I am a stay at home mom. I have 3 wonderful beautiful children. Joy is 6 years old, she’s a princess who loves the Lord and praises Him daily. Olivia is 4 years old, although she’s convinced she is turning 5. She’s the mischievous, klutz, crazy one. Jacob is 2 years old. He was a complete momma’s boy but has since decided he’s Daddy’s boy and follows Daddy around trying to do everything he does. In 2012 I was diagnosed with Colon Cancer. The Lord was in complete control the entire time and I thank Him daily that He choose for me to stay here on earth to raise my babies and complete His work He has for me! Homeschooling has also become a large part of our lives. Joy is in Kindergarten and Olivia is in pre-pre-Kindergarten, convinced to do as Joy does. I thoroughly enjoy homeschooling and look forward to Chemo being done and me regaining my energy to make it even more fun! I have a wonderful husband (Orlund) who works full time, and is doing school courses online, along with helping raise the kids. I have a truly blessed life and God is SO good to us pouring out His blessings every day.

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