Pressing Onward

Looking out the window today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining making my body yearn to go outside and sip an iced tea. However outside is actually frightfully cold, with a slight breeze that cuts to your core. I was only outside for a minute at a time today, just putting kids in or out of the car and running back inside. But it’s a cold one. Although sitting here on my couch in my PJ pants and a comfy t-shirt with the sun peaking through the blinds I feel like it’s almost summer. I pray that’s not wishful thinking. I’ve been wanting snow, all winter I’ve been wanting snow. Jan 4th I believe it was, we finally got snow. We live down in a valley so although it’s snowed earlier in the winter, it didn’t do much more than a skiff at our place. Yesterday and Today the sun as been shining beautifully making my house seem so open and fresh (of course taking the Christmas tree out helped open it up too).
I mentioned in my last post about having to lower Olivia’s crib. Well yesterday I set to it. I ended up needing Orlund’s help as I couldn’t undo one of the screws. Other than that he just kept the girls occupied. I lowered the crib, discovering it sits lower than our old crib did so the diaper boxes full of clothes wont fit under it anymore…guess I’ll have to do some more adjusting. I went through Olivia’s drawers and pulled out everything she’s outgrown and packed it all up. I unpacked all her next size, I love unpacking for Olivia. Since all the clothes used to be Joy’s it brings back such wonderful memories. I counted the dresses I unpacked. WOW 27dresses! She has more than that too, as we have received some as gifts and I already had them hanging. It was nice to get that all unpacked and set up. She’s good until the next growth spurt… Luckily dresses last a bit longer so she should be good all summer….it’s just a matter of getting to summer. LOL. Olivia is pulling herself up on the coffee table as I type this. I believe she is demanding I changer her diaper, and from where I sit, a good couple feet away, I can smell what awaits me. (better change her as she’s in all white.brb).
I also changed over the car seats. Olivia has outgrown the infant car seat. So we purchased a new car seat for Joy. One that transfers into a booster for later on. I cleaned out Joy’s “old” one, fixed the base back and turned it to be rear facing (and moved it to the other side of the car). I figured out how to put the new car seat together, and fastened it into Joy’s place. Both the girls were excited to discover their “new” seats when we headed out for our Saturday night coffee. Orlund and I don’t plan on it, however lately every Saturday night we go out to a coffee shop. We take the girls, give Joy a special treat, and we just enjoy one anothers company. It’s nice, relaxing and when we get home the girls are ready for bed.
Well Olivia is now asking to be fed…. so I’m going to go and do that. I love that she’s crawling now too!
God Bless you all, hope you have a fantastic day.
ps~ MY mom is flying home right NOW! Can’t wait to see her! I sure miss her hugs!

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