Merry Christmas!

Well It’s Christmas Eve today, I highly doubt I’ll have time tomorrow to come and post, so MERRY CHRISTMAS! I pray you have a blessed holiday!

I haven’t been online as of late due to me taking on some major sewing projects… I don’t know why 2 weeks before Christmas I decided to sew 3 projects, but I did. And then I was sick for one week! ugh… anyway, I’m almost done! I’ll post pictures of all the projects once they are handed out! Two of the projects are the exact same thing (one for Olivia and one for Lilly). They are a HUGE project….. I broke down last night crying when something didn’t work. I am at a point of exhaustion! I asked Orlund why we didn’t just buy Lilly a gift and me sew this for her birthday? Oh, I know why… I like to take on to much with short amounts of time!!! oh well. Two projects are completed. And Olivia’s is the only one left…. most of it is hand stitching.. so whatever I don’t get completed today I’ll do after Christmas.

Tonight My Dad and brother come over to play games and eat goodies. We will have Christmas (gift exchange) whenever my mom is home next. Then Christmas morning will be just us here at home. After naps we go up to Orlund’s parents to have dinner and exchange gifts with them all. The next morning we head back up there for breaky and to play. Come home for naps then our good friends who live in Kelowna are coming over for a visit. It’s a busy weekend and I work Monday and Tuesday 9:30-5:30! Some time this week we have to fit another visit in with my Brother. Take my dad to the movies (Birthday gift). going to see the remake of ‘True Grit’ ~ my dad and I used to watch the original together, so it’s special. Go to Wildlights, and have some people over I hope….

Well I should run, this house doesn’t clean itself!

God Bless you all! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

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