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I do

Joy’s new two favorite words “I do”.

“Do you want to go on the potty?” “I do”.

“Do you want some food?” “I do”.

“Do you want to go to bed?” “NO”. lol.

Anything you ask her (that she wants to do) is answered with “I do”. It’s cute, although her manners have been slipping some. That’s more our fault for letting it slide.

Another ‘fun’ adventure is Joy has finally figured out how to climb into the crib. It’s great for in the morning, when Olivia is awake and just needs entertainment (gives me a few more minutes). Joy can’t get out of the crib either so that keeps them both busy. Smile.

Joy had nightmares the other night, and well since then doesn’t seem to want to sleep in her own bed. Poor girl. For nap time yesterday I ended up taking Olivia out (since Joy kept waking her up) and left Joy to sleep in the crib. (Olivia and I got in some good snuggling). Then at night around 11pm I went in to feed Olivia, I had just gotten out of the shower so Orlund had picked her up. I went in nursed her then as I put her in her bed I felt something strange. I was curious what it was as Joy often ‘gives’ things to Olivia (like picture frames, books, shoes, you know ‘fun’ stuff to sleep with). So I pulled the curtain back letting the moon light filter into the bedroom. There curled up with her bum against Olivia’s was Joy. Fast asleep. I was tempted to leave her, but I happen to know Joy moves around enough to worry for Olivia’s safety. I put Joy in her own bed and she slept great! Nap time today, Orlund was able to finally convince Joy she should sleep in her own bed… we will see how it goes tonight.

Joy’s language

Joy has started to talk more since her baby sister has arrived, so instead of forgetting them, or writing them down somewhere private I might as well share them with you. Here are some of Joy’s favorite words ~

Peeze = Please

Teeze = Cheese

Tiko = Tickle (say’s while she lifts both arms)

tiiiko = Pickle

Moor = More

Moori = Movie (usually is pointing at the TV, or a DVD case)

Teese = yes (similar to cheese and please)

Tank to = Thank you

Two = two, she is VERY clear on this one!

Num Num = Num nums, which means food.

Wowie = Water, it’s rather cute when it’s raining and she shouts out the window “wowie, wowie, wowie”.

She is a very determined little girl. And even if she can’t say the word she’ll let you know what she’s wanting! I can’t think of any sentences she say’s right now, but I’ll post some once I remember.