Prayers for Charlotte

If you don’t know Charlotte, or her story, or even just want to have an update on this precious little girl please read her parent’s blog ~

Please pray with me~

Lord we lift Charlotte up to you. You are our healer and deliverer. We pray for complete healing and restoration in Charlotte’s body, from the top of her head down to the tips of her toes. Your healing to heal all parts in between extending to every limb. We pray that any tumors/cancer to be demolished and everything be restored as You originally designed it to be. You designed us in Your image before we were conceived and there is no room for any sickness or disease. Any toll the disease, medications have taken on her little body we pray to be restored to Your Glory. Praise you Jesus and Thank You for the healing only You can provide. We praise you and believe un-doubting in Your healing and strength. Amen


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