Thank you for your prayers. I believe our baby is fine and everything else will be too (although continued prayers are always appreciated). The Doctor started off by saying that the VERY good news is baby is perfect. If something is wrong usually their head will be bigger/smaller than it’s supposed to be. Our baby is perfectly ‘balanced’ and measuring correctly for our dates.

The reason they called me in is because two small things showed up during the Ultrasound. He said if either one had happened on it’s own they probably wouldn’t even have concern. However due to there being two things it just makes them a little more concerned. The two things were 1) On the Ultrasound it showed only 2 blood vessels in the Umbilical cord ~ usually there is 3. and 2) There looked to be a small cyst on the Placenta. So we will be sent to Vancouver or Kelowna for a more ‘detailed’ ultrasound, and I have to get some blood work done.

Over all I’m happy how things are going 🙂 And the Doctor prescribed something for my heartburn.

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  1. Danica, I was wondering if you could send me the link for those yummy maraschino cherry cookies that you had blogged about. I made them and loved them, but can’t find the recipe again 🙁 Thanks!

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