perhaps less time too?

I was visiting with a girl friend of mine last night at Mom’s night out and she mentioned to me some struggles she deals with (in regards to house and kids, time really). And I told her about how I wish I could just get my house clean, and keep it clean. Why can’t I have what so many other people have? Umph as I call it. You’d think that if I’m not spending the time cleaning than perhaps I’m spending it playing with the kids. You’d think. I do play with them. I do clean. But I don’t feel like either is enough time put towards them. I think I’m spending it online. What a horrible thing. I blog (usually while kids are napping ~ or like now pretending to nap), I go on Facebook (feels like a connection to the world outside my house), I read other blogs (check them daily even 2x’s daily), and I have other websites I visit to read whatnot on. I try to do it all only while kids sleep. But the truth of the matter is, I’m addicted and I come online more often than not. NOT GOOD.
I have one friend who blogs regularly, almost daily. Today I just read that she is now stopping her blog. It’s gone as of tomorrow morning. Danica I will miss you!! You truly inspire me and help me be a better mom. I just wish I could write as beautifully as you do. Although I will miss her stories (even philosophy Fridays), I completely understand the desire to not put so much time into blogging. I have decided I do want to keep blogging. However I’m going to cut down on all my other online endeavors. I’m going to make myself have Umph, get the house the way I want it and spend that time with my kids. They are only little for a short time. I don’t want to look back and feel like I missed out on their childhood because I was online. That’s not why we decided I would stay home with them. We decided for me to stay home to raise them, and I want to raise them right.
So while Danica moves on to other things, I too have decided to move on. I have wanted to be a certain way since I got married. I keep getting there, or almost there, then falling back behind. But I’m going to just keep on trying! Flylady was working to help me reach my goals, and now I need to press on and get back into it. What is something you’ve been putting off doing? Or something you want to do?

One thought on “perhaps less time too?

  1. Dude, you need to give yourself a break. Motherhood is exhausting, especially when the children are as small as yours.
    No one’s house is clean. Everyone spends too much time on line. Good for you for trimming it back, if that’s what you want. You just need to weigh what really gives you joy and what doesn’t. Years ago I decided facebook wasn’t worth the time I put into it, but blogging was, so I quit the one and was happy with the other. Now I’m quitting the blog, but I have other hobbies, like dragonboating (yay!) to replace the me-time I used to get from blogging. Also, I want to spend my writing time doing more creative writing. (I also vowed to clean the kitchen only once per day no matter how dirty it got!) As you know, there are so many hours in each day. It’s your life, fill your hours with what you think is worth doing and makes you happy.
    You beat yourself up to much. You’re a wonderful woman and a fantastic mother.

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