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Sewing #3

I apparently work rather slow when it comes to sewing! I think I’m scared to make a mistake, however the only part you can’t ‘fix’ if you do screw up is the cutting. And I’ve had the material cut for a week already! I have finished two hats, one for Ava and one for Lilly. The hats are completely reversible. The jean material is what the dresses are made out of, and the other color I will use as an accent on the dress (little pocket or something, haven’t decided yet).

The hats were easy to do, however I did have to google how to do one of the seams. Once I figured that out I was good to go! What do you think?

Ava's hat & Lilly's hat
Inside Ava & Lilly's hats

Sewing part 2

I have been working diligently on the little dresses for the 4 girls. Well okay on Ava and Lilly’s. I discovered that apparently I don’t know how to read the back of the pattern for how much material is needed. I was able to cut out both Ava and Lilly’s dress and Ava’s hat, and still have HALF the fabric I bought left, out of the amount of fabric I thought I needed for Ava’s dress and hat! I guess I need lessons on how much fabric to buy (now I have lots and lots).

I have sewn the sides on the dresses and sewn the hat together (the two parts just not joined them). Here are a few pictures I’ve taken so far.

Laying out the pattern.
the two dresses pinned. They are pretty BIG for these girls...

Sewing is my hat?

No. I’m not very good at sewing. Actually if I actually do try it, I’m usually not to bad. However I sew things that people don’t wear. I don’t sew clothes. I sewed a skirt in high school and after that I didn’t want to try it again. A few (like 4) years ago I bought a bunch of material from a store that was closing out. Great deals. Great fabric. Still not sewn (is that spelled right?). Well I just purchased a bunch more fabric. To try and sew some little girl dresses, for my kids and my nieces. With matching sun hats too. So, would you like to join me on this crazy expedition? I will more than likely enlist my mom’s help (all the way from Thailand), however I plan to take pictures of all the steps as I go. So wish me luck. Tonight after the girls are in bed I will lay out the fabric, pattern and start cutting! YIKES!

ps~ don’t tell my Sister/brother in law as the dresses (if they work) will be gifts (they don’t have internet so won’t see this).