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I’ve had a number of posts brewing in my mind.. I just don’t have time right now to post them.
That being said I thought (for fun) I’d share our ‘other’ baby names. We have decided we are done growing our family (unless the Lord decides to surprise us), so I figure it’s safe to share our names.

Originally we figured we would have 4-5kids (I was aiming for 5). We figured this was the order they would arrive and their names would be as follows~
Gideon Hugh
Ethan David
Joy Jubilee
Natalia Margaret
Jacob Schluter

That’s right. Then low and behold we had a girl first! We went back and forth on naming her Joy or Natalia. The deciding factor? Orlund kept saying Natalie not Natalia ~ BIG difference to me! So Joy it was.

We got pregnant again, So we reviewed the names.
boy~ Isaac Hugh
girl ~ Olivia Margaret
those are our middle names so wanted to pass them along. We had Olivia.

Pregnancy #3. Time to review again.
boy~ Jacob Hugh
girl ~ Lucy Jean
Jacob won. LOL. Lucy was the first girl name that Orlund had come up with. I still LOVE that name and sometimes wish we could have another girl so I could have my little Lucy. Maybe we’ll have to use it for a pets name?

There you have it! All the changes and thoughts along the way. We had originally wanted to name our kids with easy to say/spell names that were NOT the most popular. Orlund is always having to pronounce his name and spell it for people, so he didn’t want that for the kids. And I always had 3+ other girls with the same name in my class growing up, didn’t want that either…. turns out Olivia and Jacob are BOTH top of the list, guess Joy is the only one that completely stuck to the ‘rules’.

What were other names you had picked out for your kids?

My Blessings

Pregnancy updated…

Figure since I have not much else to do I’d do an update on my pregnancy…

How far along? 40weeks + 5days (Sunday)
Total weight gain/loss: Up 20ish pounds. (total)
Maternity clothes? Don’t even fit anymore…. my belly is just SO big!
Stretch marks? *crying* Yes… With the girls I got ones just very low, and very few. Now I’m getting them all around my belly button.
Sleep not happening, except for an hour a day at nap time (if I’m lucky). Baby seems to have decided that he now likes to be awake at night instead of daytime…. And when he moves he gives me contractions so my nights are filled with me trying to determine if he’s just being a stinker or if he’s on his way out.
Best moment this week Losing my Plug (ooo, yummy). But it means something *could* happen soon.
Movement He has slowed down in his movements actually, well so far as kicking. He likes to prop his feet on my ribs then push his head down into my bladder and well…’delivery’ location. *hence all the contractions.
Food cravings nothing really… I wouldn’t feel like eating except I get really nauseous if I don’t.
Gender Boy πŸ™‚
Labor Signs Just the plug and random contractions.
Belly Button in or out? starting to make it’s way out, although I don’t know how it could there’s no skin left to go out
What I miss sleeping on my belly. Not having to pee every 5 minutes.
What I am looking forward to What do you think??? Baby to arrive!
Milestones I’ve yet again made it past my due date without going completely insane…. just a little insane.

There… that’s it…
I have come to the realization that baby is coming soon, and sooner by the minute. It’s a bit scary to think of it all, so I don’t.. well lets be honest a pregnant woman can forget things easily so as long as I don’t (see just forgot what I was saying) dwell on it I forget about what’s all to come… (that wasn’t exactly it but close enough). LOL.
***Oh and I’m officially done work now!! March 1st was my last day. I’m sure with the teachers going on strike they wish I was still working…but nope I’m enjoying being “off”.

What? Already?!?

I keep counting the sleeps that are left until Grams (my mom) comes home on my fingers with Joy. She has fun as she’s learning to count and loves my mom.
Sunday morning during Breakfast Joy started counting down on her fingers (random numbers as she can’t count down yet), then she got to 1 and held up her one finger and said “One sleep and Grams home. Yup”. Orlund and I had a good little giggle over her seriousness. I told her she was right we were getting closer, and that NEXT Sunday was when Grams would be home. Orlund’s eyes went as big as an owls and said “REALLY? already?”. I asked him about it to find out that my mom coming makes it so much more real that baby is coming soon too. That’s right, baby is coming.
I’ve noticed that my body is getting ready for baby’s arrival with the ‘increase’ in aches and pains that are only experienced at the end of a pregnancy. Fun. but exciting all the same.

