To my blog readers only…..

Thus far, the news has not reached Facebook…. and Once Orlund and I get around to taking the picture we so desire to use to announce the news, you, my (few) blog readers get to hear the news first…………………

Baby #3 is on it’s way!!! Yup. I am in the throws of ‘morning’ sickness (who ever came up with that name wasn’t obviously a pregnant woman). I am taking 4 dicletin a day, wearing pressure bands while riding in the car and all in all couldn’t be happier to be pregnant again!
When are we due? February 28, 2012! Could be a leap baby 😉 Hopefully baby is a boy…. but we would be blessed if it turned out to be a baby girl. I usually seem to bake my babies a bit longer so most likely a March baby! Olivia will be exactly the age Joy was when she came along!

ps~ the news will be reaching facebook in a day or two, so please hold off any fb comments until then ~ THANKS! It’s been announced 🙂

#3 !!

3 thoughts on “To my blog readers only…..

  1. Congrats! I feel as though I should de-lurk myself! I think I found your blog through Danica or Elizabeth… not too sure. Anyways, I went to school with all those boys (the husbands) at KCS as well as yours! Hope you enjoy your pregnacy even though it sounds that this first trimester is a little rough.

  2. We are so happy for you guys! Maybe a boy this time??? 😉 Isn’t it the most exciting thing wondering about the sex of the baby?

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