Update on Washer/Dryer

Well I seem to have slowed down on blogging. But I figure I should update you all on my Washer and Dryer. The new machines got delivered on Wednesday. When the truck got here I found out that we I needed to disconnect the old machines. Fine. I did it. Sure was dusty behind there! (it’s amazing how hard it is to get the dryers plug-in out!!). Then the nice guys moved the old machines downstairs and moved the new ones upstairs. My Dad ‘just happened’ to stop in (with two roses for me ~ one from him and one from mom ~ my favorite) and give us a hand stacking them and setting them up. THANKS DAD!

Today (Friday) I finally got up the nerve to use the new machines. So after a quick glance through the instructions I jumped to it. I LOVE MY MACHINES! The washer is SO quiet I can run it during nap time! And the Dryer sings when it’s done (I don’t think I could hear the beeping due to the A/C being on, but I heard the singing when it turns off).

So there you go. I did one load of laundry. I’m excited! I love my machines. Did I already say that? oops. oh well I do! I’ll be posting pictures of the progress of the ‘laundry room’. Right now it’s just the machines with an old wooden side table to hold the laundry detergents. Soon someday There will be a nice BIG cupboard there fit for a queen holding all my towels!

Good night all, it’s an hour past my bed time! Hope you have a good sleep!

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