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Operation Party…

So curious how Operation Party ended? well…it hasn’t yet.. lol. I’ve extended it until Friday. I knew I was cramming a lot into a short time. I would have been able to accomplish it to, however our weekend ended up being crazy! We had a conference Friday night 6:30-10:30 was tied up. Saturday Morning Orlund and I got the girls babysat and went Christmas shopping and out for a sushi lunch. Got home put the girls for their naps (I crashed with them). They got up, we ate and headed back to Church. 6:30-10:30pm again. Sunday morning 10am-12:30pm Church, Rushed over to my girlfriends house to have her son’s second birthday party. 2pm headed home. Nap time (for girls not me). I worked some on Operation Party and some on just catching up regular house work. Orlund’s mom came over and babysat the girls while we went back to the Church for the last night of the conference 6:30-11pm. So no work done over the weekend other than the usual work.

I haven’t taken any before photos, however At the end I will post photos of my finished house 🙂 I can’t remember what I’ve told you already that I’ve done… so here it is~
Hallway (closets too), Girls bedroom, All 3 Bathrooms, Toy room, TV room, entry way, under my bed, and at the foot of it. (I was surprised to find only two things under my bed!) I’ve taken apart one of our glass end tables and taken it into storage.

Left I have ~
Our bedroom, and bedroom closet, Green room downstairs (office, craft room), Kitchen (daily + some extra), Dining room (Christmas cards scattered about), Living room (couch cushions and all). that’s all! The Kitchen, Dining and Living rooms are daily jobs however I need to do a more detailed cleaning.

Today I have the boys, however I hope to get all the chores done (maybe with the exception of the Green room) ~ once they leave that is. Tomorrow I have the day off, nothing planned. I would prefer not to have any chores to do, so I can just relax and play with the girls.

I am excited that I will have the house completed by Friday (which I have a busy day of errands and a dinner). I have lots of sewing to do for Christmas presents and really need to concentrate on that. I have a list of 13 things to do on that list and all of them will take a long time to complete (wish me luck!).

How is your house doing?

Operation Party #2

Okay, so I crashed and burned today…. But there is always tomorrow! I did do some work today, but the day just took it’s toll on me. I also have a very sore rib (or rib muscle?) that I pulled when I had a cold. I coughed it into pain…. And apparently I did something today to tick it off again.. So the thought of bending over to clean the toilets didn’t really appeal to me (not that it ever really does, but being in pain at the same time = not fun). I did clean out the Main bathroom cupboard area ~ amazing how much room there is when it’s organized! I wiped down the counters, toilet, walls and baseboards in the ensuite. and that’s where I stopped. Guess I’ll have some catching up to do. I also didn’t get my house into the ‘shape’ I wanted it to be in after the boys left. But I’ll do that in the morning. Tomorrow we are dropping the girls at Grandma’s and going shopping (New Vacuum here I come!). But for now, I need to go to bed, it’s 11pm WAY past my bedtime! Good night!

