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Hi Danica, Yes I’m blogging about you… πŸ™‚
I was wondering if you would be able to send me that link to those Maraschino Cherry Chocolate cookies you had blogged about last year. I made them once, but forgot to write down the recipe, and since you closed your blog I can’t look back on it. ~ Oh I miss your blog… You are such a beautiful writer.
Thanks a million in advance πŸ™‚

awww :)

If it wasn’t so warm out I would turn the air con off and enjoy the peace and quiet. Instead I have it blasting away above my head. But none the less, it’s quieter than usual. I put Solomon down, then Olivia, put a movie on for Gabe and took a break laying on Joy’s floor while she fell asleep. That’s right I lay on her floor until she falls asleep (its the only way to get her to lay still enough to fall asleep ~ and yes she still needs to nap). I came out once she was asleep. Gabe was happily watching his movie still. I unloaded the dishwasher and then loaded up the lunch dishes, all dish-washable so no hands on for me today πŸ˜‰ Then I came into the living room to see if I felt like working on Joy’s scrapbook and noticed Gabe was leaning over funny watching the tv. Then I walked around the couch and realized he was actually asleep! He was sitting cross legged yet he had bent over sideways so far his head was almost touching the couch… Not real comfy looking. So I paused the movie and woke him to go lay down on my bed.

NOW here I am blogging. 4 kids sleeping. No dishes to do. Kitchen is clean. Can’t do laundry. No point trying to clean the fish tank (Olivia usually wakes up sometime soonish and she would be to big of a ‘help’). So here I am. I don’t feel like scrapbooking or doing really much of anything. However I am a bit bored.. I know.. me bored? Guess I’ll email Orlund the grocery list and putt around online for a bit…

Why bother?

Do you ever feel like no matter how badly you need it, you just can’t get a break?
I need a break. I’m breaking. I really am. I feel myself shattering from the top of my head down to my toes. I need to submerge myself in water and have a good long think… do you ever do that? just sit at the bottom of a pool, listening to the silence? Or wander through the woods with no destination in mind? I used to.Β  I think I just need some ‘me’ time. Some nice silent me time… Completely alone, and NOT at home. I need to drown myself in conversation with God. In those silent times is when I hear Him, when I feel His presence. When I come out of those times I feel like I can do anything!! (With His help of course).

But God

My heart is breaking with sorrow for the Amsing family. Charlotte just had another MRI today, She now has two tumors growing in her precious little head. To catch you up, Charlotte was diagnosed with a brain Tumor April 2010. This little red head has fought harder than you could imagine. she has gone through rounds of Chemo therapy, 3 or 4 Surgeries on her head to remove tumors and gone through radiation aimed at the last tumor. Her last MRI showed something however no one could be sure, and we all prayed it was just scar tissue left behind. Everyone’s, especially the family’s, worst fears came true today when the doctors discovered two new tumors. Rob Posted this on facebook ~ Hello Friends Charlotte just had her MRI there are two tumors back. We are not sure what’s going to happen now. Please keep us in your prayers.

I had a good sob, and my eyes are still leaking.

BUT GOD. This isn’t this little girls final story. God has told me she is healed. I figured that meant we would see it on this MRI, actually a few MRI’s ago, but it’s not in my timing. It’s in God’s timing. I don’t know why she has to go through this, Cancer is NOT of God and He doesn’t want any of His Children to go through this. God is with her and He is protecting her. I believe in God. I believe what God tells me. She IS HEALED. We just have to wait for the natural to catch up to the Supernatural. Please stand in Faith with me that this beautiful family will feel His comfort and His healing power.

Here is a link to their blog;

Do you ever?

Do you ever just feel like whatever you do is wrong? I’ve been feeling like that a lot lately.
For once it’d be nice to be right. To do things right. And to have other people agree it’s right.
Sigh. For now I guess I am wrong. But tomorrow I strive to be right.

Missed me?

