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Oh Boys!

Oh the things Boy’s can teach girls…
The other day I wandered into the living room to find Joy laying on the floor. “Mommy Dee, Dee” she said. I looked at Gabe and he explained “She’s pretending to be dead, I shooted her”…..goodie.

I’ve heard it’s a regular 4year old thing to do, shoot, kill etc etc. Joy is really interested in trying to play with other kids. However she’s a gentle little princess, so it’s a bit hard with a boy that just wants to kill everything. Like today, I brought out some plastic animals for them to play with while Sol napped. Joy was happy grabbing a few and having them talk, eat and visit with one another. She wanted them to talk with Gabe’s. But nope. He took all the animals (except the few Joy was able to snatch up), line them up on the coffee table, then proceeded to have two fight each other and one die (to which it fell off the table). A Moose apparently can take on any animal including dinosaurs. Who knew! But it left Joy trying to play with him, but not wanting the animals to die. It’s interesting.

“So she plays with the one year old right?” that’s what you’d think. But no. Apparently Sol and Joy are each others arch enemies or something! He can grunt words. So he grunts “Yes” and Joy grunts “uh uh” (like no), back and forth, back and forth it goes….. tiring… If she has a toy ~ he wants it. If he has a toy ~ she wants it. She puts on more of a drama than he does. but all in all it’s back and forth. all. day. sigh.

Today I learned something new. While an exercauser keeps Olivia happy (and safer than on the floor), a ball pit keeps a 1 year old, 2 year old and even a 4 year old happy for hours. smile. Sure I had balls spread from the living room through the dining room, kitchen and down the hall (surprised none got down the stairs), but my rule? You empty the ball pit, you pick up all the balls. It worked good. and I had tidied up all the other toys before bringing the pit out so needless to say, all in all it was easy to clear up after (and I got the kids to do it).ย  Guess I know what to bring out tomorrow when I need a break ๐Ÿ˜‰ ~ I have a picture of all the fun, I’ll upload it later….

Camping ~1

Saturday September 11th, only about half of our camping supplies were packed ~ basically the bins which were packed with our camping stuff to begin with. I went for a late lunch with a couple girlfriends of mine (sushi!) and upon returning home Orlund informed me he wanted to go camping tomorrow (as in SUNDAY) instead of waiting until Monday. It was a beautiful day on Saturday so we got the itch to get moving. The problem? I was only half packed! and it was our 6year Anniversary! (Happy Anniversary honey, thanks for sticking with this crazy gal!). So I spent the next two hours going crazy packing until we headed out for a Sushi dinner (can never have to much Sushi!). We had planned to come home after dinner, nurse Olivia and put the girls down to sleep. My wonderful dad was babysitting for us (Thanks Dad!). Then head out again to go bowling and just hang out. Instead we relieved my dad and got on with packing.

Sunday Morning. It was pouring rain…..pouring…. But we loaded up the utility trailer and car and headed out! (Orlund wasn’t sure if we could fit it all, I told him he should be thankful I packed light!LOL).

Orlund threw up the tent which let us girls get out of the rain. While he set up our other tent (over the picnic table) I set up the two playpens and got the tent organized. It was a fun day, the rain let up eventually. We got all set up and ready for our week long trip. Here is the only picture I have from day 1 ~

Snuggled in sleeping.

Boys vs Girls

I now have two more chillins I watch for Daycare. Gabe (4yrs) and Solomon (1yr). They came and played for a couple hours one day, it was fun but not enough time to really do anything. Then Yesterday (Wednesday) I had them for the first full day….. Wow, Boys (at least these ones) are much different and Girls!!

Outside we have a little water table. It has two little sail boats, a bucket and a water wheel (you dump water into another bucket that slowly releases the water over the wheel so it spins). On Tuesday Grace and Joy played with it. Sure they got wet, but most the water stayed in the table and it was as clean as when they started. On Wednesday Joy, Gabe and Solomon took to it….. Well the boys also found her ‘mud pie’ making table, the water, sand and bits of grass ended up all over both ‘stations’ all over them and most the water onto the grass. The boys were coated from the tips of their heads to the bottom of their toes with mud and water! Joy, had a couple drops on her outfit. Gabe at one point even dumped a full bucket of water on Solomons head! Sol didn’t even flinch, Joy would have had a hissy fit and that would have been the end of it!

The boys definitely played rougher on the toys than they had ever been played with before. Joy isย  a very gentle girl. Not that the boys were overly rough, just a lot rougher than she is.

We played, then when the little kids took a nap Gabe and I had fun making creatures out of egg cartons. After we played in the living room. Just as I was about to get Gabe to help me clean up their dad showed up, Since Sol was still sleeping he came upstairs. I hadn’t noticed what the living room looked like until then…. GASP!!! Every single toy, kid chair, etc was tipped over on either it’s side or right upside down! The living room has been messy before, but never with the toys in such positions before!! Gabe was helpful straightening the room up, thankfully! I couldn’t believe how the living room had looked so crazy!

I’m sure I’ll come across differences more and more as time passes. I just find it so funny how differently they play with toys.ย  Needless to say I slept good last night! I look forward to our adventures next week ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope this smoke clears out so we can walk to the park…