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Hair cut

So the other day my beautiful and talented Sister-in-Law came over and trimmed up Orlund’s hair. I also got a hair cut. I wanted the same cut as I’d had before an inverted bob. I really liked the cut on me, however I let it grow out in hopes to donate it to cancer. My hair grows quickly, however apparently not quick enough as my patients ran out and I chopped it off.

My hair looked great after she’d finished cutting. Then I took a shower to get rid of the cut hair that lingered behind. I made the first mistake that I always make when I chop my hair off, I slept with wet hair! No matter how hard I tried to style it the next day nothing worked.

So this morning before the boys arrived I jumped in the shower and set to styling my hair….. apparently it doesn’t like me. Which is usually how it reacts when I get it cut. I looked back at a picture I have with this cut from last time. Wish I could get it to style like that!!  I think my hair is a bit longer this time than the last so it’s being a bit sassier or something. I’ll leave you with the picture of last time, lets hope I can tame the hair or perhaps get it trimmed into submission!! lol.

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