So, today I anxiously awaited the phone call from ‘Patti’ my Dr’s receptionist. It was 10am, she’d said to call if I hadn’t heard anything by 10/11am. I decided to be patient so took the kids for a walk. It was the ‘first’ real walk I’ve taken in a long time (lazy me!), wow! Talk about baby ‘pressure’ and braxton hicks contractions!

Anyway, we returned from our walk, and Patti hadn’t called. So I called her. She received the Fax while we were on the phone and printed it off. She asked me “are you ready to hear when it is? because it’s soon” “oh yeah” “Thursday Oct 20th”.. Yeah, as in 2 days from now!! So that means we need to drive to Vancouver TOMORROW night! YIKES! Patti had told me before it would be soon, I figured that meant NEXT week soon, not THIS week soon!! So as you can imagine I have Orlund scrambling 😉 lol. He’s talking to his mom to see if she can babysit the girls (They don’t sleep through the night so it can be hard, and we don’t want to over tire her), and while on his lunch break he’s driving down to the Dr’s office to pick up the package of information we’ll need. Oh and of course telling his boss that he needs Thursday off!

This is happening quickly! Oh and now we will also need to figure out where to stay for the night.
I’ll keep you updated. God Bless! And thank you for the continued prayers.

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