Missed me?

So I go in spurts ~ for writing on here anyway. Life is always busier when my mom is home, and this time is no different! Every day that I’m not working I’m doing errands with her. It’s fun being able to hang out with her, and the girls LOVE her. They haven’t played shy at all! This past Sunday morning I received a phone call that one of my friends was heading into the hospital Monday morning and they were hoping I could watch their kids while the dad dropped her off/picked up. I agreed, I love to help out friends and it would only be for a few hours. Orlund and I headed to bed late that night. Olivia woke up every 15minutes screaming (teething) and I had to get up at 6am as the kids were getting dropped off at 6:45am. My friends dropped them off and headed out. The boy is a quiet 3year old, and the little girl is about a week older than Olivia (9months). I didn’t know at the time, but she’s teething as well, so needless to say she wasn’t very happy! I also had a migraine. The last time I’d experience a migraine of this magnitude I’d ended up in the hospital (dehydrated). I was shaking and not doing so good holding a screaming baby, which Olivia was up too (doing okay) and thankfully Joy was sleeping. I called my mom and she (and my brother) came and gave me a hand. These kids were going to be getting picked up between 9am-10am. I had the boys arriving at 9am. Right at 9am I vomited (the migraine) right as I exited the washroom the boys arrived. I informed their mom I was ill and luckily she was off so could take them. I got a 3hour nap after the others were picked up and recovered quickly. Thank you JESUS!

This last Friday I drove out to Logan Lake to help mom with fundraiser they were putting on. I again wasn’t feeling the best, sinuses. It was a long and late night. Saturday I awoke and was even worst. I went through an entire box of Kleenex in under 9 hours! Orlund went out and bought me some medication. I’m leery about taking medication while breastfeeding but the regular Tylenol wasn’t cutting it for me. Last night I took some, SMILE, awww, I love meds 🙂 feeling better today, but again, I’m on the meds. I’m taking them sparingly but right now I’m drowsy and I love this feeling…. perhaps that’s weird…. but other than T3’s after having Joy and the Diclectin for morning sickness these are the first ‘REAL’ meds I’ve taken since 2007 when I got pregnant with Joy…….

Well that’s that. I have sat on my butt for all of yesterday and today reading an interesting novel “Boneman’s Daughters” by Ted Dekker. Read the whole thing all 422 pages. Orlund’s turn. Tomorrow I’m back to work. My house needs my attention as well. Please pray I’m up for the challenge of getting this house in order and having 2 extra kids around.
God Bless you all! Good night! ~ hope this all makes sense, as I’ve mentioned…I’m on Meds 😉

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