Camping ~1

Saturday September 11th, only about half of our camping supplies were packed ~ basically the bins which were packed with our camping stuff to begin with. I went for a late lunch with a couple girlfriends of mine (sushi!) and upon returning home Orlund informed me he wanted to go camping tomorrow (as in SUNDAY) instead of waiting until Monday. It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we got the itch to get moving. The problem? I was only half packed! and it was our 6year Anniversary! (Happy Anniversary honey, thanks for sticking with this crazy gal!). So I spent the next two hours going crazy packing until we headed out for a Sushi dinner (can never have to much Sushi!). We had planned to come home after dinner, nurse Olivia and put the girls down to sleep. My wonderful dad was babysitting for us (Thanks Dad!). Then head out again to go bowling and just hang out. Instead we relieved my dad and got on with packing.

Sunday Morning. It was pouring rain…..pouring…. But we loaded up the utility trailer and car and headed out! (Orlund wasn’t sure if we could fit it all, I told him he should be thankful I packed light!LOL).

Orlund threw up the tent which let us girls get out of the rain. While he set up our other tent (over the picnic table) I set up the two playpens and got the tent organized. It was a fun day, the rain let up eventually. We got all set up and ready for our week long trip. Here is the only picture I have from day 1 ~

Snuggled in sleeping.

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