This is the story of how a family can load into the car to go get groceries and end up buying a washer and dryer.

There are a few items on our list that we want need for our home, and a washer and dryer are on that list. Although we figured they would remain on the list for a few years yet.

This morning we decided to go as a family out grocery shopping. I put Olivia in her car seat and into the car while Orlund buckled Joy in. I sat in my seat and turned to face the back watching Orlund struggle with Joy’s buckle. What is that smell? I thought as I started to sniff around. It was me! well okay, it was my shirt. My shirt smelt musty. gross. I have this problem a lot, after finishing laundry discovering that a load or two sat wet just to long and now smells musty. Our Washer makes so much noise you can’t run it when the kids are sleeping or if you are trying to have a conversation. And the dryer takes at least 2 times on for 70minutes before the clothes are dry. So yes, I forget about the laundry a lot. I either think I finished drying a load and didn’t or just simply forget about a load of wash. Heck it’s not like I’m busy or anything.

So I mentioned to Orlund that my shirt was musty, he took a sniff. He then suggested we go to Sears and check out how much a dryer would cost. I said if we are going to buy one machine might as well make it two because they are both horrible. Sears is having a sale. yippee.We found a stackable washer and dryer by Kenmore, perfect for us! We hummed and hawed and told the sales guy we would be back.

We went grocery shopping, had lunch and now the girls are in bed.

Orlund is now heading back up to Sears to order my new washer and dryer. I am SO EXCITED! I don’t know how long it will be before I have my new machines, and we now have to tear down some cupboards (the cupboards are above my machines right now). and We will build a nice (LARGE) shelving unit next to the machines, with a spot for the laundry baskets and most my towels. I’m smiling. I’m happy. This is going to be awesome!

So we are spending a bunch of money we weren’t expecting to spend right now, but we have the money and it’ll save so much time! It takes me 3 loads to do the girls clothes (one week worth) now, and with the new machines it will take 1 load!!!!!!!! NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!! I think it’s funny because Orlund is not only going to order my machines but his new camera lens, and they cost the same amount of $! (he’s been working overtime saving for this lens, so it’s an exciting day for the both of us!).

The old washer/dryer and above shelving

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