If you hadn’t guessed it, or read my facebook status. Little Charlotte has gone to be with Jesus.
Her mom updated their blog to fill us in on her passing ~
It’s beautifully written and hard to read with dry eyes.

Last night as I lay in bed thinking about Charlotte I realized she was Olivia’s age when first Diagnosed with Cancer (21months approx). then I realized it was on Olivia’s birthday that Charlotte had her first brain surgery. translation, she was 21months when she started this fight, and she fought hard and tough for 21months before going to Heaven skipping and jumping.

Today I felt unmotivated, perhaps because we found out no one from my family (Orlund, myself, My mom, dad or brother) are going to be able to attend the funeral (it’s cheaper to fly to Thailand and back then to Cranbrook), And I also received a new book I’d ordered in the mail. Heaven is for Real. Have you read it? I suggest you do. It’s the true story of a little boy (Charlotte’s age) who went to Heaven and came back. One particular part struck me hard and I had to stop to take a break ~ There was an elderly man (a believer)about to depart to heaven, the little boy and his dad (a pastor) went to visit and pray for him. After the father had prayed the little boy went back to the man and said “It’s going to be okay. The first person you’re going to see is Jesus.”.

Hug your kids tight. Thank God for your life and your loved ones.

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