Happy Leap day.

I would prefer to be leaping in joy over the arrival of my little monkey…. but that is yet to happen.

One of my friends just delivered her second daughter this past Friday. I am arranging meals for her, I called her yesterday to review just when she wanted the meals brought to her. She’s having a bit of a rough time. Baby is cluster feeding and not letting her put her down at night. There is a lot more but basically it reminded me of just what I’m headed into! Babies are babies for such a very short time you really do forget about all that goes with having a newborn.

Still no real signs of labour and the Dr said even though baby is engaged he’s still really high so he doesn’t expect much to be happening soon. I have another apt booked for Monday and at that appointment we’ll talk about when to schedule the induction…. I’m not planning on being induced! No thank you… gotta get this show on the road. Orlund’s brother is heading to Las Vegas today for 5 days. my goal is to have this baby before he’s back! Come on baby!

I really want to just walk walk walk. But it’s snowing outside so I need to just walk inside. It’s do-able, just hard to get motivated to do it. I’m feeling so sluggish and slow I’m having a hard time getting going… I’m also watching my daycare boy today and tomorrow. My mom and Orlund think I’m nuts to be watching him… maybe I am, but heck I haven’t had the baby yet so it does help me get off my butt and do at least something around here!

One thought on “Happy Leap day.

  1. A March baby then. That will be lovely.
    I heard on the radio on the 29th that a daughter (age 1) was sharing a birthday with her mother (age 8). Yes! Mother and daughter sharing a leap year birthday. The odds of that happening were about 1 in 2 million. Cool hey?

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