So I’m taking a short break from writing about our Camping trip. I’ll probably finish it up in 2 more posts, unless I get bored with it and finish it in one (problem is I just have to many cute pictures to show!).

I am writing about my Cousin’s Daughter Charlotte. This poor little girl, my heart breaks for her and her family. April 9th she was diagnosed with Cancer. Very shortly after (like April 12th ~ Day Olivia was born) The doctors operated on her brain tumor (size of an ORANGE). They got it all out. She then endured 6 rounds of Chemo therapy. Poor little girl. She Turned 2 in July. She’s the same age as Joy. I can’t imagine watching my daughter go through that pain. I pray every day for this little girl, for her healing and strength. I pray for her parents Rob and Allison, for strength and the knowledge that God is there and is going to work a miracle in Charlotte’s life. He has already. Her spinal tap was clear, the tumor is extremely fast spreading so this was AWESOME. She doesn’t need a hearing aid (which is a 50/50 chance). PRAISE GOD.

The sad news. This Friday Rob and Charlotte drove down to Calgary to have another MRI to ensure the tumor was 100% gone. It’s back. It’s much smaller but it’s back. My heart crumbles to hear this. I question God. I know my brain can’t comprehend what He has in store, so I don’t expect an answer. I EXPECT a MIRACLE. God is our healer, our deliverer. His word say’s so, and I stand on His word whole heartily. Charlotte is His child, He will come through for her and do amazing wonders. I BELIEVE. Please if you believe in God or don’t pray to Him. Ask for her healing. Pray that when the doctors go in to remove this tumor they find nothing. It’s Gone in JESUS MIGHTY NAME!

We have a lot to be thankful for this year (as every year). Charlotte’s story makes me hug my kids a little tighter every night. I pray for Charlotte’s healing on this Thanksgiving.

Here is their blog if you wish to follow ~ Amsings Blog

~~ Just a quick note I’m adding on~~
Above I mentioned that I question God. I’m not saying that I question Him on why she isn’t healed. I question myself, asking Him, if there is anything missing? Am I just not seeing His ultimate plan? I believe that is the answer. It’s just not for me to see yet. I believe 100% she is Healed. She does not have cancer. I just wanted to clarify so there is no confusion, I don’t blame God or question why there was something on the MRI.

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