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Little Swimmers.

Get your head out of the gutter! I’m talking about little children swimming!

Today, Saturday Orlund and I decided to take the girls swimming at the local pool (indoor). It was fun. Orlund took Joy, getting her to ‘jump’ in, ‘swim’ and splash (Jump was him lifting her up, swimming was him gliding her through the water). I had Olivia. She was the most content I have ever seen a baby in water. I looped one arm around her so her head was against my shoulder (facing out) and my arm then wrapped around her under her arms. Her little legs didn’t even kick, she just let them float. About half way through our swim, we were playing in a very shallow area where Orlund and I could sit, I noticed Olivia sucking her fist. Next thing we knew Olivia was fast asleep. What a peaceful sleep (other than the ocassional splashing). Warm water, Mommy’s arms wrapped around you.

She slept for maybe 15minutes before she woke up with a look of panic in her eyes. Poor little girl didn’t know what to think!

Joy at the waterpark 1 year ago.

It was a very fun day at the pool. We also had lunch out at a Mexican restaurant, then headed home for naps. Joy seemed so tired we figured she’d zonk out asap. Well turns out everyone but Joy had a nap! She just played in her bed in the dark while the rest of us napped!