Sewing is my hat?

No. I’m not very good at sewing. Actually if I actually do try it, I’m usually not to bad. However I sew things that people don’t wear. I don’t sew clothes. I sewed a skirt in high school and after that I didn’t want to try it again. A few (like 4) years ago I bought a bunch of material from a store that was closing out. Great deals. Great fabric. Still not sewn (is that spelled right?). Well I just purchased a bunch more fabric. To try and sew some little girl dresses, for my kids and my nieces. With matching sun hats too. So, would you like to join me on this crazy expedition? I will more than likely enlist my mom’s help (all the way from Thailand), however I plan to take pictures of all the steps as I go. So wish me luck. Tonight after the girls are in bed I will lay out the fabric, pattern and start cutting! YIKES!

ps~ don’t tell my Sister/brother in law as the dresses (if they work) will be gifts (they don’t have internet so won’t see this).

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