I decided that I needed more room in the baby’s room so sorted through all the girls outgrown boxes and was able to get rid of just over half of the amount of boxes. Yes there are still many boxes but a whole lot less than there was. I also started to sort through all the stuff that has just been shoved into his room to be organized. It looked like an explosion had gone off. When Orlund first saw in the room he said “I sure hope the girls didn’t do that”. Nope, just me. After he found out that baby is indeed coming soon he asked me to hurry and get the room set up. I told him it would take me 30minutes to do. Today I put myself to the test and sorted through the remainder of stuff, set up the change table and just finished the room off. It took me 30minutes + a quick vacuum. I think that’s pretty impressive. so now all I need to do is fold some receiving blankets that I just finished washing and put them away (spot all ready), and change the bedding on the crib, I didn’t change it as the girls were playing in the crib and I figured might as well leave it so it’ll stay fresh.

Today once Olivia goes for her nap I’m going to tackle Orlund and my room. I figure it should only take me 30minutes as well to get all my piles off the floor (laundry and some stuff to run downstairs, as well as clearing off my dresser/vanity and night stand). Once that is done I will either take a little nap too or finish packing my hospital bag (baby stuff is in there, just nothing for me).

For those of you without Facebook I am doing a ‘poll’ to guess when baby arrives. He is due Feb 28/29, he’s already head down but not ‘engaged’. Joy was born 10days late at 8lbs 6oz and Olivia was born 7days late at 8lbs. If you’d like a chance to win a little gift give a guess at his birth date and birth weight (actually I’ll allow you to make 2 guesses).Β  You can make your guesses up until my due date or I go into labour.

Another ‘thing’. My Daycare boy’s dad asked me when dropping him off last time if Sol hits a lot while here. I said no. he went on to tell me about a trip the family had just taken. I guess whenever Sol was with other kids he was hitting them and hitting his parents/brother. They had to get a room in the back corner of the hotel because he was so noisy, and they even had people complain because of his noise. I guess he was also jumping off the beds, getting into everything (coffee etc) and unrolling all the toilet paper. And both the boys wake up so early (5am) that their mom took them and drove around trying to find somewhere to buy a cup of coffee. That’s just crazy to me. His dad said he wished he could see what he’s like when he’s here.Β  Got me to thinking. They must not have strict rules at home, or at least don’t enforce them. I have set rules, they don’t change. No jumping on/off furniture. It’s our rule at home, at friends and pretty much anywhere. I know the boys are allowed to do that at home, so why wouldn’t they when out? makes me realize just how important having the same rules when at home and when out are to have. Our kids always know what’s expected of them, it never changes (of course it adapts to different situations). They try to stretch the limits, test us and are just kids, but they know when not to push and when to stop it. When we go to a hotel, go out of town, we want to relax. I can’t imagine that Sol’s dad or mom got much relaxing in (especially not together).Β  Sol knows my rules and honestly behaves just like one of my kids would. Sure sometimes he doesn’t like the rule so will ask for his mom/dad or to go home, but all daycare kids do that once in a while. He plays with them without hitting or hurting the girls (of course the occasional scrap arises but that’s to be expected). I honestly think his dad would be beyond shocked to see how calm, rule abiding he is when he’s here. And honestly it’s not like I did anything special, I was just always consistent. If I told him/reminded him of the rules and he chose to break them again (within a reasonable time frame) I’d put him in time out or if he hurt someone I might give his hand a smack. But really it was usually just a matter of reminding him of the rules and making sure I stuck to the same ones I always have. And the rules are the same for all the kids.

Well that’s my update for now. Oh and also Orlund told me to stop making/freezing meals because we don’t have enough room in the freezer anymore πŸ™‚ Never thought that day would come. LOL. Well I’d better get Livi down for her nap.

Getting better…

After those first few nights of endless trips up and down the stairs I’m happy to say the girls have started sleeping through the night! Which isn’t just a first for their new room, it’s a first EVER! For both of them on the same night anyway.. Olivia has woken up a couple times for another bottle around 11pm, which is normal for her and we are usually just settling in for the night anyway.

I love waking up to hearing the girls greeting one another “Good morning baby-eyah” Joy shouts “Hi” Olivia answers. With that their door creaks open and they make their way upstairs, I’m usually still in bed and pretend to be asleep. Soon I feel a cold little hand touch my arm, I open my eyes to see Olivia with her crazy morning hair smiling at me “Hi” she whispers “Good morning Love, did you have a good sleep?” I ask “yup….. poop” she responds pointing to her bum (which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s pooped, just that her diaper is full). Joy waits by the door, “Good morning Joy” I say glancing over at her “Good morning Mommy!” she excitedly answers then starts rambling on and on about whatever. It truly is a great way to wake up πŸ™‚

I’m finally getting the itch to get all the baby stuff together and organized. Actually it’s past my bedtime at the moment however I need to wait until the dryer is done before going to bed. I like to sleep with the dishwasher going (soothing) but not the dryer. Once the buzzer goes I will have washed/dried 2 loads of new born baby clothing. Actually it’s all the newborn, 0-3month and 3 month clothing we have. I’ve been very blessed in receiving many items of clothing for a boy (mostly in those 3 sizes). I’m part of a mom group (privately) on facebook with mom’s that are all due in March (or like me and just before March). There have been 5 babies born already! (2 sets of twins). Makes me realize I really don’t have much time left to get organized!! I’m considered ‘full term’ on Tuesday! But this baby has to hold on until mom comes home, she arrives home on Feb 19th (pm)…. that’s just 15sleeps away πŸ™‚

Well I think that’s it for this post…. Have a wonderful night!

