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Van? Van? or Van?

As you know we’ve been looking at vans as of late. With baby #3 arriving in February we needed to keep our eyes open for that perfect deal. We had looked at the Dodge Grand Caravan’s. Two different ones, Canada Value Package and the Stow-n-go. The only thing we didn’t like about the CVPackage was no rear air or tinted windows. The only thing about the SXT (stow-n-go) package was the price.
We met with our financial adviser and discovered we are doing better than we thought and could afford a bit better van (or bit more money). So we looked and discovered the two ‘best’ vans out there are the Honda Odyssey and the Toyota Sienna. The Honda starts above our budget, so we thought we’d go look at the Toyota. Their websites suck! I like the Dodge one, it shows every van they have in stock, and in transit. And all the different prices, features etc for each van. You can basically shop online, the Toyota and Honda websites aren’t anything in comparison.
Come today… Saturday. We decided it would be a good day to test drive the Toyota (and go look at it for the first time). We dropped the girls off at Grandma and Grandpa’s house at 10:30am. Once at the Toyota dealership a sales lady came out and showed us the van ‘she would want’. uh huh… Rear video, power sliding doors, 8 passenger, you name it, it had it! Yeah, we didn’t even ask the price on that one and asked to see a ‘base’ model. She didn’t have one as low of price as it showed online, however had one similar. We took it for a test drive. Very nice. Very. But once back at the office, the price…..well…. Lets just so not so nice. Once everything was totaled it blew our budget out of the water!!
It was only 20minutes to 12. “Want to go test drive a Dodge again?” Orlund asked. I figured might as well while we have the Toyota fresh in our minds….
Arrive at the Dodge dealer. (opposite side of town so like a 20minute drive). A sales guy comes out and we ask for our sales guy (I’ll call him John for the purpose of it’s easier than calling him ‘the sales guy’ LOL). Orlund mentioned before the sales guy went to get John that we had looked at a Toyota. A few minutes later John came out. I have to say he didn’t look all too impressed. But he started to tell us about the different features, prices etc again, and said they’d just got some new ones in so we started to walk over to look at them. He then mentioned while motioning to a red minivan, that it had just been traded in as the owners were upgrading. it had 67000Km’s on it (the price was under $20,000). It still sounded like an okay deal but he kept telling us about it. I couldn’t figure out why he was so excited about this red van. He then re-told us the information… No it didn’t have 67000Km’s it had 6100Km’s!!!!! GAME CHANGER! It was a 2010 Canada Value Package however with rear tinted windows. The papers were still being signed to hand it over, so we couldn’t even unlock the doors to look. We asked him to check the price with his boss. It was an AMAZING price. We said YES!
We went for lunch (to give them time to transfer the van over to the dealer). Came back and signed the papers…. we might have been silly but we didn’t get to look inside it (unlocked as in) until we were waiting for the insurance guy to come!! Our first test drive was driving it off the lot!!! CRAZY! I know! But even including taxes it didn’t come to $20,000 !! How could we pass it up! I guess another sales guy was taking photo’s while we were away at lunch and sending them to one of his clients trying to get them to buy it before us!! But we got it!!! So now I have a beautiful Red minivan in my driveway πŸ™‚ I couldn’t be happier….Okay I could… read on to find out….

After our purchase, which got us picking up our kids at 3pm. I was ill, I hadn’t planned to be out so long so hadn’t taken my Diclectin (anti-morning sickness pill). So when we got home I laid on the couch while the girls played around me. I awoke to find Joy sitting on the potty yelling she was done, no Orlund to be seen and an Olivia poking at me… Guess I was worn out! So after helping Joy I peaked out the window as Orlund was supposed to show his Civic to a guy at 5pm. I saw him out there showing the guy (I looked out our bathroom window). Then I came back to the living room and in a few minutes watched through the front window and Orlund and this guy took the car for a test drive…… But the guy stopped before even fully backing out. I was wondering why when I noticed that he’d backed into his own car!!! Yup broke our tail light and dented our bumper, he broke his side mirror (driver) and dented the middle of the drivers door!! He’s paying for repairs but not buying the car….him buying would have made me happy… THEN…..
(and John said we were so lucky we should have got a lottery ticket) ~ Orlund was cooking Chicken on the BBQ. I noticed a funny smell. So Orlund took a look outside… sure enough the BBQ was on fire again! He had to push the flaming BBQ away from the house as much as possible (its on our small upstairs deck), there is smoke damage to the side, which with any luck we will be able to scrub off. Orlund turned the propane off and I think just let it die out itself. So I called a Pizza place and got to drive my new fancy van to go pick up a pizza for dinner.
Well Orlund just informed me he IS ushering tomorrow and I need a shower so I’ll have to get up REALLY early. Good night all!

