) will be gifts (they don’t have internet so won’t see this).


I have two wonderful daughters. They are both happy girls who love to smile…..until we decide to take them to Walmart to get some portraits done. Olivia pooped as soon as we arrived, so while I took her to the washroom Orlund got Joy to do some poses. Those pictures turned out cute. Olivia and I returned so we tried a few pictures with the both of them… Joy didn’t want to sit and look pretty, and Olivia wanted to eat. Joy climbed out of the photo’s and we tried a few ofΒ  just Olivia. Nope. Olivia wanted to eat now. So I nursed her, then we took a few shots of me holding her and the session was over. Neither kid wanted to be there anymore. I was surprised at how few of shots the lady actually took I would have been snapping away to get those rare quick little smiles. It was hard to chose which picture we wanted to use, we wanted to use one of both the girls. There were 3 good ones. And they weren’t great. But we picked one and ordered it. So now? Now we have decided to make our own studio here at the house. So when the kids are happy and looking oh so cute we can run down stairs and take a bunch of pictures. So my day didn’t go how I’d planned, but not to bad.

My Auntie Rocks.

Joy and Olivia’s Auntie Twyla went on a trip to Seattle. And like the wonderful Auntie she is she brought gifts back for the girls. Olivia got a ‘hello kitty’ water bottle (for when she’s a bit older), and Joy got a t-shirt that say’s “My Auntie Rocks” as well as a tu-tu I love tu-tu’s and have been wanting to sew one for her for the longest time. Thanks Auntie for the gifts! (we also got spoiled by her). Here is Joy in her new shirt and tu-tu.

Update on Washer/Dryer

Well I seem to have slowed down on blogging. But I figure I should update you all on my Washer and Dryer. The new machines got delivered on Wednesday. When the truck got here I found out that we I needed to disconnect the old machines. Fine. I did it. Sure was dusty behind there! (it’s amazing how hard it is to get the dryers plug-in out!!). Then the nice guys moved the old machines downstairs and moved the new ones upstairs. My Dad ‘just happened’ to stop in (with two roses for me ~ one from him and one from mom ~ my favorite) and give us a hand stacking them and setting them up. THANKS DAD!

Today (Friday) I finally got up the nerve to use the new machines. So after a quick glance through the instructions I jumped to it. I LOVE MY MACHINES! The washer is SO quiet I can run it during nap time! And the Dryer sings when it’s done (I don’t think I could hear the beeping due to the A/C being on, but I heard the singing when it turns off).

So there you go. I did one load of laundry. I’m excited! I love my machines. Did I already say that? oops. oh well I do! I’ll be posting pictures of the progress of the ‘laundry room’. Right now it’s just the machines with an old wooden side table to hold the laundry detergents. Soon someday There will be a nice BIG cupboard there fit for a queen holding all my towels!

Good night all, it’s an hour past my bed time! Hope you have a good sleep!

Joy’s language

Joy has started to talk more since her baby sister has arrived, so instead of forgetting them, or writing them down somewhere private I might as well share them with you. Here are some of Joy’s favorite words ~

Peeze = Please

Teeze = Cheese

Tiko = Tickle (say’s while she lifts both arms)

tiiiko = Pickle

Moor = More

Moori = Movie (usually is pointing at the TV, or a DVD case)

Teese = yes (similar to cheese and please)

Tank to = Thank you

Two = two, she is VERY clear on this one!

Num Num = Num nums, which means food.

Wowie = Water, it’s rather cute when it’s raining and she shouts out the window “wowie, wowie, wowie”.

She is a very determined little girl. And even if she can’t say the word she’ll let you know what she’s wanting! I can’t think of any sentences she say’s right now, but I’ll post some once I remember.

Little Swimmers.

Get your head out of the gutter! I’m talking about little children swimming!

Today, Saturday Orlund and I decided to take the girls swimming at the local pool (indoor). It was fun. Orlund took Joy, getting her to ‘jump’ in, ‘swim’ and splash (Jump was him lifting her up, swimming was him gliding her through the water). I had Olivia. She was the most content I have ever seen a baby in water. I looped one arm around her so her head was against my shoulder (facing out) and my arm then wrapped around her under her arms. Her little legs didn’t even kick, she just let them float. About half way through our swim, we were playing in a very shallow area where Orlund and I could sit, I noticed Olivia sucking her fist. Next thing we knew Olivia was fast asleep. What a peaceful sleep (other than the ocassional splashing). Warm water, Mommy’s arms wrapped around you.

