Operation Party day 1 End.

How was your day today? Mine was a very productive yet fun day. I had the boys that I watch today, started at 7am (I hit Publish as they pulled into the driveway on my previous post).
All day as I played, cooked, diapered, and cleaned I thought about the fact that some people might think of this blog series as ‘airing my dirty laundry’…. perhaps it is. However when I decided to write this blog about being a Mom, I made a decision to be honest. I want to share the ups, downs and triumphs along the way. So although some people may stick up their noses at this, I could care less. I’m getting me, my house, my family and my life where it needs to be. I have always struggled with keeping my house clean, I know this and most my friends know this. I’m embarrassed to put pictures on here of the ‘before’ shots, however, I’m proud to put the after shots. Please be respectful of me in this journey and just be here to cheer me on 🙂

Around 10am, Sol took his nap. Joy, Gabe and Olivia were having fun playing in the ball pit. From the hallway I could keep an eye on them, but decided it was a good time to tackle the linen closet. It went a lot smoother than I thought it would! YIPPEE! I love having a clean and organized linen closet. Here are the before and after shots~

Before + After

I ended up stopping to make lunch, boy was it yummy! Cheese sauce on broccoli, corn and noodles. Kids loved it too! That took us until around noon (we eat at 11:30). I then told stories to the kids (that I made up) while I finished stuffing Olivia full. Gabe got picked up for preschool at 12:30. Joy and Olivia were playing in the kitchen while I did up the lunch dishes. Then 1pm I tucked them both into bed. Sol was still sleeping! So I headed downstairs and tackled the entry way. I didn’t take before shots but here are the after ones. I need to purchase some nice bins for on the upper shelf, but for the time being this box will do~

Like my 'bin'?

Olivia woke up just as I took the garbage from the entry outside. (she’s a quick napper).  So I came upstairs and we played for a short bit, Sol woke up at 2:11pm!!! He slept most the day! His dad picked him up at 2:30. So we just had enough time for a diaper change and some ‘poke the baby’ fun. After he got picked up I decided it was a good time to tackle the cleaning supply closet. I set Olivia up in the hall (far enough away) with some toys. And I got the closet organized. So now instead of the cleaning stuff mixed with the medicine they are on their respective shelves.The bottom of the closet just houses the vacuum cleaner so I didn’t take the pic of that as it’s the same before and after, but here is the other part~

I finished off the day with the main part of the hallway. I had to wait until Joy woke up from her nap to get the diapers loaded into their room. While she napped I boxed up the jackets and had them all ready to go. So as soon as she got up I put the remaining items away. I took the after pictures before I vacuumed (oops), and my camera’s battery isn’t doing so good so opted not to retake the photo, but trust you’ll believe me. Here is the hallway~

Before + Before

I love the feeling of accomplishment I have! It helps keep me motivated for the rest of the house. I’m excited to continue on this journey tomorrow. I have the boys again, from 9:30-3:30 so that gives me some time before and after watching them to fly at it! (I like having these done before Orlund gets home so the evening is spent “without” chores). Tomorrow I tackle the Main Bathroom, Ensuite, And downstairs bathroom. I might even throw in cleaning under my bed if it goes as smoothly as today did!

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