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Well… Today was just one of those days…. You know, we all have them. Everything and anything gets under your skin. You’re (or rather I was) moody, grumpy, sluggish, and just want to be alone. That was my day. The problem? I have two kids. One toddler who is only 2.5 years old however by her sass as of late I’d say she’s going on 13. A baby who is not only teething (painfully I might add), crawling, but also just wanting snuggles. Oh, then of course I worked today on top of it all. And a longer day too! So The oldest Gabe, was, well….. Gabe. Talkative, energetic, rather rude (today anyway), Gabe. Sol, was back to his old self ~ pulling hair, hitting, and just generally being a pest (as of late he’s been real good, today however not so much).

I pulled myself through the day relying heavily on prayer. We made it. Don’t know how, but we did. THANK YOU JESUS! However, during this painstaking day a few cute stories developed ~

Olivia was having some major issues napping today. So after administering her ‘nap time’ dose of Tylenol I decided she could get up. Gabe and Sol were both napping in my room (one Victory!). The Tylenol took affect and after a poop Olivia was ready to go back down. I knew I’d find Joy still awake, however I assumed she’d be her usual self and be in bed playing with whatever toy she could reach without climbing out. Boy was I wrong! Upon entering their bedroom I noticed the rocking chair was pulled out away from the wall. The blanket was pulled off the back of it, piled high on the seat. I threw the blanket and seat pillow off the seat, pushed the rocker back to it’s place, took a seat and started nursing Olivia. Joy climbed out of bed and came over to me, she walked to the far side of the rocker and picked something up. She handed me a play cup and mumbled something. I took the cup and told her to go to bed. I figured she wanted me to play with her and pretend to drink from it. That’s when I noticed something strange….. The cup was sticky. It didn’t take but a split second for me to reach down to my ‘baby is teething’ stash. I keep a bucket on the floor next to the rocker, on the lid I have Olivia’s teething gel and baby Tylenol. Sure enough the brand new (just used this once) Tylenol bottle was tipped over, lid off and spilling out onto the bucket lid. I gasped. Please Lord don’t let her have drank any. I asked Joy if she’d taken any, she said no (don’t know how true or not that is). Joy then asked me to wipe her hands, they were sticky. The armrests on the rocking chair I noticed were sticky. YUCK!
After tucking Olivia in, I wiped up Joy’s hands with some baby wipes and told her to go to sleep. I left the room with the Tylenol, bucket and teething gel. Wont be making that mistake again! Later when I went into their bedroom I found all the girls stuffies in Joy’s bed with a baby wipe placed gently over each and everyone as if they were little blankets… Very cute, but very wasteful.

After the boys were picked up, dinner was eaten and the house was calm enough for me to relax the second cute thing happened. Joy and Orlund were playing Hide and seek. Joy would come to me to help her count “One, Two, One” or “Two, One, Two”. While she looked for him she’d call out “Daddy” and he’d answer “Joy”. Then he started counting and she started hiding. He always had a hard time finding her in the same place (what a good daddy!). However while he looked for her if he called out “Joy” she’d answer “hiding”. LOL. it was VERY cute!

Last story; Olivia has learned a new talent today. She did it for the first time today during her ‘nap’. She stood up all on her own in her crib! Wow, she’s just ready to go! Tonight I found her standing 2 times already. I think she’s excited that she can do it so keeps doing it then getting stuck! Kids always do that. She’s cute! Guess I know what I’ll be doing tomorrow, lowering the crib.. She’s just so tall! Olivia at (almost) 9months is the same height and one pound lighter than Joy was at 12months! (guess while I lower the crib might as well go through all those boxes that are under there and pull out the next size of clothing).

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