Operation ‘Party’

Today is day #1.
Yesterday I wrote out the lists, today I start executing them.
Today I tackle my hallway. It should be a ‘small’ job you’d think, if you saw the skiff of a hallway we have. However my hallway has taken a beating lately. It has a nifty little nook, in front of the cleaning supply closet, where things can lay without interruption for weeks (if I so decide not to move them). Today I will be removing the hot spot which lays there. In that pile are socks. The girls socks. Clean socks. That nook is where I pile clean and dirty clothes (separately) that need to be taken to the girls room but they are napping or sleeping so I can’t actually go in their room. These socks are the ‘missing my partner’ socks, which in turn really means I need to tackle the girls sock drawer too (but that will have to wait). Also in the pile are some stuffed animals to be returned to their rooms and some extra receiving blankets.
I have two diaper boxes to move from the hall into the girls room. A big box of out grown/seasoned shoes and jackets (also the girls) that I need to properly box up and some how fit into the girls room as well (or perhaps the crawl space).
I will also be going through the linen closet and the cleaning supply closet, they are both in the hallway.

The other room I’m going to do? good question. I’m not sure yet. I am working today so need it to be a room I can do while working (the hallway will have the closets cleaned during nap/preschool time). I think I’ll do the entrance way… I just cleaned this area, however I need to go through the closets shelf and the bench. Mostly they consist of snow stuff etc. Well the boys are here. Off I go!

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