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I used to love when Tipsy, our cat, would come and rub up against my legs while I used the washroom. Or how she would snuggle up against me at night. But now. Now that I give myself to my kids and husband all day and night. Those times I used to cherish now annoy me. When I’m in the washroom after the kids are in bed I don’t want the cat coming in for snuggles. I just want to be alone. And at night, I want the leg room to be able to move about as I need for a good nights sleep. Many times when I return from feeding Olivia I find Tipsy snuggled in where I was laying. I pick her up and move her, usually feeling annoyed that I’m not already snuggled in asleep myself. Poor cat. I know she’s just wanting attention like she got before the girls came along. But I don’t get much alone time right now, so although I feel sorry for her she’s just going to have to wait a bit longer before she gets my attention. Orlund luckily is good at giving her some rubs when she snuggles up on the couch. I love her. I do miss our snuggles, but I miss my alone time even more. I’m sure any mom out there understands the awesomeness of a trip to the washroom without interruption!

Tipsy watching the fish