to tired?

The girls moved downstairs on Friday night. I have since gotten more exercise (in the 4 nights) than I have my entire pregnancy. Stairs are not fun in the middle of the night. Last night was the worst. Orlund and I have gotten into the habit of reading in bed before going to sleep, it’s nice snuggled up reading in bed together. Last night we watched TV a bit later so therefore reading took us to a short time after 11pm. I don’t know exactly when the girls started getting up, but I believe they (one or the other) woke up around midnight, and just a few times until around 3am. 3am it got worse, much worse. Joy had to go potty, she was having nightmares. Olivia was I dunno whating.. Orlund did most the trips up and down the stairs, however I was still unable to sleep, even once he returned to bed (just to jump up again 5-10minutes later) I couldn’t sleep. 6am was when I did my last trip to their room. I gave Olivia her bottle and said go to sleep. Orlund left for work around 8am. The girls got me up around 8:19am.
Okay… I can do this… I have Solomon here today, but I can do this. I’ll just nap when the kids nap, no biggie. I even had a little umph and got a tiny bit of organizing done in the office. (I mean TINY bit). Nap time rolled around ~ Yipee! 4 phone calls, 3 interruptions from Joy (more snack, potty etc etc), and a baby in my belly who had major hiccups = NO SLEEP. I got up and did some book keeping and other mindless tasks. It’s now 5pm, I’m starting to cook dinner. I can’t keep my eyes open… literally. I’m exhausted. (I might also add that yesterday I cleaned the entire upstairs of our house ~ it’s spotless. That also wears me out).

2 thoughts on “to tired?

  1. Hey!!

    What a rotten night and day you have had. Hang in there. This, too, shall pass. I wanted to let you know that I am rooting for a Leap Year baby! I know, too long to wait, but still….Leap Year Baby!

  2. Rough. No wonder you’re exhausted.
    You and Orlund are going have to brainstorm what you’re going to do about the new room situation, because the kids are always going to need you in the night, especially since they’re still so little. Mine, at 7 and 9 still do sometimes (bad dreams, sick etc). You’ll either have to commit yourself to the idea and get used to all the trips up and down the stairs, or re-think the room-arrangement in your house (which sucks after all the work you’ve done). I’m just stating the obvious, because continuous nights like that could wear you both down quickly. Hope you get it figured out.
    Hope you have a great afternoon and something unexpected happens to really refresh you. Sending a prayer your way. Hugs!

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