Basic enough…..right?

Well I should be in bed. However I read a few blog updates from my favorite blogs and decided, who needs sleep ~ when you can blog….right? lol.
Anyway, Gabe the 4 year old I watch always informs me that the rules at our house aren’t the same as at his house (of course). So I thought I’d list out and see what the basic rules are, lets take a look;

1) Please respect my house ~ No jumping, standing, hanging or climbing on the couch, glass coffee table or any other furniture that is located upstairs.
2) Be nice to one another ~ no spitting, hitting, pulling, biting, pushing, pulling, ramming, shoving, punching, kicking, slapping (shall I continue?).
3) Table manners ~ No talking with mouth full. Once done eating they must remain at the table (for an understandable amount of time) until everyone is done eating. (and one day I’m sure I’ll have to add No food fights).
4) Common sense ~ If you are not siting at the table then you are to drink/eat in the kitchen.
5) Wash your hands with soap and water after going pee (and before meals).
6) Boogers are to be wiped with Kleenex NOT shirts or hands (I despise boogers).
7) If you harass the cat and she scratches you, it’s your own fault. Leave her ALONE.
8 ) ~ Added just for the boys~ No Kung Fu while the girls are up, and Girls are more fragile than boys so be EXTRA gentle.
9) Outdoor activities are to be done Outside not inside ~ Like throwing balls, kicking balls, playing tag etc…

All in all I think they are pretty basic right? All day everyday I have to remind them of some… #1+2 are the most commonly reminded. Today I had to inform Gabe (hence rule #6) that if he’s a big enough boy to stand to go pee then he’s a big enough boy to use Kleenex not his shirt. OR if he rather he can sit to pee then I’ll allow him to use his shirt instead of Kleenex………He agreed that he’s old enough to start using Kleenex. (mission accomplished!).
Good night all! God bless you!

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