She slept for maybe 15minutes before she woke up with a look of panic in her eyes. Poor little girl didn’t know what to think!

Joy at the waterpark 1 year ago.

It was a very fun day at the pool. We also had lunch out at a Mexican restaurant, then headed home for naps. Joy seemed so tired we figured she’d zonk out asap. Well turns out everyone but Joy had a nap! She just played in her bed in the dark while the rest of us napped!

Happy Canada Day!

It’s already 10minutes to 11pm, I should be in bed. Luckily I type fast πŸ™‚

Went shopping on Wednesday with my girlfriend Leah, bought 4 shirts (well, more like 2 shirts. 2 are undershirts). But I like them. Orlund likes them. they give me that good feeling while wearing them. The girls were okay while we shopped, although most the day I carried Olivia, Joy walked and Poor Auntie Leah pushed around an empty double stroller. fun. And Olivia for some reason will go sit with anyone and be happy, except Auntie Leah. weird. annoying! Poor Auntie. But thanks Leah! Couldn’t have done it without you!!

Today was Canada day. Orlund was home, made us breakfast. After breaky, getting dressed and car loaded we headed down to the local park to celebrate Canada day. We wondered around looking at all the crafts by local artists. Wow some people sure are talented! Had lunch on the grass. Chinese, Samosa, Sushi. That was my lunch. Orlund had something else….can’t remember. Then we headed home for naps. Then re-loaded the car and headed up to his parent’s place for dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWYLA! It is Orlund’s sister’s birthday today, so we visited, ate, ate, ate some more, did gifts, visited some more and then headed home. Kids are in bed and will probably sleep great after all the fresh air!

I feel like we should be heading to church tomorrow. But nope. Orlund has to work and it’s just a normal Friday! I have a bunch of cleaning to do, so my day is pretty full as well.

I have to Thank God for this beautiful free country we live in! Thank you! I love being Canadian. I am glad my girls get to grow up in this wonderful land.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

ps~ I’ll post pictures later once I steal them from Orlund’s camera!


A few random things from today.

Grace (day care girl) ripped a whole in the mesh on the playpen… grrr it was a gift and a very fancy playpen. guess we will just patch it up and keep using it for her.

Joy is obsessed with saying “num num” meaning food. It’s actually really cute.

Olivia fell asleep all on her own! Without crying! Usually at night we walk her until she falls asleep, however tonight I put her down once (after walking her) then she woke up crying so I went and nursed her. She was wide eyed, burped, so I put her down in her crib. I rubbed her back a bit, she wasn’t crying, but still wiggling around a bunch. So I left the room. She let out a couple quiet cry’s and that was it. She went to sleep all on her own!!! She’s only 2.5 months old!! So proud of her (who knows if she will do it again though).

And after Orlund and I finished watching a few shows tonight (well a few episodes of ‘the office’ ~ LOVE that show), I logged on to the internet and read an interesting story… A 13year old girl got bitten by a 5ft bull shark in 4ft of water!!! I HATE sharks. (I think they are magnificent creatures, but not to swim with!). She had been bitten 2x before she realized the shark was latched onto her! Crazy! She stepped on it’s head to get loose, and miraculously didn’t lose her leg or any toes! I don’t know how you get bitten by a shark 3x before noticing…… weird. Glad she’s okay though!

Oh and I got to talk to mom online tonight. I sure miss her. I LOVE YOU MOM! xoxoxo

How long?

How long will this last? I’m assuming just a few more minutes (especially now that I’m on the computer). Joy, Olivia and Grace are all down. down as in sleeping. Joy and Olivia have not got up this morning and promptly after Grace arrived she asked to be put down as well. So I have some quiet alone time. I hope they all sleep until 9am – 45minutes away. However I am positive they will be up shortly. If they did sleep in I think we’d skip the walk as after they eat it would be to hot to go. But if they get up soonish we might still go. Oh look at that. Joy is awake, she’s knocking on her door. There goes that quiet time.

