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Saturday night as we left our cousin’s beautiful wedding we headed to our Bed and Breakfast in Surrey. I wasn’t feeling so good. my stomach was upset, my boob was inflated (12hours without nursing will do that) and most off all my head was pounding. I slept on the way, waking just in time to give Orlund the last directions to the front door. My headache was finally gone. We went for a soak in the hot tub, it was so nice to be able to chat alone. After our soak I was finally feeling better. It was a wonderful evening away.
Sunday we spent a few hours hunting around IKEA and headed home. At this point all I could think about was getting home to nurse my baby boy! ouch! After we picked the kids up from my parents we got home, had dinner and sent the kids to bed. I didn’t feel so good while eating dinner, I suddenly realized I hadn’t felt good for the past week (or two) whenever I ate. And it was progressively getting worse. Sunday night as I tried to sleep I curled in pain and once again brought out my handy tried and true ‘contraction breathing’. No sleep.
I survived Monday with just some pain, mostly after I ate. Night time was horrible again, I took a couple extra strength Tylenol’s.

Wednesday arrived and I wasn’t doing so good. It was now 3 nights without any sleep and everything just kept getting worse. My stomach was ripping with pain. I wanted to vomit, or use the washroom (just as at other times), however nothing was happening. I had planned to spend the day helping my girlfriend Ashley finish the last of her packing and get her house washed down ready for her Saturday moving day. Instead she insisted I go to the Clinic while she watched the monsters children.

3hours later I had no answers other than I wasn’t pregnant. I already knew that. The Dr tried to give me some medication, however once I reminded him I’m breastfeeding he took back the prescription. He did however give me paperwork to get tested for Celiac disease and Lactose Tolerance.
Ashley convinced me to take 1/2 a T3. I did with little effect, although as the day wore on I felt a bit better.

Thursday, I had my 2 daycare kids here. I had to be tough. Okay so it was basically a free play day. I supervised and only moved to change diapers, wipe bums, make food etc. My parents were coming home from Vancouver. I called my mom “I want my mommy” I whined. At 3:30pm they showed up at my door. by 3:45pm my mom was helping me out to the car to head to the hospital.

5hours~ I had blood tests, urine tests, pelvic test, pap test, poke my belly test, and a CT scan. again the only thing they came up with was ~ Not Pregnant. No Kidney issues. Good white blood cells. Oh, and Yeah, you’re in a LOT of pain. When I was talking to the Triage nurse I’d mentioned taking a 1/2 T3 earlier in the day. She pretty much laughed in my face and said that so long as you have pain then the T3 will only take the pain away, it wont make you high etc….. sure lady… I took 2 T3’s once the Dr decided I needed something. By the time we were heading home I was flying high! It was the first time I could walk more than 2steps without having to stop and breath through the pain, although the pain still washed over me.

Friday I stayed on the couch all day. I slept. High on T3’s. Jacob was starting to show effects of the T3’s ~ he looked a bit out of it. I called my mom in the evening as I thought I’d have to go back to the hospital. She spent the night taking care of me. Well, until I went to bed. I was now taking 2 T3’s every 4hours. Jacob and I both slept through the night!! woohoo! needed that. Saturday I told my mom I could put my big girl panties on and let her head home.

Saturday I don’t think I left the couch either. every 4 hours I popped another 2 T3’s. Orlund took all 3 kids out to McDonald’s to give me an extra break. I was feeling good, so long as I didn’t miss my dosage and didn’t move. Moving, eating, drinking is what hurt. I was upset that I couldn’t help Ashley on moving day, we’d planned it months ago. I really hate not being able to make my commitments. Sunday Orlund took all 3 kids to Church by himself as well. I was finally feeling better. I didn’t take a T3 until around 3pm.

Today, Monday. I had made an appointment for those allergy tests. (apparently you have to book for these ones). My appointment was for 8:30am. I got there at 8am, so I sat in the car until 8:10am. Then headed in. Finally I got into a room, waited another chapter in my book and by the time they started my test it was 9:40am! The lactose test is a breath test, so you breath into a tube thingy. Then drink a horrible drink. Then after an hour breath again, then again after an hour breath again. I had figured I would be out of there by 10:30am. I got out of there JUST before Noon. Grabbed some groceries, got the kids from Orlund’s parents and came home. I took a T3, I was in pain, over did it. I then passed out (Jacob too). at 3:30 his mom called *Bless her* to say they would pick Orlund up and bring him home. I was just going to call her and see if she could as I couldn’t open my eyes so figured I wasn’t fit to drive. I was up by the time he got home and had dinner started.