To my blog readers only…..

Thus far, the news has not reached Facebook…. and Once Orlund and I get around to taking the picture we so desire to use to announce the news, you, my (few) blog readers get to hear the news first…………………

Baby #3 is on it’s way!!! Yup. I am in the throws of ‘morning’ sickness (who ever came up with that name wasn’t obviously a pregnant woman). I am taking 4 dicletin a day, wearing pressure bands while riding in the car and all in all couldn’t be happier to be pregnant again!
When are we due? February 28, 2012! Could be a leap baby πŸ˜‰ Hopefully baby is a boy…. but we would be blessed if it turned out to be a baby girl. I usually seem to bake my babies a bit longer so most likely a March baby! Olivia will be exactly the age Joy was when she came along!

ps~ the news will be reaching facebook in a day or two, so please hold off any fb comments until then ~ THANKS! It’s been announced πŸ™‚

#3 !!


Ever feel like you just want to read something beautifully written, inspirational, and perhaps a bit random? Following the thoughts of the writer is more fitting than random I’d say. I have only a few people who actually read my blog, and Danica is one of them. I read her post tonight. It’s all I wrote about above. Check it out here. (had my hubby help link that).

ps~ on a slight side note. I must remember to never blog that I’m bored again… The cat got sick 2minutes later on the carpet.. yeah.. gross.

Our life as of late

While Orlund works on something mysterious downstairs I figured I might as well get to updating the blog. I have a bunch of pictures to post, however I can’t find the cable thingy to download from my camera to the computer. But here are a few snips of our life as of late;

~ Olivia got a cold the day after her 1st birthday. She still has it. The Friday after her birthday she had her 1year shots, two weeks later she had measles bumps as a reaction. We had a bunch of sleepless nights.

~ The week leading up to Olivia’s birthday she started nursing more, adding back in her 10am feeding.And still didn’t sleep through the night with 2-5 feedings.

~ The Thursday night BEFORE her shots she was up all night screaming. She couldn’t breathe due to a stuffy nose. At 4am we realized she was hungry as she hadn’t eaten all night. She couldn’t lay down to nurse, so we gave her the bottle.

~ Olivia didn’t go back to breastfeeding after that…. I was NOT expecting that sudden stop. Shed a bunch of tears. Orlund couldn’t understand why I was upset by this as even I had said she was old enough to wean. It was just so sudden, especially after she’d started nursing again. I felt like a special time with my baby was over, she’s growing up. It takes a bit to get used to.

~ Joy also got the cold the same day Olivia did. And she still has it. She also got Croup in there….fun… She’s over the Croup but still has a bad cough.

~Last night Joy didn’t sleep. So neither did the rest of us.

~ We’ve been looking at all the things around the house we want to do. It’s extensive! But this year we hope to tear down our old fence (on one side of the house) and put a new one up. Put mulch down in the back where Orlund had a garden last year (this will give room for the kids toys that isn’t on the grass). And install a ‘lattice’ like contraption on our back cement wall and plant some vines to crawl up them. I think that will be all we can afford this year. But it’ll make a HUGE difference around here!

~ Our neighbors trimmed our front Junipers (I think that’s what they are called). Completely cleans up the front of the house!

~ A bunch of people I know just had babies. I know a whole bunch more that are pregnant. Sigh. I held a -almost- week old today, he was so adorable! The same weight as Joy was, but 2″ shorter. So cute!

~ Joy is pretty much Potty trained. I say pretty much as she still wears a diaper at nap/bed times but otherwise she’s doing great! Even played at Grandma’s today and didn’t have any accidents. I told her if she goes until her Birthday (1 week away) without accidents then she can go to Sunday School with her friend “Ky”.