Have a good day!

One of those days.

Today has been one of those days. A day you don’t feel like doing anything. I feel sorry for Orlund as he had to go to work. I didn’t do a whole lot around the house today, nothing really other than dishes. I had a horrible night last night, Olivia woke up many many times. I also attempted to use my mouth guard last night, sometime around 1am I had a dream that some how led to me taking it out and putting it away while still asleep. I awoke as I was laying back down, luckily I remembered the dream so I knew what had happened to the guard. I got a head ache that kept me from sleep around 6am. Around the headache time I also got something in my eye. I couldn’t sleep. It was driving me CRAZY! And it’s still there bugging me. Perhaps I scratched my eye? I can’t seem to find anything in it. So that was my night.

Orlund was going to work late, however he started to not feel good so came home early. He called to inform me of this when I slipped away from the kids for a moment to have a shower. He is now resting in bed, as is Olivia. Joy is out playing on the deck after refusing to eat dinner. fun.

Orlund’s cousin is in town, and we would really like to see her. Well now Orlund is sick and it doesn’t sound like they (cousin and Twyla) will come to visit. pout.

Well I guess I should get something done around here, maybe not, maybe I’ll plan out a fun art project to do with the girls tomorrow for Canada day (which isn’t until Thursday but I don’t have Grace that day so I’ll do it tomorrow).

Here is a little picture I took this evening, Orlund was helping out while I cooked dinner.

Daddy and his girls


Do you ever just feel blah? Gross? fat? I think most women out there do at least once in a while. I did this morning. Well I still do however now I am in the comfort of my own home so it doesn’t matter as much. Trying to find clothes to wear to church is always a task I don’t like. I have been walking everyday, trying to watch what I eat, and generally just trying to get back into shape. I don’t know if it’s because I am nursing or just not doing enough yet, but I can’t seem to shed those pounds. So I don’t feel like I look nice, I still have this big flabby belly from having kids, and so trying to get dressed when you already feel blah isn’t good. All your clothes either ‘show’ to much, ‘bag’ out to much or just don’t fit right. No matter how many different items I try on or the different combination’s I try nothing seems to work. It then takes all my energy not to burst into “I’m so fat” tears (which really seems to aggravate men).

This morning I decided to just wear a purple/black skirt with a purple top. The top isn’t all that flattering but it hides the flub. The shirt needed a quick iron, as I am ironing I realize a very small whole has formed near the bottom on the front. ugh. blah. I wore it anyway. I didn’t have time or the energy to try and pick something else. I need a few tops I can at least wear to church that make me feel GREAT! So This week I’m going to book my Mother-in-law to baby sit Joy, so Olivia and I can go clothes shopping. We don’t have money to do a big clothes shop (and I don’t want to until my body is how I want it, but I need clothes for the time being), however I do have a few gift certificates so at least I can hit up those stores. Wish me luck. I need it. I’m not a shopper, and I feel so blah, but I need some really good shirts that make me feel WOW.

The purple shirt

This picture is of Myself, Yolanda, Joy, Charlotte, and Allison (my cousin) a year ago, however that is the purple shirt I now have to toss out.


This is the story of how a family can load into the car to go get groceries and end up buying a washer and dryer.

There are a few items on our list that we want need for our home, and a washer and dryer are on that list. Although we figured they would remain on the list for a few years yet.

This morning we decided to go as a family out grocery shopping. I put Olivia in her car seat and into the car while Orlund buckled Joy in. I sat in my seat and turned to face the back watching Orlund struggle with Joy’s buckle. What is that smell? I thought as I started to sniff around. It was me! well okay, it was my shirt. My shirt smelt musty. gross. I have this problem a lot, after finishing laundry discovering that a load or two sat wet just to long and now smells musty. Our Washer makes so much noise you can’t run it when the kids are sleeping or if you are trying to have a conversation. And the dryer takes at least 2 times on for 70minutes before the clothes are dry. So yes, I forget about the laundry a lot. I either think I finished drying a load and didn’t or just simply forget about a load of wash. Heck it’s not like I’m busy or anything.