35 Randoms

1~ I randomly decided to do a post on random info about myself.
2~ I asked Orlund how many I should do- got him to pick the number randomly.
3~ I have a post all ready to go about our camping trip (which was over a month ago) just need to add pictures but I’m procrastinating because pictures take so long to load.
4~ I hate spending time doing my hair. I want to jump out of the shower, brush it and go. I love my hair cut, just not the time it takes to make it look decent.
5~ I love my little girls more than I ever thought possible.
6~ Some days I just want to cry and give up. But then I take a pause, pray and just dive back in.
7~ I hate housework. Yup. Don’t like it one bit.
8~ I love having a clean house. Wish it could clean itself.
9~ I love snow.
10~ I truly enjoy nursing my kids. I love the intimacy and that I am starting them off with the best.
11~ The worst nightmares I have are when something happens to my kids.
12~ I have a very vivid imagination (always have) and still get nightmares or dreams on a regular (almost every night) basis.
13~ When Joy watches Barbie movies (always have Ballet in them) I wish I was still in Pointe. I loved Pointe.
14~ I hated Ballet.
15~ I would really really love for my girls to be in Ballet when they are old enough. However we can’t afford it.
16~ I decided that I will teach my girls Ballet! I have my notes of different dances we did, so I just have to refresh my memory on what all those french words mean.
17~ Orlund and I are hoping to home school the girls. At least until Grade 1.
18~ I worry that because my life consists of kids…even my work is kids. that I bore people when talking to them because that’s all I really have to talk about… So I find, although I’m a talker, I tend to stay quieter during conversations than I used to. Wish I had something interesting to talk about, other than kids….
19~ I have started cooking, and enjoying it! I’ve always cooked, but only like 10 dishes (mostly chicken). Now I am ‘branching’ out and trying new things. Like cooking with Veggie puree’s
20~ The age I was when I got married.
21~ We have decided to do 2 small groups this time around…. One on Sunday night and one Thursday nights. We just couldn’t decide which one to do, so decided to do both!
22~  I have so many crafts on the go but need to ‘bunker’ down and just get them done! I have my mom’s cross stitch, Joy’s scrapbook, Christmas presents I want to make, Aprons to sew, chair covers to sew, and a few more I wont list.
23~ The number of things I have listed to do tomorrow (not including lunch, dinner, play time or getting ready for our small group).
24~ I was 24 when I had Joy.
25~ I sometimes miss my old job at Kamloops Tile Works. I miss the people, my bosses, and the job itself. And the getting out of the house to have adult conversation was a perk (not that I had kid conversations at that time). I usually miss it on days that I feel trapped at home.
26~ The age I am….and how old I was/am when I had Olivia. (wish I could figure out the proper grammar).
27~ Sometimes I feel like a milk cow. I get milked. I have my fair share of crap poop. (3 diapers and one 4year old;s poop bum to wipe). And sometimes it feels like I live in a stable.
28~ I love my husband.
29~ I miss my mom every single day. I wish I could call her up and just chat. But there is a 14hour time difference which makes it difficult to do so. I LOVE YOU MOM! + MISS YOU LIKE CRAZY!
30~ I am blessed to have good great in-laws. So many people complain about theirs. Sure we are different, I come from a different family (which is good other wise I couldn’t have married Orlund), but we get along fantastic. They are very giving, special people, and I love them.
31~ My dream car is a Mini-van! I want one oh so bad!
32~ There are only 66 Sleeps left until Christmas!! I LOVE CHRISTMAS! I like to decorate and get the Christmas tree on December 1st. But usually hold off longer because Orlund doesn’t want them so early. Orlund and I already have written out our Christmas lists (did it through the year this year) and would really love our families lists so we can get shopping…..not that we have the money to yet.
33~ I am working 4 days a week for 2 months here (that will help with Christmas money). It’s going to be tiring, but we will get the hang of it and so long as I prepare each night before, I will survive.
34~ My husband has gotten me to start drinking coffee. Actually whenever I’ve been pregnant I enjoy it. This time I’ve continued to enjoy it (as in after Olivia was born). And have even starting making some just for myself in the morning….helps with the daycare kids too…er helps me stay sane I should say. Of course I use just as much ‘french vanilla’ cream as I do coffee…but it’s a start!
35~ I love God.

Well I hope you enjoyed reading my random thoughts……

You are my Sunshine ~ my version.

You are my Sunshine
My only Sunshine
You make me happy when sky’s are gray
You’ll never know dear how much I love you
So please don’t take my Sunshine away

My Sunshine Joy ~ 1 day old.

The other night dear
as I lay sleeping
I dreamed I held you in my arms
When I awoke dear
I was so happy
There you were laying right next to me

My Sunshine Olivia ~ 1 day old.