Tomorrow I have another test, an Ultrasound to check out all the stuff the CT scan couldn’t see. (I think the Dr is leaning towards a cyst in my ovaries). So yippee more time in waiting rooms and with Dr’s. At least I’m enjoying the kid free time and am now able to at least read a book!

I hate that I’m not 100% for my kids or husband. I know I shouldn’t feel guilty, but I think as mom’s it’s natural (right?). The house is keeping up pretty good surprisingly. The laundry will keep me busy for weeks though! I just feel bad that I’m more snappy at the kids, and because it’s my ‘core’ that’s hurting I can’t just scoop them up for snuggles or tickles. They come and gently lay next to me for snuggle time, which is fine so long as they don’t touch my stomach (which is so bloated I look 4months pregnant), or let Jacob see (he doesn’t like to share me much).

So I am getting better, slowly but surely. I’m praying that I get some answers, and soon. I also am praying it’s nothing major. I guess my Dr will call me if there is anything. I tried to book an appointment with him, the soonest I can get in to see him is Wednesday NEXT week (I booked last week, thank goodness). By then he should have all the results, and hopefully I’m 100% better!

Well that’s what’s been going on around here lately, hope you and yours are all doing better!
My God is greater!!

Getting better…

After those first few nights of endless trips up and down the stairs I’m happy to say the girls have started sleeping through the night! Which isn’t just a first for their new room, it’s a first EVER! For both of them on the same night anyway.. Olivia has woken up a couple times for another bottle around 11pm, which is normal for her and we are usually just settling in for the night anyway.

I love waking up to hearing the girls greeting one another “Good morning baby-eyah” Joy shouts “Hi” Olivia answers. With that their door creaks open and they make their way upstairs, I’m usually still in bed and pretend to be asleep. Soon I feel a cold little hand touch my arm, I open my eyes to see Olivia with her crazy morning hair smiling at me “Hi” she whispers “Good morning Love, did you have a good sleep?” I ask “yup….. poop” she responds pointing to her bum (which doesn’t necessarily mean she’s pooped, just that her diaper is full). Joy waits by the door, “Good morning Joy” I say glancing over at her “Good morning Mommy!” she excitedly answers then starts rambling on and on about whatever. It truly is a great way to wake up 🙂

I’m finally getting the itch to get all the baby stuff together and organized. Actually it’s past my bedtime at the moment however I need to wait until the dryer is done before going to bed. I like to sleep with the dishwasher going (soothing) but not the dryer. Once the buzzer goes I will have washed/dried 2 loads of new born baby clothing. Actually it’s all the newborn, 0-3month and 3 month clothing we have. I’ve been very blessed in receiving many items of clothing for a boy (mostly in those 3 sizes). I’m part of a mom group (privately) on facebook with mom’s that are all due in March (or like me and just before March). There have been 5 babies born already! (2 sets of twins). Makes me realize I really don’t have much time left to get organized!! I’m considered ‘full term’ on Tuesday! But this baby has to hold on until mom comes home, she arrives home on Feb 19th (pm)…. that’s just 15sleeps away 🙂

Well I think that’s it for this post…. Have a wonderful night!

Update on Washer/Dryer

Well I seem to have slowed down on blogging. But I figure I should update you all on my Washer and Dryer. The new machines got delivered on Wednesday. When the truck got here I found out that we I needed to disconnect the old machines. Fine. I did it. Sure was dusty behind there! (it’s amazing how hard it is to get the dryers plug-in out!!). Then the nice guys moved the old machines downstairs and moved the new ones upstairs. My Dad ‘just happened’ to stop in (with two roses for me ~ one from him and one from mom ~ my favorite) and give us a hand stacking them and setting them up. THANKS DAD!