~ Joy is obsessed with her friend Ky. She talks none stop about Ky. “Ky nap?””Ky nummies?” “Ky go outside?” etc etc. it’s cute. However whenever we actually get together with Ky Joy just stares at her and is shy! Unless we are at Ky’s house, then Kylie bosses her around and Joy is happy to play along.

~ Joy is getting better and better all the time with her language. She’s saying words I didn’t even realize she knew, and picking up words wonderfully. Sure she still seems behind other kids her age, but she’s doing GREAT.

~ I have a book (like a binder but not, forget what they are called) that is full of my “to do’s and goals” for the year. I have each month written out. Of course I’ve fallen behind, but I’m doing alright. I finished Olivia’s cross stitch and bought the frame today to finish it off completely.

~I also have another book that has other lists in it. Part is organizing for a trip we plan to take to visit our Grandparents, and the other part is organizing for Joy’s Birthday party. The first part isn’t very big yet, just dates and people to contact etc. Joy’s part is big. I have people to invite, time, what to feed everyone, and that sort of stuff. I have grocery lists, cleaning lists, organizing lists, decorating, and general prep work lists. I like my lists. And I’m getting them checked off wonderfully! I have the goodie bags all purchased, and any groceries I could prepurchase purchased, cleaning is on schedule. I actually got ahead on the cleaning, then I noticed and somehow fell a bit behind now….Oh well, it’ll all get done. I plan to have it all done by Thursday, so Friday can be decorating and any outdoor chores (we will be in the back yard). Then her party is Saturday morning, so before the party I don’t want to be running around, I want to be getting the girls dressed, hair done etc. I’m looking forward to it.

~ Have I rambled enough? Once I find my camera/computer cord I’ll upload some pics of Olivia’s birthday. Promise.

Oh I think Orlund is done the ‘mysterious’ business (think perhaps its to do with Mother’s day? Just a thought.). I’m going to go now and spend time with him! God Bless!


My Birthday

When I was younger, on the day of my Birthday everything seemed to be magical and special. My mom would always wake me up at the time I was born (around 7:15am), and the magic would begin. Now that I’m a mom, I realize it’s the Mom’s who make the day special and magical for the kids.
I still wake waiting for my mom’s call (she’s in Thailand so it’s not so doable, but I hope anyway). Then I rise and get the girls going with breakfast and getting dressed. There are so many chores always that even on my birthday I can’t stop. I watched the boys on my Birthday. It felt like there should be something special happening just around the corner. Nothing did. At one point I was laying on the floor and told Gabe I wanted to take a nap too
“No you can’t!” he exclaimed
“Why not?” I asked
“Because you have to put the girls down for their naps and do the dishes” guess he’s learned my routines
“But why do I have to? It’s my Birthday”
“Because you are the grown up”
Sigh. Remind me again why kids want to grow up? I mean really, you have to DO DISHES on your birthday!
Solomon had the runniest nose I’ve ever seen. By the time I’d wipe it, throw the tissue out, wash my hands and return to the kids it would be about ready to drip off his chin!! SO GROSS! One thing I hate is boogers and runny noses!! So yippee just another fun thing to do on my grown up birthday. My birthday’s over the years have just become ‘sadder and sadder’, this year I came to the realization that it’s probably due to the fact that I’m expecting the same Childhood magic I used to receive. I’m still young, only 27years old, however it’s time for me to move on from birthday magic to providing it to my kids.
I did get to chat with my mom in the afternoon, that always brightens my day.
Orlund came home, I made the girls dinner and got myself ready. Orlund was upset at me for not getting ready fast enough (as in me and the girls ready), and I was upset at him for not helping me get us ready…. good way to start the evening eh? It was very nice that our friends volunteered to take the girls, Joy is in love with their daughter so it worked out perfect that Joy got her ‘KyKy” fix.
We went to Storms restaurant, it was their crab and Lobster fest.. Yummy food and we had a good time.
We went and picked the kids up, Joy screamed the entire pick up and drive home… we finally got her calmed down in time for bed.
The rest of the evening…. well… it’s not worth typing about.
Sunday’s party was awesome and a lot of fun. I was spoiled as was Olivia.
Next year I think I’ll, just think of my birthday as the day before Olivia’s magical birthday. The preparation day.


