But God

My heart is breaking with sorrow for the Amsing family. Charlotte just had another MRI today, She now has two tumors growing in her precious little head. To catch you up, Charlotte was diagnosed with a brain Tumor April 2010. This little red head has fought harder than you could imagine. she has gone through rounds of Chemo therapy, 3 or 4 Surgeries on her head to remove tumors and gone through radiation aimed at the last tumor. Her last MRI showed something however no one could be sure, and we all prayed it was just scar tissue left behind. Everyone’s, especially the family’s, worst fears came true today when the doctors discovered two new tumors. Rob Posted this on facebook ~ Hello Friends Charlotte just had her MRI there are two tumors back. We are not sure what’s going to happen now. Please keep us in your prayers.

I had a good sob, and my eyes are still leaking.

BUT GOD. This isn’t this little girls final story. God has told me she is healed. I figured that meant we would see it on this MRI, actually a few MRI’s ago, but it’s not in my timing. It’s in God’s timing. I don’t know why she has to go through this, Cancer is NOT of God and He doesn’t want any of His Children to go through this. God is with her and He is protecting her. I believe in God. I believe what God tells me. She IS HEALED. We just have to wait for the natural to catch up to the Supernatural. Please stand in Faith with me that this beautiful family will feel His comfort and His healing power.

Here is a link to their blog; www.robandallisonamsing.blogspot.com

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