I love the song, and I sing it to the girls however it just sounded to sad… so I changed it just a little 🙂

Watch for our Camping adventures ~ coming soon 😉


I’ll start with the sewing. I decided to finally attach the buttons and sew the button holes on Ava’s dress. I am a little sad as every time I look at her dress I see more and more mistakes. I wanted the dress to be perfect. Guess it’s not. I will work even harder on perfecting Lilly’s dress. Wish me luck. Anyway, back to the buttons. I sewed them on no problem. The button holes however, not so good. Apparently my machine needs me to do something else to get it to sew the button holes. I can get it to sew the ends just fine, but the long part….well that’s another story. It’s currently sewing one side as a zigzag and the other a completely different stitch! I don’t know how to get it to do the button stitch properly. Any ideas? I’m hoping my mom will be online tonight so I can ask her.

weird button stitch

Then the sickness. This weekend we kept ourselves busy! Friday Leah and I took the girls to a lake approx 30minutes away. Leah was good at killing the leaches! And Joy had loads of fun playing in the water with all the minnows. Olivia took a nice nap and otherwise was happy to play in the playpen (with a mosquito net to protect her). It was fun, we got eaten alive when we went to the car to leave! (apparently the mosquito’s were waiting till we tried to leave to get us!). Leah and I layed in the sun almost the entire 4hours we were there ~ not much to show for it tan wise though. Then Friday night I took the girls shopping. Saturday our little family went to breakfast at Mcdonald’s with Orlund’s family, then went shopping. The girls were tired so that cut that day short! Sunday we went to Church then in the evening went swimming at the pool. And Monday (also a holiday) we went to the Wild life Park. Lots of fun however only covered half the park before it was bedtime. Lots of fun, but a very LONG, HOT day.

Now today, Tuesday, Both the girls have stuffy noses, fussy attitudes and all round grumpiness! I’m tired. I have a house to clean, Laundry to do, sewing to get done……….ugh…..


Tonight we had Orlund’s parents over for coffee. I thought it would be fun to make a special dessert. Well it didn’t turn out how I’d hoped. Here’s the story~

I wanted to make a chocolate pie thingy (supposed to be real easy, the recipe was on the pie crust). So first I took the plastic off of the pie crust, being in the hurry I was (for no reason) I accidentally dumped the plastic lid onto the pie crust. I don’t know if there were crumbs or not, however in my momentary lack of judgment, I decided to dump the crust upside down to ‘shake’ off any crumbs………… I caught all the pieces….. oops. So now my crust isn’t so pretty as I can’t really piece it back together. Then I follow the directions, stir in 1 +1/4 cups of Milk, 2 packs of instant chocolate pudding. Whisk for 1 minute (should be thick), then add half of ‘cool whip’….. So As I’m whisking I realize that my cool whip container is measured in a different measurement than the recipe calls for, I call Orlund in to help…. We decide it should just be a couple scoops. At this time I also realize that the recipe calls for the pudding to be the kind that makes 4 servings, the ones I have make 6 servings. Yet for some reason the mixture seems very thin. Orlund takes over whisking….. then he asks me “are you sure this is instant pudding?” “yes” then I read the package “I give up!!!” Nope it wasn’t instant pudding!!! Here is a picture of our “pie” (of course we had already poured it into the crust when we noticed it wasn’t instant!). Luckily I had some instant pudding on hand so Orlund mixed it up and we still had a yummy dessert. Orlund also tried to fix this one, so placed it in the oven to ‘cook’ it….. So the picture is what the non-instant chocolate pudding pie ended up looking like…………..

Mud Pie anyone?

Happy Canada Day!

It’s already 10minutes to 11pm, I should be in bed. Luckily I type fast 🙂

Went shopping on Wednesday with my girlfriend Leah, bought 4 shirts (well, more like 2 shirts. 2 are undershirts). But I like them. Orlund likes them. they give me that good feeling while wearing them. The girls were okay while we shopped, although most the day I carried Olivia, Joy walked and Poor Auntie Leah pushed around an empty double stroller. fun. And Olivia for some reason will go sit with anyone and be happy, except Auntie Leah. weird. annoying! Poor Auntie. But thanks Leah! Couldn’t have done it without you!!

Today was Canada day. Orlund was home, made us breakfast. After breaky, getting dressed and car loaded we headed down to the local park to celebrate Canada day. We wondered around looking at all the crafts by local artists. Wow some people sure are talented! Had lunch on the grass. Chinese, Samosa, Sushi. That was my lunch. Orlund had something else….can’t remember. Then we headed home for naps. Then re-loaded the car and headed up to his parent’s place for dinner. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TWYLA! It is Orlund’s sister’s birthday today, so we visited, ate, ate, ate some more, did gifts, visited some more and then headed home. Kids are in bed and will probably sleep great after all the fresh air!