Olivia is done her Antibiotics ~ YIPEE! Her poor bum rash is just about all better too (rash was in turn due to the Antibiotics), My mom told me an old remedy I would have never thought of ~ Corn starch. Olivia is feeling good and back to her old self.

Joy is fighting a cold. I tried to get her into the doctors today or tomorrow, however they are booked full. She has a real rattle when she coughs, but I think it’s loosening up.

I don’t know what days or times I work next week. I just know it’ll be a lot and I hope they call me so I can plan ahead. I like being organized and planned out. Orlund is working like crazy, lots of overtime and by the sounds of it he’ll be working every weekend for the rest of the month…guess I might get some stuff done on the weekends.

My mom and dad are flying back home tomorrow (as in Thailand home). Mom wont be back until around Christmas… I can’t think of it. I know tomorrow will be a long day.

I’m thinking of starting my own business…. It’s not one that would bring in tons of money (or I don’t think it would), but it’s a few crafty things I like to do, and figure why not sell them? I’m not going to reveal them just yet…I need my mom’s help with a little bit so we are doing that tomorrow (nothing like the last minute eh?). I enjoy making the crafts and look forward to experimenting and seeing what all I can create.

I have enough crafts on the go that I shouldn’t be doing this business yet. But then when wont I have crafts on the go? I’m sewing aprons (one for my niece’s birthday next month), still working on Joy’s scrapbook (ugh), Still working on my mom’s cross stitch, I have to start (and then finish) a scrapbook and a cross stitch for Olivia. But all I can think about is the business stuff. I really need to sit down and just get it all done.

My house needs a good cleaning. Mostly just the dusting, vacuuming and removing of fingerprints. But non the less it needs doing. And Orlund’s brother and sister-in-law are hoping to stop in tomorrow, so I really need to get my butt in gear! Wish me luck! I rather play than clean, but we all know ~ the sooner you clean and get it done the sooner you can play… My mom used to always use that line on us when we were kids, never figured it’d be true when you are an adult too!
God bless you all and hope you have a good night!

Our Olivia.

