871 Km to Wetaskiwin, 498 Km to Saskatoon, 626 Km to Brandon, 212 Km to Winnipeg, 212 Km back to Brandon, 1740 Km home, 16 days, 27 family members visited, 1 wonderful driver, 1 hormonal pregnant woman (me), 1 yr old going through a growth spurt (“I hungry”), 1 teething toddler, 7year anniversary (uncelebrated),  loads and loads of fun!! I’ll blog more on it later. I still haven’t finished unpacking ~ of course we did just get home today!

I’m so excited to sleep in my own bed again, I just hope the girls do good tonight!

(Oh and funny enough we missed 3 weeks of Church and people started to think we no longer attended our church! lol. guess we didn’t tell so many people we were going away!)

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