My Therapy

We all have it. Something we do after a hard days work to relax. To let go of the work day and move into the at home, family mode. For most it is the drive home from work. You shrug off the days frustrations, sort through the troubles, highs and lows of the day and prepare for the evening. Orlund uses the drive home and the time he spends making dinner to do this. It’s our deal. He likes to relax when he gets home as the drive just doesn’t cut it. Cooking relaxes him, provided no little monkeys pester him (to much) ~ I keep the monkeys at bay.

I work from home. There is no car ride home. There is no escaping from the monkeys. I was frustrated, exhausted and over all worn down. Until I started vacuuming. Huh? I can hear you thinking it. Didn’t she vacuum before? Yes I did. However I vacuumed once a week, or before company arrived. Fly lady has taught me to let go of my perfectionism. I don’t have to vacuum under the couches every time I vacuum. My mom also mentioned to me she used to vacuum every day…. it thought that seemed a bit ‘out there’.

I started to vacuum every day. EVERY. DAY. After the boys would get picked up, I would pull out the vacuum and quickly run it through the hall, living room and dining room. Not moving furniture (except once a week). That became my ‘car ride’ home (on days I worked. Other wise I vacuumed every second day). It released all that happened in the day, it caused me to clean the house every day. You can’t vacuum if there are toys tossed across the living room floor. Before vacuuming I’d toss all the toys into the toy bin, throw out any trash and just straighten up. Then vacuum. While vacuuming I can’t hear anything else. It takes me to another land. I relax and can move on with the rest of my day. It cleans up everything, not just the floors but my day and my mood. Since starting to vacuum everyday I’m less moody and less frustrated. I like me a whole lot better, and I think the kids do too.

Well my vacuum broke 3 weeks ago…. I called the manufacturer and they told me it was the filter. I sent Orlund to Walmart that very day. He called me to inform me they didn’t have our filter. I started to cry. I hadn’t vacuumed in a week (talk about procrastination on calling the manufacturer). I NEEDED TO VACUUM! Not just because my floors needed it, but because my SOUL needed it! I could feel the tension.

My wonderful Mother-in-law has lent me her vacuum. She has less traffic. I’ve had it for two weeks and plan to return it on Saturday. We ordered new filters off ebay for our vacuum. Well, I tried a new one, started vacuuming… it still doesn’t work. After I shut if off (after a 3 minute run) smoke crept up the side of the machine…. it’s dead. dead. dead. Guess this Saturday we will be shopping for a new vacuum!

What do you use to relax after work? the ride home? or some other secret?

2 thoughts on “My Therapy

  1. I read or I walk. They’re both cheaper and more effective than any other form of escapism that I’ve ever found.

    I remember when my kids were as small as yours are. The home really is your workplace and it is difficult being there 24/7 always at someone’s beck and call, even in the middle of the night. The laundry always stares at you – and the dirty floors. There is no way for you to compartmentalize and it is impossible to ‘finish.’ People who have offices they can leave at the end of the day have it much easier. Hang in there! It only lasts a few years.

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