Blogging again.

I haven’t blogged in a while and figured I might as well since I have a chance.

I just thought I’d share about all the wonderful fun I’ve been having running my daycare.
Solomon is potty training. Okay, rewind. Running a dayhome I knew at some point I’d have to come to grips with the fact that I’d be helping someone else’s child learn to use the potty. I don’t like accidents (potty accidents). When Joy was potty training we started with keeping her diaper on and just putting her on when she said she needed to go, or every few hours (she can hold her bladder for longer than I can when not pregnant). Once she got used to actually using the potty we removed the diaper. Sure she had a couple times when she was playing and realized a little too late she had to go, but most the accidents were in the bathroom. If she did have an accident she’d come tell me (or cry).

Solomon has been doing great potty training at home (so I’m told). Day 1 here potty training. He asked to go on the potty but didn’t do anything. After 3 attempts I decided he needed to go just wasn’t able to so I put him in a diaper. Come nap time. I decided to let Sol stay up a bit later, while I put Olivia down (maybe 10 minutes). I heard him go into his diaper bag and figured he was looking for his teddy. I was wrong. After I had Olivia tucked in all nice I received a surprise I just never expected.

I walked into the living room. Sol sat in the middle of the carpet wearing his underwear sitting on a clean diaper (I think he was trying to figure out how to put it on). Next to him sat a poop filled diaper with about half a package of wipes inside. Poop smears encircling him and the diaper. He changed himself. Thank goodness we’d just done a toy cleanup or else it could have been worse. It wasn’t as bad as it could have been, but it’s worse than anything I expected. I stopped and counted in my head so I wouldn’t explode. I picked him up and set him down in the bathroom, I told him not to move a muscle (he didn’t). I told Joy to stay away from the living room and picked up the diaper (tossed it). I then went into the bathroom and cleaned Sol up (poop on shirt, unders and bum). I didn’t exactly know what I should do… I know what I’d do with my own kids, but he’s not mine. So I grabbed out the spot remover and told him he had to sit there and watch me scrub the carpet. He did, and Thank goodness it was ‘fresh’ enough the spot remover worked great!

Day 2 (4days later), again he comes not in a diaper. He has a small pee on the living room carpet. Again I put him in a diaper. He did end up peeing again later on the potty even though he was in a diaper.

I’ve decided he can wear a diaper here. I’ll ask him if he needs to use the potty, and he seems okay at telling me when he needs to. I just don’t enjoy potty training. I think I’ll keep him in a diaper until Christmas (I watch him 2-3 times a week), then after the Christmas break (if I get one) he’ll probably be ready to not need a diaper. He’s my first experience in potty training a child that’s not mine. WhenΒ  I watched Grace they took 2 weeks off on holidays and she came back potty trained (1 accidental pee when playing), Gabe came already potty trained (although I did have to get used to the ‘standing to pee’ thing ~ eww!). I’m also not used to little boys peeing. I know 100% my son will sit to pee at home, because that’s just gross (especially when I have to sit and clean). I hope I can train Sol to always sit while here….

Well that’s my fun πŸ™‚ Thinking about running a day home? I could talk you out of it, or into it πŸ˜‰

Flying high!

I have been (just slightly) stressing over our upcoming holiday. Trying to figure out what to pack, and trying to make it as light of a load as possible! I thought I would wait until Thursday to pack, however strongly feel I need to pack NOW. Don’t know if it’s the pregnancy, or God whispering, but I’m going to listen either way! So tomorrow, I’m going to pack most my clothes that I plan to take (other than the clothes I still need for this week), along with kids toys, movies and some of their clothes. I may have the boys for a few extra hours, or an entire extra day this week that is completely unexpected so perhaps I do need to pack now and stay on top of this just in case!
My belly is growing at a very quick rate! I can’t believe it!! Orlund took some pictures of me standing (ones that were later deleted, so I didn’t stand pretty) and WOW talk about looking pregnant already! I’m hoping Wednesday at my Doctors apt I’ll get to hear the little heart beat! (14weeks!).Well, during all this stressing, We did take some time out to have some fun! Check out Orlund’s latest blog entry for one picture. And here is another (not the best quality, but still fun to take!).