So I go in spurts ~ for writing on here anyway. Life is always busier when my mom is home, and this time is no different! Every day that I’m not working I’m doing errands with her. It’s fun being able to hang out with her, and the girls LOVE her. They haven’t played shy at all! This past Sunday morning I received a phone call that one of my friends was heading into the hospital Monday morning and they were hoping I could watch their kids while the dad dropped her off/picked up. I agreed, I love to help out friends and it would only be for a few hours. Orlund and I headed to bed late that night. Olivia woke up every 15minutes screaming (teething) and I had to get up at 6am as the kids were getting dropped off at 6:45am. My friends dropped them off and headed out. The boy is a quiet 3year old, and the little girl is about a week older than Olivia (9months). I didn’t know at the time, but she’s teething as well, so needless to say she wasn’t very happy! I also had a migraine. The last time I’d experience a migraine of this magnitude I’d ended up in the hospital (dehydrated). I was shaking and not doing so good holding a screaming baby, which Olivia was up too (doing okay) and thankfully Joy was sleeping. I called my mom and she (and my brother) came and gave me a hand. These kids were going to be getting picked up between 9am-10am. I had the boys arriving at 9am. Right at 9am I vomited (the migraine) right as I exited the washroom the boys arrived. I informed their mom I was ill and luckily she was off so could take them. I got a 3hour nap after the others were picked up and recovered quickly. Thank you JESUS!

This last Friday I drove out to Logan Lake to help mom with fundraiser they were putting on. I again wasn’t feeling the best, sinuses. It was a long and late night. Saturday I awoke and was even worst. I went through an entire box of Kleenex in under 9 hours! Orlund went out and bought me some medication. I’m leery about taking medication while breastfeeding but the regular Tylenol wasn’t cutting it for me. Last night I took some, SMILE, awww, I love meds πŸ™‚ feeling better today, but again, I’m on the meds. I’m taking them sparingly but right now I’m drowsy and I love this feeling…. perhaps that’s weird…. but other than T3’s after having Joy and the Diclectin for morning sickness these are the first ‘REAL’ meds I’ve taken since 2007 when I got pregnant with Joy…….

Well that’s that. I have sat on my butt for all of yesterday and today reading an interesting novel “Boneman’s Daughters” by Ted Dekker. Read the whole thing all 422 pages. Orlund’s turn. Tomorrow I’m back to work. My house needs my attention as well. Please pray I’m up for the challenge of getting this house in order and having 2 extra kids around.
God Bless you all! Good night! ~ hope this all makes sense, as I’ve mentioned…I’m on Meds πŸ˜‰

Pressing Onward

Looking out the window today is a beautiful day. The sun is shining making my body yearn to go outside and sip an iced tea. However outside is actually frightfully cold, with a slight breeze that cuts to your core. I was only outside for a minute at a time today, just putting kids in or out of the car and running back inside. But it’s a cold one. Although sitting here on my couch in my PJ pants and a comfy t-shirt with the sun peaking through the blinds I feel like it’s almost summer. I pray that’s not wishful thinking. I’ve been wanting snow, all winter I’ve been wanting snow. Jan 4th I believe it was, we finally got snow. We live down in a valley so although it’s snowed earlier in the winter, it didn’t do much more than a skiff at our place. Yesterday and Today the sun as been shining beautifully making my house seem so open and fresh (of course taking the Christmas tree out helped open it up too).
I mentioned in my last post about having to lower Olivia’s crib. Well yesterday I set to it. I ended up needing Orlund’s help as I couldn’t undo one of the screws. Other than that he just kept the girls occupied. I lowered the crib, discovering it sits lower than our old crib did so the diaper boxes full of clothes wont fit under it anymore…guess I’ll have to do some more adjusting. I went through Olivia’s drawers and pulled out everything she’s outgrown and packed it all up. I unpacked all her next size, I love unpacking for Olivia. Since all the clothes used to be Joy’s it brings back such wonderful memories. I counted the dresses I unpacked. WOW 27dresses! She has more than that too, as we have received some as gifts and I already had them hanging. It was nice to get that all unpacked and set up. She’s good until the next growth spurt… Luckily dresses last a bit longer so she should be good all summer….it’s just a matter of getting to summer. LOL. Olivia is pulling herself up on the coffee table as I type this. I believe she is demanding I changer her diaper, and from where I sit, a good couple feet away, I can smell what awaits me. (better change her as she’s in all white.brb).
I also changed over the car seats. Olivia has outgrown the infant car seat. So we purchased a new car seat for Joy. One that transfers into a booster for later on. I cleaned out Joy’s “old” one, fixed the base back and turned it to be rear facing (and moved it to the other side of the car). I figured out how to put the new car seat together, and fastened it into Joy’s place. Both the girls were excited to discover their “new” seats when we headed out for our Saturday night coffee. Orlund and I don’t plan on it, however lately every Saturday night we go out to a coffee shop. We take the girls, give Joy a special treat, and we just enjoy one anothers company. It’s nice, relaxing and when we get home the girls are ready for bed.
Well Olivia is now asking to be fed…. so I’m going to go and do that. I love that she’s crawling now too!
God Bless you all, hope you have a fantastic day.
ps~ MY mom is flying home right NOW! Can’t wait to see her! I sure miss her hugs!