Well My darling 9month old gave us a bit of a scare This past Sunday, well two Sunday’s ago now. Jan 30th.
The day started off basic enough. Went to Church, out for lunch. Orlund got called into work so the girls and I headed out to Logan Lake (45minute drive) to visit with my Mom, Dad and Brother. My Brother was just in for the weekend and my folks are headed back to Thailand at the end of this week. The drive out was BEAUTIFUL. The girls slept most the way, and I enjoyed the sunshine and the chance to spend some time with the Lord. It was an awesome drive out. We hung out for a bit at my Parents place, then when the sun started to go down we realized we hadn’t taken the family photo’s we’d wanted to (would photo shop Orlund in later). We got in position and started shooting away. After a few different poses we stopped to look at the pictures on the computer. While my dad uploaded them my mom worked on dinner. She gave Olivia a string bean to keep her happy until dinner. We all agreed the photos weren’t very good so got back into position, bribed Joy, and started snapping away again.
During the flashing light counting down to what turned out to be our last photo I noticed Olivia was shivering. But we were preoccupied trying to keep Joy happy and looking at the camera. After the picture was taken I realized Olivia was still shaking. I looked down to realize her little arms were purple! I quickly spun her around to realize her face and lips were purple also. “She’s purple” I yelled, my mom grabbed the bean and I looking in Olivia’s mouth. Surely she was choking. Nope. her mouth and airways were clear, she was breathing and making winy noises. I didn’t know what to do so I prayed over her. My mom came and took her from me to take a look. Olivia passed out on my mom. I kept telling them that this wasn’t normal for her, something was wrong with my baby. So my Dad called 911. It took 10 minutes for the ambulance to arrive, which we spent most that time praying. By the time they got there she was back to her normal colour and in a deep sleep. We had tried to wake her in the 10mintues it took for them to arrive but she would just flutter her eyes at us and keep sleeping.
The paramedics informed us it was more than likely a seizure, as most people have a time that they are ‘passed’ out like Olivia did. They woke her up and checked her out. She had a slight fever but nothing over the top, and that was about it. Everything else was normal. I now had to make the decision, go in to town in the ambulance, or stay over night at my folks and go in in the morning with someone else. Olivia started falling asleep again, this isn’t normal, she’s usually more difficult to get to sleep (have to nurse her to sleep). So I decided to head in, Joy would stay with my parents and come in to town in a few hours.
Bumpy! Yup Ambulances are bumpy. I’ve always wondered what it would be like to ride in one. Now I know. 1hour ride, with a sleeping baby on my chest. We were strapped into the stretcher. She was on my bladder. bumpy. On the ride in the paramedic (Eric) kept checking on her, her fever was rising a bit.
Got to the hospital. Orlund arrived (just in time for me to go to the restroom). They took us in right away, the paramedics waiting with us until the nurses arrived. The doctor arrived after we’d told about 5 nurses our story (I might be exaggerating but it seemed like that many). The doctor said they needed to take blood and urine samples. That means Catheter. OUCH! they tried a bunch of times, then stopped and waited a bit. Came back and tried a bunch more, which they finally succeeded. Poor girl. The doctor ran through all the different reasons she could have seizures and fevers etc etc. Scaring me stiff! The results came back and she had a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). “Very common” he said. Gave us a prescription for antibiotics, 2x daily for 7days, and sent us on our way.
We gave Olivia her first dose before putting her to bed. It was a late night. We headed to bed around 10pm. Aprox 10:20pm I awoke to Olivia’s cry. I went in to nurse her. She didn’t latch. That’s not like her. She was shivering. That scared me, but I tried to stay calm, so just tried to comfort her. She’s turning purple. The words ran like a banner across my mind. I ran into our bedroom and turned the touch lamp on. She didn’t look like she was purple but she was still shivering. Orlund woke up, he tried to stay calm. “She’s just shivering” he said “probably from the fever”. We took her temperature it seemed normal. I decided she just wasn’t right and Orlund agreed. He suggested I drive her in to the hospital while he calls/waits for his mom to arrive at our house to stay with Joy and he’d bring her car up.
I threw on a bra and a shirt (kept the pj pants on) grabbed my lip balm and wallet. (don’t know why I grabbed the lip balm but I’m thankful I did hospitals are SO dry!).
Thank you Jesus for keeping us safe on the drive! I only drove like 10km over, but every single light was green and I only saw 2 other cars on the road. The whole way I kept saying to Olivia “you’re okay, I’m okay, we’re okay” over and over again. My heart was screaming out to God but I couldn’t form any other words, I felt He was telling me it was okay.
Again, Thank you Lord. When I arrived at the hospital I ran into the Triage nurses station and our friend Brianne saw me. She was the head nurse this night, and she’d visited us earlier. She came and asked “What’s wrong babe?” “She’s purple and shivering” I answered, I realized I was crying “I’m sorry, My nerves can’t take this”. I hadn’t even looked to see if Olivia was purple or not, however I knew by her wining in the car something was wrong. Brianne took Olivia from me, this is when I noticed she was in fact PURPLE! A deep deep purple. Then I was really scared! Brianne took us straight in and the nurses and a new doctor descended on my little baby. I held a little oxygen mask over her face, they got an IV line in, drew blood etc etc. Olivia’s colour was back to normal by the time Orlund arrived. The new doctor was good. And explained a lot. He scared me at one point when he said “she just bought herself 48hours”…WHAT? I thought, she only has 48hours? just slow down Jenn, let him finish….”in the hospital” he finished. PHEW! He had taken an extra long pause in there, NOT cool! A Pediatrician came and talked with us, and it was all a blur. Basically we would have to wait 48hours to get the cultures back to see what exactly she had, it was all due to the UTI but what kind exactly they wanted to know.
We were settled into our room around 3:30am. Orlund went home and I stayed with Olivia. 6am she got up for the day. As I lay on the bed with her, I realized we only had her blanket to entertain her. Then the nurse came in. She brought in a bag of toys and told us that they are now Olivia’s that she can take home with us after. Starlight Children’s foundation ~ THANK YOU! I teared up a bit at receiving this blessing. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to say no to those ‘give a dollar’ donations at the til again.
After the 48hours we found out she had Ecoli, which is the most common kind of UTI in girls. So she needed to be on IV antibiotics for 5days and then oral antibiotics at home for another 5 days. She had an Ultrasound to see if there was anything wrong with her kidneys, and Praise God they were fine. We were given a lot of information, and we were VERY well taken care of. Thank you RIH nurses and doctors!
The week went by rather quickly, we really got into a routine and now we have just one day left of antibiotics here at home then she’s done.
The week would have been a lot more difficult if it hadn’t all been in God’s timing. I was off work. My mom is still here, and Orlund’s mom was around as well. Thank you to our families for all they did! A special thanks to our Mom’s, My mom did our laundry and cleaned our house, brought me food and kept me company (as well as watched Joy here and there), and Orlund’s mom who mostly watched Joy (kept her napping on time and eating good). You both are huge blessings in our lives ~ THANK YOU! We love you! And Thank you to the ladies who are bringing us dinners, so Thoughtful of you, what a blessing.

