Our year in review. (of what I can remember).

We had our second Daughter. Olivia Margaret.
I started Flylady.net. Or in other words I’ve worked my butt off at trying to get my house in the shape I want it to be in.
I’ve started Blogging more.
We started to go outside more (to the park etc) and I’m really enjoying the time as a family. We plan/hope to do it even more this year.
Orlund planted a garden, and it was beautiful. And the produce from it was scrumptious!
We switched our Mortgage to a different bank and cut off approx 6years!
I switched from looking after one little girl to watching two little boys.
We’ve already started to out grow our house, but we hope to be here for 5 years (2 years down).
We will need a mini van by the time our next child arrives (not pregnant, but we plan to have more kids eventually). Our car is already on the ‘way out’ so to speak so we would love to get a van sooner than later but will wait until we are at least pregnant.

Things I plan to accomplish this year ~

I plan to read my Bible Daily, for myself and also for the girls (aloud for them).
Don’t talk about people. I always try not to talk about others, but I find I get sucked into it and feel bad after. So I’m trying to not. It’s not easy.
I don’t want to think so negatively all the time, I find I’m constantly putting myself down.
Always have my house ready for drop-ins (as in clean).

There are a few others however they are more personal.

So that’s that. good bye 2010 and I am already loving 2011.

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