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Hello all you (few) people who read my blog. I have another camping blog ready to go, just need to attach photos. However first some exciting news!

On Tuesday Charlotte’s mom and dad went in to find out about what the MRI showed. The Doctors decided to do another Lumberg Puncture (LP) to see if there was anything in her spine again. They did this procedure on Wednesday and expected the results on Friday. Then the Surgery is scheduled for two weeks from now.

Things to be thankful for ~ The LP went awesome and there were no issues with it (Charlotte had to be under full anesthesia). Then they received the results TODAY, one day early (yeah for not waiting), and the best of all? THEY WERE CLEAR!!! PRAISE YOU JESUS!

The surgeon also informed them that he will preform another MRI just before surgery as these ‘things’ have been known to disappear! Meaning surgery gets canceled last minute! We are believing this is the case. She’s healed so when they do that next MRI it shows that she is!

Today is a good day. I Thank You JESUS for this awesome day. PRAISE GOD!

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