I feel like we should be heading to church tomorrow. But nope. Orlund has to work and it’s just a normal Friday! I have a bunch of cleaning to do, so my day is pretty full as well.

I have to Thank God for this beautiful free country we live in! Thank you! I love being Canadian. I am glad my girls get to grow up in this wonderful land.

Hope you all had a wonderful day!

ps~ I’ll post pictures later once I steal them from Orlund’s camera!


A few random things from today.

Grace (day care girl) ripped a whole in the mesh on the playpen… grrr it was a gift and a very fancy playpen. guess we will just patch it up and keep using it for her.

Joy is obsessed with saying “num num” meaning food. It’s actually really cute.

Olivia fell asleep all on her own! Without crying! Usually at night we walk her until she falls asleep, however tonight I put her down once (after walking her) then she woke up crying so I went and nursed her. She was wide eyed, burped, so I put her down in her crib. I rubbed her back a bit, she wasn’t crying, but still wiggling around a bunch. So I left the room. She let out a couple quiet cry’s and that was it. She went to sleep all on her own!!! She’s only 2.5 months old!! So proud of her (who knows if she will do it again though).

And after Orlund and I finished watching a few shows tonight (well a few episodes of ‘the office’ ~ LOVE that show), I logged on to the internet and read an interesting story… A 13year old girl got bitten by a 5ft bull shark in 4ft of water!!! I HATE sharks. (I think they are magnificent creatures, but not to swim with!). She had been bitten 2x before she realized the shark was latched onto her! Crazy! She stepped on it’s head to get loose, and miraculously didn’t lose her leg or any toes! I don’t know how you get bitten by a shark 3x before noticing…… weird. Glad she’s okay though!

Oh and I got to talk to mom online tonight. I sure miss her. I LOVE YOU MOM! xoxoxo

How long?

How long will this last? I’m assuming just a few more minutes (especially now that I’m on the computer). Joy, Olivia and Grace are all down. down as in sleeping. Joy and Olivia have not got up this morning and promptly after Grace arrived she asked to be put down as well. So I have some quiet alone time. I hope they all sleep until 9am – 45minutes away. However I am positive they will be up shortly. If they did sleep in I think we’d skip the walk as after they eat it would be to hot to go. But if they get up soonish we might still go. Oh look at that. Joy is awake, she’s knocking on her door. There goes that quiet time.

Have a good day!

One of those days.

Today has been one of those days. A day you don’t feel like doing anything. I feel sorry for Orlund as he had to go to work. I didn’t do a whole lot around the house today, nothing really other than dishes. I had a horrible night last night, Olivia woke up many many times. I also attempted to use my mouth guard last night, sometime around 1am I had a dream that some how led to me taking it out and putting it away while still asleep. I awoke as I was laying back down, luckily I remembered the dream so I knew what had happened to the guard. I got a head ache that kept me from sleep around 6am. Around the headache time I also got something in my eye. I couldn’t sleep. It was driving me CRAZY! And it’s still there bugging me. Perhaps I scratched my eye? I can’t seem to find anything in it. So that was my night.

Orlund was going to work late, however he started to not feel good so came home early. He called to inform me of this when I slipped away from the kids for a moment to have a shower. He is now resting in bed, as is Olivia. Joy is out playing on the deck after refusing to eat dinner. fun.

Orlund’s cousin is in town, and we would really like to see her. Well now Orlund is sick and it doesn’t sound like they (cousin and Twyla) will come to visit. pout.

Well I guess I should get something done around here, maybe not, maybe I’ll plan out a fun art project to do with the girls tomorrow for Canada day (which isn’t until Thursday but I don’t have Grace that day so I’ll do it tomorrow).

Here is a little picture I took this evening, Orlund was helping out while I cooked dinner.

Daddy and his girls