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I have two wonderful daughters. They are both happy girls who love to smile…..until we decide to take them to Walmart to get some portraits done. Olivia pooped as soon as we arrived, so while I took her to the washroom Orlund got Joy to do some poses. Those pictures turned out cute. Olivia and I returned so we tried a few pictures with the both of them… Joy didn’t want to sit and look pretty, and Olivia wanted to eat. Joy climbed out of the photo’s and we tried a few of  just Olivia. Nope. Olivia wanted to eat now. So I nursed her, then we took a few shots of me holding her and the session was over. Neither kid wanted to be there anymore. I was surprised at how few of shots the lady actually took I would have been snapping away to get those rare quick little smiles. It was hard to chose which picture we wanted to use, we wanted to use one of both the girls. There were 3 good ones. And they weren’t great. But we picked one and ordered it. So now? Now we have decided to make our own studio here at the house. So when the kids are happy and looking oh so cute we can run down stairs and take a bunch of pictures. So my day didn’t go how I’d planned, but not to bad.