Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, or how hard you try, nothing will ever be good enough?

Perhaps it’s due to pregnancy hormones, but I don’t think so. Baby boy is doing great ~ Praise God. I’m so exhausted, worn down and I feel like the one person I want to understand is so far away from ever understanding I just don’ t know what to do.  Guess it’s another downer day, since the beginning of the new year I think I’ve had 2 up days… pretty sad start. I have loads that I am thankful for, just wish……… I just don’t even know what to wish anymore. I think today is going to need to be a ‘in my bible’ kind of day, although I do have to work too, and be a mom, and a house wife, Oh yeah, and a 8month pregnant lady (can’t forget that one).

2 thoughts on “Sigh

  1. Don’t worry you are not alone. I really struggled as a stay at home mom too when the one person I wanted to understand didn’t. And you’re doing a better job with it that I did! So hang in there. It is really difficult when you work so hard, so long, and no one gets it. 🙁
    And it’s January in Canada. Everybody battles with the blues.
    PS. There is a new blog you might want to check out. e-mail me and I’ll direct you to it. 😉
    dagrunert AT gmail DOT com

  2. Don’t worry Jenn. Being pregnant with your third baby is so incredably hard! You only have a little ways to go and then you won’t be pregnant anymore and things will look up. You’ll have your energy back and your horomones will start to stabalize (eventually :)) Plus you’ll be holding your beautiful baby boy and it will be all worth it. I have those days too. Today for instance, I just felt so down because my house was a MESS and I feel like everything is always on me. I told W how I felt and he helped me clean up and I feel better now but there is just so much work for a SAHM and it never ends! You are not alone though! Hope you feel better soon.

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