So I mentioned to Orlund that my shirt was musty, he took a sniff. He then suggested we go to Sears and check out how much a dryer would cost. I said if we are going to buy one machine might as well make it two because they are both horrible. Sears is having a sale. yippee.We found a stackable washer and dryer by Kenmore, perfect for us! We hummed and hawed and told the sales guy we would be back.

We went grocery shopping, had lunch and now the girls are in bed.

Orlund is now heading back up to Sears to order my new washer and dryer. I am SO EXCITED! I don’t know how long it will be before I have my new machines, and we now have to tear down some cupboards (the cupboards are above my machines right now). and We will build a nice (LARGE) shelving unit next to the machines, with a spot for the laundry baskets and most my towels. I’m smiling. I’m happy. This is going to be awesome!

So we are spending a bunch of money we weren’t expecting to spend right now, but we have the money and it’ll save so much time! It takes me 3 loads to do the girls clothes (one week worth) now, and with the new machines it will take 1 load!!!!!!!! NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!! I think it’s funny because Orlund is not only going to order my machines but his new camera lens, and they cost the same amount of $! (he’s been working overtime saving for this lens, so it’s an exciting day for the both of us!).

The old washer/dryer and above shelving

What a mess.

I guess I will be posting twice today. Usually when the clock hits 10pm we head to bed. Tonight, however, neither Orlund nor I feel tired enough. I’m sure once my head hits the pillow I’ll be out though.

Tomorrow we are having a few friends over for a BBQ, so far 4 have said yes. So I have cleaning to do. I did a bunch today, and although my house isn’t a complete disaster it still needs extra tidying up. I’m sure you understand. Well Orlund just turned the living room light on, and I almost gasped in disbelief! No it didn’t mysteriously, spontaneously clean it’s self. But I gasped due to the mess! Joy’s toy box which I had just cleaned out (emptied half out a week ago) is overflowing yet again with toys. (how do toys travel from downstairs to upstairs so often?). I have a box and garbage bag of clothes I just went through for sally-anne. Laundry basket has laundry to be folded, as well as my clothes rack is full of clothes drying. Olivia’s toys are scattered about the floor along with many of Joy’s. Luckily, and I say luckily, we only need to clean the living room and tidy the kitchen up some and the house will be ready. So that’s nice. The kitchen and living room are always the hardest to keep clean. The kitchen you are always making a mess in, and the living room is our main play area. Oh well. I’m happy that that is all I have to clean tomorrow. Oh sorry people, no photo to go with this one!! LOL.


I used to love when Tipsy, our cat, would come and rub up against my legs while I used the washroom. Or how she would snuggle up against me at night. But now. Now that I give myself to my kids and husband all day and night. Those times I used to cherish now annoy me. When I’m in the washroom after the kids are in bed I don’t want the cat coming in for snuggles. I just want to be alone. And at night, I want the leg room to be able to move about as I need for a good nights sleep. Many times when I return from feeding Olivia I find Tipsy snuggled in where I was laying. I pick her up and move her, usually feeling annoyed that I’m not already snuggled in asleep myself. Poor cat. I know she’s just wanting attention like she got before the girls came along. But I don’t get much alone time right now, so although I feel sorry for her she’s just going to have to wait a bit longer before she gets my attention. Orlund luckily is good at giving her some rubs when she snuggles up on the couch. I love her. I do miss our snuggles, but I miss my alone time even more. I’m sure any mom out there understands the awesomeness of a trip to the washroom without interruption!

Tipsy watching the fish

Lil’ Monkeys

Hello All! And welcome to my new blog!

I have the most adorable little princesses, I also refer to them as my Monkeys. Joy climbs and can act strangely similar to a real monkey, While Olivia is just a little monkey. Right now Joy is peacefully sleeping (I hope) and Orlund is pacing back and forth in the living room trying to get Olivia to sleep. That’s her little monkey move. Getting Daddy to bounce her to sleep every night this week. By 8pm I am to exhausted to pace around the house. I’ve paced, chased, bounced, wrestled and tackled children all day and just need a break (especially on Tuesday and Thursdays ~ when I have my day care girl Gracie).

Here are a couple pictures of my girls.