Merry Christmas!

Well It’s Christmas Eve today, I highly doubt I’ll have time tomorrow to come and post, so MERRY CHRISTMAS! I pray you have a blessed holiday!

I haven’t been online as of late due to me taking on some major sewing projects… I don’t know why 2 weeks before Christmas I decided to sew 3 projects, but I did. And then I was sick for one week! ugh… anyway, I’m almost done! I’ll post pictures of all the projects once they are handed out! Two of the projects are the exact same thing (one for Olivia and one for Lilly). They are a HUGE project….. I broke down last night crying when something didn’t work. I am at a point of exhaustion! I asked Orlund why we didn’t just buy Lilly a gift and me sew this for her birthday? Oh, I know why… I like to take on to much with short amounts of time!!! oh well. Two projects are completed. And Olivia’s is the only one left…. most of it is hand stitching.. so whatever I don’t get completed today I’ll do after Christmas.

Tonight My Dad and brother come over to play games and eat goodies. We will have Christmas (gift exchange) whenever my mom is home next. Then Christmas morning will be just us here at home. After naps we go up to Orlund’s parents to have dinner and exchange gifts with them all. The next morning we head back up there for breaky and to play. Come home for naps then our good friends who live in Kelowna are coming over for a visit. It’s a busy weekend and I work Monday and Tuesday 9:30-5:30! Some time this week we have to fit another visit in with my Brother. Take my dad to the movies (Birthday gift). going to see the remake of ‘True Grit’ ~ my dad and I used to watch the original together, so it’s special. Go to Wildlights, and have some people over I hope….

Well I should run, this house doesn’t clean itself!

God Bless you all! Have a Very Merry Christmas!

Operation Party ~~

Good morning. Well technically it’s almost 1pm. This day has gone by quickly and yet I haven’t accomplished anything much. We got up late (due to late night out Friday) so 10am was our get up eat breakfast time. Then we got the girls all dressed up and took our Christmas card photo (a bit late?), and a few fun family shots. Now I’m typing while feeding Olivia her lunch. then it’ll be nap time.

I did not get everything done I had hoped to do. I finished writing all our Christmas cards (just need the pic). I finished our bedroom (closet too!) And that’s about it…. so yeah…. I’ve completely fallen off the plan…

HOWEVER ~ Monday I am ACTUALLYΒ  having some people over, and will want to show them my house. So today I tackle the green room…. also I need to clear a spot to put our tv from upstairs to make room for the tree, which Orlund is picking up today! I am also going to tackle and finish the kitchen (there is a hot spot of diaper bags).
I’ve come to the realization that the dining room is 1/2 my stuff 1/2 Orlund’s stuff (in regards to who needs to clean it up). So I will get my stuff out and cleared off. Then bug him to do the same.

My list should be good today, and hopefully I get it all done. Then I can spend this evening decoration the Christmas tree and the remainder of the house.
Sunday morning Orlund ushers so we have to be at Church bright and early. But I plan to spend the rest of Sunday doing any last minute touch ups and cooking/baking for the party. Monday I have the boys so wont have much time for cooking/baking, and after they go home I will have just enough time to clean up from the day before dinner which is followed by the party.
Orlund just informed me that he’s going to invite his folks in for a coffee when they drop off our tree (Orlund will pick it out, buy it and then they cart it around for us in their van). It makes sense, and makes me REALLY stick to my plan of having this place ready. Luckily Olivia doesn’t nap as long as Joy so I can vacuum before they come too. (Joy sleeps through the vacuuming, Olivia does not).

Well I guess I should get at it then eh? I’ll post pictures perhaps on Tuesday of the house all done and pretty for the party πŸ™‚