What a mess.

I guess I will be posting twice today. Usually when the clock hits 10pm we head to bed. Tonight, however, neither Orlund nor I feel tired enough. I’m sure once my head hits the pillow I’ll be out though.

Tomorrow we are having a few friends over for a BBQ, so far 4 have said yes. So I have cleaning to do. I did a bunch today, and although my house isn’t a complete disaster it still needs extra tidying up. I’m sure you understand. Well Orlund just turned the living room light on, and I almost gasped in disbelief! No it didn’t mysteriously, spontaneously clean it’s self. But I gasped due to the mess! Joy’s toy box which I had just cleaned out (emptied half out a week ago) is overflowing yet again with toys. (how do toys travel from downstairs to upstairs so often?). I have a box and garbage bag of clothes I just went through for sally-anne. Laundry basket has laundry to be folded, as well as my clothes rack is full of clothes drying. Olivia’s toys are scattered about the floor along with many of Joy’s. Luckily, and I say luckily, we only need to clean the living room and tidy the kitchen up some and the house will be ready. So that’s nice. The kitchen and living room are always the hardest to keep clean. The kitchen you are always making a mess in, and the living room is our main play area. Oh well. I’m happy that that is all I have to clean tomorrow. Oh sorry people, no photo to go with this one!! LOL.

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