More fun with Gabe

Oh the wonderful questions this 5 year old comes up with during lunch time. Today I answered these questions~
1~ Why are bugs insects?
2~ Why do bees sting?
3~ Why does there have to be a God in heaven?

My answers? haha, he at least figured they were good enough.
1~ Just like there are different kinds of Dogs. There are big, little, medium dogs and they all have their own kinds (insert different breeds here), however they are all called a DOG. So all the different bugs (insert bug names) are all called INSECTS, it’s their ‘scientific’ name.
2~ They only sting to protect themselves. They think you are going to hurt them so they sting you. They don’t do it to be mean, really some bees die after they sting someone. (he then proceeded to ask how bees fight, they sting each other).
3~ If there wasn’t a God we wouldn’t exist (oops, now to explain exist). Finally he kinda got it, I told him we wouldn’t be anywhere. But God created everything from nothing, we can’t do that. He then told me he wanted to be somewhere else….where? Still in him mommy’s tummy…….guess he’s got my pregnancy on his brain too! Earlier somehow I explained that Jesus had God’s blood and Mary’s, but Joseph raised him like he was his own (Gabe kept calling Joseph Jesus’ fake dad!lol). Yeah, well then somehow it got to that Gabe has his daddy and mommy’s blood in him……but then he wanted to know how his daddy’s blood got in him when he’s not in his daddy’s tummy ever…..oops… I told him that Daddy’s have an important role in helping get a baby in the mommy’s tummy ~ He prays for God to put the baby in there….LOL… phew. He dropped it…I sure know how to dig myself into deep holes!! LOL.

I wonder if he asks his mommy and daddy these kinds of questions? I hope so. I explained to him the other week that his new school wont teach him about God. I don’t think he liked that idea, but I told him it would be okay and told him he can help teach his classmates/teacher about Jesus and God 🙂

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