Operation Party ~ Completed!

Well, it’s done good enough. My house is/was in shape enough to have someone just stop in and want to look through it. I say it WAS because, well it’s in need of some loving right now (mainly vacuum and kitchen).
Saturday night was spent with Joy vomiting. fun. poor girl. I think it’s awful watching your kids in such pain and you can’t do much of anything to help. So Saturday night was a bust, no work accomplished. I did get the house finished from what I’d listed last time (during the day). Except my dining room table.

Taken Saturday morning... just 'cause we're so cute!

Well Sunday we decided to stay home from Church and just take it easy. Joy watched lots of tv and kept asking to go to Church. Poor girl. She would have had so much fun watching the kids put on the Christmas production. Sunday night Joy got sick once more (oops gave her milk!). Monday I had the boys. I tried and tried to call their home to inform them that Joy was still a bit sick…but I couldn’t get through. They arrived I informed them she was sick, and then after 5 minutes they came back and picked the boys up to go play at a friends house. It was a good thing they did. Orlund came home sick. And I started to feel sick as well. Monday night, I was vomiting. Not cool. Orlund was trying to put the kids to bed, and I was nursing Olivia between my visits to the bathroom. So he took his mom up on her offer to come and help out for the night.
I have to say, due to me doing this ‘operation party’ my house was in a good state (especially since I was sick). I was almost tempted to tell Hazel to look in my linen closets. LOL. They are so clean! But at least I wasn’t worrying, on top of being sick, about what my house looked like. She spent the night, and it was awesome that she did. Olivia got up at 4:30am to play…. So Grandma played with her in the living room while I finally got some much needed rest!Β  up until that point I’d spent the night in the bathroom getting sick, or trying not to, nursing Olivia, or sitting in bed trying not to get sick… it wasn’t a fun night, however once Olivia was with Grandma I finally zonked out and slept good.
Tuesday was spent napping, bathing and relaxing for me. Orlund and his mom did up some dishes and kept the girls busy. Joy was still recovering and Orlund was doing much much better.
I took today off work so I could just ensure I’m rested up enough before taking the boys on again. I don’t want to exert to much energy before I’m completely better or it’ll just set me back some. I have tomorrow off then the boys on Friday.

Today I plan to catch up on theΒ  sewing I’ve fallen behind on. What was I thinking sewing Christmas gifts? lol. I have A LOT to do and I’m running out of time!Β  I will also decorate our tree. tomorrow I’ll spend time cleaning up etc. For today it’s catch up on the other stuff πŸ™‚

(on a side note; This sewing, I’m sewing 3 projects. two are the same just for different kids, and the other project is an ‘easy’ weekend job. So to sew the kids projects I figured I’d need to sew 2-3 ‘sections of directions’ every day. that would take me 5 days to do each. and spend the last weekend before Christmas sewing the other project. Due to being sick I’ve missed out on 2 days already.. and then I found out next week I work EVERY day except Christmas Eve! Guess I know what I’ll be doing in the evenings!)