Operation Party ~~

Good morning. Well technically it’s almost 1pm. This day has gone by quickly and yet I haven’t accomplished anything much. We got up late (due to late night out Friday) so 10am was our get up eat breakfast time. Then we got the girls all dressed up and took our Christmas card photo (a bit late?), and a few fun family shots. Now I’m typing while feeding Olivia her lunch. then it’ll be nap time.

I did not get everything done I had hoped to do. I finished writing all our Christmas cards (just need the pic). I finished our bedroom (closet too!) And that’s about it…. so yeah…. I’ve completely fallen off the plan…

HOWEVER ~ Monday I am ACTUALLY  having some people over, and will want to show them my house. So today I tackle the green room…. also I need to clear a spot to put our tv from upstairs to make room for the tree, which Orlund is picking up today! I am also going to tackle and finish the kitchen (there is a hot spot of diaper bags).
I’ve come to the realization that the dining room is 1/2 my stuff 1/2 Orlund’s stuff (in regards to who needs to clean it up). So I will get my stuff out and cleared off. Then bug him to do the same.

My list should be good today, and hopefully I get it all done. Then I can spend this evening decoration the Christmas tree and the remainder of the house.
Sunday morning Orlund ushers so we have to be at Church bright and early. But I plan to spend the rest of Sunday doing any last minute touch ups and cooking/baking for the party. Monday I have the boys so wont have much time for cooking/baking, and after they go home I will have just enough time to clean up from the day before dinner which is followed by the party.
Orlund just informed me that he’s going to invite his folks in for a coffee when they drop off our tree (Orlund will pick it out, buy it and then they cart it around for us in their van). It makes sense, and makes me REALLY stick to my plan of having this place ready. Luckily Olivia doesn’t nap as long as Joy so I can vacuum before they come too. (Joy sleeps through the vacuuming, Olivia does not).

Well I guess I should get at it then eh? I’ll post pictures perhaps on Tuesday of the house all done and pretty for the party 🙂

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