Today (Friday) I finally got up the nerve to use the new machines. So after a quick glance through the instructions I jumped to it. I LOVE MY MACHINES! The washer is SO quiet I can run it during nap time! And the Dryer sings when it’s done (I don’t think I could hear the beeping due to the A/C being on, but I heard the singing when it turns off).

So there you go. I did one load of laundry. I’m excited! I love my machines. Did I already say that? oops. oh well I do! I’ll be posting pictures of the progress of the ‘laundry room’. Right now it’s just the machines with an old wooden side table to hold the laundry detergents. Soon someday There will be a nice BIG cupboard there fit for a queen holding all my towels!

Good night all, it’s an hour past my bed time! Hope you have a good sleep!


This is the story of how a family can load into the car to go get groceries and end up buying a washer and dryer.

There are a few items on our list that we want need for our home, and a washer and dryer are on that list. Although we figured they would remain on the list for a few years yet.

This morning we decided to go as a family out grocery shopping. I put Olivia in her car seat and into the car while Orlund buckled Joy in. I sat in my seat and turned to face the back watching Orlund struggle with Joy’s buckle. What is that smell? I thought as I started to sniff around. It was me! well okay, it was my shirt. My shirt smelt musty. gross. I have this problem a lot, after finishing laundry discovering that a load or two sat wet just to long and now smells musty. Our Washer makes so much noise you can’t run it when the kids are sleeping or if you are trying to have a conversation. And the dryer takes at least 2 times on for 70minutes before the clothes are dry. So yes, I forget about the laundry a lot. I either think I finished drying a load and didn’t or just simply forget about a load of wash. Heck it’s not like I’m busy or anything.

So I mentioned to Orlund that my shirt was musty, he took a sniff. He then suggested we go to Sears and check out how much a dryer would cost. I said if we are going to buy one machine might as well make it two because they are both horrible. Sears is having a sale. yippee.We found a stackable washer and dryer by Kenmore, perfect for us! We hummed and hawed and told the sales guy we would be back.

We went grocery shopping, had lunch and now the girls are in bed.

Orlund is now heading back up to Sears to order my new washer and dryer. I am SO EXCITED! I don’t know how long it will be before I have my new machines, and we now have to tear down some cupboards (the cupboards are above my machines right now). and We will build a nice (LARGE) shelving unit next to the machines, with a spot for the laundry baskets and most my towels. I’m smiling. I’m happy. This is going to be awesome!

So we are spending a bunch of money we weren’t expecting to spend right now, but we have the money and it’ll save so much time! It takes me 3 loads to do the girls clothes (one week worth) now, and with the new machines it will take 1 load!!!!!!!! NOW THAT IS AWESOME!!! I think it’s funny because Orlund is not only going to order my machines but his new camera lens, and they cost the same amount of $! (he’s been working overtime saving for this lens, so it’s an exciting day for the both of us!).

The old washer/dryer and above shelving

What a mess.

I guess I will be posting twice today. Usually when the clock hits 10pm we head to bed. Tonight, however, neither Orlund nor I feel tired enough. I’m sure once my head hits the pillow I’ll be out though.

Tomorrow we are having a few friends over for a BBQ, so far 4 have said yes. So I have cleaning to do. I did a bunch today, and although my house isn’t a complete disaster it still needs extra tidying up. I’m sure you understand. Well Orlund just turned the living room light on, and I almost gasped in disbelief! No it didn’t mysteriously, spontaneously clean it’s self. But I gasped due to the mess! Joy’s toy box which I had just cleaned out (emptied half out a week ago) is overflowing yet again with toys. (how do toys travel from downstairs to upstairs so often?). I have a box and garbage bag of clothes I just went through for sally-anne. Laundry basket has laundry to be folded, as well as my clothes rack is full of clothes drying. Olivia’s toys are scattered about the floor along with many of Joy’s. Luckily, and I say luckily, we only need to clean the living room and tidy the kitchen up some and the house will be ready. So that’s nice. The kitchen and living room are always the hardest to keep clean. The kitchen you are always making a mess in, and the living room is our main play area. Oh well. I’m happy that that is all I have to clean tomorrow. Oh sorry people, no photo to go with this one!! LOL.