At the moment I am pretending I don’t know Joy is in Olivia’s crib keeping her from sleeping… it’s almost 8pm, they both should be asleep… I’ll go in in a few minutes. Orlund is working late so I can pretend I don’t hear them for a bit longer.

Tonight I had an amusing, weird, strange phone call here it is~
Shortly after Orlund headed off to work, the phone rang. A Woman was on the line “Would Orlund happen to be home?” she asked.
“No, sorry could I take a message?” I thought, perhaps it’s his work calling because he isn’t there yet?.
“Well you see,Do you know Bob Long?”
“yes”  I was thinking to myself I do know him, but we haven’t talked in a year or so.
She continued “I’m trying to, well, um….mumble jumble” finally she started making sense (kinda).”If you have Bob’s phone number it would be easiest”.
“Sorry I don’t have it, I haven’t talked to Bob in a few years” I answered.
“The thing is, he sold my son his motor bike and now I need some papers from him for selling it, do you know if he lives on ‘such a such’ street still?”
“I have no idea”
“I have his number from the buy and sell add, and he lived there”
“I really don’t know, you could try the number. I have him on Facebook but that’s about it” I explained.
“Well you see, I looked him up on Facebook when I couldn’t find his number in the phone book, and saw that he was friends with Orlund. I could find Orlund’s number in the phone book so I called you”.
“I’m sorry I don’t know how you could get in touch with him, why don’t you send him a message on Facebook?” I was thinking of anyone I could get his number from, I didn’t want to give out any phone numbers either.
“I don’t know how to do that, do you think you could send him a message for me? Tell him it’s Susie Sue regarding the Motor Bike and my number is…. Thanks”.
That was that, she hung up and was gone. It just so happened she’d called while Joy was napping, so I decided to email Bob right away (if you didn’t guess I made up the names).
A few minutes later she called back “Bob called me, so you don’t need to message him anymore. Thanks”
“I already sent the message”
“Oh, okay, thanks. Bye”
I then tonight I checked my Facebook message. Bob had emailed me back. He was apologizing for me getting dragged into this. Apparently the guy bought the bike from Bob, but never changed it into his name. Poor Bob had the cops knock on his door at 2am one time questioning him about a robbery as the bike was seen at the crime scene. Bob even had to go and sign it out of impound! Then this guy (strung out on drugs) killed a pedestrian crossing the road (while on the bike), so now his mom is trying to sell some of the parts and just needed some more papers or something.
Very Weird. I didn’t mind helping out, it wasn’t like she was knocking at my door. Glad it will finally be over for Bob and his wife too. It makes me think though. I mean she found our number by looking at Bob’s friends on Facebook, then randomly picked someone and checked if they were in the phone book…….

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  1. I just read about Olivia’s situation over on Orlund’s blog. I’m praying for you guys. Hopefully all is well soon. My thoughts are with you.

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