“Baby Pooh!”

That is one of Joy’s favorite lines. She can mean Baby as in Olivia or Baby as in one of her many dolls. Just now as I was feeding Olivia (and putting her to sleep) Joy announced that “Baby Pooh!” as in her cabbage patch doll. I shushed her out of the room, finished putting Olivia down and came out to help change ‘baby’. Joy laid baby down and we started. I pulled off the sticky part of the diaper (yes Cabbage Patch dolls come with their own diaper now). As I pulled the front part back I was shocked ~ POOH! There was a little turd in the dolls diaper! I took another look, nope not pooh. phew! It was a rock that apparently Joy decided should be what the baby’s pooh would look like! I am happy to say we cleaned out baby’s diaper and she now is as fresh smelling as when we got her (apparently the diaper releases more of the ‘baby powder’ fresh sent. Yes the dolls smell baby powder fresh).

One other little tidbit I have to write about ~ JOY WENT PEE ON THE POTTY!! This is even MORE exciting than the pooh! (when she poohed on the potty that is). She always has known when she needs to pooh, so telling me she had to pee was AMAZING! Yes she said “I pooh”, but she went pee. I had just gotten her out of the tub and was toweling her off when she made the announcement “I pooh” so I rushed her back to the toilet and sat her on it. *tinkle tinkle* I looked at her with BIG eyes! “You pee?” I said “more?” she said/asked with a mischievous look on her face *tinkle tinkle*. I WAS SO EXCITED! she got two stickers as a ‘reward’.

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