The Girls

Here is the update on the girls I promised ~
~She is growing up so fast. During my time away in the hospital she’s started to say ‘real’ words more and more. It’s about time too! We’ve been keeping an eye on her speech as it seems a little bit behind.
~She goes pee on the potty every night before bed. And sometimes she’ll randomly ask to be put on the potty to pee. I think she’s ready to be potty trained, however is just to busy to bother. So I’m going to bunker down and work with her on it. (we are now trying to potty train).
~ Joy has always been a child that never got into anything! Until her sister started crawling…. I guess it’s Joy’s way of getting attention? The other day she went into the bathroom and painted her own fingernails (and ONLY got it on her fingers and nails). Then a couple days after she went into the bathroom, found my powder foundation and watered it down, I heard the water and by the time I got there she was trying to dry it off on a towel! And again two days later as we were waiting for the boys to arrive she dug in one of my plants getting soil everywhere!
~She is an instigator! We don’t allow spitting, however she taught Olivia how to ‘spit’ (tongue between lips kind of spitting), and so now she just has to put her tongue between her lips and Olivia will follow suit ~ however Olivia actually spits while Joy just does the motion, so Olivia gets in trouble not Joy…I’ve obviously caught on now.
~ Joy is going through that ‘almost 3’ attitude…..Can’t wait till it’s over!
~ Joy is 33months old!!

Joy trying things out at Walmart

~ Since being in the hospital she learned to nurse when it’s not dark (and not in her bedroom). She also learned to take more than one nap a day. She went from one (or two) naps a day lasting anywhere from 15min-1hour to napping 3 times a day nap1= 1hour, nap2= 2hours, nap3= 20minutes!! LOVING THAT!
~ She’s been having a few rough nights, however now her second tooth has finally popped out! Yup she got her front right upper tooth in… so it matches her front right BOTTOM tooth…….good for chewing I guess?
~ She’s so close to attempting to walk! She walks along furniture, and is starting to let go with one hand (sometimes both hands).
~ Anywhere the action is you’ll find Olivia! She can crawl so fast!
~ Olivia has decided that she wants to eat everything we are eating. So I now feed her off my plate.
~ She has a favorite Blanket. I tried not to get my kids to have a favorite blanket or toy that they always have to pack around, however since being in the hospital she doesn’t like to sleep without her blanket… she is starting to get better, and I now don’t pack it around with us everywhere.
~ Olivia has learned how to clap, it’s a joy to watch her clapping away.
~ She is talking already too, she can say (in her own way) Mama, Dada, More, Down/Done (not sure which), thank you (said 2x only). And she points at what she wants.
~ Olivia is 10months old!

Olivia showing off her 'club' in the hospital.

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