awww :)

If it wasn’t so warm out I would turn the air con off and enjoy the peace and quiet. Instead I have it blasting away above my head. But none the less, it’s quieter than usual. I put Solomon down, then Olivia, put a movie on for Gabe and took a break laying on Joy’s floor while she fell asleep. That’s right I lay on her floor until she falls asleep (its the only way to get her to lay still enough to fall asleep ~ and yes she still needs to nap). I came out once she was asleep. Gabe was happily watching his movie still. I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded up the lunch dishes, all dish-washable so no hands on for me today 😉 Then I came into the living room to see if I felt like working on Joy’s scrapbook and noticed Gabe was leaning over funny watching the tv. Then I walked around the couch and realized he was actually asleep! He was sitting cross legged yet he had bent over sideways so far his head was almost touching the couch… Not real comfy looking. So I paused the movie and woke him to go lay down on my bed.

NOW here I am blogging. 4 kids sleeping. No dishes to do. Kitchen is clean. Can’t do laundry. No point trying to clean the fish tank (Olivia usually wakes up sometime soonish and she would be to big of a ‘help’). So here I am. I don’t feel like scrapbooking or doing really much of anything. However I am a bit bored.. I know.. me bored? Guess I’ll email Orlund the grocery list and putt around online for a bit…

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