Fun with Gabe

We took Joy in a while ago to have her speech assessed (don’t know if I’ve blogged about that or not?), well either way, she is a bit behind where she should be so we’ve been working with her. The main part is sounding out the first consonant. The other day Joy said “happit” for rabbit. Gabe piped in and said “no Joy it’s not happit, it’s wa wa wabbit” “no Gabe it’s not” “it isn’t?” “No it’s rrr rrr rabbit”. He was very surprised he was saying it wrong. He’s been trying to help Joy with her words as well, however I find often he’s giving the wrong example! LOL

Then yesterday during lunch he said to me “Jenn, tell me if you can hear me when I do this” And lets out a big sigh. “Yes Gabe I can hear you sigh” “WHAT!?!?! You can??” His mouth dropped open in an astonished look “but, but how could you? I was plugging my ears!” LOLĀ  It took a great deal of explaining to get him to understand why I could hear him even though he was plugging his ears….and I still don’t think he fully understands (or perhaps he doesn’t believe me?).

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