“Mommy say sorry to Joy!”

The other night while I sat at the table waiting for Joy and Olivia to finish dinner this conversation took place~

Joy had said something that hurt my feelings. So I pretended to be sad and sat there pouting (like she does) and mentioned to her that she hurt my feelings. “Mommy no happy? Mommy be happy”
“But you hurt my feelings”
“Mommy say sorry to Joy”
“I’m not going to say sorry, your hurt MY feelings, you should say sorry to me”
“Mommy say sorry.. Say sorry to Joy or big owies on bum. Say Sorry” She pats her bum making sure I understand
“Oh really? no Joy you say sorry”
“No, Mommy say sorry or big owie on bum! I 3 and them big owies” she holds up 3 fingers. Folds them down then one at a time raises them “One, two three” she counts as fast as she can, Climbs off her chair comes over to me and gives me a smack on the bum. Then climbs back into her chair and continues eating….
Well I couldn’t contain it. Here I should have been explaining to her why she can’t do that, and all the other things that needed to be explained, but I just burst out laughing! What a goof ball!! Can’t tell what I do with her! Orlund then asked about the 1,2,3 thing as we had agreed long ago not to count, but that she should do it when we first ask her too. I use the counting only when it’s not to harsh of an issue and I know she needs time to process the information.
So yes, that was my enjoyment the other evening! I couldn’t get over how well she mimicked me from the words I use to the body language~ they sure do watch everything we do!!!

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