Hovering over Mommy! OH What fun!!

More fun with Gabe

Oh the wonderful questions this 5 year old comes up with during lunch time. Today I answered these questions~
1~ Why are bugs insects?
2~ Why do bees sting?
3~ Why does there have to be a God in heaven?

My answers? haha, he at least figured they were good enough.
1~ Just like there are different kinds of Dogs. There are big, little, medium dogs and they all have their own kinds (insert different breeds here), however they are all called a DOG. So all the different bugs (insert bug names) are all called INSECTS, it’s their ‘scientific’ name.
2~ They only sting to protect themselves. They think you are going to hurt them so they sting you. They don’t do it to be mean, really some bees die after they sting someone. (he then proceeded to ask how bees fight, they sting each other).
3~ If there wasn’t a God we wouldn’t exist (oops, now to explain exist). Finally he kinda got it, I told him we wouldn’t be anywhere. But God created everything from nothing, we can’t do that. He then told me he wanted to be somewhere else….where? Still in him mommy’s tummy…….guess he’s got my pregnancy on his brain too! Earlier somehow I explained that Jesus had God’s blood and Mary’s, but Joseph raised him like he was his own (Gabe kept calling Joseph Jesus’ fake dad!lol). Yeah, well then somehow it got to that Gabe has his daddy and mommy’s blood in him……but then he wanted to know how his daddy’s blood got in him when he’s not in his daddy’s tummy ever…..oops… I told him that Daddy’s have an important role in helping get a baby in the mommy’s tummy ~ He prays for God to put the baby in there….LOL… phew. He dropped it…I sure know how to dig myself into deep holes!! LOL.

I wonder if he asks his mommy and daddy these kinds of questions? I hope so. I explained to him the other week that his new school wont teach him about God. I don’t think he liked that idea, but I told him it would be okay and told him he can help teach his classmates/teacher about Jesus and God πŸ™‚

Fun with Gabe

We took Joy in a while ago to have her speech assessed (don’t know if I’ve blogged about that or not?), well either way, she is a bit behind where she should be so we’ve been working with her. The main part is sounding out the first consonant. The other day Joy said “happit” for rabbit. Gabe piped in and said “no Joy it’s not happit, it’s wa wa wabbit” “no Gabe it’s not” “it isn’t?” “No it’s rrr rrr rabbit”. He was very surprised he was saying it wrong. He’s been trying to help Joy with her words as well, however I find often he’s giving the wrong example! LOL

Then yesterday during lunch he said to me “Jenn, tell me if you can hear me when I do this” And lets out a big sigh. “Yes Gabe I can hear you sigh” “WHAT!?!?! You can??” His mouth dropped open in an astonished look “but, but how could you? I was plugging my ears!” LOLΒ  It took a great deal of explaining to get him to understand why I could hear him even though he was plugging his ears….and I still don’t think he fully understands (or perhaps he doesn’t believe me?).


I really should post more pictures… unfortunately I can’t find my camera…I should get on that eh?
Today was a good day. I started off not feeling the brightest, but it turned around quickly with a nice walk. The boys arrived at 8:20am, while I was still wishing my AMAZING mom a happy Birthday on Skype. After we signed off and the girls and I ate breakfast I loaded up the strollers… That’s right strollers. I had promised the kids once summer hit we would take a walk to the local 711 for slurpees. So I got the double stroller (picked it instead of the bike trailer as it has cup holders), then strapped an umbrella stroller to the side of it. So I only had to push 1 stroller but I could have 3 kids riding. Joy doesn’t like to walk when it’s really hot out. Strapped the 3 littles in, made sure Gabe held on and we were off. It is a short walk, about 15/20minutes. I then learned a VALUABLE lesson…. little itty bitty slurpee’s cost only about 10cents less than a gigantic huge slurpee. I paid $10 for 4mini slurpee’s, 1 large slurpee and 1 pack of candies. Next time (if there will be a next time) I will bring our own cups, buy 1 huge slurpee pour the slurpee into our cups for the kids and I’ll drink what’s left over. That will cost around $2. I might grab extra straws from 711 but otherwise it’s to expensive for them each to have their own! I told Gabe my plan, and as I started to explain I said that each of the kids would have their own sippy cup (straw kind) and he blurted in “NOT ME”… Yes you too! I told him to listen until I’m done talking, once he finished listening he thought it was a smart idea.
Well I am happy that summer has finally hit. And although it took it’s time getting here, it seems to have hit over night.
Olivia loves pushing limits and is constantly testing me right now. Joy loves talking back…… sigh… Good thing they are so cute eh?