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Princess Party!

Yesterday My baby boy turned 1 year old!!! CRAZY CATS! His party was postponed until this coming Sunday (unfortunately now I realize that’s ‘time change’ day..oh well). Anyhow, this all got me thinking about stuff I had on my list that got pushed off my list with pre-birthday preparations. I haven’t blogged about our Princess day!! oops! so here it is 🙂

January 24th, 2013 I decided to not do any house chores and spend the day making it special for my 3 kids. It was a fabulous day that started off with a ‘princess’ breakfast (Jacob doesn’t mind doing princessy stuff, any good prince doesn’t mind ;). ). Toast cut into little flowers, flavoured with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon (yummy!). Grapes on the side and as the flower center. It was scrumptious!

breakfast of princesses (complete with Juice)

We of course had to then dress like princesses! (don’t forget it’s January..brr). Here are some pics of them all ‘purdied’ up! (I chose a skirt and shirt, much easier for nursing in!). I did their hair and they did mine, Joy took the pics of my hair ~ aren’t we so cute?

Prince Charming.

Then of course it was time for tea! can’t have a princess party without tea….

I asked the girls what they wanted to do, and they wanted to go feed the ducks. so we loaded up the stroller and headed out…. Poor Jacob… Mommy didn’t want to waste the money on a snow suit he’d wear for one year, so he got a hand-me-down from the girls… sorry honey… It was fun! We got a few strange looks but I could careless it was a day all about my kids 🙂

feeding the ducks.
yup, he's adorable!

I can’t recall what we had for lunch (probably KD their favorite!) but it was fun, we had another special snack ~ Peanut butter, marshmallows and apple. And the girls played princess/tea party stuff for the rest of the day.
It was one of the most wonderful day’s we’ve had in a long time. I get so bogged down with chores, teaching preschool and with life in general that sometimes I forget that we just need to have fun! I sometimes feel like I’m failing as a mom because I have such a hard time staying on top of everything that I feel like I’m not having enough fun with the kids. I’m going to make a personal goal this month (to get into a habit) that we will have MORE fun! Chores can wait for a little longer in the day, or until they are in bed. I only have them for such a short time before they are in school etc. I want to enjoy it. I want to look back on this time of my life and remember having tea parties, doing crafts, having tickle wars, being silly, teaching them through fun, not look back and see wasted time on chores. Chores need to be done, yes unfortunately they do, however they aren’t going anywhere….. my kids will be eventually.

Finally a mom

Last night as Orlund was brushing the girls teeth I was examining how their play dresses were constructed. I sewed Joy a dress, a Cinderella dress, it ended up being easier than I thought. That got my creative juices flowing. I have all this wonderful material to use just need to figure out what I want to make with it. Back to looking at how the play dresses were constructed, Orlund turns to me and say’s “you’re finally a mom”, I looked at him and replied “what?”,
“well you are all into sewing, and cooking and all that stuff”.
“I think I became a mom a long time ago honey”
“well, yeah… ummm” *foot in mouth pause*”you know what I mean… I mean…..”
“you mean I’m finally becoming an ‘all out mom’?”
“Yeah, that’s it!” *saved by the wife sigh*

I know what he’s saying. I’ve really started to enjoy doing ‘mom’ things. I’m trying to play and be more involved with the kids (not that I haven’t been but just stepping it up some). I’m trying to have the house clean everyday. I’m trying to get us outside more. I’m sewing. I’m crafting. I’m enjoying it. Orlund suggested that I stop trying to do the kids scrapbooks because I can do scrapbooking whenever, when they are older. But I wont be able to sew them clothes, play or craft with them forever so why not do those things now. It’s given me a new sense of freedom. Before, whenever I’d start a new project Orlund would remind me/tease me about not completing the scrapbooks. But now, now that he suggested not to, I feel free to pursue the other interests. Now if I could get Jacob to stop waking every 45min-hour at night so I could have the energy to do all this fun stuff!

Lessons learned…

Lesson #1 ~ It’s harder than you think to photograph and blog every step of a project!

Lesson #2 ~ Take your time and do it right the first time, because undoing is time consuming!

Lesson #3 ~ If you have a ‘model’ use them. (such as a daughter the same size)

Lesson #4 ~ When measuring your child, measure not only their height, but shoulder width, waist, bust,etc. Because after you sew a dress you don’t want to re-sew an entire new one!

Lesson #5 ~ Button holes are frustrating and even more so when you undo them!

Lesson #6 ~ When attaching Pockets, ensure they are on the right side of the dress!

Lesson #7 ~ Take pictures for your blog before gift wrapping them, because then you notice you sewed those pockets on the wrong side before giving them to the person as a gift! (Luckily this is the step I just did!).

Lesson #8 ~ Practice does make perfect.

Lesson #9 ~ It’s easier to do everything right when you don’t have distractions (such as kids around).

Lesson # 10 ~ Just Sigh. Shrug it off and keep trying 🙂

Ps~ as soon as I unattach and reattach the pockets I will upload pictures.

Sewing part 2

I have been working diligently on the little dresses for the 4 girls. Well okay on Ava and Lilly’s. I discovered that apparently I don’t know how to read the back of the pattern for how much material is needed. I was able to cut out both Ava and Lilly’s dress and Ava’s hat, and still have HALF the fabric I bought left, out of the amount of fabric I thought I needed for Ava’s dress and hat! I guess I need lessons on how much fabric to buy (now I have lots and lots).

I have sewn the sides on the dresses and sewn the hat together (the two parts just not joined them). Here are a few pictures I’ve taken so far.

Laying out the pattern.
the two dresses pinned. They are pretty BIG for these girls...

Sewing is my hat?

No. I’m not very good at sewing. Actually if I actually do try it, I’m usually not to bad. However I sew things that people don’t wear. I don’t sew clothes. I sewed a skirt in high school and after that I didn’t want to try it again. A few (like 4) years ago I bought a bunch of material from a store that was closing out. Great deals. Great fabric. Still not sewn (is that spelled right?). Well I just purchased a bunch more fabric. To try and sew some little girl dresses, for my kids and my nieces. With matching sun hats too. So, would you like to join me on this crazy expedition? I will more than likely enlist my mom’s help (all the way from Thailand), however I plan to take pictures of all the steps as I go. So wish me luck. Tonight after the girls are in bed I will lay out the fabric, pattern and start cutting! YIKES!

ps~ don’t tell my Sister/brother in law as the dresses (if they work) will be gifts (they don’t have internet so won’t see this).